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Marvel Hires Screenwriter For Runaways


Marvel Studios continues to look ahead past The Avengers. Having already hired Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist director Pete Sollett to helm the studio’s adaptation of Runaways, they’ve now selected writer Drew Pearce to tackle the film’s screenplay.

Pearce is best known as the creator of No Heroics, the 2008 British comedy series about a group of superhero friends who have to deal with everyday tasks including grocery shopping and enduring traffic jams. I’m curious to see how Pearce handles the script, especially because I was very much hoping that Runaways creator Brian K. Vaughan would have control over the film’s story.

Marvel’s Runaways focuses on a group of children who run away from home after finding out that their parents form the inner circle of a deadly crime syndicate. These heroic children include sorceress Nico Minoru, alien Karolina Dean, mutant Molly Hayes, arrogant Chase Stein and dinosaur-wielding Gertie Yorkes.

Source: Deadline


  • demoncat

    no doubt Brian will proably be consulted on how to best do the runaways since he is proably too busy with other projects to do the work himself. for fans should wait and see how the movie turns out before thinking marvel hired some one wrong. since Marvel formula is hiring the people they figure will be true to the material.

  • Daniel wheeler

    Fuck yes Woooohoooo !

  • The M Word

    I've been looking forward to a Runaways film. Don't know much about Drew Pearce but I'll hope for the best.

    The X-Men are at Fox. Runaways will be from Marvel Studios. Which means that Molly might be born with super powers but she is not a… well, you know…

    In all seriousness, can they use the M word in this film?

  • Jon

    I'd hope they'll be able to say mutant. If not, I guess that nixes any chances of having the Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver in any future Avengers movies.

    And I swore that BKV was writing this script. Pretty sure there was news of that like 2 years ago. Maybe this will just be a simple rewrite.

  • candise

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure BKV posted something on his blog about how he was writing the Runaways screenplay. I wonder what happened there…

  • cool. how about a runaways comic.

  • tomdaylight

    Might just be a script polish

  • Personamanx

    Cool…. I guess. Maybe the film will be good but truth be told after Immomen's horrible, horrible, and thankfully short run I have lost almost all enthuisiasm for the characters….