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If He’s Not Spider-Man, What Superhero Is Donald Glover?

There’s one thing that all of the names on the short-list to play the new Spider-Man have in common: They’re not Donald Glover. But even if the Community star and former 30Rock writer isn’t the next Peter Parker, that doesn’t mean that he can’t put on tights and fight crime elsewhere. What other superhero do you think Glover should play?

No poll this week, because it’s all about your suggestions for a change; I don’t want to limit you to my handful of choices. That said, I’d definitely be interested in seeing Glover as a cinematic Wally West, if the Flash franchise went in the direction of focusing on the sidekick-made-good potential of the character, or as Firestorm, if the movies ever get around to introducing him (Anyone who’s seen Community knows that he can do comedic jock well enough to make Ronnie Raymond seem likable, for once). But what Marvel characters do you think he could take on? Or Dark Horse, Image or anyone else who’s due a movie? Leave your suggestion in the comments.


  • Quit D' ridin'

    Stop trying to cast this guy in roles based on white characters. Wally West is white and always has been in every media incarnation.

  • Matt Smylie

    If not Spidey, he should totally be Static from DC's Milestone Universe.

  • Theantimason

    Rocket Racer. Looks just like him.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Now somebody is talking sense.

  • keith

    I honestly would like to make or design or be a part of a STATIC live action movie and he could play that character and also maybe some quests on the movie to hype it up like checkmate or teen titans.

  • TheVaginaReAligna

    Black Goliath, Black Lightning, the test-subject Bucky from “The Truth,” American Eagle, that one Captain Marvel who led the Avengers during the 80s, Sunspot, Northstar, and the first Hulk from Millar's recent Ultimate Avengers arc…

  • timberbear

    black lightning on smallville? synch in a generation x movie?

  • Michael Midnight

    Though I'd love to see Donald as Spider-Man! Heck, even an alternate Spider-Man. He could pull off Static, the high-flying Teen Titan with electromagnetic powers! Or since maybe we've only seen his funny side, he could be the dark and brooding Patriot from Marvel's Young Avengers! But seeing has he can write and write the funny, he should just make his own character!

  • MikeTubbs

    The Ryan Choi Atom would be PERFECT.

  • Gregg

    Don't see what about Wally West changes if he's played by Donald Glover.

  • keith

    ok but there is no reason he couldn't be blue beetle or booster gold in a lighthearted version of their teaming with fire and ice I would love to see that

  • Geoff J

    Young Nick Fury.

  • RalphDibs

    Vixen is black, right?

  • Jolewist

    How about a black character?

  • CharlieH67

    I can't believe no one is mentioning the man Donald was born to play: LUKE CAGE!

  • Smashcrotch

    I've always thought if they make another Punisher flick, Barracuda should be the villain – and Glover would just need a little make-up and some gold caps, and he could pull it off.

  • Michaelangelo27

    I wonder if some people say that they should cast a black actor in a white character's role just because they REALLY want everyone to know how non-racist and colorblind they are.

    Come on. Look at the flip side…let's cast Brad Pitt as Black Panther! No one would dare think about casting a white man as a black character nowadays…

    Flash, Spider-man, Superman…iconic characters are best played by actors that resemble them physically as much as possible. This is just good sense. The type of people that are forcing themselves and trying to force others to be so colorblind are the same type of idiots that decided to cast Jessica Alba and Chris Evans as brother and sister in Fantastic Four.
    Making decisions to cast someone who looks nothing like the character they're playing is just as idiotic as the dramatically changing the look/costume of the character for the movie. For example, look how far they strayed from the real look of Cobra Commander in that horrible G.I. Joe movie…or how far they strayed for Galactus.. I love Donald Glover, he's freakin' funny as hell…but I don't want to see him as Spider-man or Flash. That would just be retarded.

  • janam

    Isn't he too old for Static? Static should be 15.

  • janam

    He should be the War Machine in the Avengers film or Iron Man 3.

  • Michaelangelo27

    Wow…unless it was a comedy (which I guess it would have to be), NO ONE would want to see a Rocket Racer movie.

  • Michaelangelo27

    I think this is a good example of the only time it's acceptable to me to cast an actor contrary to the looks of the character. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are nowhere near as known or iconic as Flash, Superman or Spider-man.

  • Almightygosh

    Actually the Flash would be a fantastic character for Donald Glover to play.

  • Shua

    he's a DORK!!!!

  • Almightygosh

    You know, the Flash was like four different people. Why couldn't one of them be black instead of these second rate terrible characters which seem like second rate stereotypes as you even mention them (especially Black Goliath. You need someone to die in the Civil War where everyone can die, you take down a giant black man. Typical.)

  • Brandon Engmark

    Although they've already been adapted. I could see him as a deadpool. His alright proven his ability for one liners (which I think is largely why his Spiderman would have worked so well). That or cast him as a scientist inventor type. Hank Pym.

    Better yet. Lets adapt irredeemable Ant Man with him.

  • EugeneDebs

    For DC characters, I think Jonah Hex would be really rocking for him – putting a black man in the role would make a really profound statement about slavery and the Civil War. For that matter, the ghost general in “Haunted Tank” would be really great on the same level, because you can't tell me that a bunch of Union officers weren't free slaves who were so eager to fight the South that they concealed their identities with white face make-up. Since the Haunted Tank character is a ghost, the white face make-up would not have transferred to the afterlife, so there would be this moving moment when he realizes he can finally fight for his country showing his true colors. The character would think it was awesome that a lot of the guys in the tank are black, as well, since the US Army was desegregated by then.

    People like Glenn Beck would have a problem with these 2 ideas, but hardcore racists like that would never see a comic book film.

  • Almightygosh

    Yeah, because if there is one thing Donald Glover is is intimidating.

  • RodPalmer

    Sgt. Rock. The previous poster is right, the US Army was completely desegregated by WW2.

  • Gregg

    People are pushing for Donald Glover because he'd be a FUNNY Spider-Man, not some navel-gazing teen idol. The very point of Spider-Man is that to the public-at-large in the marvel u, he could be ANYBODY under that mask. There's no exposed skin or anything.

    I don't really get your Black Panther reference. The Black Panther is supposed to be the king of an African tribal nation. If you're suggesting you understand how an African Tribal King can be white but how a 17 year old kid from Queens, New York couldn't POSSIBLY be black then you have issues that an internet forum dedicated to comics couldn't help you with.

    Seriously – Black Panther is the WORST example you could come up with for that.

  • Almightygosh

    My God, how did so many semi-racist people end up here, who would be happier seeing the charmingly nerdy Donald Glover cast as the intimidating Luke Cage or the stoic Black Panther instead of the young and nerdy Spider-Man, a role most befitting a comedic actor anyway. The only who comes close is the Human Torch, but Glover isn't as smug as the character (he meant to portray a Human Torch like character on Community, but the character naturally evolved into the role it is today.)

    That said, he would make a PERFECT Bucky. Or Bobby Drake, or that super creepy mutant who did the equivalent of a school shooting in Grant Morrison's arc. All characters who would benefit from his acting (and not necessarily his race, as so many commenters here want to imply.)

