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Do You Miss Lost?

Now that we’re safely past the post-game analysis and complaints, it’s time for a very simple question: At the end of the world’s first week post-Lost, do you miss the show?

I saw people on Twitter this Tuesday, bemoaning the fact that there would never be another day when they could look forward to a brand new hour of Jack, Kate and unexplained mysteries being teased without end, and my response was pretty much “Oh, yeah, Lost! I guess I’m supposed to miss it or something?” But, as much as I really enjoyed the show when it was on-air, I also am perfectly fine with it being finished – I don’t feel as if I’m going to miss anything by not checking in every week to see what Hurley and Ben are up to on the Island. Am I alone in that, though? Now that you’ve had a chance to work out your own feelings of grief and loss, do you miss Lost?

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  • tomdaylight

    I balance missing it with the satisfaction of knowing how it ends (which, to be fair, is the main reason I got caught up on it in the first place a couple of years ago – knowing there was an end point in sight was a great incentive for that). And brilliantly, they left so many outstanding questions that there will always be something to think about when it comes to Lost – not to mention the hugely profound sentiment of that final season.

  • DirkStar

    Nope, it did nothing but go downhill after the first season. Cheesy, vague ending didn't help in the least.

  • Hates Cop-out writing

    If they actually had an and explanation for every mystery they posed to the viewership, I'd miss it. I want the last 6 years of my life back after that ridiculous cop-out ending.

  • Eric

    I do miss the show but in keeping with the spirit of the finale I'm letting go and moving on.

  • Nik

    Yeah, I miss it. A simply fantastic show from first episode to the last. But now that it's gone, we have to move on. The great ending helped a lot.

  • Koen

    Every good show needs to end. If there's one thing that “Lost” has learned us, it's that you need to know WHEN and HOW it ends or else you're in trouble. And let's face it, the show had it's weak and mediocre moments due to this. As a fan of comics and graphic novels, that's a lesson companies like Marvel and DC will sadly never learn…
    “Sopranos”, “The Wire”, “Battlestar Galactica”, etc… all T.V.-shows that I didn't want to end but had to end to a consistantly high quality. A show that ended too soon was Angel because it started getting really excellent in the last episodes of the last season… And one of my favorite T.V.shows ever is “Firefly” which never got a fair chance of gaining an audience despite being the best Sci-fi-serie ever…
    I'm actually glad Lost is over although I always looked forward to the next episode.

  • Javier

    Of course I miss it, YEAH!! But like some have said.. we have to move on.. let go. It was an amazing finale!

  • AgentoftheBat

    People are split right down the middle on Lost now, it's hilarious. I miss it like crazy, although I would rather they end the show than keep on going until it gets bad. In my eyes it's the greatest television show of all time. Was it perfect? No. But you know what? It was as close as we'll probably ever get to perfection.
    Many shows are incredible but they lose steam and just keep going half assed. Sopranos is a great example, as is Battlestar. The first two seasons of BSG are some of the greatest shows I've ever seen in my life, but later on it kept getting more and more convoluted and in the end, there was a lot that didn't make sense.
    Yeah Lost left us with many questions, and now we're all split into two factions. Those who can't get over that we didn't get everything spelled out for us, and every little mystery solved, and those who just enjoyed it for what it was, and are happy they did well by the characters and gave us an emotional ending, rather than one chock full of answers to every little tiny question.
    I guess it's going to go on forever like this, so even with it gone, people will be talking about it for a long time.

  • Refrax

    Dont miss it. But that's only after the last episode. And while I didn't expect it to answer all of the questions, I at least expected it to make some damn sense. Obviously, I'm in the camp of people who felt betrayed by it's lack of explanation. (And by the fact that the entire sideways universe was just a pointless pre-death limbo w/ no bearing on actual events.) People who felt satisified by the emotional closure of the ending seem to think that we're not b/c we didn't get every question answered. Wrong. We're disatisfied b/c fundamental questions regarding the shows premise that we've been asking since THE FIRST EPISODE haven't been answered. Where the hell did this island come from? What is it's purpose? What is its connection to science and magic that allowed the characters we loved be manipulated for 6 years? Lost never ceased to tug my heart strings, it did that every season since the beginning. By the end, emotional fulfillment was the last thing I needed. At the rate we were going, w/ new questions being introduced til the LAST EPISODE, I would've been happier if the last half of the season had been reduced to infodumping w/ Candle in front of a chalkboard explaining flow charts to us like a class full of slow 5 year olds. THEN 6 years of vague cliffhangers would've made more sense and I'd actually miss the show instead of feeling like I got caught in the worst bait and switch in entertainment history,

  • Napolis

    The finale was a beautiful ending to a generally well crafted series. I didn't need every question answered because I'd stopped watching for that reason long ago.

  • R.J. Ryan

    Certainly one of the top 2 or 3 ensemble casts of the last 25 years (Sopranos and Twin Peaks are also in that league). I'm gonna miss watching that combination of actors play together.

