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Captain America Costume Art Leaks Online

If you’ll recall, yesterday we posted a description by JoBlo’s Mike Sampson of the star-spangled costume for Captain America: The First Avenger. If you found his detailed description a little difficult to envision, fear not: AICN has posted four images that Sampson now confirms “aren’t just fan mockups — these are the real deal.”

“The art you see […] is just one of the many pieces that I was shown last week,” Sampson writes. “We were asked by our source to not run the images on the site though we agreed that I could discuss them in detail. But now that AICN has posted them, it seems like fair game (also they seem to be removed of the watermarks and details that would’ve given away my source). You can see that it’s not quite the Ultimates version of Captain America that many thought but it’s somewhat close.”

You can click on the image at the right to see it much larger. More are available at AICN.

Directed by Joe Johnston, Captain America: The First Avenger is due in theaters on July 22, 2011. The Marvel Studios film stars Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Sebastian Stan and Hayley Atwell.


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  • Lando

    lose the vertical straps and you got yourself a pretty good costume here. I think it stays faithful enough.

  • Deco


    actually not too bad – pretty much what you'd expect from movie costume: thick, rubbery, lots of extraneous detail (like the piping) that doesn't make sense but looks good on screen. Nice helmet especially. I always liked that look from the maguire/nicieza prestige series way back when

  • Deco


    actually not too bad – pretty much what you'd expect from movie costume: thick, rubbery, lots of extraneous detail (like the piping) that doesn't make sense but looks good on screen. Nice helmet especially. I always liked that look from the maguire/nicieza prestige series way back when

  • Nik

    I dig on the straps. They're straps, who cares? Looks very military, pretty realistic. Thumbs up.

  • Kolymar

    It looks pretty good.

  • Kolymar

    It looks pretty good.

  • Kolymar

    It looks pretty good.

  • Kolymar

    It looks pretty good.

  • DA

    Where are the wings on the side of the head???

  • Michael

    Not a fan of the seam positions. Too tech-y looking for WWII suit, even if it's a super suit. Why have the shoulder pads and a star on the sleeve? The original shield needs to make an appearance.

  • redvector

    I believe this is the modern uniform he's issued at the end of the film. This just doesn't say WW2.

  • Mauricio Espino

    I like it… but it seem more like the Ultimate version

  • Schnitzy Pretzelpants

    Totally agree. If this is what he ends up wearing when he's revived, it looks great.

    I'll even go so far as to say that it looks great, period, just that the piping looks really out of place in WWII, I thing having trousers more akin to blue fatigues would be better – isn't that what he wore in the flashbacks in Ultimates? Fatigues?

  • Ryan

    It was obvious that the design would lean toward the Ultimates version (no wings, more of a helmet than a cowl, military boots). For the most part, I like it. If it were up to me, I would've stopped the shoulder pads at the shoulder. The way they are pictured, covering some bicep, makes me think they'd get in the way of some flexibility.

  • Roquefort Raider

    Captain America never struck me as a belt-and-suspenders kind of guy!!!

  • Mike

    I'm not overall shocked by it. Seems like the typical Hollywood superhero costume we've all come to expect. I'm ok with it. I just wish they could have at least stenciled the wings on the sides of the helmet to bring it more in line with the classic Cap look as opposed to the Ultimate version as we saw with Brian Hitch's rendition in the Cap: Reborn mini.

  • CapsAvenger22

    This sucks. He needs his classic, iconic costume that the real fans love and recognize. DAMMIT! If you're not gonna do it right, don't do it at all. My excitement for this movie on a scale of 1 to 10 just went from a 12 to a 2.

  • lead sharp

    Like this a lot as it blends a lot of elements together. Be nice if they went a little closer to the comic for The Avengers but, yeah I can dig this.

    Shame we've had nothing from GL… Oh wait a man in a grey body stocking and a shot of John Merrick.

  • Jameson Lee

    This looks great, but I agree that painted-on wings should be added to the helmet.

  • Ozymandas

    Why does a fireman wear red suspenders?

    I guess he wants to look like Cap.

    The costume looks good overall but I've got some small gripes here & there. Fine with the costume being inspired by Ultimate or Reborn Cap & wings as a design on the mask, not to crazy about the style of the wings and the “A”. Don't like the stripes on the arms too much. I appreciate what they are trying for with the suspenders, but the white and red “stripes” should be closer to the same width than whet we're getting here. The result leaves too much emphasis on the belly. Still much, much better than it could have been.

  • Grant

    It does look a little too modern but I'm guessing Howard Stark will help him put it together though.. But I think it looks cool and feels like actual combat gear. I can't say I'm missing the wings to be honest.

  • Ozymandas

    Oops – didn't look that closely and assumed that the mask was the same as the other floating around on the web, which has a stylized “A” and wings painted on the sides and the mouth and eye-holes are way too big. This is better but they should paint those wings on.