  • Shua

    who the f is this geek anyway? he's nobody for real! stop trying to make the quota for the minority in all aspects of life! enough with the reverse racism thats been going on the last 10 plus years! i don't care if there are a million comic book characters that are black, just give us the choice to follow them! it's about who the character is not his skin color!! wtf people! get over this bullshiz idea that the small minded has created and YOU keep following!


    Well Wally West is the nephew of Barry Allen's wife Iris West…unless they want to go into doing an interracial relationship thing,then Wally West would have to be white or they would have to rewrite his back story..Which to mE would just be pandering.If it's not broken don't fix it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michaelangelo27

    Okay, then how about Luke Cage?

    Don't act ignorant. Granted, Black Panther wasn't the best example since he leads an African nation, but you know exactly what I meant.

  • Michaelangelo27

    Let's start a petition!

    Zac Efron for Luke Cage!!!

  • Kev

    T'Challa has a white adopted brother, one of the other Black Panther's was a mixed race cop, there's little to stop Black Panther being white other than the character being black.

  • Michaelangelo27

    Wow….how many times to you want Rhodes to be replaced by other actors?

    I'll definitely have to disagree with you on your comment…strongly.

    Don Cheadle is an amazing actor. To suggest he be replaced by Donald Glover is like suggesting Daniel Day Lewis be replaced by David Arquette.

  • CharlieH67

    Ohhhh, so a black character has to be INTIMIDATING and SCARY — like a mugger, huh? I bet you're one of those guys who wants to go back to the age where black men were hung for stepping on white womens shadows, huh?

  • AxonRey

    Ummm, how about nobody? I like his work on Community, but outside of Jordi LaForge in Next Gen reboot, I think this guy is out of the loop. And that's not even a comic, anyway, but I'm just trying to be helpful.

  • Kev

    Night Thrasher in a New Warriors movie

  • Shuazam

    the new aqualad from young justice cartoon coming up…yup…i nailed it huh!

  • Almightygosh

    -Drummer in Planetary
    -Lightray in The Fourth World Saga
    -Plastic Man!!!
    -I hate to say it, because it agrees with a lot of the assholes here, but he'd make a perfect Static!
    -Harry Osborn (that'd actually be really creepy. Unlike the Franco Osborne, the audience, like Peter, would actually like him before he turned.)
    -Any of the Young Avengers
    -He'd make a good Alex in Runaways too. In this case, the race fits.

    I think out of all of the superheroes, only Klarion the Witchboy HAS to be white. I'm sure there are others, but that's the only one whose race really defines him.

  • Chris

    Night Thrasher, Patriot, or Falcon.

  • Almightygosh

    Nah dude, I was being sarcastic. The guy above me wants the being of pure adorableness that is Don Glover to play Luke Cage. Which is just silly.

  • Almightygosh

    Oh wait! You're the same guy! Luke Cage is intimidating. I mean, that's how he was conceived. His power is that he has SKIN MADE OF STEEL. He's a blaxploitation riff.

  • RodPalmer

    Arana – the character is still in the Spidey family, more native Cubans are of African descent than people realize, and gender switching is no big deal, in a post-Katee Sackhoff era

  • RodPalmer

    Arana – the character is still in the Spidey family, more native Cubans are of African descent than people realize, and gender switching is no big deal, in a post-Katee Sackhoff era

  • Infinitesm

    Umm, no. Luke Cage is actually supposed to be intimidating. This has nothing to do with him being black

  • Harry Tyree

    Aqualad…the new Aqualad… It's synergy and I;m not sure NOT already marketing in the works…

    see the report..

  • DoctorCoktopus

    I think the previous poster's idea of not feeling limited to black-only minority roles is dead-on. Northstar and Shang-Chi are roles I could seem him very easily pulling off. With Master of Kung Fu, you already have a great precedent with the Karate Kid remake – they just changed the character from Korean to black.

  • rasx

    I can see him as Cyborg in a TEEN TITANS movie, or NightTrasher from Marvel.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Daniel wasn't Korean, what movie were you watching?

  • Cameronbrown76

    Not sure who Donald Glover should play, but it's now clear that his Community co-star Danny Pudi was born to play Batman.

  • Milos

    Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)… My opinnion….

  • IHadARevelation

    No clue. What I do know is that it's really freaking ridiculous for someone to be called racist for not seeing the reason behind changing a character. “Oh hey guys, we're too lazy to find someone that looks and feels like Peter Parker so let's just not even bother to try and grab this kid because he's nerdy.” I mean…seriously? I just find this whole thing to be rather baffling.

  • HowardStern

    How about we stop casting black people in inappropriate roles, especially WHITE, HEROIC roles?

  • Franx


  • DoctorCoktopus

    Rawhide Kid is another minority hero that could work. Red Wolf, too.

  • Ronin

    Al Simmons, nuff said.

  • IHadARevelation

    Actually, y'know what? He could play Patriot. He would have to bulk up some but not a lot. Prior to making himself into a hero, Patriot was a pretty slim nerdy dude that got beat on. So I could see it working out so long as this kid is capable of doing a little serious acting.

  • AngieStyx

    J.J. Abrams is interested in doing Micronauts, so maybe Bug? He's real funny!

    If we want something more serious for this fine actor, how about Mar-Vell? I've always wanted to see “The Death of Captain Marvel” brought to the screen, as it is a touching story.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    You said all I was going to say.

  • RodPalmer

    Huh? All it would entail is Iris' sibling having a black spouse… and let me tell ya, white women like the brothers, so it would actually be more realistic if her nephew was mulato.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Not really when all known media versions are white and considering Wally is Barry's nephew and Barry is very white it would just be plain awkward for him to be played by a black guy.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Almost all the Flashes are related so their is the first problem with that.

  • SageShini

    Doesn't matter. So long as the black actors “stay in their place”. >_<

  • DoctorCoktopus

    You're right. He was Chinese. Regardless, they changed the role to a black character, so I don't think making the Master of Kung Fu a black character would be all that shocking to people.

    Oops! Thought of another one! KA-ZAR OF THE SAVAGE LAND! He'd be awesome in that, and I hear Marvel has some interest in making a Ka-Zar pic.

  • Almightygosh

    Which Flash? Jay Garrick? Wally West? Bart? Barry Allen? Max? Which of those five completely diffirent people do you think would be most awkward as a white guy? What about the jockier flash from the Timm cartoon who, while being Wally West in name is a diffirent personality all together? Out of those six completely diffirent characters, which one are you most married to? Which one is most defined by his status as a white man? Did Jay Garrick's grandfather own slaves? Does Wally West's grandmother bitch about black teenagers? Does Bart go on movie message boards and say that he is defined by his whiteness?

  • Almightygosh

    Only two of them are.

  • SageShini

    This is a REALLY STUPID ARGUMENT and I'm tired of hearing it. How the hell can a guy named BLACK PANTHER, who's FROM AFRICA be a white guy? Unless someone's trying to be ironic…c'mon.

