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It’s Official: NBC Cancels Heroes

NBC ended months of speculation this afternoon by announcing the cancellation of Heroes after four seasons.

Although the fate of the superhero drama seemed sealed by plummeting ratings — less than 5 million viewers tuned in for February’s Season 4 finale, down from about 17 million in Season 2 — there was an outside chance the show could be brought back for a 13-episode wrap-up or a two- or four-hour movie. But The Live Feed reports that the ratings decline, combined with high production costs and the number of hour-long shows on the network’s fall schedule, dashed the possibility of a return.

Created by Tim Kring, Heroes premiered in September 2006, quickly becoming one of the most-discussed shows of the season. Despite numerous Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, the series steadily lost viewers and, some would argue, direction. Season 2 was cut short by the Writers Guild of America strike, and Heroes never seemed to regain its momentum.


  • Matthew Dawkins

    Finally! I loved the first series, the second was good as it went on but was cut short. The third never delivered on the promise of villains (as it killed all of them off), the fourth made absolutely no sense, character-wise, and… eh. It's been a long time coming.

  • Brother T!

    Matt, I couldn't agree with you more.

  • Chach

    Absolute BS. NBC is one of the worst networks ever. They put the show on at 8 and it was doing all right, but then they move it to 9 to put CHUCK on at 8 and have Heroes competing against MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, the same target demographic. In the day and age of Tivo and watching online and on demand, what do you think most in the demographic are going to do–Watch the game as it happens, or miss it? These networks put so much stock in numbers, they don't even pay attention to other factors. Screw NBC. As long as they keep putting garbage like the Marriage Ref and 30 Rock and SNL I'm done with them.

  • Chach

    AND they certainly didn't help with the Writer's Strike which ruined a lot of momentum and half Season Two's episodes AND they keep doing these stupid 6 week hiatuses. Even LOST dropped viewers when they did that–what the #&^$ did NBC expect?!

  • Tom

    The show failed season 1 final episode. I never watched it again.

  • W S

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, well they had more opportunities to make the show better, but making Sylar a hero and too much Petrelli drama. They could have done more with the Villains storyline, and the earthshaker guy. Also,
    make Hiro a badass, and making Mohinder useless.

  • Ken

    I'm absolutely ticked off about this. I'm so sick of dedicating so much time into these shows just to have networks cancel them and leave you hanging. Obviously they don't give a crap about their viewers. And now what? NBC launches 'The Cape'? Even if it looks amazing, I won't be watching it. I'm sick of going through this.

  • Diehard_heroes_fan

    I am Officially Commiting Suicide. And You People Who Talk Shit About Heroes Can Suck My Balls

  • Larfleeze

    I thought they would bring it back to wrap it properly but it has declined in quality—so no surprise….I still pissed Journeyman never made it back…

  • Elaina

    we have had to wait for months and months for every season and they expect great ratings?? I loved this show and it sucks they did this,,,

  • DerrickTC

    I loved this show when it first debuted. I thought the first season was weak when it delivered action, and the action was better in season 2 and 3 (part 1 of season 3). But the story completely lacked from season 1 when they decided to redo the ALREADY FINISHED ending to season 2 when the writer's strike happened (which was stuuuupid). So, I'm not surprised it cancelled, I'm sad to see it go regardless though. Wish it could have a movie wrap-up at least just to finish some overdue loose ends. Ah well, I guess.

  • JT

    Flipping times slots and waiting for new episodes killed the show. I loved it, but oh well.

  • indifferent

    oh is that show still on the air?

  • Murph

    Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!!! Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!!! These should have happened three seasons ago!!!

  • demoncat

    it was way over due for Hero's kept going down hill and never did recover time to put it to rest.

  • Kevin

    You lost all credibility when you said garbage like 30 Rock

  • J Mac

    I quit after season 3. Loved the concept, loved a lot of the characters, but 2 & 3 were a total mess.

  • StyxCharon

    Mercy killing Heroes..Finally..The writer strike can't really be blamed that much, it was the writing that continued to blow chunks with character flipflopping…It's just as bad as many Marvel comics in terms of plot…

  • zortran

    I am glad it is gone, loved the first season and partial 2nd. But then it just got too weird for my taste, and bloated with crap. It'll be easy to catch up with the dvds.

