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No More DC Comics Superheroine Cartoons, Says Timm

If you enjoyed the Wonder Woman cartoon, don’t hold your breath waiting for a follow-up – or any other female-led animated project from Warner’s DC Comics animated DVD line, for that matter. In a recent interview, executive producer Bruce Timm let slip a depressing piece of news:

We had originally planned to do sequels for Wonder Woman [but] sales started out extremely slow and then over time were eventually able to catch up to probably Justice League Frontier. The execs decided because it wasn’t able to sell quickly right away, where as Justice League was, that there wouldn’t be any more female super hero films right now. We were developing and hoping to get started on a batgirl film based on Year One, but because of Wonder Woman’s slow sales start, that won’t be happening now.

So, wait: It sold well, but because it didn’t sell fast enough, we won’t be seeing any more movies based on female characters at all? I’d love to see this argument being attempted in the other gender direction.


  • Funk Doctor

    I really don’t get WB’s strategy with the DTV animated films. Reading that piece, it seems like nothing but Smperman/Batman and maybe JL: Crisis on Earth 2 sold a damn.

  • comicsaredead

    It sucks, but makes sense. If it takes them twice as long to make their money as it would if they released another Batman, then they would seem foolish not to release another Batman. I’m highly curious what the next release will be after Red Hood and have my fingers crossed (as always) for JUDAS CONTRACT. It’s a shame that Batgirl: Year One will not be made as that story is a great read.

  • Ricardo

    It doesn’t make sense in the long run, especially when you are building a library of properties. If short run was always the point, they should just produce Batman flicks.

  • blacaucasian

    Kind of lazy and hyperbolic headline and story here. Timm doesn’t say there won’t be anymore female features at all. He says right now. If out of all the releases the Wonder Woman release was the slowest, why wouldn’t they focus on the things they see as launching faster. They are a business after all.

  • christopher

    I recently rented “Wonder Woman” from Netflix and watched it with my daughter. We enjoyed it, but as of a few months ago had no idea it had even been released.

    Maybe it’s my own fault for not paying attention, or perhaps Warner Bros didn’t put as much effort in promoting/marketing it like they do the other Warner/DC DVDs.

  • Brooke

    Seriously? They’re going off of that by just one movie?

  • Michael P

    Make the world a better place: Kill an executive today.

  • Juan Arteaga

    To be fair, it does make some amount of sense. Money today is worth more than the same amount of money next week, because that means you can use that money today and invest or use it for whatever and make more money.

    I don’t know enough about WB’s finances or their cost of capital to tell you if Wonder Woman made it’s money back, but it does make sense for WB to invest in movies that make money faster.

    Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that they blame female main characters. That can’t be defended, but making money fast is actually financially important.

  • The One letter Wonder

    Stories like this make me wonder if the execs at Warners know much about business. Granted you do want to maximize profits on the movies you produce. But, at the same time if you have it structured right you can do movies based on characters that may not have the marque draw of Batman and Superman and use the profits of the big name projects to still not produce a loss on the books and by doing this you could also have the occasional hits that come out of left field. Because, you are mainly worring about making entertaining flicks instead of instant profits and who knows the smaller releases could even turn some folks on to the books the characters came from, which considering the state of comics these days would be a definite positive. Of course, I could just be saying all of this because I really want Marvel to put out a New Mutants saturday morning cartoon. But, I still think it makes more sense than trying to make ever animated movie they produce into a huge hit.

  • John

    Of course, I could just be saying all of this because I really want Marvel to put out a New Mutants saturday morning cartoon.

    I don’t think they make Saturday morning cartoons anymore. Cartoon’s are on 24 hours a day. They just make cartoons.

  • The One letter Wonder

    They still do, they just suck :P
    Which is why we need a New Mutants cartoon series.

  • Shannon Smith

    How about not making them PG-13 so that I can buy it for my daughter. Because, I will. Seriously, my daughter loves Wonder Woman and I love buying cartoons. It pains me that I can’t let my 8 year old watch a Wonder Woman cartoon.

  • Elayne Riggs

    Sounds like ludicrous thinking to me. Women may just have different buying habits than men – I would guess that we don’t subscribe as much to the “must get it NOW” mentality, but we probably do as much if not more repeat business than men.

    Nice place y’all have here, by the way.

  • Grae

    I gotta say, WW was the weakest DTV movies from the Dc line. But again, I am not a WW fan normally.

  • JT

    Wonder Woman always gets the god damn short end of the stick because they never market or advertise sh*t!!! I never saw one commerial or even display unit or ANYTHING. And a major video store I go to didn’t even have it. Yet Green Lantern was on the shelf. I’m completely pissed. The first one ended with Wonder Woman & Cheetah and I got chills I was so excited knowing there would be a follow up & now I read this garbage. Shame of DC & Warner for letting us down again. And I agree with the poster above. It doesn’t have to be pg-13 to be good. That limits sales too if parents will not buy because kids shouldn’t view certain things. MAD AS HELL!!!

  • It figures.

    This wouldn't be the first time DC shit all over fans of their animated work. It's really depressing too that Mark Hamill is quitting, and so the DCAU goes from 'suspended animation' to dead, dead, dead.

    God fucking damn it.

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  • Lasseter Hate Chapman

    A great example of why America is sexist.