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Indiana Jones To Return, Make Up For Indy 4

He may have broken nerd hearts with his last outing, but “sources” are claiming that Indiana Jones may return again, sooner than you think, and try to make everything right again. Although he’ll be bringing Shia Le Beouf along with him, so…

New Zealand’s Stuff is claiming (via Empire Magazine) that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are almost finished a script for a fifth Indy movie that will take the character to the Bermuda Triangle for what they call “an emotional and exciting conclusion to the franchise, with Indy facing his biggest challenge yet” – as well as a movie that shuns Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull‘s CGI and aliens for something closer to the original trilogy’s tone and moviemaking methodology. According to Stuff, Harrison Ford is tentatively available for the movie, if it shoots next year.

I really want this to be true: I wanted to like the last movie so much, even though it made that very, very hard. But is anyone really excited about seeing Ford make one last appearance as everyone’s one-time favorite movie archaeologist?


  • Fabio

    They´d have to take George Lucas out of the equation to make things right this time. He´s just an old guy who doesn´t get tired of screwing all the amazing thins he´s done in his glorious past. It doesnt matter how much money they made with that movie, Crystal Skull really sucks. I mean,a whole action movie with guns, fights and everything else but not a single drop of blood. I felt like I was watching an old Bud Spencer movie or maybe an Tree Stooge´s one.

  • Sector3600

    Way to bleed a dying franchise…a little too late.

  • Ghbrown60640

    Indiana jones and assisted living?

  • Bill

    I agree. Sideline Lucas, and I'm all in.

  • Mwteel

    “An emotional and exciting conclusion to the franchise, with Indy facing his biggest challenge yet.”

    Isn't this what Last Crusade was supposed to be?

  • Scavenger

    Well, I'd be up for it, as long as they don't kill him off…I'd say he's supposed to live til 100, as per the YIJC, but when Lucas put them on DVD, he got rid of the Old Indy parts, so, that's up in the air.

  • Funkmaster10

    I agree that george needs to take a back seat. He is a good Idea man but not a writer or director. They said for Crystal Skull they were making a movie for the fans, but it turned out to be a inside joke movie for George and Stephen. I mean LeBeouf isn't bad…but having him swinging from trees with a bunch of CG monkeys because you guys love Tarzan as a kid, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Lose 90% of the CGI…Lose the Aliens…and make a movie for the fans. Then, maybe they can redeem themselves. Unfortunately though, they may just open up the already big wound in my heart, even more.

  • Tomfitz1

    Kinda wished they did this movie before crystal skull. Might have been better off.

  • Short Round

    Yes! I'm totally excited. There was nothing wrong with CRYSTAL SKULL except that it wasn't RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK or TEMPLE OF DOOM. It KILLED “Last Crusade”…which was kinda lame. More Indy!

  • Kiel Phegley

    I liked Crystal Skull. I like the Star Wars prequels too. No shame!

  • Paul

    I don't think Crystal Skull was as bad as people try to make out, the Star Wars prequels either for that matter.

    Fans just set such high expectations that no one can meet them.

    When you watch a movie, just try to enjoy what is good about it and forget the bad.

  • Nick

    I'd just prefer they go back to the religious mythologies instead of sci fi. To me aliens just didn't fit with stuff like the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant.

  • nik

    I liked the last movie, even liked it better than Last Crusade, but there's a LOT of room for improvment so I'd be excited to see another movie.

  • Dewback_Rider

    I know most would hate to see this, but I think it would be really cool (especially with Spielberg on the film project) to have Indy fly to a certain desert salvage yard to help identify the freshly discovered planes from FLIGHT 19, and shake hands with the French investigator, Lacombe (from Close Encounters of the Third Kind) in a brief crossover scene.

  • opinionated

    Okay I have my doubts to cause Lucas aint what he used to be, and his involvement would only hamper the film. I wonder what Frank Darabont's script treatment was like. It had to better than anything Lucas came up with. Maybe they'll finally use it.

  • BeastieRunner

    15 years too late.

  • Steven

    Stephen will cave and make this a 3D CGI frick-fest.

  • aol

    The rest of us will just be ashamed for you… and of you.

  • Aol

    High expectations? For a reasonably involving story and characters that are more than cardboard cutouts? You need to watch these reviews and stop slobbering:

  • Garret

    I don't like the word “emotional” there…you KNOW what that means. ): (

  • Andrew

    Frank Marshall just posted this to Twitter…

    LeDoctor: The rumor about INDY 5 is completely false. Nothing has changed, we are not shooting next year and still in the research phase…

  • nicholaswest

    Those reviews are just comedy. They aren't a real critique. He uses editing to complicate the story, and he uses intentional fallacy.