  • Hohenheim

    It was rather good,,,, They could have at least wrapped it up… the end was hanging…

  • brianobx

    F*ck yes

  • glennblackwell

    From the start, I wanted them to call it “X-MEN: The Beginning”
    And follow the evoloution of mutants and people with special powers.
    Instead they went in the direction of copy, then hope no one knew?
    Has the cheerleader ever played anything other than a cheerleader?
    Every movie I see her in, she plays a cheerleader.

    NBC did this with “Studio 60″ and “30 Rock”

    NBC cancelled “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”
    And gave us that “30 Rock” nonsense.
    Instead of a look at Saturday Night Live backstage.
    We get a watered down look at Saturday Night Live backstage.
    NBC can be the Wal-Mart network. Second rate, copied and discount.

    ……….Glenn Blackwell

  • Crusader k

    It was a promising show but I think they were trying to do comic book plots without wanting it to be a comic book. Government conspiracies, laboratory conspiracies, Petrelli family mystery…that all works in, say, “The X-Men” book, but not so on an hour long TV show. And the whole bit of everyone being somehow interrelated either by the 50's lab stuff or family was too too much.

    The first season worked because of the “wow!” factor. We were amazed every week by the characters exhibiting their abilities and as they learned about themselves so did we. The characters should have been retired as the series progressed and new characters introduced. Instead we had too many characters to care about in the end and especially the whole “Carnival of the Specials” became too much of a stretch.

  • Dan

    I can't believe I'm actually happy about the cancellation of a show I once adored. NBC is putting Heroes out of it's misery as far as I'm concerned. I couldn't stand to see it getting worse and worse each week.

    Season 1 – fantastic
    Season 2 – horrible in almost every way
    Season 3 – not bad, we're back on track here
    Season 4 – WTF did I just watch??

  • joecooler2u

    Between Heroes and Law & Order being canceled looks like 2/3 of why I watched NBC is going out the window. All that's left is L&O SVU and I wouldn't doubt they will run that into the ground as well. What happened to NBC? It used to be top notch. Oh yeah, they thought they were too big for football. Football = ratings for the networks other shows. Oh and also having good shows help, besides SVU what's there to watch now on NBC? I guess my Monday nights will be free for House now. I can see how the writer's strike interfered with the momentum of the show, but it lost focus after season one as well. Personally, I loved the last two seasons (I got into the show during season three), I think the main problem with the show is that the Heroes stopped really saving people and being “heroes” after season one. You save New York and where do you go from there? It's anticlimatic. Still the show had a following, maybe should have moved it to SYFY (as they should have moved the new Knight Rider). NBC is a mess. They used to give shows a chance to become a success. If they gave Cheers or Seinfeld the kind of chances they give a show like Knight Rider or Heroes those shows would never have become #1. They'd have been canceled before getting near any success.

  • Shomy092

    I hoped that they would at least finish the series in proper way…. Season 4 finale was s*it… It's unfinished… It would be interesting to see how wolud world react….

  • 1smiledr

    absolute stupidity by NBC. This is like Star Trek cancellation happening all over again . . . there is a cult following but in this day & age you can't mess with people's other options. Tim Kring is a genius . . . and could be like Gene Roddenberry – we just won't find out until the nexgen decides to pick up the pieces . . . unless of course another network does. Characters were still being developed and while slow and of course at times . . . I can say that this was probably ana ct of desperation from the writers to “get er done” because of threats to produce. And while I'm at it . . . why so many reality shows . . . can't we let the actors do the acting . . . which beleive or not, is a craft and an art, just like writing. Stupid business model NBC – to cancel a show that has been tossed around but still maintained some stability and loyalty. So long to NBC and all it's backward thinking ancillaries. Tim Kring, Writers, Cast and Crew – Enjoy the fruits as they will be forthcoming!!!

  • Uberhero

    Lost track. Lost interest. Was Sylar a hero or villain the last time out? Isn't he a Vulcan now? How about bringing back Enterprise? BTW, Chuck rhymes with sucks. Are you ready for some football?!!!

  • BluntKrayon

    I never did understand why they kept with, 'We have to save the world' plot every season. I think the show would have worked better as a bag and tag approach where you would see the company bagging and tagging a new hero or villain every couple of episodes, with each 'power' spanning over a couple of eps. That way, you see a new character, which would keep interest up, and plus you wouldn't get bored with saving the world all the time.

  • Joe

    I think that Heroes was also a victim of Fox moving House to Monday night. I guess that NBC never figured that out. You can't just look at your show's numbers. You have to look at where the viewers are going and adjust your line-up. Fox moved House on purpose to combat the Monday night combo of Chuck and Heroes that was winning the past few years. NBC responded by doing nothing. The result is that Tuesday night is still a garbage night, in my opinion, now that House is not there. There are no shows on Tuesday night that I care to watch.

