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Is Green Lantern Already In His Second Movie?

Expectations are already high for next year’s Green Lantern movie, with fans excited to see how Ryan Reynolds does in the role of test pilot-turned-space cop Hal Jordan, and whether the movie will be able to kickstart a DC Comics movieverse in the same way that Marvel’s Iron Man is leading to The Avengers. But am I the only person who worries that Green Lantern has somehow skipped to its own sequel?

If there’s one thing that superhero movie sequels are known for, it’s trying too hard to up the ante on their first installments, which usually translates into packing in too many characters – normally villains – for their running time. It’s a time-honored tradition, from Batman Returns‘ Catwoman and Penguin through to Iron Man 2‘s Justin Hammer/Whiplash/Black Widow/War Machine/The Kitchen Sink combo, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good one (See: Everyone complaining about Iron Man 2). Thing is, we normally expect that for the sequel and, to an extent, forgive the cram because of that: We’ll always have X-Men, we think to ourselves as X2 makes our head spin.

Thing is: Have you seen the list of villains expected to appear in Green Lantern? We don’t just get Sinestro, we should also expect Hector Hammond and Parallax. Now, while I’m sure that writers like Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green will be taking their lead from DC CCO (and movie producer) Geoff Johns’ comic book reinterpretation of the character’s origins – Better known, perhaps, as “Everything is not only connected, but scarily so” – to the extent that, on paper, having three villains works perfectly well, I can’t help but wonder: Wouldn’t one of those villains have been enough this time around?

See, the first movie for any superhero isn’t really about the villain. That’s what the sequels are for. No, the first movie is about setting the stage and introducing everyone to the superhero, making sure that everyone knows who he is and what he’s all about. Yes, there needs to be some kind of bad guy for him to fight against – It’s a superhero movie, after all – but it doesn’t need to be anyone show-stopping: This is why Obediah Stane worked so well in Iron Man – He helped Tony’s story, but otherwise pretty much stayed in the background until the audience needed to see someone in a bigger suit of armor (I’d argue that Batman Begins worked the same way; the Scarecrow really isn’t that much of a threat, but he did enough to let us see Batman in action – same with the movie version of Ra’s Al Ghul). You save the big, evil, guns for the sequels, when audiences need something more than just the superhero – I’d argue this was (one of) the fault(s) of Superman Returns, which didn’t offer audiences enough besides Superman to feel impressed by; we’d already seen Lex Luthor, and his new plot was… well, kind of dull, really.

By bringing in Parallax and Hector Hammond on top of Sinestro – the villain who, I’d say, deserves the prime nemesis spot in the first movie the most, if only because he has the most easily understood hook (He used to belong to the same space police force as Hal, but he’s gone rogue) – I worry that, in the attempt to dazzle audiences, there’s going to be too much going on for the movie to do what it needs to, as the first movie in the series… Namely, introduce audiences to the title character. Unless they’re merely hints of sequels to come (Although, Hector Hammond? Really?), I’ve already got a bad feeling about whether or not Green Lantern will be enough of a hit with non-comics audiences to make it to the second movie it so clearly wants to be.


  • Sean

    I can see your point but I'd argue Sinestro's all ready out of the count cuz I think he's a good guy in this one (which I'm happy about because it'll give his inevitable turn evil in the sequel some actual heft) so all we really have is Hammond and Parallax and my hope is that Hammond is just a sort of “throw away” villain to show Hal first using the ring.

  • R.J. Ryan

    But doesn't the synopsis make it sound like Sinestro — for this movie — is a good guy/mentor? I like the idea of him having a long arc across multiple GL films.

  • Tom Fitzpatrick

    Talk about counting the chickens before they've been hatched.
    It's far, far too soon for the studios to be thinking about sequels.

    For all we know, the GL movie may be a flop.

  • Paul

    God, I hope it doesn't suck.

  • demoncat

    fans will not know if green lantern would up committing over kill by having . not only hector , but Sinestro even though he is going to be saved to be evil till the next film. and now Paralax. if the producers did right having three threats the first film or wound up screwing green lantern before it could really shine. not to mention star saphire really should be considered a future villains fans. will just have to wait to see if warners did right with green lantern .