  • Dandy

    While the cheap and pointless finale doesn't ruin the other exciting seasons for me, it did taint this last season. Still have a bad taste in my mouth but I don't feel like I wasted my time…just two and half hours.

  • Scott

    I've been rewatching lots of episodes on my iPad since the end. It wrapped up so well that I might hold it in even higher esteem now than ever before. What other show has dad such a long singular high-quality run? I think Lost will become a classic masterwork for generations to come. Hopefully, the people involved will make otter shows that are as good, but I really admire the massive story they told. It's the highest artistic achievement possible. They lit up the darkness and created something truly compelling.

  • Scott

    It's funny, I think the men of faith loved the finale and the men of science hated it. Another reason why it was such a great finale!

  • Nik

    lol, that's a neat way of putting it.

  • Jacob

    Awww, poor you. You didn't understand.

  • Daniel

    I miss Lost from the first few seasons, the last 2 seasons were retarded, and the finale was just pathetic, there's people saying that it's “cool” cause it's so controversial and it divided people or whatever. NO, it's not cool, it's just stupid, and some people had much lower expectations about the story telling on the show than others, and it's not about suspending disbelief or anything like that, it's simply that the last 2 seasons (especially the last) were lazy writing and story telling. It was a whole different show than what it started out as. Oh well, it's over now anyway.

  • Daniel

    Really well put, couldn't agree with you more.

  • Stephen

    The writer's delusion that there is a heaven or hell made me not want to watch it anymore. I stopped after realizing what the show was about, on the episode where the island 'popped'.

  • mdk

    After that craptastic, shark-jumping, fridge-nuking finale? No way! Lost is lost to me now.

  • Blix the Frog

    You mean you have done nothing else than watch Lost for six years ?

  • Blix the Frog

    Actually, I for one loved the ending, and I would probably have been a man of science on that island. I'm an atheist but always loved afterlife musings as science-fiction tools, when it's not too heavily used. I liked Alan Moore's Promethea a lot and saw many connections with what the final episodes say the island is.

  • Derek

    I miss the anticipation of watching Lost each week, and the feeling of potentially having a mystery or two explained. But after the poor finale, I say good riddance to the show. And don't tell me, “Poor you, you didn't understand”, because I understood it as well as the next person possibly could with the parade of one deus ex machina after another during this thrown-together final season (frankly, I don't even believe Cuse and Lindelof have a clear understanding of their own pseudo-spiritual send-off). I'm also not buying that the hardcore fans loved the ending as much as they're pretending; I believe many people were so “into” the show that the finale could have revealed the entire series to be an alternate universe in one of Darth Vader's farts, and people would have convinced themselves it was genius.

  • Joseph

    I miss it, but not much as I have gone back and started re-watching the series from episode one with my daughter, who didn't watch it the first time around.
    And I have to say, knowing that so many of the “mysteries” don't really matter (Dharma, Hanso) actually seems to be liberating, as I can watch the show and just enjoy the characters and actors without worrying what everything means. Kid is loving it too, so maybe that is also having a positive effect on me.

  • Jason B

    Yeah, I miss the show. I have never cared more about a group of character than I have for the ones in “Lost” (although I never liked Charlie).

  • darthtigris

    You win the comments (close 2nd place goes to Refrax).

    For the record, I voted for missing Evangeline Lily. Because she's hot. And no, I'm not shallow, I'm just holding on to the one thing that doesn't make me bitter again, and that's introducing that beauty to the world. Thank you Lost for Evangeline Lily.

  • Con

    Christian Shepherd?
    I mean c'mon, who writes this stuff, George Bush?
    LOST went from a relatively justifiable SCI-FI series with great action and suspense to Southern “I believe in guardian angels” crackpot theories about purgatory, heaven and hell and such brainless 5-year old talibanistic BS.
    I mean c'mon, Christian Shepherd??
    yeah' I'll miss it.. (like I miss going to church every Sunday)…

  • jay

    I am just glad to know that everyone is dead. I felt it was unfair that some characters died before others but at least I can be happy knowing Jack, Hurley, and Locke are really dead.

  • Joseph

    His name was Christian Shepherd as far back as the Pilot episode. Did you stop watching at that point?

  • Yanksansky

    It really was a show that reinvented television. You had to be there from Season 1 to the very last epi to understand the creative genius that was the stuff great books stem from. I am just your typical Long Island 49 something that fell in love with the characters, the acting and especially the hottest man to deliver one-line nicknames..(Sawyer, Josh Holloway)

  • misslost

    Totally missing this show.

  • Dimetrodon

    I am so tired of the knee jerk arguments that if you didn't enjoy the finale you were either A) too stupid to “figure it out” or B) an anal fanboy who had to have “every little question” answered.

    I am neither.

    I loved Lost for years and will always remember the truly stirring and dramatic moments of the show as well as the unforgettable characters and their quest for meaning and redemption.

