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Will ABC Reboot Alias To Woo Lost Viewers?

In effort to keep the Lost audience from slipping through their fingers, ABC executives are rumored to be considering a reboot of J.J. Abrams’ spyfi drama Alias.

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos reports that while “nothing is even close to being anything official yet,” a network insider tells there’s “very initial talk” of a remake that would borrow some elements from the 2005-2006 cult-favorite series while dropping the byzantine mythology involving the Rambaldi artifacts.

Of course, earlier this month NBC picked up Abrams’ new spy drama Undercovers, which means ABC will be playing a little catch-up.

Alias, which starred Jennifer Garner as CIA agent Sydney Bristow, was never a major hit for ABC, reaching its ratings peak during its fourth season when it followed Abrams’ more successful series Lost.


  • Dudeman

    Alias was cool, but it's not going to replace Lost. No way. I mean look at these guys I found 'Previously On Lost'. They are a band who plays covers of Lost episodes.
    Alias never had fans that passionate. Maybe they should do Lost 2099 or extend the Dharma experiment years or something to keep those kinds of numbers.

  • Kiebler

    Alias would have lasted longer if the writers weren't so afraid to kill anyone off. Seriously, 90% of the original cast should have been murdered by season 3.