  • EJ

    Couple of things…

    1. There aren't 3 villans in the film, Sinestro is a good guy.

    2. Considering the fact that there will be other GL's in the film having more than 1 threat makes sense.

    3. Batman Returns showed how you can do multiple villans right, the fact GL is in really good hands and if you're going to have the most powerfull weapon in the universe. You better have some major threats to deal with Superman Returns flopped because you never got to see Superman be Superman. With Threats like Hammond and Parallax there will be plenty of chances to show just how cool/powerful a GL's ring can be.

  • DevotedPT

    What if Hammond's just the “inital” villain, against which Hal fights under the guidance of Sinestro and, during the film, we find out the real threat's Parallax?

    In the meantime, Sinestro and the Guardians have a falling out, which would lead to Sinestro being… “seduced” by Parallax in the end of the movie, wearing the yellow ring, and setting the stage for the sequel.

    It deviates a bit (much) from the comics, but sounds “hollywoodable”, no?

  • mrk

    I've got the script and sinestro isn't a villain in the film. he's still hal's mentor

  • Mythos

    Actually – and this might be spoilers; you've been warned -, according to an interview Blake Lively (Carol Ferris) gave some time ago, she's gonna have some action stunts in the movie, using rigs made for The Matrix. I forgot the source of the interview, but I think Wikipedia has a link or a reference to it.
    This, as I'm sure you realize, implies that Star Sapphire might also be a villain in the movie. So, Hector Hammond, who at least is easy to explain (got his powers from Abin Sur's ship, if I'm not mistaken), Parallax (plus the whole “yellow impurity” explanation, presumably, which was already mind-bending in comic form… try plot-dumping THAT in the movie), AND Star Sapphire, requiring the Zamarons stuff explained as well. Even Spider-Man 3 was less crowded.

    I'm actually starting to think that the official description might be misleading. Maybe Parallax is only a looming threat to set up a sequel, revealed only by the end of the movie by the Guardians. I think that'd work best.
    Oh, and Sinestro is going to be more of a mentor/rival in this movie, so no worries there. Hector Hammond/Star Sapphire in this movie, Evil Sinestro/Parallax story in the sequel… THAT would do.

  • JokerSoze

    According to the first draft of the script, at least, Sinestro is a good guy in this film, and Parallax is basically just a walking plot device, a big special effect with nothing in the way of dialogue or substantial demands on screen-time. The only full-fledged villain CHARACTER in that draft was Hector Hammond.

  • A.Goldfish

    Why would Carol Ferris having action scenes automatically mean Star Sapphire? I don't see it that way at all.

  • A.Goldfish

    Admittedly, I might be missing some info, but having a character named Hector Hammond in the film doesn't mean he's the big bad. It could just be following Geoff Johns' Secret Origin arc and priming Hammond for future villainy.

  • Vaughan Johnson

    Your assumption is that Hector Hammond and Sinestro are actually going to be villains in the movie. It's entirely possible that Sinestro won't turn evil until the end of the movie or even the beginning of the next one. Same with Hammond. My guess is that Sinestro will play the role of the teacher throughout the movie and will be set up as the villain for the next one. Hammond will probably be the bad guy and will somehow unleash Paralax as his evil deed.

  • gnort

    Sinestro is training Hal and there are going to be shadings of his oncoming darkness in the first movie. According to a past draft of this film the villain was going to be Legion (Emerald Dawn storyline) but I gather was traded for Parallax (of which idea I like more). Hector Hammond gets his powers as in the comics, but is connected to Parallax and will most likely result in an eventual battle between they and the Green Lantern Corps, I assumed. Sinestro doesn't go bad until the next movie as I understand it. But with Parallax in the movie and his connection to the yellow power of fear (as in the current comics), wouldn't this allow Sinestro an awareness of the yellow fear based power to gain and control for his own ends? Again, he'll be a villain in the sequel.
    As for Blake Lively's rig-work and action scenes, that doesn't necessarily mean she'll be Star Sapphire. That's an awfully huge conclusion to jump to.
    It just may mean she's doing scenes where she's falling in mid-air and Hal/G.L. has to catch her. Or even Parallax and/or Hector Hammond do something like grab her with their powers or something. Those would require rig-work and stunts as well. ;)

  • FredII

    Umm..X-Men has Senator Kelly, Magneto, Toad, Sabertooth, Mystique, and I believe Henry Peter Gyrich. Having a bunch of villains doesn't ruin the film, having too much inorganic story unfold too quickly makes for a bad story. X2 had…Magneto, Senator Kelly (who was Mystique) and Mystique carried over from the original and only added Stryker and Lady Deathstrike. Really if you don't count Kelly, X2 had fewer villains than X-Men.