    Absolutely NOTHING about Flash, Spider-Man, OR Superman NECESSITATES them being black and you all know that.

    And the thing is, I'm all for the adaptations being as close to source as possible. I'm just really sick of having this argument leveled as a counter.

    Also. As far as Donald Glover being Spider-Man? Never heard of him. However, I know this: Most of the white actors I've seen so far as possible choices appear to be young and handsome…and that's it. Glover apparently has comedic credits, so I gotta say…given the choice between a white guy who has no talent for being funny, and a black guy who's at least SUPPOSED to be funny…I'll side with the black guy.

    Surface characteristics matter less to me than core characteristics. A core characteristic for Spider-Man is that he's a smart-ass who uses quips and one-liners to throw off his enemies and help him stay calm in battle.

  • Lionineone

    Luke Cage, Black Panther

  • SageShini

    He…knows that you apparently understand absolutely nothing about defining characteristics? I guess Luke Cage could be white. As a black man, I wouldn't find him being cast as white as some great loss (particularly if we got Spider-Man ;) ), but I'm pretty sure part of his origin involves him being from “the hood”.

    Even if it doesn't, your casting choice is STILL crap. White or black, the guy playing Luke Cage needs to be effin huge, not some scrawny kid who played in High School Musical.

  • k-dog7p7


  • DoctorCoktopus

    Ohhhh, so I guess you think the Allan family are a bunch of white-supremacists who do not tolerate race-mixing in the family bloodline? A white person can't have a black nephew? All it would take is for Iris' sister to have a black hubby. Our President has white relatives.

    Or maybe you think Barry Allan would have held down Iris' sister and given her a forced abortion when he heard some black guy had crawled on top of her without a rubber, huh?

    You disgust me.

  • Almightygosh

    Very yes!

  • Bobby723

    HA HA! The Flash performing a forced abortion. I bet he could work the plunger really fast!

  • Quit D' ridin'

    He wasn't Asian at all!!! He was Italian.

  • Flip Maker

    I'm echoing the Static sentiment. Do a Batman Begins style story — different actor for the teen years, then have Glover play Static as a young 20 year old guy. Could work.

  • Bobby723

    How about that black sidekick of the Hulk's who died of AIDS? You get a twofer, in terms of minorities – black, and gay!

  • Bobby723

    How about that black sidekick of the Hulk's who died of AIDS? You get a twofer, in terms of minorities – black, and gay!

  • Jstuckey001

    how about firestorm??? at the moment in the canon there is a young black man part of the hybrid character….

  • ScottSerious


  • ScottSerious

    Why is political correctness only okay when it's retarded? Peter Parker is funny. Who cares if he's black, white or blaxican? Superman is awesome, but his movies have been boring as hell for 30 years. Put a guy with the Man of Steel's charisma into the role and let the magic happen!

  • Allstrcurt

    you can't cast brad pitt as black panther because his origin is based around being black. nothing about spiderman or wally west is based on race.

  • gnort

    Okay, some are bringing up the idea of Glover as Wally West and the idea of an interracial relationship between his mother and father…father being a black man I presume? Well it's one thing to cast him in the role of a white character. Been done before with supporting characters like Harvey Dent in the '89 Batman played by Billy Dee Williams and later the same role in the same film continuity as a white man by Tommy Lee Jones…?????….ANYWAY! ;D
    I think making Wally West's father black would open a whole new can of racial worms. How? Do you know the backstory of Wally's relationship to his parents? His father beat him.
    So then if they depicted that (would be cool to see live-action Barry save Wally from his father) then they'd have to contend with the old ANGRY BLACK FATHER STEREOTYPE. I don't see that happening as much as Glover as Peter Parker.
    Now as for the subject at hand…What Super-Hero could he play?
    *Jason Rusch/Firestorm…..easily!
    *Patriot from Young Avengers
    *The new Aqualad from an upcoming Sept. issue of Brightest Day
    *Black Panther's son if they were to ever do a live-action Next Avengers
    *Jakeem Thunder in J.S.A.

    The first two of my list for sure!

  • bongoes

    Well, if he was Firestorm they'd probably make him Jason, even though he could do Ronnie. I'd really like him to play Static though. It would be a lot like playing Spider-man since they're so similar, and the studio wouldn't be afraid to cast a black actor in the role because the character is already black. I think it's perfect.

  • gnort

    Forgot about that one! He'd be a great Static in a live-action Static Shock! I always wanted to see that, Hardware, Blood Syndicate, and Icon as live-action films!

  • Stevoarome

    I would like him to be Static shock or the Patriot in a young avengers movies.

  • Jagruger2jagruger


  • Jestercore

    Comicbook characters I think he could play:
    -Ambush Bug (seriously why has no one suggested this yet?)
    -Scott Pilgrim (altoough Micheal Cera was a good pick too)
    -Jughead (just thinking outside of the box)
    -Jimmy Olsen (he would KILL as Olsen… someone should do that)
    -Alex from Runaways (seriously: DO THIS)

    And I do think he would work as Wally West or Spiderman

  • HowardStern

    Welfare Man!

  • J.Neal

    He can be a Patriot yes…

    HOWEVER, you guys are forgetting the other black Marvel stars….
    -3D Man
    -Night Trasher
    And on the upcoming Marvel Movie “The Runaways” Alex Wilder
    Or The Famous time-traveler…BISHOP!
    Anyone of those…EXCEPT

  • yanapryde

    he certainly has the experience LOL

    and peter parker is supposed to be smart, not an ebonics-spewing buffoon

  • Ododod

    It's obvious. He is the Riddler dammit

  • Michaelangelo27

    Wow. So by your rationale, any family that is all white are white-supremacists.


    There is nothing racists about wanting to keep iconic characters as close to the source material as possible. I wish people would stop crying racism just because some of us don't want to see a black actor play an iconic character that happens to be white.

    Like I said in response to another guy, how about we get Zac Effron to play Luke Cage? If you say that it's a horrible idea, can I call you a bigot and a racist?

  • Scarletspeedster7

    Jack in the Box from Astro City…. do it now!

  • Ana

    You'd have to use an actor who is at least vaguely badass for that analogy to work. And it still wouldn't.

  • thatoneguy

    umm black panther anybody?



  • Michaelangelo27

    Okay, so how about Vin Diesel as Luke Cage then?

    Can you really tell me that the same people that cry racism for not having Donald Glover as Spider-man would turn around and criticize having anyone BUT a black man play Luke Cage?

    I'm sure you didn't mean it, but part of your first paragraph makes it sound as if you think only black people can be from the hood. I'm sure you don't mean that, because I can take your context and your meaning behind your words, but I'm tired of people picking at semantics when you should know what I'm actually saying. Obviously…OBVIOUSLY I'm exaggerating when I say Zac Effron as Luke Cage. Come on, man. For you to criticize a casting choice I suggested when I was so obviously exaggerating… brilliant.

    Here's the thing. It would be insulting to Luke Cage fans and comic fans in general to cast anyone other than an intimidating as hell black man as Luke Cage. Anything else would just be a distraction for those of us who know him from the comics.

