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No More Tony Stark Until 2012

Waiting to see Tony Stark appear in Thor or The First Avenger: Captain America? You might want to save yourself the disappointment; director Jon Favreau has confirmed that movie audiences won’t see the character again until 2012’s Avengers.

MTV’s Splash Page blog caught Favreau’s appearance on LA radio, where the director said that Robert Downey Jr. would not make a cameo appearance in either of Marvel Studios’ next two movies – and then went on to express his admiration for the task of making Avengers work:

I’m not sure where ‘The Avengers goes… There is no shooting draft written yet. It’s gonna be a big undertaking for Marvel to actually incorporate what happened in ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Iron Man 2,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Captain America’ [and] ‘The Hulk.’ All that has to inform one unified vision in ‘The Avengers.’ It’s a very exciting prospect. And certainly, Tony Stark is not going to be involved in any of the movies until that one.

No shooting draft written yet? I wonder if that ties into rumors that unconfirmed-but-come-on director Joss Whedon will be rewriting the script…?


  • tomdaylight

    It wouldn't be much of a Joss Whedon film if he doesn't have extensive control over the screenplay!

  • demoncat

    no doubt this means that Tony will be in avengers before iron man three and his battle with the Mandarin.and also no shooting script could mean Joss may have plans to tweak the script himself to a version he wants to use. when he is officially confirmed as doing the avengers.

  • Emmapants

    That's good. It would've made zero sense for him to show up in Captain America, and I'm sure it would be pushing it in Thor as well. I wouldn't even want him to show up, cause there's something great about having all the Avengers come together for the first time at once.

  • comicsaredead

    I really hope Whedon is involved in a re-write of the Cap script as well.

  • jose

    It's still possible to see John Slattery/ Howard Stark in the Cap movie to give it that little bit of same universe flavor.