  • s1rude

    Isn't all of the talk of the plot and villains “in the sequel” the problem? It's like a sports team talking about repeating before they've won a championship. At least Iron Man was a hit before the sequel was planned. And even in that example, most of the problems of that film were due to its trying to set up three other films and not focusing on being a good movie in its own right.

  • Matt Spatola

    It really looks bad when the big crux of the article is that Sinestro is a villain and there are too many in the movie when that is not even accurate. The synopsis states he's a mentor and Parallax and Hammond are the villains. Plus all the reports already have said the same thing that Sinestro mentors the new Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Sloppy writing here.

    I would say that all this conjecture about 2nd movies etc are such a waste of time at this point because who ever said there would be one? Nothings guaranteed and depends on the success of this one.

  • Comics and Whatnot

    Sinestro is not a villain in the first movie. He's still a green lantern and Hal Jordan' mentor. Since Parallax is the yellow entity, I'm sure it'll be used to segue Sinestro into a villainous role for a possible sequel. And as far as having two villains, that's been pretty standard for superhero movies for years now. I think this article is way off.

  • Josh

    The “too many ____________s” criticism is completely meaningless. It's like saying that a film “had no plot”. Iron Man 2 had no more characters or resulting plot complications than your average summer blockbuster. Instead of making their new characters matter, they decided to just have them hang around uselessly waiting for the lackluster final battle after Tony's absurdly resolved almost completely unrelated dying/alcoholism sub plot. So, new characters, or boring sub plot? Which to focus on? One has potential to provide satisfying conflict and meaningful resolution, while the other involves completely inscrutable leaps of logic and turning things with a giant wrench.

  • theblast

    I don't think it has a lot of plot points like Spider-man 3. The GLC's main enemy is Parallax and Hammond is just his tool.

    This is how I see it…
    1) Abin Sur crashes on earth, bringing Parallax entity to our planet.
    2) Parallax entity gives Hammond his powers and he terrorizes Earth.
    3) Our sector's Green Lantern, with the help of his mentor, defeats Hammond/Parallax and everyone thinks that it's over. This gives rookie lantern Hal Jordan enough praise for defeating an age-old enemy.
    4) But Parallax now secretly infects Sinestro's ring for the inevitable sequel.

  • Jeff

    “(See: Everyone complaining about Iron Man 2). “

    Uh, what? I think you mean Spider-Man 3, which is widely regarded as a disaster. Yes, “everyone” complained about Spider-Man 3.

    But Iron Man 2? No, SOME people have complained. But it's well-reviewed and many others did not complain. Bad example.

  • DA

    I have always believed that superhero movies should have a 1:1 ratio of heroes to villains. Look how good Spiderman 2 was, Spidey vs Doc Ock, Iron Man-Iron man vs Iron monger, Batman-Joker, Batman Begins-Ras Al Ghul. etc

    Anymore and you get crap, ie, Spiderman 3, Iron Man2, Wolverine, and The Dark Knight.

  • Kevin J Prince

    I don't think you know much about this movie. Sinestro will not yet be a villian for this movie, and Parallax will be more of a presence than an actual character.

    Multiple villians can work depending on the balance and how the script it written. Batman Begins had several characters (Ra's Al Ghul, Scarecrow, Falcone), but still made it work.

  • ASterisk

    Honestly, the way they are presenting these villain characters I can see three movies with a major villain to each that had been introduced in the first movie. Parallax for the first, because he's already evil, Hector Hammond and Sin just get introduced in the first and maybe set up future villainess but don't actually do anything evil, Hammond then goes totally evil and we further see Sin slide towards evilness in the second movie, and then a huge third movie with Sin becoming evil and having a big showdown with his former student, Hal and maybe bring back Parallax just long enough to give Sin some super awesome Parallax powers.

    Done this way, you won't have to know much about the comic to follow along and be emotionally invested in the movies, because the movies themselves will set each other up. It's much better than playing “name that obscure villain from issue #135″ that some of these movies tend to do.

