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DC Entertainment Wants A Blue Beetle Live-Action Series

DC Entertainment hopes to develop a live-action series featuring Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes. That’s according to Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who’s in a position to know.

This morning Johns wrote excitedly on Twitter: “BLUE BEETLE NEWS from DCE!! We have a live-action test of Jaime Reyes’ scarab activating his suit. It. Is. Awesome. … Blue Beetle’s going to appear in most of the Brave and the Bold’s this year and we’re hoping to develop a live-action show. Fingers crossed! … If I can break it out of the vault, I’ll bring it to SDCC. LIVE ACTION BLUE BEETLE!!”

Introduced during 2006’s Infinite Crisis, the Jaime Reyes incarnation of the Blue Beetle quickly developed a devoted fan following — although not one large enough to sustain his own title beyond 36 issues (which, granted, is longer than the Ted Kord series lasted). But the character’s appeal has reached beyond comics, with appearances in the aforementioned Batman: The Brave and the Bold and in the upcoming DC Universe Online game.

With Smallville ending next season — its 10th — Blue Beetle seems like a more appealing, and intriguing, successor than the previously discussed Green Arrow spin-off or the aborted Aquaman series. I mean, a likable teen protagonist with a solid supporting cast and an alien-tech suit of powered armor? That should pretty much sell itself.

Developing, obviously. But I imagine we won’t hear much more on this until next month at Comic-Con International.


  • Luis

    Holy damn yes! This would be great. And I want to see the test footage!!

  • Josh Wigler

    This would be all kinds of awesome.

  • Eric Turner

    I would totally watch this show if it happens.

  • Tae

    Does anyone actually like Jaime Reyes?

  • Joe H

    Does anyone actually like Ted Kord? Does anyone actually like *insert random third-stringer that has never been able to hold a series of their own.*

  • Spmckenz

    They're bringing back “Big Bad Beetleborgs”?

  • Jorell

    What a coincidence! So do I! And you know who would be the perfect showrunner? John Rogers.

  • Sam

    I would love a good Blue Beetle show, but live-action TV series based on comics tend to be unwatchable, in my opinion (not to say that you're wrong if you do enjoy them).

  • Leveraged

    ESPECIALLY if they can get John Rogers to write!!! OOOOO…..

  • Daken616

    Gawd no…

  • Kpfinger

    I like Ted Kord…

  • s1rude


  • s1rude

    That would be me again

  • Akwasi

    to be honest i think it'd work better as a cartoon

  • bongoes

    I think it's a good idea.

  • Bill Reed

    They could reuse the blue suit!

    I liked that show. … I was young.

  • Bill Reed

    Can we get John Rogers to write a couple episodes?

  • Demoncat_4

    not to mention the fact that given the media rights to use ted cord as the blue beetle are tied up in legal tape. plus smallvile will leave a gap . to fill might as well try the blue beetle since he is well received by fans of the brave and the bold cartoon. though kind of want them to do the green arrow spin off or better suicide squad as dcs first tv show.

  • nik


  • Alex Rules

    I was always a marvel guy, but seeing what great work DC has been putting into their books and seeing all the almost bizarre awfullness marvel has been putting out I want to read DC now.

    I still don't know what Blue Beetle is about. I read him in a couple issues of something and apparently his Scarab isn't magic like the other Blue Beetle… which I don't know much about either.

    Hey, anyone see the Wonder Twins in that Smalleville episode? Freaky.

  • comicfangirl

    Instead of a finally cool Green Arrow TV show with Justin Hartly we get that Reyes kid? Thanks, but no thanks Geoff.
    Not everything you like is cool to the rest of us.

  • Brianobx

    I think it would work better as animation.
    And I do miss Ted Kord.