  • Flip Maker

    Yes,it was certainly a factor, but the lack of direction or a story line that made sense was the deciding factor in Heroes' demise.

  • Godwell

    I agree. 30 Rock is a great show and is probably the last semblance of the days of NBC dominating Thursday nights.

    Heroes was a Writers Strike victim and it killed way too many characters off before anyone could become attached. Half of them just vanished into thin air with no closure. Switching writers (when Loeb left) is always taboo anyway.

  • Godwell

    It was once a pretty good show, but lately it was painful as watching your old pet dog get sick and incompetent. At least NBC is still interested in milking (the cash cow and) the Superhero genre with the coming of 'The Cape' and people will watch, get addicted and forget about HEROES like humans do.

    Now, if only the CW would shoot the other dog called SMALLVILLE. Somebody please shoot it, damn it!

  • Lordoracle

    I'm comfortable with this decision. Heroes started recapturing some of the flavor of the first season towards the end, but how the finale ended with Claire outing herself felt like the show had come full circle.

  • lordoracle

    The cheerleader has played non-cheerleaders. She was on Law & Order SVU when she was probably around 10 or so and then appeared again on it after the first season of Heroes put attention on her. There were also a few Disney movies (Tiger Cruise & Ice Princess) where she did not player a cheerleader. I guess they liked putting her in the short skirts.

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  • GodIsABuddhist

    Chach also lost credibility in forgetting that Football and NBC TV only conflict on the East Coast. I think the fact that Heroes was competing against the likes of shows like “24” hurt it more than going against football.

    That and the fact that they rebooted practically every season.

  • bayemon

    I think Heroes would have been much better off had Kring gone with the original plan of replacing almost the entire cast each season. Pretty much the same people saving the world over and over again just got old and tired.

  • Robert

    Yeah, that's why Heroes was cancelled… because of the writers strike… two years ago… which only affected Heroes… and which NBC caused.

  • Clark Kent


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  • Thoren

    Heroes was/is shite.

  • meat

    You could, oh I dont know, go outside on Tuesdays if theres nothing to watch…

  • Bill Robinson

    Hero's had an awesome start but as time went on it was compeating with other good shows!!! I'm sorry to say ; I didn't give it's true chance, and just watched it every now and then. Plus it seemed it wasn't on at the sametime so it seemed I was missing episodes. I wish I gave it a chance because they had a great cast!!!

  • Devil Child

    Man, Heroes has quickly become the worst television show in network history. Random character motivations, one likable cast member, plots that don't amount to a fart in a hurricane, and dialogue and acting so bad, they make George Lucas look like Shakespeare.

    Whatever happened to Peter's Irish girlfriend? Why did Mrs. Pattrelli tell Sylar she was his mother if she'd scrap the whole thing instantly? Why did Sylar instantly believe Mrs. Pattrelli even though he never met her before, and she had no evidence to back up her claim? Why doesn't Hiro ever use his time traveling powers for anything useful? If Peter's immortal, and can time travel, why do any other villains pose a threat? Why was there so much hype about Bob the Alchemist and Adam the Claire clone if they were just going to get killed off at the start of the third season? Why did they even have the cello lady? Why did they make Mohinder a super villain if it ultimately didn't matter? Why do they have Claire on the show if she never has any forward character momentum? Why did they bring Ali Larter back from the dead using the “identical triplets” trick? Why did they make Claire a lesbian with that ugly chick, and then scrap the whole thing, never mentioning it again?

    But most importantly, why did Claire make out with Sylar? He's twice her age, raped her brain, and they made him her uncle at one point.

  • Devil Child

    You do realize that said “cult following” has gone from 17 million to under 5 in two and a half years, don't you? And that most of said “cult following” have devoted whole websites, such as the AV Club, and Topless Robot, to mercilessly mocking the show every week with such bitter hatred it makes The Matrix sequels reception look like the reception for Godfather II, don't you?

  • Devil Child

    They gave it four seasons, even after the ratings were cut in half, and then into quarters. NBC was, if anything, too lenient?

    Oh, and except for Noah and Sylar, all the acting was terrible, especially Peter, the guy who played him's got to be the worst actor in the world.

  • demoncat

    hate to say it but been waiting for NBc to finaly put heroes out of its misery for it lost its way a long time ago,.