  • flashnfrost

    I think the hector hammond may be an introduction and sinestro will be shown as a hero in his own right. Parallax will be the villain to beat and the stage is set for future villains with sinestro and hammond…which I think is great to get intros now rather than try to force their origins in the next movie. This way, they can spread it out over a couple of movies.

  • Weakly Roll

    This is assuming that Sinestro will be a villian and not Hal's teacher. If Parralax is invloved, I can see Sinestro finding the power he wants to do what he wants in Paralax and the yellow light, and the second film is where Sinestro may become a villian.

  • Horschak

    I hope they get Jackson Bostwick to do a cameo in this film. And maybe Stan Lee could play Mentor.

  • Gradabadalada

    Like many have said before me, I think Sinestro might not be a villian in this film at all. My guess is that he will be Hal's mentor, but it will hint that he has a dark side until the very end of the film where he actually goes rogue. That way we have plenty of screen time in a sequel so that the Sinestro Corps can be introduced.

    On another note, I had no problems with the amount of characters in IM2. I thought each one had enough screen time and played their parts well. My only gripe was that it was a little hard to believe that Rhodes could pilot that suit so easily without any sort of training and that the US Military knew exactly how to work with StarkTech in upgrading the WM armor. So yeah, bad example of the “too crammed” argument. Spider-man 3 and X-Men 3 are better examples.

  • mburns

    X-2 was better than X-Men. The critics liked it better as did the fans so I don't get that at all. IM2 really only had one villan that was whiplash. Justin Hammer was only a minor character who whiplashed used to further his ends.

    The main problem with IM2 for those unfamiliar with Marvel comics is Nick Fury showing up halfway through the movie. If you didn't already know who he was it would be confusing to the average viewer.

    I'm thinking Hammond is the main villain. Sinestro will be set up as the mentor/future villain and Parallax probably has a role like Justin Hammer in IM2. He provides Hammond with his mutation/power.

  • Ceridwen

    Batman Begins featured FIVE of Batman's comic book villains (Joe Chill, Carmine Falcone, Victor Zsasz, The Scarecrow, and R'as al Ghul) and still managed to balance them all expertly. Martin Campbell isn't exactly Christopher Nolan, but Casino Royale was such a fantastic film (and itself balanced a very heavy cast of characters) that I have faith he can do it too.

  • Jamerson

    1) Because it needs to be said one more time to make sure Graeme understands it, Sinestro isn't going to be a villain in the first “Green Lantern” movie. He'll be a hero that is set up to be the villain of a sequel.

    2) “Although, Hector Hammond? Really?” Ya rly. Read Geoff Johns much? As he's done with alot of other characters, Geoff took Hector Hammond and made him into something cool. The movie will follow off of Geoff's lead.

    3) In my opinion, anybody who complained about Iron Man 2 is just trying to be “cool” by not liking something that's ultra-popular. And we haven't had “everyone” complaining about there being too many characters. And I don't see how you could… everything fit together well and I didn't feel like any one character was deprived of their moment to shine. Iron Man 2 may have been paced slower than the first movie, but it wasn't nearly the disappointment that some people want to make it out to be.

  • Eric Eff

    I don't think everyone is complaining about Iron Man 2. And certainly not about too many characters. Also, X2 was way better than X-Men.

  • Sijo

    I think the problem is, Sinestro is not only supposed to be Jordan's major foe, but he's the best GL villain known OUTSIDE of comics. Having him in the first movie but not be a villain would be like introducing Luthor in the first Superman movie and not have him do anything bad. Remember, the execs want this movie to sell, and that means it must please the majority first, and fans later.

  • Myron Rumsey

    As others have said, Sinestro is not a baddie in this film and his arc will continue towards his destiny in potential sequels. While there are two “villains” in the film, one will be shown as part of Hal's “right of passage” victory while the other will be the main bad guy.

    Obviously the writer here hasn't been following the development of the film and is ill-suited to be writing about it.

