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Kring: ‘Looking Forward To Keeping Heroes Alive’

Heroes creator Tim Kring has released a statement about NBC’s cancellation of the series, and well, it almost sounds as if he’s unconvinced that the series is really canceled.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed blog has the statement (The intro is part of the actual statement, BTW):

Regarding NBC’s decision not to renew the international hit “Heroes” for a fifth season, creator and executive producer, and award winning transmedia storyteller, Tim Kring commented: “I want to first extend my deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the legion of enthusiastic fans who have watched ‘Heroes’ on TV, online, DVR, DVD and mobile over the last four seasons.

Every week more than 45 million TV viewers around the world, as well as millions of social and digital media-based fans, have made ‘Heroes’ one of the five most-watched shows across traditional and digital media screens in the history of television.

For NBC, I certainly understand the challenge of creating a business model around a show which arrived precisely as the audience was finding new ways to watch traditional content on multiple screens.

I personally have had 12 great years with my friends at NBC, and with ‘Heroes,’ they provided me a rare opportunity to put a message of hope, interconnectivity and global consciousness into the world. For that I am grateful and look forward to finalizing our discussion about a number of ways to keep the ‘Heroes’ universe alive for its fans.”

Kring’s “12 great years” comment includes his runs as writer and producer on both Crossing Jordan and Providence, as well as the four year stint on Heroes. More curious is the mention of the “number of ways to keep the ‘Heroes’ universe alive”; does this mean online, NBC sharing ownership of the series with another network (a la Friday Night Lights) or the series moving networks altogether? Start your speculation in three… two… one…


  • comicsaredead

    Hopefully SciFi picks it up and changes its direction. I was a faithful watcher, but the show never seemed to have any payoff.

  • CryKringCry

    Good riddance. Also, it's kind of funny that Heroes is ending in the same period LOST is ending, after the Heroes camp talked so much trash on LOST during their first season.

  • Aaron Poehler

    The problem wasn't “the audience…finding new ways to watch traditional content on multiple screens”, the problem was the show sucked out loud after the first season. You know, when it pulled ratings due to people wanting to watch it.

  • LightningBug

    NBC owns the Sci-Fi channel don't they? Even heroes crappy numbers would be considered a success on basic cable.

  • atalex

    It's not just numbers. Heroes is apparently a very expensive show. It would have to be retooled significantly before it could be produced on Syfy's notoriously shoestring budget.

  • TRiP

    Never saw a show with so much promise hit it out of the park, and then all of a sudden, just die.
    Kring is to blame and then the rest. He should've stepped up and did something about it. They released answers to mysteries too early as to set themselves away from Lost. But Lost is going out on its own accord, and Heroes was forced out. Pity.

  • Joey

    I'm gonna guess that this has to do with the GNs more than anything else.

  • Soi

    I hope it continues in some way. It would be nice if another network did pick it up. I for one will keep following to see what happens next. Sylar & Hiro made for some of the best moments I've seen on TV.

  • the_swordsman

    I agree. As much as I love superheroes, I thought it had a lot of promise too, but it disappointed me halfway into season two. What a shame they didn't stick with the original formula and build upon it.

  • HoppytheMarvelBunny


    I so excited watching the 1st season. It just got better and better as it went on and ended with a bang………..

    and then the second second fell flat and it never really recovered.

    I have only the first season on dvd and plan to get the rest. I just wished it could have built on the solid base of the first season and go on a 8 or 9 season ramp ala X-Files.

  • jadeskies

    Wow Kring can sure pour on the b.s. to make it sound like its our fault the show sucked.

  • bhashthur

    why flog a dead horse?

    Let the 'Heroes Universe' die and wipe out every trace of its existence. Completely worthless show after Season 1.

  • Chuck Wells

    After Kring so badly botched this series, he has no room to talk. Upcoming shows like No Ordinary Family and The Cape – easily – look better than anything Heroes has done since its first season.

    I wanted Heroes to succeed, but ridiculous reversals, characters who were introduced as being “all important”, only to vanish by the following episode and Kring's slavish desire to retain Sylar (at the expense of more interesting threats that might have come along – and often did), plus endless deaths, rebirths and deaths of select characters killed thsi show.

    It can't be salvaged and efforts to do so would be wasted. Let this turkey die!

  • IvCNuB4

    Expensive ? You mean like that one season finale where the big super-fight between Peter, Nathan and Sylar was all in a locked room and all we saw was lights flashing from under the door ? LOL

  • jm

    It wouldn't of been canceled if Seasons 2-5 weren't complete train wrecks.

  • Heroes Lover

    I completely disagree, it may be that alot of people think it got really bad after season 1, and i do believe it went a little down hill, but personally the second half of season 2 onwards throughout season 3 were just as awesome as season 1, season 4 was slower and way to much Claire but I still love the show. I don't get why people who claim to hate heroes come on websites and bad mouth it, you obviously can't hate it that much to make the effort to look up websites b*tch all the time! Its stupid, if you haven't got anything positive or something hopeful or helpful to say then say nothing at all, as nobody who enjoys the show which there are 4 million in the USA and 3.5 million in the UK want to hear! Thank you

  • MakeMineMarvel

    Good riddance, the show was bad in 2008-2009, and just bloody awful this season. In four short seasons, this show had bigger continuity problems and more annoying, useless characters than the DC universe.

  • 2dev

    find it quite interesting that people who claim the show was so bad etc- seem to have watched all the seasons. if it was so bad- why watch? and if you didnt watch- why comment?