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Charlie Gets His Golden Ticket Onto Stage And Screen

Worried that director Sam Mendes won’t have anything to do now that his Bond movie seems to be permanently delayed? Don’t be; he’s apparently got the Golden Ticket to capitalize on Glee‘s revival of the musical genre.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Mendes will be directing not only the stage version of Warner Bros’ Charlie And The Chocolate Factory musical, but also a movie of the musical. The musical is nowhere near completion – Both songs and script are still being worked on – but Mendes is apparently so confident in the material that he’s turned down Disney’s deconstructionist origin of Oz movie, The Great And Powerful Oz, in order to make himself available to handle it. Start your casting engines: Who can handle the weird and singing necessary to play Willy Wonka? And, perhaps most importantly, will the new version have that song about imagination that AT&T have stolen for their current ads?


  • Fanboy Supreme

    it's a no brainer. alan cummings IS willy wonka…!

  • Flip Maker

    Wait, I'm confused — a movie of the musical? Didn't Tim Burton just make a remake of this movie/story?