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Christians Okay To Upset, Decide Comedy Central

The Prophet Mohammad may be off-limits, but Comedy Central has no problem upsetting Christians, as their newly-announced development slate ably demonstrates. Be prepared for easily-mockable statement about comedy and danger, dear readers.

Amongst the 22 new series announced yesterday as being developed by the network is something called JC, which according to the Hollywood Reporter, is “an animated series about Jesus Christ… wanting to escape the shadow of his ‘powerful but apathetic father’ and live a regular life in New York.” Explaining away the potentially controversial nature of the half-hour series, the network’s head of original programming Kent Alterman said, “In general, comedy in its purest form always makes some people uncomfortable.”

The key, apparently, is in finding the comedy that discomforts people who won’t issue death threats.

Also coming from the network: Highideas, which will answer questions offered by stoners; This Show Will Make You High, a new sketch series from the Uptight Citizens’ Brigade, and Live Sex Show, a comedy show about sex.


  • Joe

    Comedy Central is a offically dead to me..:)
    Not that they really had quality programing anyways.

  • Trey

    It’s a shame that the same network will freak out and censor even the name of one religious figure while turning around and creating a whole show to tease & mock another. That really sends the wrong message about the effectiveness of terrorist death threats.

  • roob

    actually, the whole point of those south park episodes was to goof on islam for the law that you can’t depict mohommed. whether they showed him or not is beside the point, they were already deliberately trying to upset muslims by devoting two episodes to the subject. though they didn’t have the guts to go all the way with it, parker & stone surely knew that would be the case ahead of time. still, it was basically a big ridicule of one of the main laws of islam.

  • Bazell

    I will watch JC.

  • The One letter Wonder

    Of course, the guys at South Park have also spent countless hours mocking every other religion and IMO was just trying to give equal time to islam. Which they haven’t spent as much time on as they have Mormonism, scientolgy and, christianity.

  • Chad

    You have to take into account that the creators of South Parks lives were being threatened. I think that is more for the reason of the censorship rather than comedy central not wanting to offend anyone. Remember that South Park did show Mohammad in the original Super Best Friends episode.

  • Alex

    Seeing movies and television trying to be edgy in the new century has become sad. ‘Wow, you made a film about blue aliens fighting American Marines and how bad middle America is suppose to be and you’re making fun of Jesus.’

    Big deal, some Muslim’s destroyed the World Trade Center in real life, destroyed part of the pentagon, and killed a whole bunch of people in real life. Oh yeah, some cartoonists life were threatened and a Danish filmmaker was murdered in the prophets name. But hey, you’re making fun of Jesus. WOw, that’s edgy.

    …or tired. Take you pick.

  • comicsaredead

    comedy central is now officially like my local police force. they are more willing to go attack the “easy prey” than go after the “big fish”