  • Joe

    I hate it. Stupid Bryan Hitch Ultimates version. Can We just outlaw Bryan Hitch from redesigning anything.

  • BeastieRunner


  • Jason

    Get rid of the suspenders, put the vertical red stripes back on the waist part, put the wings on, and it would be fine. Shoulders look a tad goofy, but overall, I feared much worse.

    Of course, let's all keep in mind that this is concept art. The final product could look a LOT different.

  • Han

    Can we just outlaw you from commenting?

    Seriously, I think the design is fine
    Let's be honest, the wings look pretty ridiculous by today's standards.

  • Han

    Can we just outlaw you from commenting?

    Seriously, I think the design is fine
    Let's be honest, the wings look pretty ridiculous by today's standards.

  • Jason

    Well, the dude says it's “the real deal”, but I still think it could look a little different yet, maybe not a LOT though.

    I'm skeptical if this was a true “leak”.

  • The Watcher

    Don't they know his nickname is “ol' Winghead”?

    Seriously, let's use the REAL costume Steve Rogers has worn for SEVENTY YEARS.

  • Ben

    What? You think you can do better? Hitch is masterful. Get over it.

  • Derrick Roberts

    Belt doesn't bother me, but if you have a belt, do you need suspenders?

  • Duwey

    Not bad at all. I actually like this costume, straps and all.

  • Sir Manley Johnson

    Pretty darn good except, and I know this is a petty fanboy complaint, where are the wings? That's one of the defining elements of captain America's identity. those wings are 'freedom', the American Eagle, a bit of viking and a just plain unique aspect of his look. Ah well…

  • Nilla

    Then I would have to say that you are not a fan at all. As much as we love his costume, it's not possible to make it work on screen.

  • freetraffic'll do a 100 million just based fact its linked to teh avengers. People want the dumb team up flick. Iron Man was just “good enough” in the public's eyes.

  • Geoff

    Your comment should be etched in a bronze plaque and posted throughout the world as irrefutable evidence that “real fans” should never ever be involved creatively with anything.

  • Cole Moore Odell

    I will be skeptical that these are official until the studio confirms it–all of these poses are lifted from recent comics or seem to be pictures of Evans in other roles (for instance, the image of Cap racing toward the viewer is from the first issue cover of Epting and Brubaker's Cap. While a concept artist might use these poses to see how the costume looks/moves, it seems more likely to me that a forger would rely on these kinds of shots, while a studio artist would come up with his/her own poses.

    That said, I like the costume.

  • dumbsaint

    Don't like the big white belly stripe, the red pouches don't offset it enough. Makes him look fat.

  • Ortiz

    Looks pretty good, was a little worried about this costume, but this is a good design.


  • Verminous

    Well the fact that you don't seem to be able to count is a great indication that your opinion should be ignored.

  • Inactiveman

    A lot of “service belts” now have these suspenders on them because it reduces strain on the back.

    Many military and police forces are moving to them now.

  • Marc Simons

    Why mess with the classic? oh RIGHT this would be HOLLYWOOD that is their job. too bad. His actual costume would look fine on screen as well. did these shmegs learn NOTHING from the cheesy 70's TV show. put the man in HIS costume. but whatever, who really listens to us fans anyway.

  • Nik

    Jesus, suddenly it's a fucking Bravo show around here. Everybody's a fashionista. He looks awesome. Next!

  • Tom

    It's ugly. Hollywood always has to change things to suit it's own needs.What was wrong with the way Kirby drew it? Too much patriotism for them and not dark enough.Heaven forbid they should actually try and make it work.IF they bothered to understand the underlying reasons Kirby and Simon created it the way they did, they wouldn't mess with it. NO, everything has to have that “Hollywood Stamp” on it. I'm so tired of that fact that they think we won't understand what's going on. I think they're the ones that don't have a clue…….

  • anonymous

    Pouches! The giant pouches!

    Yet, to go full Liefield he needs more.

  • Bradfors

    I have to say I no longer want to see this film.

  • RDS

    I don't like it, but the no head wing thing? Even if you can't make protruding ones work, how about painting the damn things on?

  • Mand01

    Please – Cap's wings are pathetic as. Glad to see them go – quit living in the past. It would be different if you were complaining about something cool, but let's face it, Cap's costume needed a redesign to stop him looking like a sad 50s throwback.
    Get over it – Batman was redesigned for modern audiences, and we all survived the trauma.

