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Darth Vader GPS May Be The Greatest Thing Ever

I’m comfortable enough with my general lack of direction to admit that I use GPS on lengthy – Say, more than five blocks – car journeys. But if I had GPS that sounded like Darth Vader, I’d probably find excuses to use it whenever I had to go anywhere whatsoever.

Eager to promote the first in their new line of Star Wars voices for their GPS system – C3PO, Yoda and, surreally, Han Solo, are to follow – TomTom have released this “behind the scenes” look at the recording sessions:

Is it just me, or has Darth gotten a little shorter in his old age…?


  • Flip Maker

    Oh Man. Oh Man. Oh man.

    Must have.

  • Hygena

    when you turn it on it says 'what is thy bidding… my master'..

  • David D.

    That's a really funny spot, and thanks for sharing it.

    Regarding Vader looking short– a lot of recording booths like that are ones you actually step down into. Sometimes they make them that way so that the director or engineer running the session (who is seated with a raked console in front of them) will be more likely to be eye level with the performer who is standing at the mic, as opposed to directing the whole session to the actor's belly button. That is probably why the person in the Vader suit looks short in there.