    I am not saying that EVERY character should ALWAYS be played by an actor of the same race, as not all characters are iconic. Take Superman, as an example. EVERYONE in the freakin' world knows what Superman looks like, so what creative boon does would it gain you to cast an asian man as Kal-El? It would be DISTRACTING because everyone knows he doesn't look asian. Some will say this is an extreme example, but how about if, instead of Josh Brolin, they got Don Cheadle to play George W. Bush? Don Cheadle is one of my favorite actors of all time, and maybe he can do an amazing Bush impersonation, but come on…that would be distracting as hell. Granted, Bush is a real person, and Superman is not, but to most, Superman is just as, if not more recognizable than most real people such as Bush.

    Everyone always says, “Why not?” to casting actors that look nothing like the characters, maybe instead you should ask, “Why?”

  • steve

    moon knight would be a great role!

  • Gray

    Patriot is a good suggestion, but mine would be Speedball for a New Warriors movie (that will never happen).

  • Michaelangelo27

    Okay, so let's look at it this way then.

    Why can't Peter Parker be Fiona Parker? Let's make Spider-man a chick.

    Why can't we do that?

    Is someone sexist by saying that Spider-man has to be a man? And don't give me an answer by saying, “it's Spider-MAN, not Spider-woman”. Same question, but with Thor. Why can't we make Thor a girl? Or Flash? Or Green Lantern?

    Again, it is stupid, distracting, and serves no creative or practical purpose to change races on iconic characters. Stop saying, “Why not?” and ask “Why should we?” instead. You also have to look at it from a business and marketing perspective. If everyone knows a character to be a certain way, why confuse consumers and make them look dramatically different? The iconography of Superman was messed with a bit in the last film, not by his looks, but by his life. Lois was married, and had a kid that ended up being Superman's. It's a bit sad that the average audience member doesn't handle changes too well, but with iconic characters, simplicity is paramount. With iconic characters, such as Superman, Flash, Spider-man, Captain America, you should no more change their race, in my opinion, than you should dramatically change their costume. If a character is already recognizable to the world as a whole, your better off sticking relatively close to what they know.

  • Michaelangelo27

    I will say that one race-bending cast choice I totally agreed with was the casting of Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin in Daredevil. Too bad his acting sucked, but that was due to the shitty directing of Mark Steven Johnson, not Duncan himself. If directed properly, he could have been fantastic as Kingpin. Even though his performance sucked because of the shallow directing, he was still the perfect choice, I thought.

  • Michaelangelo27

    Okay, so how about Vin Diesel as Luke Cage. Geez, people, do I have to spoon feed you so much? “Oh, Zac Effron isn't badass enough..that's a horrible example”… No shit.

    Do you guys understand sarcasm or exaggeration at all? OBVIOUSLY I was exaggerating. My point should not be hard to see.

  • Michaelangelo27

    I will say that one race-bending cast choice I totally agreed with was the casting of Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin in Daredevil. Too bad his acting sucked, but that was due to the shitty directing of Mark Steven Johnson, not Duncan himself. If directed properly, he could have been fantastic as Kingpin. Even though his performance sucked because of the shallow directing, he was still the perfect choice, I thought.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Dude grow up.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    3 of them. Barry, Wally, and Bart.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Who's talking about political correctness being retarded. I'm just saying stick established source material. Go on DC's website and look at any image of the Flash. Guess what he's white.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Really you are a idiot, f'n troll.

  • SaintofPandas

    The difference between characters like Black Panther and Luke Cage and a majority of white characters is that African culture or African-American culture are fundamentally aspects of the characters. That largely has to do with issues of racial divide, this idea that black characters need to be explicitly black, to have cultural credibility. Black Panther is ideally a response to post-colonial Africa, a commentary on the problems and implications of a strong resource-heavy African nation faced with the threats of globalization and exploitation by more “developed” exploitative nations. Wakanda is something of a modern day Congo. Trade vibranium for ivory/rubber and you have a pretty strong comparison. Luke Cage is a criticism of the racial disparities in the American penal system, a black man who's been unjustly exploited by the system but overcomes it through strength of character. If you replace them with white characters, you strip out the subtext.

    Conversely, the majority of white characters aren't “white issue” characters. They're just characters. It has nothing to do with being “politically correct”. It comes entirely from being the socio-economically privileged race. Peter Parker isn't a commentary on what it's like to be a white guy in America. It's a commentary on simply being a guy in America, general human conditions that people of every race can relate to, regardless of ethnicity/religion/race/whatever. Superman isn't about being a white dude who crash lands on Earth. It's about being an outsider, an immigrant. Any racial differences are cosmetic, because the characters were never intended to be a commentary on racial issues. The core values would remain intact. The changes would be wholly cosmetic.

    I think it's frivolous to worry too much about the physical appearance of characters. Strip the character down to their core values and make casting decisions based on that. Sometimes racial issues will have a part to play, and if that's the case, just be careful about casting an actor who can retain the core of the character as best as possible.

  • R.S.P.

    You know Vin Diesel is half-black, right?

  • SaintofPandas

    By the same token, War Machine could be any race. Patriot could be any race. As far as I understand it (and I'll admit, I'm not terribly familiar with the characters, so I may be missing some subtext), Black Goliath or Black Lightning, despite having their race embedded in their code names, could be white. There isn't anything fundamentally racial or cultural in their core concepts, despite a name. It might not be the wisest choice of a race change, considering that they're rare faces of color in a medium where minority characters are grossly under-represented, but from a general narrative perspective, there wouldn't be any fundamental problems straying from the typical casting.

  • Coryjameson

    That same stupid argument could be made about any black character. What you're essentially saying is that white people have nothing distinctively unique about them and could be swapped out by any racial minority you care to name.

    I wonder if you'd feel the same way about this stunt casting meme if people were clamoring for a Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese person.

  • SaintofPandas

    Man…. That's honestly kind of brilliant. I could see him working well as Bart Allen, but the character has so many continuity wrinkles that it would be a hard character to include in a Flash film. I'd generally be interested in seeing him in any Flash role, though.

    Straying from marquis superhero roles, I could also see him working as either Rick Jones in a Hulk film, or Yorick in a Y: The Last Man adaptation.

  • SaintofPandas

    Hm! There's a thought! I think, with the right script and director, Marvel could have a lot of success adapting their cosmic characters to the big screen. The Annihilation stories and all that follows are practically begging to be made into a big sci-fi epic (with Mars Volta doing the soundtrack, natch). Nova, perhaps?

  • Adam

    I honestly think he'd be perfect as Patriot from Young Avengers….

  • Brandonwlobo

    I understand keeping Superman or Cap white, it just fits the history better, but Flash could be black, no need to fight about it though, we are not saying make Black Panther White,

    Jack-in-the-box! what a great idea! or Patriot, or black Mr.Miracle. I could see him as those or any one of these
    Beast Boy
    Vykin from Forever people
    Chameleon from L.O.S.H
    Invisible kid from L.O.S.H
    Darwin from X-books
    With old make-up Centennial from Alpha Flight
    Night Crawler
    Doorman from GLA

  • NiceGuy

    He should play Obamaman (aka Young Robbin' (the) Hood), stealing from hard-working Americans and giving to the ghetto!

