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FCC Fines Fox Over Sexually-Suggestive Dad

Just how expensive is horsing around these days? Oh, about $25,000 or so. At least, that’s how large a fine the Federal Communications Commission is considering imposing on Fox for an episode of American Dad from the start of the year.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the FCC has proposed the fine for Fox TV stations for “not providing requested information about sexually suggestive scenes” in an episode of Dad that had drawn more than 100,000 complaints for indecency over a scene where a character performed a sexual act on a horse. Now we know that a complaint for indecency apparently costs 25 cents. Start saving up and planning ahead on that figure, producers.


  • justin

    How much is a fine for sucking really bad and having poorly done animation for a prime-time network show.

    Did I mention they suck?