  • Demoncat

    Guess Lucas did not learn to let the crystal skull be the end of the franchise so he is going to finish off Indie by doing another one. for Lucas has never learned to let any of his work finaly go to the place franchises die . until Harrison says no more Idie. then comes the reboot with Shia as mutt the next generation

  • Pretzelhed

    Eventually the truth will come out…that Lucas is nothing more than a hack who got lucky on the advice of friends like Spielberg, et al…

    I mean Luke was supposed to “shut off” the death star in “A New Hope” until DePalma told him to blow it up. Just lucky.

  • David

    Then you sir, have no taste. Or you're young which can be forgiven.

  • Nerd_alert W00t

    Leave Lucas, take out Spielberg. He's the real catalyst for screwing up most of Lucas' work in the first place. Plus, while Lucas may be a little neglectful, Spielberg's an asshole who doesn't give a shit.

  • Kiel Phegley

    Haters gonna hate.

  • guest333

    actually lucas is so so, spielberg i'm ok with it, ford well duh!, personally the worst part in the last indy movie was shia lebouf, and that goes the same for the transformers movies, he's definetly the worst thing in all his movies (so definetly not seeing wall street 2).

    although lucas didn't help by writing that sword fight on the cars and spielberg well he should've known better than to agree with that, other than that the movie was kind of enjoyable.

  • Madcattv2

    I hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  • Saoban

    He falls into a Lazarus pit and he is reborn younger, tadaa.. Franchise saved to go on another 30 years with a new actor, lol.

  • Island Summer

    I am in the minority apparently, in having enjoyed “Crystal Skull” immensely (except for the shark-jumping refrigerator scene). I eagerly await #5 should the rumors be true.

    People forget that when it takes a sequel decades to appear (see: “Star Wars” 1-3), they aren't in the same place mentally or emotionally that they were when they saw the initial film(s). The boy of 13 who has turned into the man of 40 is not going to have similar feelings when seeing “Raiders” and “Crystal Skull”.

  • Matchesmalone

    All the haters need to get in the back seat.. “take Spielberg out, take George Lucas out” guys, they MADE this franchise MADE IT! There is no Indiana Jones without those 2 guys in it period both need to be involved in it, hate all you want but the movie made Worldwide $786,636,033 it cost like 186 to make, it was the most successful Indiana Jones movie ever released and except for little things here and there I personally enjoyed it.. It wasnt perfect but was very good. They need to do this quick but definitely get it done, Id love to see another

  • ambiguity

    We just have to hope that Shia LaBoeuf has some minor but temporarily debilitating accident just before shooting. And that there's no CGI. Yes, I mean none. And maybe a personal trainer for Harrison wouldn't be a bad idea.

  • Bicycle-Repairman

    opinionated: “Okay I have my doubts to cause Lucas aint what he used to be, and his involvement would only hamper the film. I wonder what Frank Darabont's script treatment was like. It had to better than anything Lucas came up with. Maybe they'll finally use it.”

    I read a screenplay purportedly written by Darabont and it was awful. It contains most of the things people complain about the finished film, such as aliens and Indy surviving a nuclear explosion by hiding in a refrigerator, plus more ridiculous scenes that thankfully didn't make it into the movie. Indy and company survive going down not just three but four waterfalls, and instead of being in an amphibious vehicle they are in an ordinary truck. The killer ants are much larger and there are other giant mutant animals, including an enormous snake that swallows Indy alive. A drunk Indy reenacts the theft of the golden idol from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. The mass hanging of Peruvian prisoners is played for laughs. An alien transforms the villainous President of Peru into a frog. Indy shoots the alien and says “Welcome to Earth.”. After the wedding Prof. Henry Jones, Sr. drunkenly sings “Fly Me to the Moon” and Oxley makes cutlery dance with the power of his mind.

    There is no scene with Mutt swinging on vines with monkeys (Indy's son doesn't appear in the script), but there is a scene where a monkey poops on Indy and another where Indy and Oxley swing through the jungle. I find the purported Darabont screenplay overlong. It contains too many characters, lacks a strong central villain, and swipes too many situations and lines from the previous films.

    guest333: “…although lucas didn't help by writing that sword fight on the cars and spielberg well he should've known better than to agree with that, other than that the movie was kind of enjoyable.”

    If I remember correctly it was Spielberg's idea to have the sword fight take place on top of moving vehicles. I believe it's mentioned in the DVD's special features.