  • Michaelangelo27

    Ha. That's funny. No, I actually didn't know that. I still think it would be shitty casting because Luke Cage is a badass black man, and Vin Diesel isn't. Or at least, he doesn't look like one.

  • Michaelangelo27

    He's actually talking about the remake with Will Smith's kid. I think…I don't know. I think there's some error in communication going on here…

    And I definitely think casting a black man as Shang-Chi would be a retarded decision. Good thing this guy isn't a casting director.

  • SaintofPandas

    I think it's a more subtle distinction than that. He's not saying that there's nothing distinctly white about Wally West except his skin color. He doesn't possess any cultural values that are explicitly white. There isn't any subtext to the character that necessitates he be white. Were we to talk about casting for Banshee, who's Irish heritage is a distinct part of the character, or Captain America, who's representative of mainstream Rockwellian values at a time when African-American and Anglo-American culture were more distinct, then it would be a different story. There are certainly minority characters who could be white-washed and lose none of the distinction. But part of the history of the medium is that, to a large extent, when those characters were made, they were created explicitly to address the issues of the culture. Black Panther and Luke Cage are the two that really stand out in my mind there.

  • SaintofPandas

    Excuse me. He IS saying there's nothing distinctly white about Wally West except his skin culture. By which I mean, the core values of the character aren't race-specific.

  • Dylanger

    Ant Man in the Avengers franchise! they're lookin for a comedic angle

  • esbaird

    Actually, he could make a great Kyle Rayner GL. But if we're talking a standard “black” roles its difficult because Donald is wonderfully funny and there aren't many “funny” black characters. Mr. Terrific would probably be my favorite match. Static would be the easy match, but I would be less interested in that… too easy.

  • SaintofPandas

    Man… I would kill for an animated Astro City anthology on, say, Showtime or HBO.

  • Kross29

    were you upset when Goku was cast as a white kid. or Aang from Avatar? Cause I mostly agree with characters being cast as they're portrayed in their original form. but if it's ok for some then it should be ok for all. And Goku is pretty iconic so that excuse doesn't work.

  • pDUB

    oh no!

  • Worldbreaker1980

    WOW there are some ignorant people out there, hm? Someday, I hope a lot of you wake-up and realize it's not about the color of one's skin, but the whole of one's character that makes them who they are. Part of Spider-Man's worldwide appeal is that he wears a full-body, masked costume, so when Peter Parker is in his superhero role, he can be ANYBODY behind that mask. Kids of any race, creed, or religion can relate to Spider-Man in many, many different ways, and I firmly believe as a life-long comic fan who grew-up idolizing Spidey that having a talented young man like Donald Glover portray him on film would do wonders for not only the character, but bring a whole new focus and understanding to him as well.

    As to the gentleman who just can't seem to grasp this concept, I suggest burying yourself in a hole somewhere so your delicate, white-washed sensibilities are no longer harmed. The Flash, like his Marvel counterpart, has problems and issues and moral obligations that ANY person could relate to, it's just that he's been portrayed as a white man since his beginning. Know what one of the beauties of a fictional universe is? Things CAN be re-written, and especially in the case of the DC Universe, there's something called the Multiverse where anything can literally happen and drastic changes to prominant characters occur. Would it help your perceptions if a Flash movie starring Glover was labled “Elseworlds: The Flash”? Of course I personally think it's ludicrous to do such a thing, but that's the point I suppose. These are movies, after all, one of the oldest and most respected ways of escapism and personal fantasy that exsist; is it really fair that about 98% of the superhero movies, movies that stand to inspire a younger generation to do good things, consist of white, middle-class men JUST because they were created by a forcibly-white-washed collection of white men decades ago when men and women of different races weren't ALLOWED to work and create in the industry? Whose to say Spider-Man wouldn't have been a black man if such a thing was even allowed to happen in 1963? Because it's no secret Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Marvel Comics went through hell when they introduced The Black Panther to mainstream comic books, and that was a character obviously created to be a black man.

    Please, I'm pleading with you all, especially as fellow comic book fans: Rub the sleepiness from your eyes, and wake-up to the dynamic of the modern world you live in. We cannot progress if we allow these entirely small-minded, minor issues of race-swapping in mainstream media to hold us back. These are items of fantasy, worlds that are meant to be lived-in by everyone we share the planet with, not just a small huddle of well-off, white American men. Open your minds and your hearts to different ideas and new things, and watch in amazement at how much more you might enjoy life and the things around you.

    In other words, if Donald Glover is the more talented candidate to play the character, be him Spider-Man or Luke Cage, give the man the job. We are PEOPLE, not just WHITE people or just BLACK people, and the better you understand that, the better off you'll be.

  • d.

    make us stay in our place.

  • NiceGuy

    Boo hoo go cry to the NAACP

  • League

    Nigger Man? BWA BWA BWA

  • Linyteacher28

    who is Donald Glover? I am 31 sorry if he is not on my radar

  • Chukwu

    You're right about Goliath (colleague of Hank Pym starts using Pym particles), but Black Lightning's pretty racially charged. He becomes a hero because his neighborhood, Suicide Slum is largely ignored by the heroes of Metropolis (Superman). I guess it's really more about socioeconomic status, but I'm familiar with Black Lightning as sort of a hero extension of that “black skins” moment in Green Lantern/Green Arrow from the 70s.

  • esbaird

    Sage, this is my issue. You said, “we get Spider-Man”. The character isn't owned by whites or blacks. They are established characters in an established universe, I know you may think that's not important, but the background of the character is part of the character. The world isn't colorblind, but that doesn't mean we fix it by chucking the characters out the door.

    There need to be better well established black superheroes, but that doesn't mean through some bizarre form of affirmative action cultural heroes are changed into minorities to fix the issue, it means we create and establish wonderful vibrant characters. Making spidey black belittles both whites and blacks. Lets see some meaningful characters come out of DC and Marvel.

  • Koslox

    Patriot wouldn't work. His origin specifically ties to the fact that his grandfather was a test subject for the unperfected Supersoldier Serum (In the Truth: Red, White, & Black miniseries), all of whom were black.

  • Kingse7en

    Steve Rogers who was White ….actually played the Black Panther in the Ult. 2.

  • Zagreus

    Patriot, from Young Avengers.

  • Sam

    If Donald Glover plays a super hero, I will throw a chair through a window (but it'll be my window, and I'll feel like an idiot).

  • Zagreus

    Wow, there are a lot of racist people out here. I agree, though, it would rub me the wrong way to have a black Peter Parker, only because I've known Peter Parker as a white guy all my life. I could still enjoy the movie, and it might take some getting used to… but initially I would feel that it was “Peter Parker in name only”. But after some time, if the films were good, I might be able to see it as a valid alternative take. Similarly with Donald Glover as the Flash, or what have you. You're right, they're aren't a lot of young, black, supers with a sense of humor. Most super heroes published today were created in the 70's at the latest, and the black supers weren't created to have a comedic point of view- understandable given the times. Now times have changed, and some more diverse supers should be out there… if only people bought new superheroes to read…

  • ncreb

    The Patriot would fit him well.