  • gnort

    Geoff Johns is said to be having a very active role in helping to guide this movie. On that level alone, I'm optimistic of this movie's quality. I'm thinking that anyone wanting to have an idea of how this movie may play out should read issues #29-#35 of the regular monthly Green Lantern title, the Secret Origin storyline by Johns and artist Ivan Reis. That story features the origin of Hector Hammond as it stands in current continuity. And in that story he didn't get his mental powers from Parallax. They came from the fact that he was the only one not wearing a protective haz-mat suit when exposed to the meteor that powered Abin Sur's crashed starship. As for how and why Hammond becomes connected to Parallax through that is anyone's guess, but Hammond will exhibit the powers he has in the comics and Parallax is connected to it somehow. Another point of reference for the story is to watch the Green Lantern: First Flight animated dvd feature. Watch the way Sinestro turns. We'll see touches of that…his questioning of the Guardians and his unorthodox methods of bringing justice throughout the first movie. Then in the second Sinestro will go all Darth Vader and turn against the Corps.
    In speculation of a sequel (yes I know it's too early, but c'mon…it's fun to imagine, right!? ;D ) could we possibly see The Sinestro Corps War, Hal himself possessed by Parallax, or Blackest Night on the big-screen in coming sequels? Perhaps more build toward some of those first, though. Like establishing Carol Ferris becoming Star Sapphire and learning she's not the only one in the universe to be a Star Sapphire/Violet Lantern? Oh the possibilities!!! ;D ;)

  • Mike W.

    I hate it when everyone says that there are to many characters appearing in a film.
    To be blunt here, If you cannot follow the plot of a film and the seperate storylines that involve multiple characters, then just stop watching movies.

    Star Wars. Star Trek. The Matrix Trilogy These films are loaded with a wide range of characters and personalities and they work. I don't care if you don't think Episode 1 is any good, because that is not importent.
    The fact that ALL films primarily deal with multiple characters and story arcs should put your critisisms to rest.

    The primary thing is the film makers finding the right balance in how they use the characters and tell the story.

    Also, Hal has never really had a great supporting cast. In the last few years it has improved, but overall it is very sparce compared to say Superman, Batman and Spider-Man.

    I would worry less and wait for the film.

  • LLC

    When making this argument, I always note that Batman Begins never comes up, despite having at least 5 distinct villains: Scarecrow, Liam Neeson’s Ducard/Ra’s al Ghul, Ken Watanabe’s Faux al Ghul, Carmine Falcone, and Joe Chill (plus various additional flunkies). No one cares, though, because Batman Begins was a GOOD MOVIE. Character count is only an issue if the movie itself does not satisfy or has script or editing issues.

  • Bret

    did you even read this report? it's not about a sequel dummy. it;s about having 3 villians int he first movie which is usually what sequels have, therefore he is comparing this first movie to a standard sequel. read next time.

  • G. Jones

    You're very wrong. Sinestro isn't a villain until a possible sequel. It doesn't seem your very familiar with the comic or the Green Lantern Corps…There's a lot of them…That's why it's a Corps…Do you really wanna see thousands of Lanterns fight one villain?

    No….Let them to their job.

  • Jay Phonomancer

    I don't think anyone OUTSIDE of comics knows very much about Green Lantern at all. He isn't part of the general publics consciousness like Batman Superman or Spider-Man. Or even Wonder Woman. The main reason being he didn't have a TV series or movie back in the day when the others did. I know Spider-Man didn't really have the same exposure as the other three but he was still pretty well-known before the Raimi movies.

  • bulldog_milt

    Sinestro will be a hero/mentor in this one… Hammond will be the villian, and Parallax will be a setup for the second movie where Sinestro will find/create the yellow ring…

  • gnort

    You brought up the J.J. Abrams Star Trek and the way it told their storyline with multiple characters. I agree 100% and always point to that movie as an example how telling a story with multiple characters and plot threads can work. It's just in how well it's done. ;)

  • JDurranto

    To me, this film looks like it is setting up the characters for future use. Other comic book movies have these villains conveniently popping up out of the woodwork each film, so it will be good to see if they have these characters in the background initially, then for them to turn up in sequels. Builds up a bit of history and relationships that alot of these comic book movies tend to ignore.

  • Zach

    And Batman Begins had Ra'as and the Scarecrow, but you didn't know how they would be used. Just like Green Lantern has Sinestro, Parallax, and Hector Hammond, but you're just assuming you know how they will be used. They could all be used exactly the way you think villains need to be used in these things. Frankly, for all you know Parallax is a shapeshifter who turns into both Hector Hammond and Sinestro, making one villain with three actors.

  • JJMeylar

    First off: I thought that “Iron Man 2″ was pure gold. Secondly: I thought that “X2: X-Men United” ((though having a poor name)) was the best of the 4 films.