  • Arnold Layne

    I'm excited about this, though I doubt it will really happen. I think the last one created bad blood not just between fandom, but also between all the folks involved with the films. Crystal Skull and the prequels weren't the end of the world, so I don't mind Lucas remaining…..but I could really do without Shia.

  • nik

    I'll agree with this. Well said-er-written.

  • Smitty1e

    As long as it's not Yet Another Suck-tacular Leftist Insult To Western Civilization (YASLITWC), bring it on.

  • Mou

    I'd like to see this, and I'm not the least bit worried that it will be inferior to, say, “Raiders” or “Last Crusade.” There were things about “Crystal Skull” I didn't care for, but I think one last Indiana Jones movie could be quite good–especially with lessons learned from its immediate predecessor.

  • Rroquefortraider

    No new Indy movie is ever going to beat Raiders of the lost ark, so we shouldn't be disappointed when they fail to reach that bar. For my part, I enjoyed CRYSTAL SKULL more than LAST CRUSADE; although it failed in certain aspects, it DID bring Indy forward instead of just looking back with nostalgia. The idea to pastiche 1950's SF movies in a cold war context was refreshing.

    Even the refrigerator scene was quite in line with what made Raiders such a great movie : an absurdly impossible feat treated in a deadpan manner, making us go “COME ON!!!' inwardly.

  • Indi

    Oh, LET IT DIE!!!

  • NioliTheRussianSpy

    I guarantee I could write a better Indiana Jones movie than both of those out dated and over publicized buffoons. The Bermuda triangle? What the hell, first aliens now Bermuda triangle. Where the hell are all the nazis, and the artifacts Indiana Jones is an archaeologist/nazi killer not a pseudo scientist chasing aliens and the Bermuda Triangle.
    Why Lebeouf I mean no offense to the kid personally I've never met the man so I don't know how he is in person but that dude's acting sucks. Or at least what I have seen him in so far sucks. So yes please lets all stand by why Lucas and Spielberg ruin our childhood memories of a bad ass character ones again. I feel as if I've been molested personally.
    Actually I have a pretty good idea right now that better than the Bermuda triangle.

  • Doconnor

    Oh just recast and reboot and let Indy forever fight Nazi's in the 40's.


    I've never seen K.O.T.C.K. so I quite have everyone else's venom for Indiana Jones right now, so another movie?? Sure. Something that will make movie nerds happy by bypassing Crystal Skull?? Sure. Shia Le Beouf?? Abso-freakin-lutely NOT. He's a major reason I never saw the last Indy film. Or either of the Transformers movies. And why I'll manage to skip Wall Street 2.

  • Anonymous

    Lucas is a hack because Lucas left film. Seriously: his last direction before Phantom Menace was the original Star Wars, and by his own admission he doesn't go out to see movies because he can watch them at home in his theatre. He's out of touch with what audiences want and adds in too many cute things for little ones which are far too grating (like the prairie dogs).

    Spielberg's fine as long as he's got cliches to work with. It's rare that he steps out of those. And Harrison Ford is fine.

    But, really, Shia LeBouf? Shia?? He's okay in the right script but he has no presence against stronger actors — hell, he got blown away by a VOICE for a CGI character.

  • Indy Fan

    Doesn't anyone remember the stories about how Spielberg was going to mostly ignore CGI for Crystal Skull, so that there wouldn't be a huge difference in how it looked compared to the first three movies?

    I was really excited by that, but in the end, it all meant nothing. It ended up being a CGI fest.

    But THIS time he's telling the truth. Right?

  • jmay

    i highly doubt that you get to be a world famous director with multiple four star flicks by not giving a shit.

  • jmay


  • jal

    Clearly when you are 13 you watch a movie differently than when you are 40. But for those of us not in our 40s and who have managed to watch all of the movies within about a 5 year period, I believe it is still painfully obvious the difference between Crystal Skull and the original 3. The tone is completely different and the quality and development of the story exhibits a massive inferiority to the previous trilogy. It wasn’t about archeology and, in a sense, the soul of mankind. It was about some stupid special effects and a movie that never felt real while viewing it. The thing that made the originals so much better was the reality you felt while watching. It was about man and god, not fake aliens and lame special effects. And to you matchesmalone… just because a movie makes a lot of money, doesn’t make it a good movie. The reason the 4th movie was so successful was because the original 3 were so good. We wanted to see more of one of America’s favorite characters and his story return with its original glory. I understand liking a movie that isn’t good, but at least recognize that fact.

  • jmay

    you exhibit a clear lack of taste.