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The Losers Live Up To Their Title

Talk about tempting fate; Not only did the movie version of comic book The Losers lose big at the box office this weekend, but Jennifer Lopez’ comeback vehicle The Back-Up Plan lived up to its title as well, coming in second behind the underdog-made-good, How To Train Your Dragon which took the top spot five weeks into its release.

The Losers fell into fourth place, behind Steve Carrell/Tina Fey comedy Date Night at third, with only $9.6 million (Plan took $12.3, Dragon $15, and Date Night $10.6). Worryingly for fans of Kick-Ass, the hoped-for word of mouth effect didn’t happen, and it dropped 52% to take fifth place with $9.5 million – and the fact that that is looked at as a disappointment should emphasize how poorly The Losers‘ opening really was.

Overall, as the Hollywood Reporter points out, it was a disappointing weekend with box office down 12% from the same time last year. Maybe everyone’s just waiting for Iron Man 2 at this point.


  • Matt

    Or maybe people are sick of spending 40-60 bucks for a movie, drinks and popcorn! :)

  • comicsaredead

    I know I go sparingly. Guess I’m one of the one holding out for Iron Man 2. I wouldn’t have minded watching LOSERS on the big screen, but it was not worth the money to me. And KICK-ASS is just lame-ass… I could care less about that one. Can’t wait for SCOTT PILGRIM though!