  • Mark

    Never underestimate nerd rage

  • TwinPistols

    I think I might be speaking for a lot of fans, when I say I have very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it isn't horrible, so there's that. However, I am concerned about some of the choices they made. The original costume was more about the musculature, this one puts a lot of emphasis on the pads, the straps and those huge pockets. Here's hoping it doesn't look this bulky on film, and that he actually uses those pockets for something ;)

    I really would have liked the original midsection on him, but I'm not going to complain about the small details. All the wing comments make me think of when fans were screaming about the '4' on the Fantastic Four outfits being too small in the movie. Really, it's such a small detail, that it's not worth getting upset about. For all we know, they could have tried painted on wings, and found that it didn't look right. I'd rather they ditch something that is going to look goofy on film, then stay 100% loyal to the original drawings. If it doesn't work, who cares if it's accurate?

    I understand them going for the Ultimate look, because I think the cowl may be a tough thing to have work on film. Spider-Man's mask covers his entire face, so that's really a different case. In order to get the cowl to work for Batman, he couldn't turn his head (until The Dark Knight). The only other cowl that I can think of, is Flash's, from the TV show. That was flexible enough so that he could move his head, but IIRC, there was some problems with the material creasing, when he did, and that could have looked horrible in the film.

    Overall, it's not as close as Spider-Man's costume was to the original, and not nearly as far away as the X-Men costumes were. It's more like the DD costume. But I'm happy that we can at least point to a version of the costume in the comics, and say they did a reasonable take on it, rather than just make up a design from scratch. As long as it looks good on film, at the end of the day, bravo.

  • Mr Tang

    I finally watched Iron Man 2 last night and was excited to see Cap's shield cameo. This design looks really cool, Cap's costume would have been easy to make look cheesy on film. But this looks great.

  • Mike W.

    This costume looks great.
    The film will be based around the ULTIMATES. hat is old news. The reason is because the book feels more like a modern action film than the regular universe version.

    This costume which even though it looks like a modern version -vs- WWII is as believable as you could hope for.
    At least it doesn't have rubber ears and feathers on it like the version in that crapfest with the Italian Red Skull had.

    For all of you griping about the lack of wings, just give it up.
    That is such a petty gripe that your sucking the air out of the room.

    Besides even if it looked perfect in your eyes you would still whine. I mean, its already been proven that if you do a nearly identical adaption of a comic for film, the fans like it even less.
    Like WATCHMEN, which was a great adaptation went over everyones heards.

    This and Thor look awesome.
    As a loooong time comics fan I myself am very happy.

  • Hugo Rocks

    It's cool, I could see him gearing up like this to parachute in to WWII Germany. A 2011 costume it most certainly is not, movies have come way too far for that.

    I'm more concerned about what Red Skull will look like.

  • R.Nav

    I'm not a fan of the helmet/mask combination. To me, it looks like if he ever took an impact against the helmet, the force would break the bridge of his nose. Also, the shoulderpads strapping to his arms makes me wonder if the costume is flexible. It looks like it would impair movement in the arms.

  • danielheard

    Joe Johnston said you'll get the classic scales and wings costume when he's performing in the USO. Win, win.

  • Morentez

    Captain America doesn't use a parachute! He say's they're for sissies!

  • Ryan

    The suspenders look has got to go. Other then that it's pretty good, looks like a cap version of the Dark Knight movie costume, so not too bad. Whenever I see anything for a superhero movie I try to think of what my friends who could care less about superheroes would say. And they would make fun of the suspenders and if there were wings they would hate that as well. So lose the suspenders and this is good to go.

  • Antonio_carrasquillo

    Cap Fan: Why is Chris Evan playing Cap? His the Human Torch!!! Why have an actor play 2 Marvel Characters? It doesn't make any sense. There's got to be an unknown actor out there like (Hugh Jackman) with an acting background of course that can play Captain America? Plus, this director better have one hell of a movie background to make this movie a block buster. This isn't any marvel character this is Captain America, we as a nation are in need of a inspiration for our soldiers overseas and what more than Cap to step in and play that role. This movie has to kick @$$, it has to be better than Iron-Man. Excelsiour!

  • ULIK

    Looks too empty on the sides. Needs the wings to be painted on creatively.

  • ULIK

    I agree but the wings are symbolic of freedom. While the protruding wings may look silly,painted on wings would be the appropriate thing on the helmet especially that the helmet looks awkward,weird and empty with nothing on the sides.

  • Graphicrome17

    kill the urkel suspenders, throw the wings on the helmet, lose the gun, you got urself a real captain A…

  • Sugarglid3r

    “Today's standards” huh? Is there even such a thing? I'm with Joe; the wings should be there, regardless (or perhaps because of) their goofiness. That's what Captain America looks like, goofy or not.

  • Humurabrian

    i think da costume is pretty slick. thank god that they removed da wings bse they kinda killed da military swag. i know da costume is supposed 2 be a huge deal(which according 2 me they have totally nailed) but the real question remains……can chris evans really play as steve rogers? I sure hope he can but that remains to be seen.