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Will Iron Man Steal Batman’s Box Office Crown?

Start your (now legal) betting: After grossing more than $10 million dollars in just a couple of days’ release internationally, some are starting to estimate that Iron Man 2 will break The Dark Knight‘s opening day US box office record when it opens here a week today.

Deadline Hollywood reports that estimates for the opening weekend of the Marvel sequel range from $135 million to somewhere north of the Dark Knight record of $154.8 million (although it points out that those thinking it’ll break the record are in the minority). If it succeeds in beating Batman, one man will be very happy; the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly quotes Robert Downey Jr. hilariously talking up the movie’s box office potential:

Let me put it this way: With Sherlock Holmes, I said, “We’re blowing Avatar out of the water.” I was personally shocked at the cosmos when it did not respond to my incantations. I’m doing the same garbage this time, because most of the time I win. It’s personal… [When asked if he’s saying that IM2 will be bigger than Avatar] Did I say that? Even if I didn’t say that, I fucking mean it.

Robert Downey Jr.: Never change.


  • Christopher Kaufman

    Its possible with no other options that weekend to break Dark knight’s opening, but hardly will it gross over a billion after the dust has settled. Hollywood has finally caught up with what we’ve all known. Comics converted to Film done right makes big money

  • Tom Fitzpatrick

    Ah, even if Iron Man 2 can beat the first one, and the Dark Knight, the real question is: Can IM 2 beat Avatar?

  • Rob

    I loved the first Iron man film so don’t get me wrong, but the sequel tried to be Dark Knight(character study as opposed to fun hero flick) so it lost something.

    i hope its as uccess but being succesful makes me think they’ll try and make the rest of the Marvel films “serious” as opposed to fun lighthearted hero banter.

    i also loved Dark Knight i just think certain heroes lend themselves more to character studies than others.

  • Alex

    It’s not an Iron Man movie until he becomes a governmetn employee bent on locking up people with superpowers who don’t register. Wait, that’s terrible.

    yeah, that’s how I feel about Marvel now. They can’t do what they put forth as a subject of their universe and then quit it.

    I’m glad the first movie focused on Tony Stark the playboy billionaire who become the armored super guy.
    That DOES seem like Iron Man.

  • Flip Maker

    I don’t need Iron Man to beat Dark Knight, but after reading that quote all I care about is that Robert Downey Jr. wins personally, whatever way that can be. “Did I say that? Even if I didn’t say that, I fucking mean it.”

    In the immortal words of Kenny Banya, “That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!”

  • Dan

    I seriously seriously doubt that it will first Iron Man is nowhere near as popular as Batman and second there is a lot of competition in the theatres right now with Losers out too.

  • Flip Maker

    Dan: Losers isn’t competition — it’s basically been a failure at the box office. While it’s unlikely that Iron Man will beat The Dark Knight, if for no other reason than it’s a rather HUGE number for any movie to attain, Batman may be popular but in comparison BATMAN BEGINS wasn’t nearly as impressive, despite the fact Batman had possibly the recognizable brand amongst super hero films. Iron Man, with a little help from Downey, is as equally recognizable a brand as Batman was after BATMAN BEGINS.

    I think Iron Man will hit $100 million, give or take $5 million.

  • Grae

    I hope IM2 takes out Avatar, DK, Titanic.. I know I am dreaming, but honestly, I think IM was done completely right. I am hope IM2 follows suit.

  • Mark

    Not a chance of this happening. Not. A. Chance. It doesn’t really make a difference to me one way or another if it does, but let’s be realistic…

  • Javier

    Nah, I’ve seen both movies and Dark Knight is far better. Iron Man 2 is a very entertaining movie, but lacks of tension and the kind of suspense Dark Knight had.

    I ‘m sure the film will be a success, but it’s not gonna take out Dark Knight, Avatar or Titanic.