  • SayOcean

    who else have they been casting this guy as thats white?

  • SayOcean

    well they are doing the same thing with Avater the last air bender….and haven't seem the hoopla over it

  • Sifodyasjr

    Jim Gaffigan for Brother Voodoo.

  • communityfan

    I'd like to see him as Jason Rusch that might be a good fit I really liked the Jason Rusch material and I could see that working. If they do Black Panther like the Jeff Parker exiles version for a movie that'd be awesome too.

  • nickmarino

    Multiple Man

  • Bm

    What's with all the lobbying for this guy??? He shouldn't play any superhero at all. If he's so good in his TV show, please let him stay there

  • Jarred Hopkins

    Not all white women are Kardashians!

  • AxonRey

    Right on.

  • scottSERIOUS

    I say political correctness is retarded.

    Make Glover Superman. 'Nuff said!

  • ScottSerious

    You're not a creative person, are you?

  • Michaelangelo27

    Very intelligently written response.

    Well said.

  • AxonRey

    I'm not going to point out of the ironies of everyone accusing each other of racism on here, because if they aren't obvious to you, my explanation won't help. I'm a guy who was pissed that John Constantine was turned into a black-haired Englishman, so my disdain for dramatically altering characters appearances/roots runs pretty deep. Comics are a visual media- altering visual apsects to suit some unseen purpose is pretty ridiculous to me. I'm even willing to give a little over the practical aspects of costumes, but for the most part, I'm after nostalgia. That's not racist, not even close. On a side note, I'm surprisingly ok with Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, as Nick Fury proper is one of my favorite characters.

  • daken616

    Oh maybe he could do Superman.

  • Carlos

    Oh God… Why change etnic of the characters? There is several black characters he can play

  • AxonRey

    I meant black-haired American, by the way…

  • Michaelangelo27

    This is a very intelligently written response. I disagree, but you present your argument in a very smart way.

    Creatively, I think I may agree with you. I personally prefer to see casting of actors that already look similar to characters, as do most people, but I do see your point.

    However, here's the problem. A casting director, or even more so, a producer would NEVER agree with you. If you're talking about only taking the essence of a character into consideration, then let's use this as an example; Superman is all about being the last survivor of his race, being sent to earth and ultimately being even more human than the rest of us. Essentially, this could be played by anyone, right? Let's get a teenage asian woman to play Superman, then. Obviously, you'd have to change it to Superwoman or somesuch, but the essence is still there. An asian woman who happens to be an alien could still have Lex Luthor as an enemy, still have superpowers, still be from Krypton, still find more humanity than the rest of us….but here's the big question: Is it marketable?

    Would it sell?

    No. It wouldn't. People know what Superman looks like. That being the case, most (maybe not all) but most of the general audience out there would be confused by someone cast as Superman that didn't look like Superman. Spider-man, or I should say his alter ego, Peter Parker, is not as iconic as Superman. If a black man was cast as Parker, at least it would still look like Spider-man with the mask on. Still though, for almost 50 years now, Peter Parker has been a white man, so it's jarring to switch that up for the sake of…what exactly? It's one thing if Donald Glover was indisputably the best possible casting choice for Peter Parker, but Aaron Johnson is also supposedly in talks for the role. He's already proven with Kick-Ass that he could easily do Peter Parker.

    Please don't misunderstand. I truly would love to see Donald Glover try to tackle some kind of semi-serious role, but Spider-man? No.

  • Michaelangelo27

    Here's where I hope I disprove any people who cry racism at not wanting a black man to play Spider-man.

    James Rhodes is a black man. I would seriously be pissed as hell to see them cast otherwise. In the comics, James Rhodes is a black man and has been for…geez…40 years or so?

    I don't understand why people want to switch it up. I guess that it's possible some people really are that colorblind that they truly don't care either way. I'm sure there's some out there that insist on having black men play white roles out of some kind of reverse-racism, or just overcompensating to show everyone how un-racist they are.

    There's exceptions out there, but for the most part, if a character is black or white in the comics, I want him the same in the movies.

  • FRED

    Oh i saw this and hated it, Why? 'cos it always descends into a race thing. Comic book fans have no imagination none. Zip. Nada. Why? because its all given to them right there on the page. Its why its so hard for some writers to write with subtlety and versatility. Because is a writer can't spoon feed a comic book fan every little thing the buggers don't get it. If you think about this guy and what he has shown as an actor and even just his personality, this guy would make a great Spider-man. He would make an awesome Deadpool, Wally West Flash(JLU universe). He would not make a good Luke Cage for god sakes, or Black Panther, He would be a kick ass Static. And the argument is always made, well what if they changed a black character and had him played by a white actor”? okay you got it how about-DB Sweeney as Terry Fitzgerald, Angelina Jolie,Anthony Hopkins,David Carradine got a role Bruce Lee should have played for the live of pete! so get over it just look at the actor for what he can do not what he looks like. Because if i have grown up my entire life no giving a crap that Captain America is white and is like the coolest character ever you can suck it up dude. I don't see race. So i guess I'm better than you YEAH! and he would make a kick ass Static, Make a Static Shock movie and out this man in it.

  • Ktaylor_2

    He's not worth any hero. The guy sorta sucks. Just because he got dome friends to try to do some lame ass internet campaign to make him Spidey, knowing that wasn't gonna happen. Now his name is out like he's a star or even an accomplished actor. What a joke. And why is it only white heroes that get replaced with minorities. If it went the other way everyone would be all up in arms. We would never hear the end of it. But because its whites we're told to just shut up and accept it. If these so called creators are so good why don't they just create a new character, instead of tailgating an already established one.



  • Bryan

    Can I be the first one to suggest I don't want to see this goon play ANY superhero? Just because he inserted himself into the casting frenzy doesn't mean we need to suggest he play a decent Flash/ Static/ Rocket Racer. I would rather he just go back to obscurity. There are millions more actors out there, people!

  • Mockingbird.

    Step-nephew, motha-fuccckkkaaa. No blood relation.

  • Michaelangelo27

    Red Wolf…if that's the character I'm thinking of, a HUGE part of his identity is that he's a Native-American Indian. Assuming I'm thinking of the right character, Glover would be a horrible choice for that character.

  • Michaelangelo27

    Wow. Just because someone doesn't want Donald Glover to play Spider-man doesn't mean their stuck in the 50's and don't believe in civil rights, dude.

    Get off your soapbox. Donald Glover is cool as hell, but I'd rather see someone that actually looks like Peter Parker from the comics play him, just like I'd rather see someone that actually looks like Luke Cage, James Rhodes (War Machine), or Blade play those characters. Let's face it, Blade wouldn't have been NEARLY as cool of a character in those movies if it was played by a white dude. He's black in the comics, and it did the character justice to cast a black man for the role. And Blade is probably THE movie that sparked the current Marvel craze in film. These same people that don't want Glover to play Spider-man…none of them, I'm sure, complained and said, “You're racist for not having a white man play Blade!”

