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What If: David Espinoza Designed A Mega Man Movie?

It’s a bit of a shocker that a Mega Man film still doesn’t exist. There’s a tremendous amount of potential in the character and the world he inhabits that could really lend itself to a big screen adaptation. Then again, video games don’t always make for the greatest theatrical source material — perhaps it’s best to leave Mega Man where he belongs.

Unless, of course, someone wants to hire David Espinoza to design the film.

Espinoza has provided concept art for several films and games including Live Free or Die Hard and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. Recently, he’s taken to a pet project of reinterpreting classic Mega Man villains such as Flashman and Metalman as if they were part of the cast of a CGI Mega Man film.

I don’t know about you, but based on visuals alone, this is a Mega Man film I could get behind. Capcom, are you paying attention?

More pictures after the jump.

[via Kotaku]


  • Ryan Filler

    This is awesome.

  • Alex

    It will never be as good as the book… er, video game. The 2nd Megaman game anyway.