Check Out The New Machete Trailer, Now With Legos!

There are few things in this world greater than the recently released trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. The Lego Machete trailer is one of these things.

Photographed, designed, directed, animated and edited by David Vann in April of 2009, the Lego Machete trailer has started making the rounds in recent weeks, probably because the feature film’s trailer was released as a special Cinco de Mayo treat for fans just last week. The reasons, of course, are unimportant when we’re talking about Lego violence, Lego swearing and Lego nudity — all of which can be found in the Lego Machete trailer.

Go beyond the jump for the greatest thing you’re likely to see all day.

[via Bloody Disgusting]

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  • David Vann

    I just wanted to thank Josh Wigler for being the first person to actually mention my name in an article about the Machete Lego trailer. Thanks for the great review man, you really made my day :)