    Stop looking for some fault in someone wanting an actor that actually looks like the character from the comics. Like it or not, race is part of how that character looks. It's much the same as how fans want the costumes to be much the same. I don't have to be a racist to say that I want white actors to play white characters, and black actors to play black characters. There are definitely exceptions, such as Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin from Daredevil. Horribly directed movie, but he was a cool choice and I was happy with it, despite Wilson Fisk being white in the books.

    The whole race thing with casting is my preference. Believe it or not, there's no hate involved in that preference. Maybe you should stop having a victim mentality and assuming the worst about the motives behind people's preferences. I'm sure with some it could very well be racism, but not for most.

    Seriously. Stop playing the race card. It got old long ago.

  • Trey


    I mean, look at him! plus he sucks hard. what a horrendous show he's on.

  • Felipo

    i think he could be a good Patriot from Young Avengers

  • hrlambright

    I don't really care if this goes black or white, but if Marvel wants to do the potential low-cost movies, try him in a PROWLER role/movie. Hobie Brown works fine for me.

  • foreverforce

    Sure I'm cool with this. Once we get a white Luke Cage movie.

  • Michaelangelo27


    And we need to have Storm played by Jennifer Aniston in the next X-men flick.

  • Bobby723

    People like you don't complain a bit when people of color are replaced by white actors, which happens ALL THE TIME! The last air-bender was not of Swedish descent, Jake Gyllenhal is not from Iran. Plus, the greatest black superhero of all time is ALWAYS played by crackers – a man called JESUS!!!

  • ActuallyIAm

    He just looks like an idiot in that pic.

    P.D: I'm not a racist.

  • ThePoonPounder74

    Jesus is always played by whites. Nobody minds that.

  • Guest

    What culture do white Americans really have? (Don't say NASCAR or Country music)

  • Ghandi

    I can't stand this idiot. Enough of the “Lets cast him as Spiderman” bullshit. You want a black actor as a superhero, go look at DC Comics Milestone line or look at Static Shock and stop wasting our time trying to change a character so drastically just to give idiots like this a chance. I am mexican and the last thing I want to see is a mexican Captain America or an indian Thor let alone an african american Spiderman.

    On this topic, you could cast a mexican actor for the Blue Beetle however because the current character is mexican so this fool could try and get a Static Shock movie made. Correction that is what he should be trying to do. That makes sense. Casting Will Smith as Captain America is and was a stupid idea and actually carrying out such an idea was even stupider when Michael Clarke Duncan was cast as the Kingpin. It was part of why I hated Daredevil. Either stick to the source material or leave the characters alone and keep these no-talent fools away from my comics.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    People just want to be dicks and nothing starts a flame war like calling someone raciest. I just love how random people are assuming someones a raciest without knowing a damn about them.

  • Sonofspam

    a young luke cage

  • SaintofPandas

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Well, I'm speaking more in hypotheticals than in specific roles. I'm not railing that we should cast Donald Glover and no one else because he's black and I want to see a black Spider-Man. I'm saying that, in a hypothetical situation where the best actor for the role happens to be a contrary race to that established in comics, and in a situation where it doesn't contradict core aspects of the character, the best actor should get the role, regardless of the color of their skin. Do I think Donald Glover would be the best actor for the role? That's hard to say. He doesn't exactly have a long credit list. I'd like to see him brought into the casting call, but I'm also quite keen on Jamie Bell (I honestly don't really care about Aaron Johnson, but that may be more knee-jerk dislike for Kick-Ass as a property more than anything).

    I do think that, out of all of the top tier publicly recognizable superheroes, Peter Parker would be the most likely one to cast as an actor of color, for the reasons of costume you mentioned above, as well as for the fact that he's basically the textbook definition of an Everyman.

    In terms of a casting director and the various suits required to get a Superman movie off of the ground, I agree with you entirely. But “should he” and “will he” are two different arguments. Superman is an icon, and he's an icon who is tied to audiences recognizing a face far more than Spider-Man is. I think there was possibly a small window of opportunity in the nineties, during Will Smith's peak in popularity, where the line between should and would could potentially have converged but at the present moment, yeah, I think a black Superman is pretty much an impossibility. Would I watch it? Sure, if the right actor stepped up to the role. But off the top of my head, I can't really picture anyone who I'd consider a perfect pick for Superman, regardless of ethnicity.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Actually I am, but I also have a understanding that Flash is a corporate character and Time Warner/DC have much invested in. 60+ years of history so I can guarantee that you will not all of the sudden see a black Wally West. Its not being raciest understanding how the corporate machine works. People here need to get off their high horse and grow up.

  • SaintofPandas

    Honestly, I would have preferred to say Terrence Howard stay on. I agree that Don Cheadle's an amazing actor, but his role in IM2 underwhelmed to me. I don't know if that was a problem with the script or the directing or if Cheadle was just improperly suited to the cast or script, but he just didn't do it for me. He wasn't bad by any means, but he was clearly outshined by Downey, Rockwell, Paltrow, and Rourke.

  • SaintofPandas


    Well, see, I think “white culture” is something of a misnomer. There's a sort of blanket “Mainstream American” culture (which itself, is basically a sort of convergence of a number of sub-cultures) which is dominantly white but certainly not race-specific. By the same token, “black culture” is a misnomer as well. Luke Cage is representative of an element of African-American culture while Black Panther is representative of an aspect of West African culture. I mean, if being Scottish-American or Irish-American or Russian-American was a significant part of Peter Parker's character then I'd say by all means, cast in type. ;) But honestly, I couldn't tell you what his genealogy is supposed to be.

  • Joseph

    Static shock

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Why would you assume that? Hmmm? I never said anything of the sort. You're just being a dick. Grow up.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Also don't say people like me, you don't know a damn thing about me. Prick.

  • Quit D' ridin'

    Didn't see the Dragonball movie so I don't even know who played him. Guessin' a white guy which is a lame thing to do.

  • fred

    thats a good one.

  • Earlofthercs

    Why `stick to the established source material' in such a precise way though? Movies are inherently `elseworlds', their own continuity distinct from the comics, universes where things happen differently but the core point of a character or situation remains the same. Tony Stark gets kidnapped by middle-eastern militants rather than North Korean soldiers in the movie, the x-men joined the team at different points in the movies to the comics, smallville is massively different to lois & clark, to the movies, to the various pre/post/post again crisis… but the core of the characters/point remains the same. For some characters what race their born as is a minor or major a change as what decade it is when they start. Captain America has to be white, because `the Aryan ideal incarnate fighting against Hitler' is an essential part of his story. Likewise The Black Panther has to be black because being King of an African Nation is part of his story… but plenty' of other characters race is inconsequential to the essentials of their story (including some blacks, Cyborg, Triathlon). The % where this applies to white characters to non-white characters is different though because when creators (over the last 60 years) have written non-white they've been far more likely to make that non-whiteness part of their origin story (for better or for worse)… as in Barry Allen gets struck by lighting while working in a lab, Hal Jordan has willpower, meets an alien… could have happened to anyone, white or not, and in a different universe the person with that name and that personality could have more or less melanin in their skin and a different shaped nose with out really changing anything vital about them.