    However, the finale and many other episodes found the show not adhering to its own internal logic. It is obvious now that many elements were never “all planned out in advance” and that some plot elements were just thrown against the wall to see what would stick. Walt, Libby, the man in the chair in the cabin, the A bomb explosion, the 'disease', the pregnancy thread, etc. There's a faction of fans who would have accepted whatever explanation (or non explanation) the the creators came up with and they counted on that and I find that very cynical on their part.

    I enjoyed the concept of the sideways verse, but as others have said, it's explanation was weak and not very creative. A science based act (the H bomb explosion) created a supernatural realm? Again, this is a “whatever we say makes sense because we say it does” explanation that just doesn't jive with the delicacy and precision of the show's earlier writing. And if you say it didn't create that realm, then the explosion did nothing other than kill Juliet and others on the island, and (maybe) transport them to 2007? Again, this guts the significance of the act.

    I'm cool with leaving a lot of stuff up to interpretation, but I think we've come to expect more care and finesse in the crafting of this once in a lifetime show. Lots of great memories here, but they did drop the ball on the finale.

  • Dimetrodon

    Sorry that wasn't meant as a reply to “misslost”. Just random rambling, directed at no one. :)

  • Stupidmop

    I miss lost so much it hurts!

  • Guest

    Hopefully there will be a Lost movie. I was hoping it would never end. Lost The Next Generation.

  • Karenoz

    I search the web each night hoping we will get the news of LOST return to tv in some format. My heart tells me that someone out there is pushing the idea. I think there are so many ideas to run with, and maybe even a few amends to make with the fans. I find some faults with season six, but over all, I've never enjoyed a show more! The mysterious island has so much more to tell. Lets DO IT.

  • Cruzer

    As much as I would like to see LOST return to TV, I don’t think it would be a good idea and I don’t think the show would survive.

  • Pikapikanomi

    It’s was always about the people. People still don’t get it.

  • Juju123

    I always felt it was a character driven drama. I certainly miss those people I came to know. Truthfully there isn’t a network drama worth watching since Lost left the airwaves.
    I think Dexter is the best thing on TV but it’s a short season.

  • Jeremyp

    you clearly aren’t tii bright. best show ever and if you didn’t get it you didn’t pay attention.

  • Jeremyp

    cop-out ending not at all. they tackled the toughest subject most people can’t wrap their head around. Death and life after death. Most heart felt and enjoyable TV show I have ever watched. Never will be another. I miss the way it had me thinking every moment. I still think about it all the time……what show actually does that.

  • Jeremyp

    I agree with you on a lot of things. It’s actually amazing how much I grew to love the characters. I liked that they were real and made mistakes………I think about the show every now and then; it made a mark in my mind that I will remember forever.

  • Jeremyp

    feel like you maybe didn’t follow it enough………I had a neighbor who would watch show while paying bills. She couldn’t figure out what was going on. I was like WTF pay attn ha ha. if you paid attn I think you would agree it was a creative and amazing show. Great Characters; they were just human. we all will experience death and quite honestly I wanted to be mad at how it ended but it was done so well. They took a leap and did something different; if you wanted normal watch CSI or some typical shit like that. If you wanted to think and really imagine. You watched LOST.

  • Jeremypoole1972

    totally agree with you. I miss my weekly dose of Jack, Kate, hugo, sawyer, jin, locke,sun, claire, sayid…… and even Ben… totally miss them. I want to have something to be excited about with TV and just don’t. bummed yes I like dexter but not the same…..

  • Rfsbjustin

    i miss it so much. it was all i looked forward to. i didn’t even watch the finale so it’s technacialy never over for me, and i don’t want it to be!!

  • Jack and Juliet

    You tell me how two insignificant rocks appear in the first season to miraculously show up in the last episode with some meaning behind them. I have never watched a show that had so many lose ends to tie up and to actually get tied up in a way that makes perfect sense. BEST SHOW EVER. If you don’t think so, you must have not grasped the intricate story line. Watch it once more.

  • Weetam

    Best show ever and we will probably never get anything close to it again,I see a grim future for tv full of reality shows cuz they are cheap to make and shows like this are expensive, Flash forward being canceled was shoking a Dexter on the skids is the best thing we got now.

  • Ros-byrnes

    to all the people who didnt like lost FUCK YOU  this was the best show ever to grace our screens
    If you didnt understand it BAD LUCK you DUMB FUCK (go back to watching redtube you fucking pervert ) FUCK I miss Lost, GOD I wish it was real and I was there WTF is wrong with me

    It was just a great show that got me away from reality and made me feel great, simple as that if you dont understand it FUCK YOU 




  • whatafy

    I’m on 4th season and I must that I’m going to miss it. 

  • Bong Castaneda

    WHy cant they just come out with a new series of stories set on the same island?
    Im sure that there is so much more they can do since the series was built on such a vast and varied mythology

  • Bong Castaneda

    They should follow up with a new series called “The Island”  with new characters and a story that finally wraps up everything from start to finish in a neat little bow.
    There is still a lot of mythology leftover that can be brought back to life.
    Its been two years already i know but i havent found another tv series to take its place and its only now in hindsight that i truelly appreciate how great this tv series was.