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Is Brandon Routh Among The Walking Dead?

If Bloody Disgusting‘s sources can be believed, AMC’s The Walking Dead has found another survivor: Superman Returns star Brandon Routh.

The horror website doesn’t reveal which character the actor is destined to play in the Frank Darabont-directed adaptation of the long-running Image Comics series created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Andrew Lincoln (Love, Actually) already has been cast as small-town police officer Rick Grimes, and Jon Bernthal (The Ghost Writer) as his partner Shane.

AMC has made a six-episode commitment to the series, which is set to air in October as part of the cable channel’s annual Fearfest horror marathon.

Debuting in 2003, The Walking Dead follows a group of people struggling to survive in the wake of an epidemic that’s left the world overrun by zombies.

Routh, who co-stars on NBC’s Chuck and in the upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, has experience battling the undead: He played nightmare investigator Dylan Dog in Dead of Night, Kevin Munroe’s adaptation of the popular Italian comic-book series created by Tiziano Sclavi. The movie is set to be released sometime this year.


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