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Heroes Could Get A Farewell Movie

There’s a chance the newly canceled Heroes could return next season just long enough to wave goodbye.

Hollywood Insider reports that NBC executives will talk to creator Tim Kring about producing a two-hour movie or some other event to provide the series, and fans, with closure.

The article doesn’t offer format options for the potential “other event,” but I suppose it could be a four-hour movie/miniseries, as floated early last week. However, we can be certain it’s not the abbreviated 13-episode season some had hoped for.

It’s all very tentative, sure, but for those holding out for a proper send-off after four seasons it provides at least a glimmer of … something. Of course, there’s a possibility the farewell could be awful — like Season 4 awful — and serve only to remind some of us why we stopped watching in the first place. But, hey, that’s closure, too, isn’t it?


  • Tom Fitzpatrick

    Well, I certainly hope so.

    I'm kind of sick and tired of network cancelling series without giving the respective series a chance to tie up loose ends (if not all).

  • Matthew

    False, nbc already said it'd be too costly and not enough viewership to back up those costs so it WILL NOT be getting one.

  • Roger

    And you read or saw that NBC wouldn't be doing this where???Can you provide a link to this announcement, Matthew?

  • dmso

    If I knew you were basically just going to hate on the show, I wouldn't have clicked the link in the first place.

  • Flip Maker

    You don't think there couldn't have been some developments over the weekend? You've read the same stories we all have, including this one, so don't be absurd. Anything can happen.

    And if I were NBC, and saw the huge reaction to the cancellation online (hell, it was a trending topic on Twitter), I'd certainly reconsider the idea of a two hour film which isn't as costly as a four hour film or 13 episode half-season commitment. One last chance to milk the HEROES franchise — sounds like a good plan to me.

  • David

    Season 4 wasn't as bad as most fans say. Sure, the whole circus thing was ridiculous, but the season had some good stuff going for it…at least in my opinion.

  • Toronto

    I stopped watching 1/3 into season 4, and stuck with the horrible season 3 to the end. I want closure as much as the next guy, but it has to be season one-style storytelling, or nothing at all.

  • DF

    I liked season 4. It was MUCH better than season 3 imo. Sure, season 1 was the best, but personally, I never stopped liking the show. I did not think the circus thing was “ridiculous”. I liked the concept. I do wish Sylar had been written out long ago. Don't get me wrong, I like Quinto (he was brillant as Spock), but Sylar was just so out of place in Heroes season 4. Had been out of place since season 2 really. Anyway, I hope they do a farewall movie or something, but I won't hold my breath. I'm not sure if I'll be watching anything on NBC. Their lineup just isn't that great.

  • brsaint

    Why bother??

    Just get rid of all traces of this pathetic show

  • Martin B

    Especially the lesbian kissing scene…

  • Bill Robinson

    I know I didn't get a chance to really appeciate the show but honsetly I would go to see it in the movie theaters!!! I was a fan at the start but I do feel the network really messed up the show!!!!

  • Bill Robinson

    I love to always hear what true fans like to say about their TV series!! Thank you, David!!!! I wish I gave the show a better chance!!!

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