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Fox Forced To Choose: Target Or Lie

With less than a week to go before Fox announces its line-up for next season, a new rumor wrinkle has appeared to upset plans: The network may have to choose between two potentially-returning dramas and risk upsetting fans.

With only one hour-long slot remaining, Fox execs may be forced to choose between a second season of Human Target and a third of Lie To Me, according to Entertainment Weekly. EW puts forward the case that Target has lower ratings and is more expensive to produce, but counters that Lie no longer has its showrunner as of last week (Deadline Hollywood suggests that Target is looking the likelier of the two currently). As a surprised fan of Target, I hope it gets the chance to work out its kinks in a second season, but I have to admit, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Fox decides to pass.


  • Mike

    Human Target and Lie to Me did not air at the same time this season. Lie to Me has been off the air since December and Human Target’s entire 12 episode season has been aired.

    Has to be a possibility that they do the same thing next season.

  • demoncat

    the odd chance fox keeps lie to me and kills human target . wb could try and shop it else where for the show deserves a chance to grow. besides given how fox and warners brothers have gotten along some times. human target may need a trick pulled by chris chance

  • Tom Fitzpatrick

    They practically did the same thing with Sarah Connors chronicles and the Dollhouse.

    The Dollhouse won another season, but didn’t get renewed for a third season.

    With the cancellation of 24, Fox really needs to get some series to draw in a market. House and Bones are starting to fizzle out somewhat.

    Fringe’s still going strong.

  • Lorraine

    i love human target. we have been lucky to get it in the uk now and ive thoroughly enjoyed it, re- runs as well. imagine my dismay when i read that fox are going to shelve it !!!!! after all the rubbish they are on about stopping a fun show with an edge. Behave.