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Preview: The Cape May Not Be As Bad As You Imagined

I wasn’t all that impressed with the three preview clips for The Cape, NBC’s new superhero drama, but this full-length trailer actually shows some promise.

I’m certainly not sold on the protagonist’s name or costume, but the trailer hits the right notes for an old-fashioned superhero adventure: a good man, accused of a crime he didn’t commit, forced to hide his identity to protect the people he loves while he battles evil and clears his name. Throw in a mentor, a supporting cast of misfits and an Oracle-like computer/information guru and voila!


  • Trey_C

    I really don't know what to think about this. Parts of it we're pretty cool doing a great job of getting that mid to late 80's comic book feel. The circus training ground was awesome. But it seems like there's going to be a lot of tacky crap mixed in also. We'll see…

  • jadedheroesfan

    no way this last more than one season

  • The Drizzt

    Ummm… I'm getting the feel of the old Mantis TV show. Or the Nightman one.

    Though “Say hello to Dorothy” *was* funny…

  • Batman

    My cape looks better

  • Mitur Binesderti

    The pilot looks to have some good writing and story, if a bit hackneyed genesis, I just hope they kept those writers. What I've found in these shows is if they switch writers a lot, like Warehouse 13, Castle, and The Mentalist, you'll get some really good initial shows then it'll go downhill as the swapped out writers can't build a story and often they won't even understand the show.

  • Luis

    Looks & sounds like it'll be cheesy, but I'll give it a shot.

  • mdk

    Actually doesn't look too bad, but could go either way. However, wouldn't the publisher's of the Cape comic seek to sue the guy for plagiarizing their licensed character?

  • Zwinky

    What kind of kid wouldn't recognize their won father with a hood pulled down? Is the audience also supposed to be that dumb?

  • The Mad Monkey

    As the kids are so fond of saying these days, “Fail.”

  • Andrew H

    So NBC dropped Heroes for his. :(

  • Anon

    Summer Glau = Canceled within 7 episodes

  • Deith Kavid

    Spawn's cape did a lot of neat things. But Spawn had other powers, too. This guy's cape isn't even really powered. How long can they keep this concept going?

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