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Green Lantern Movie Logo Revealed

More than a year away from the release of Green Lantern, Warner Bros. has unveiled an official logo and first promotional art for the highly anticipated movie.

The images, along with the slogan “Anyone Can Be Chosen,” apparently accompanied a press release issued Friday by Warner Bros. Consumer Products announcing “a landmark year ahead for DC Comics and master toy licensee Mattel,” and hyping the “incredibly wide merchandise appeal” of Green Lantern. The promo art is obviously geared toward courting new licensees for the June 2011 film.

/Film, which discovered the images, also has the cover from Global License! magazine depicting WBCP President Brad Globe wearing a Green Lantern ring, and an ad touting DC Comics’ “Universe of Opportunities” (Hal Jordan is front and center, naturally).

Directed by Martin Campbell, Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Jay O. Sanders, Temuera Morrison, Taika Waititi, Angela Bassett and Tim Robbins. The movie opens on June 17, 2011.


  • logos

    It looks like something anyone can make with photoshop, but I'm hopeful about the movie.

  • Lapidus

    Man, I never imagined this would happen in my lifetime. Looking forward to it.

  • lead sharp

    “highly anticipated movie.”

    by comic fans only.

  • Joe H

    “Anyone can be chosen?” So, Hal Jordan isn't that special after all? He just happened to be the lucky schmuck to have been chosen, because apparently, the ring isn't that picky.

  • Slappy

    i don't think this is meant to be a movie poster, the tagline refers to the merchandising they're trying to push.
    looking forward for more news on the film.

  • Green Doodoo

    Anyone can be chosen. And they HAD to pick Ryan Reynolds.


  • Elder23

    “Anyone can be chosen” sounds like this is about Kyle Rayner.

  • TwinPistols

    Well, I think “Anyone with the right qualities can be chosen” would have been a little too long. They're pushing the “It could be you!!” idea behind receiving a ring, like Marvel does with Spider-Man's featureless mask. “It could be you”, in that costume! You know.

  • batfan86

    Looks good. They're trying to make the kids feel like part of the GL Corps with that line. I can't wait for this film!

  • Mythos

    I like how the Green Lantern title is more black than green.

  • van

    Why does everything look like its covered in slime?

    I suppose instead of hard light we'll see some sort of retarded slime. great.

  • darkknight9761

    This way cool!! I can hardly wait! I am a huge Batman fan, I like Superman, BUT!, Green Lantern, (Hal Jordon), is probably one of the most powerful people in the DC universe. He has the universe's most powerful weapon, and he of all the lanterns in the corp, wields it with the most proficiency. He IS the BEST Green Lantern! I look forward to the GL movie with heated anticipation!

  • Batman

    Only pussies fight with jewelry.. REAL men put on high tech body armor, ride around in armored vehicles, hide in the shadows, and have sidekicks to do some of their work for them!!
    …that didn't come out right…. I'M THE BATMAN!!!!

  • Joe Pearson

    Nice teaser, What do my Twitterfolk wanna see in this film?

  • MajorTomOnFire

    Anyone can be chosen? Here I was thinking you had to be special to get into the corps. The logo looks a little black, but still, I approve. Just that damn tagline…

  • dumbsaint

    Anyone can use lens flare.

  • darkknight9761

    To be fair, I have to admit that Bruce doesn't trust Hal, hell he doesn't trust anybody without a very good reason, but Hal Jordon, if you have ever watched “Justice League-A New Frontier”, I think you see an insight into Hal's psyche. Bruce and Hal are two warriors who approach the “good fight” from different perspectives. Both are quite willing to do “what necessary” to get the job done. Like Superman and Batman, they approach the job from different perspectives, but they get the job done, with the honor of a warrior and a respect and preservation of life.

  • d.

    Anyone can whine and moan about anything. Especially comic fans.

  • Wayne

    The amount of snarky self-hatred is just amazing, especially from something as simple as a movie logo.

  • Patrick

    Hal Jordan sucks. I'll be staying far, far away.

  • CptAwesome

    Looks like someone set lens flare to JJ Abrams.

  • demoncat

    the green on black makes it look a little freaky , with the power battery looking too dark and like hals eye from 2001 a space oddisey.

  • CptAwesome

    How does one show self hatred when mocking a bad movie poster exactly?

    It's cliche tripe and whoever designed it should feel bad.

  • Comic2read

    I don't care for the “anyone can be chosen” line because it says you don't have to be worthy to get the ring.

