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Rumor: Who Wants To Be A Hero For Hire?

Put on your guessing caps: Who could be the “notable Hollywood star” having, according to the LA Times, “(very) preliminary talks” about starring in a Luke Cage movie for Marvel Studios? It’d be too much to hope for Will Smith, wouldn’t it…?


  • demoncat

    wesly snipes trying to make a come back. or maybe Lawernce fishburn. for Wil would not do a comic book film. and would cost more then marvel pays.

  • s1rude

    Fishburne would need to work an exercise & diet program pretty hard to be a possibility (love the guy, great actor – I’m just sayin’)

    I thought Tyrese Gibson always wanted a part of this role?

  • karl Keily

    tyrese gibson shoots to mind immediately

  • eli

    Wesley Snipes will be 50 years old in 20 years.

    Fishburne is 50 next year.

    Will Smith is 42 this year.

    I don’t see Luke Cage being that old.

  • eli

    Oops, meant that Snipes will be 50 in 2 years.

  • Dickwad

    Terry Crews (TV’s Julius from Everybody Hates Chris) is Luke Cage.