  • Ruby Tannan

    THAT SUCKS! Its like grade 11 all over again, when they decided to cancel History class because not enough people wanted to study History, I LOVE HISTORY. I hate majority rules, its stupid. Just because not enough people like it because its not cliche enough for them, not going like they want it to, doesnt mean they need to cancel it!! Even if everyone thought it got suckier (yes they could have done better in season 4, the storyline was all over the place, especially character development wise; for instance, Hiro should have become that awesome kick-ass ninja with a sword) They can right themselves in a new season, do better. Guess they'll never get a chance.

  • jannah

    please continue the show and finish it off.. I am one of the avid fans of HEROES here in the Philippines.. i really love this show… pls consider us, fans ;(

  • Theadvisor

    I think they owe the viewers an ending to the story, not just cut it like that, even if it ia a two hours episode wrapping it all up! Even Lost had an ending; not everybody was happy with the ending but at least we got something! Come to your senses and make blockbuster epsode, people will watch it!!!!!

  • Vinny_89

    what a set of complete wankers. it was the best thing on tell and your americans are pathetic for ending it. would a final season be so devastating to your wallets?

  • You're Name Here

    WOOT WOOT! we are losing a dieing show AND a douchebag! all i need now is for Soulja boy to jump off a bridge and my life will be complete!

  • Jack Shephard

    Season 1 was amazing whilst season 2 went on a bit too long with Hiro stuck in 17th Century Japan and Peter forgetting who he was. The romance between Claire and West was also very poor and unconvincing. Out Of Time seemed like a promising episode but the season further declined after this episodes viewing. I Am Become Death from Season 3 made for a good plot and an awesome alternate future. However, after that everything became dreadful starting with Arthur stealing Peters powers. Ugghhhh!!!!!! The finale of Volume 3 was hugely disappointing followed by Volume 4 Fugitives which had more action but a severe lack of direction and killing off Nathan was what almost made me give up watching. Volume 5 with the Carnival felt like they were trying to create another organisation like the Company. The Carnival was too far fetched for me to really believe. Hate the fact that Peter can only use one ability at a time, hate even more the end of the story arc with Charlie and Hiro. Hate the most that Sylar has suddenly become good again. I liked it originally when he became good in Volume 3 but this is just getting ridiculous. Peter would not work with a man who he vowed to kill after Sylar murdered Nathan. And I hate on an equal par to the Sylar becoming good issue, the Sylars body being used to pose as Nathan idea. Absolutely stupid. If you are going to kill off a good character like Nathan Petrelli, let him die with style at the end of one volume and leave it at that. Dont create more unecessary mess by bringing him back in Sylars body!!!! A great show with the potential to be better had certain writers not been sacked. A disappointing conclusion to a highly anticipated show which does not do the actors (and others who were not the writers) any justice. The viewers got a very bad deal and deserved more.

  • mary

    We love Heroes cause its a great concept, the powers that we all dream we could have.. well some of them anyway.. Yes, its a shame it lost its way, but surely the creators can recognise what needs to happen to bring it back on track… There is so much to play with.. so much room to imagine and create excitement and awesome entertainment.
    Dont scrap it.. fix it!!

  • Markcarlton

    Meh I've stopped watching most NBC shows (besides 30 Rock) because they refuse to support their programming in any manner. Half the shows on NBC get cancelled right in the thick of things. There is a reason why NBC used to be the #1 network and now is only the #4 network; no one wants to watch a show knowing it could be canceled at any point in time, not because it's not profitable, but because NBC thinks another brand new idea would be MORE profitable. At some point you need to be loyal to your franchises if you want your viewership tobe loyal too; NBC is the absolutely WORST at this.,

  • eztarget

    So disappointed about Heroes being cancelled ! With so much crap on tv it was actually cool to see a show of this calibre.I was under the optimistic impression that there would be at least
    a closing group of episodes starting in Jan2011. Wow how wrong was i when there were no
    upcoming trailers…hmmm. NBC who runs that clown outfit, will think twice about regularly watching any series from this network, will it be there next month or no ending at all??? thxs 4 nothing NBC

  • ellen

    I like every single thing of it. People try to critisize wherever they can but don’t think about how difficult it is to make a desent series last long. and in my opinion, heroes did a pretty good job. so many awesome series that already got cancelled. but I guess Joss Whedon is the only director that cares about the fans, even if it are just a view people watching it. that’s even more worth than a series that lasts long and stays amazing.

  • jordan mills

    bring heros back

  • kevin arbito

    i need this show backs netflix has a 5 star rating