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Iron Man 2 Already Hits Online (Illegally, Of Course)

While Iron Man 2 rakes in the dough in the overseas box office — it’s grossed more than $100 million in just five days — it’s also racking up pirated copies.

CNET reports that by Sunday evening, five days before its North American release, dozens of copies of the Marvel film were available for download from The Pirate Bay. The copies were recorded by people who sneaked hand-held cameras into theaters, rather than leaked edits.

In April 2009, an unfinished edit of X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked online a month before the film’s release, and had been downloaded about 4 million times by opening weekend. In December, the FBI arrested a Bronx man on charges that he uploaded the film to a file-sharing website. Twentieth Century Fox later filed six lawsuits against several dozen people it claims sold DVDs containing unfinished versions of the movie.

A Missiouri man was sentencedin February to two years in federal prison for illegally recording The Dark Knight in a theater and selling the movie on DVD. The man pleaded guilty to criminal copyright infringement for using a digital camera to record The Dark Knight on July 18, 2008 — opening day for the Warner Bros. blockbuster. He was caught as part of an investigation by the Motion Picture Association of America.


  • Sean

    I blame the studio on this one. Releasing on different days around the world is stupid.

  • dewey412

    I agree that people should be held responsible for what they do, however, two years in federal prison for recording a movie is insane….Some killers, drug pushers, and rapists can sometimes get even less or nothing at all..

    The Wolverine Origins bootlegs didn’t hurt that film, as it was the highest grossing film ever on it’s opening weekend date….

  • VanGoghX

    No big surprise. Virtually every movie that has come out in the last five years ends up on the ‘net within hours, a few days, or a couple weeks at the latest.
    One of the downsides of the digitization age. If it can be converted to 0’s and 1’s it’ll be uploaded.

  • Brianobx