  • Undeadboy

    That's the tagline? Seriously? Lame.

  • d.

    See, that's the thing, it's not a movie poster. It's an ad for licensing.

    The logo itself is also the same, albeit recoloured, as the one currently used on the Green Lantern books.

  • TwinPistols

    How about: “You could be chosen.”

    Would that have been better?

  • MajorTomOnFire

    Something like “Only the worthy are chosen” or “Only the mighty are chosen” would have been better. But not those cause theyre terrible.

  • red Ricky

    The tag line should be… “Born Without Fear”

    'Cause that's always been the criteria for being a Green Lantern. Well… at least until recently, when the Guardians started grading on a curve. :D

  • Superfan

    “I'm a superhero!”
    “Really? What's YOUR superpower?”
    “I'm Batman. I dress up like a BAT! BOO!”
    “Ha ha ha! Seriously, what is your superpower?”
    “Uh—I'm rich.”
    “THAT'S your power?”
    “My mom and dad were killed in front of me…”
    “Dude, that sucks.”
    “…when I was eight…”
    “EIGHT?! How old are you NOW, like THIRTY? And you dress up like a…I'm sorry, what was it again?”
    “A bat.”
    “So being an orphan, you grew up poor, on the streets…?”
    “No. I got a huge trustfund. Grew up in a mansion. Never had a job, really.”
    “How'd you make that 'vampire-biker' costume then?”
    “Bat. I—my—er—my father's company made it for me. I came up with the BAT idea though!”
    “I don't see the bat. I'm sorry.”
    “That's cool. Well, I gotta go scare some criminals!”
    “Ha ha ha. Okay. You do THAT. Ha ha ha.”

  • evil pirate ned

    i still think the tagline should have been, “Only the fearless can be chosen”

  • Mike

    As far as I'm concerned given how bad Iron Man 2, Spider-man 3 and Superman Returns was….

    I don't care what they do with it as long as they do one very important thing.

    It has too….Wait for it….
    NOT SUCK!!!

  • Nightforce

    I am not sure why some are complaining about the POSTER/AD I think it is cool. That does NOT look like “slime” from Ghostbusters. It does say GREEN LANTERN and you see a Green Lantern. So what's the big deal?

    The tagline doesn't bother me either. Anyone CAN be Chosen. I am not sure where you get “You have to be Special” thing comes from. The Wielder of the ring has to be righteous AND his Will has to be unbreak.ble in order for that ring to work. Anyone human or Alien can be a GREEN LANTERN, That is why the tagline fits correctly.

  • Kolymar

    The logo's not bad but it could use some improving. I think it should reflect better the idea of shining a powerful light amidst darkness. The slogan doesn't work for me. It should be “The Ring can choose you… but only if you can overcome fear” or something like that.

  • will

    I don't mind Ryan Reynolds. I mind someone like Blake Lively? He's like 34 and she's early 20's if I am correct. I thought Hal and Carol were the same age or even Carol was a little older. Why such an age difference? Not the best casting there, in my opinion. I have to admit keeping the same logo as the comic book is pretty nifty too, though if this is indeed the movie logo.

  • Han

    and you should start right now by leaving this site and never returning

  • BassMonster

    'ANYONE can be chosen'..?!?
    O boy, what a wrong statement..! Actually the point should be that NOT just anybody can or should be chosen… but then, I'm a Marvel, NOT DC guy…

  • Sam

    If u r a Marvel, than shut up.

  • Dre

    Give it a rest. It's obviously targeted for the kids buying the merchandise. Don't take it too seriously.

  • Luis Dantas

    Gosh. “Anyone can be chosen” is exactly what the GLC is not about.

    Well, that is, except for the travesty that was Kyle Rayner back in the 1990s, but some things ought to be forgotten, not spoken about.

  • Torsten Adair

    Shouldn't it be “Anyone WILL be chosen”?

  • Nightforce

    I guess you missed how different races and species CAN be Chosen right?

    If all you need is “No Fear”, “Courage” and a an “Unbreakable Will” then ANYONE CAN BE CHOSEN. You don't need to be an a certain Age, or Race or Species.

    The Green Lantern Corps is basically COPS of the Universe.
    I still don't see anything wrong with the tagline.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    For sure! I was hoping for Wil Smith to play GL.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    If Gnort didn't prove that anyone can be chosen…

  • Zor-El of Argo

    “The few, the proud,…” was already taken, so…

  • Cronus Mons

    I see DC is having they're heroes be made into better movies than that marvel shit.