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Check Out The Opening For The Hawaii Five-O Remake

CBS has released the oh-so-important opening sequence for its remake of Hawaii Five-O, the classic crime drama that brought us the catch phrase “Book ‘em, Danno!”, a new slang term for police — “Five-O” — and one hell of a theme song by Morton Stevens.

That frenzied anthem, and the accompanying credit sequence by director Reza S. Badiyi, are difficult to top, and I’m still not sure what I think of the update. What I do know, however, is that Jack Lord’s hypnotic, gravity-defying hair beats Alex O’Loughlin’s, hands down.

Check out the new opening, and compare it to the original, below.

(via The Live Feed)


  • Jonah Weiland

    The modern version of the theme is horribly flat. Nothing inspired there. That's really disappointing.

  • NathanHK

    what Jonah said, and it suffers from “edited intro time”- it easily needed 15 more seconds to really land.

  • Bill Slowsky

    New music : Huge step backward. Need the hips too.

  • Kiebler

    Wow. They succeeded in sucking all the life out of one of the most iconic television theme songs ever.

    And who is Alex O’Loughlin sleeping with at CBS to keep getting the lead role on television shows? The guy is like TV Show poison.