    Now: In “Green Lantern”: Sinestro is supposed to be the mentor and not, yet, the villain. As many posters are saying: this will set him up to be in more films. I think that this sets up for a, possible, Blackest Night film at some point. I don't think that this film will be too crammed. I think that it will be great. This is coming from a guy who would rather have his junk kicked by a steel toed boot than read a whole lot of DC Comics. I'm, mainly, a Marvel guy. Nevertheless: “Green Lantern” will, most likely, be a step in the right direction for DC's films. Not saying that Nolan's “Batman” films didn't rock out loud. I'm saying that they don't seem to have much of a chance of crossing over, like “Green Lantern” will, probably, do.

  • Self Important writer

    Thank goodness Graeme McMillan is here to give us “the movie rules”. Based on the number of successful movies he has written I do recognize his authority to tell me what works. Even though he does kinda shoot a hole in his own theory of pointing out Superman Returns (and X-men for that fact)contradicts most of his rant. How about we not focus on the number of villains in a movie, let's focus on how good the story is. He doesn't even understand that Sinestro needs to be a good guy first before he can be a good villain.

  • MJS

    Everyone didn't complain about IM2. You and a handful of people who think they're “smarter than the summer blockbuster” nitpicked it, patted each other on the back for it, and now speak of yourselves as the majority.

    Don't get me wrong, you can complain about it, but it doesn't mean you're right.

    And, can you really critique a movie before it's made? You've listed Hal Jordan, Hector Hammond, Sinestro, and Parallax as characters in this movie. Thats four characters. Pretty much every movie I've ever seen has had more than four characters.

    At the very least you could wait until you see a trailer before you turn your nose up at it.

  • Chris B.

    I am tired of 'Origin Story' movies. They take too long to get to the point. Alien spaceship lands. Dying alien gives Jordan the ring. All that should take about 20 minutes. Let's get to the action!

  • Chris B

    Okay, forget a Justice League movie. We need a Blackest Night movie.

    1. We all know Bale won't be Batman for a JL movie, so with BN, he can be dead and they can CG a Batman/Bale zombie!

    2. That will lead to Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Hawkman/Hawkwoman, and Atom movies. I'm printin' money here!!! Come On!

  • batfan86

    It's official. The writer of this article has no idea what he's talking about.

  • Allan

    I get your angle, but consider this: Sinestro started out as a “good guy”. He was a Green Lantern before he became a villain, so if he's in this movie, it doesn't mean he's actually going to be the main bad guy, OR even a villain. I Bet the gang behing the flick have spared him getting his yellow ring for the sequel.

    Parallax ISNT a villain either if you think about Johns interpretation of the character. We may get to see the Fear entity that Parallax is, without actually seeing Hal being taken over by it…

    To my knowledge, it's Hammond and Legion the only actuall villains in the film. And if it's going to be anything like a Secret Origin/Emerald Dawn mix, I think that it'll work. Legion will be the Ra's al ghul to GL while Hammond the equivalent of the scarecrow, in the background and only helping to tell the story, while Legion will be the MAIN Villain.

  • Slappy

    is sinestro really a bad guy yet in this film? and i dont think hector hammond or paralax are exactly gonna fight for screen time…

  • Ken

    well, a possible plot could have (like others mentioned,) Hector being the initial villain, that required Sinestro to step in to help Hal,
    followed by the discovery of Parallax ravaging other sectors, eventually infecting the whole population of Korugar with fear and overwhelming paranoia, eventually leading to civil unrest and power struggles;
    Sinestro, having lost faith in the way the Corps deal with the struggle against Parallax (probably half-assed and ineffective due to the weakness of towards the yellow impurity Parallax represented), decided that the only way to save his world from further ruin is to kill the infected (everyone);
    this may prove to be a huge setback against Parallax who could be stranded host-less on Korugar, leaving it weakened and eventually losing in a fight against Hal and the rest of the Corps;

    which leads to it being imprisoned in the GL central battery to contain it, and Sinestro locked up in the nearby prison cells;

    but possibly due to his loss of control and rampage on Korugar, Sinestro may have learnt to appreciate the power of fear and embrace it, quite possible having a close-up of his eyes glowing with the yellow lanterns' symbol and setting up the plot for the sequel; (him breaking out and harnessing the yellow light etc etc etc)

    phew, that was long.