  • Earlofthercs

    Flash isn't iconic character man, id bet 9 out of 10 people you ask on the street wouldnt have even heard of him.

  • RyanPhillipeIzaBitch

    Yo. We let you honkeys keep portraying Jesus Christ as some Norway-lookin' mofo, when everybody know he be a straight-up nigga. Can't we at least have da second-string Flash? Helllll, you limp-wristed white fools won't even let us have da weak-ass second-stringers… Why weez didn't grab machetes and run through da streets Robespierre style, hacking you pasty-faced bitchez to death, is something I'll never understandz. We just hack-up your weak-ass white men, den we make your white women scream with our 25-pound dongs. If we had, maybe we wouldn't have no more Carrot Top looking muthafuckas playing our Lord an' Savior, J.C.!

  • Frequentcontributor

    I get that Flash is typically portrayed as white, but I could use another ethnicity in there just to keep them straight in my mind; I can never tell the difference between Wally West and Barry Allen. Then again, I'm not a huge Flash fan… And since when has Flash been such a laugh riot that everyone wants to cast funny people in the role? Ryan Reynolds I get because he's a buff guy that appears in a lot of comic movies, but is he like DC's Spider-Man and I just never got it?
    I could totallly see Donald Glover as another Flash… Flash Thompson! I haven't seen if Glover can do the emotional depth that Spidey should have, given that he's a comedy guy. But as Peter Parker's bully, that would be funny.

    In a starring role, I could totally see Glover as Blue Beetle, even if I don't really want to see a whole movie based on that character. Or put him as Guy Gardner in the next Green Lantern movie (I know that John Stewart GL is black, but he's stoic. Gardner is funny…).

    What I'd really like to see now is Glover as Ant Man! Edgar Wright would use him well, regardless of whether he was supposed to be Scott Lang or that other new guy. And while they're both white in the comics, seriously nobody cares. Oh, or as a character in a theoretical Mystery Men 2…

  • Frequentcontributor

    Oh, and the reason people are clamoring for Donald Glover to be Spider-Man isn't to spit in the face of whitey continuity – it's because Glover is a funny, handsome young person primed to really make it as a huge star, sort of like Will Smith or Ryan Reynolds (both sitcom guys-cum-movie stars…). Why wouldn't you want someone like that as Spidey? And if I have to sit through a Justin Beiber-clone as PP, I'm going to punch myself in the face.

  • Jason von Evil

    Okay Donald Glover can play Flash or any other white character, but nobody can gripe if Black Panther, Falcon, John Stewart, Luke Cage or Storm are ever played by white actors. I mean if its not about race (and I personally don't believe in the concept of separate races) then no one can complain, right?

    But why stop there, why not expand into real life: Gandhi played by Nick Cage! Sacha Baron Cohen can play MLK! Bruce Lee, played by McLovin. Yes. Nobody can complain because hey, as long as they can act, it doesn't matter what their skin tone is, amirite?

  • Almightygosh

    You know, all we know of the new Aqualad so far is that he's black and may at one point beat the shit out of Deadman. We really don't know if he'd be right for Don Glover. Plus, if you're so obsessed with looks, that guy isn't an average everyday guy, he's kind of Adonissy. Physically not right for Don Glover anyway (if I was casting him without seeing an audition.)

  • Almightygosh

    Sorry, didn't mean to sound adversarial. You're very right about the point with the father, and I completely forgot two face was almost black. (Hell, Billy Dee WIlliams may have had a vibrant career still.)

  • RyanPhillipeIzaBitch

    Or heck, maybe a white person could play Obama on SNL…

  • Almightygosh

    Gentiles too.

  • Philip A Moore

    why not give him the part of John Stewert Green Lantern? he was trend setter in his day as well as the first lantern not to wear a mask.

  • RyanPhillipeIzaBitch

    Yo. We let you honkeys keep portraying Jesus Christ as some Norway-lookin' mofo, when everybody know he be a straight-up nigga. Can't we at least have da second-string Flash? Helllll, you limp-wristed white fools won't even let us have da weak-ass second-stringers… Why weez didn't grab machetes and run through da streets Robespierre style, hacking you pasty-faced bitchez to death, is something I'll never understandz. We just hack-up your weak-ass white men, den we make your white women scream with our 25-pound dongs. If we had, maybe we wouldn't have no more Carrot Top looking muthafuckas playing our Lord an' Savior, J.C.!

  • Michaelangelo27

    Wow. You are totally a walking-talking stereotype.


    Can you drop the whole “I'm a badass gangsta” persona and just talk like a normal human being, please?

    Maybe you should go get your G.E.D. and learn how to speak proper english. Seriously, your spelling and grammar make you look like an uneducated ignoramous. Hope those words aren't too big for you.

  • ArseFace

    Wow, man… you are a complete moron. Firstly, Gandhi has already played by a white man… a white man who won an Oscar for it. Secondly, a white actor has the role of portraying our black President on SNL. Thirdly, Jesus Christ, who has appeared in something like 5,000 English-language films, is ALWAYS portrayed as not only white, but damn near Aryan looking.

    You're basically arguing for special consideration and privileges for your own race, which is the definition of racism. Moron.

  • ArseFace

    Uh, I guess someone can't catch satire. I highly doubt the above poster is black. I thought it was hilarious.

    But, the bigotry on your part came out pretty easily… GEDs, “gangsta,” suggesting he is sub-human… No wonder white culture is on the decline, if we're all this thin-skinned and tone-deaf.

  • Michaelangelo27

    Bigotry? I don't care what color you are! I'm mexican, dude, and when mexicans type shit like that it irritates me just as much. It's ignorant as hell, and frankly childish. I was an english teacher for years, hence the irritation.

    You don't know me, so stop trying to label me. I was insulting his grammar and educational level. At no point did I call him sub-human.

    That aside, if it really is a joke, then I obviously over-reacted, but this being the only post I saw of this guy, there's absolutely nothing in there to imply it's just a joke. I've seen plenty of people really type and talk like that, so it's not like it's that unrealistic.

  • DongFeast

    Ha ha! Ok, debate over, Michaelangelo27 has never even talked to a black person, if he thinks “honkeys” is common parlance for young black folk. Or maybe he just lives in Utah.

  • Shmorganism

    Ambush Bug

  • Not a chance

    Why is it when a black actor plays a role that previously played by a white actor it is a great thing. But when a white actor plays a role previously played by a black actor is it racism?

    Lets turn the tables now and think big just for the sake of pushing the boundaries to get buzz. Lets get Wil Feral to play President Obama in a movie about Obama's life!

  • Michaelangelo27

    Dude. I grew up in North Las Vegas. In the ghetto. I don't live in Utah, I'm mexican, and I went to a high school with WAAAAY more blacks and mexicans than whites, so it looks like you're wrong.

    Seriously, guys, if I missed something and this guy was just joking, then that's on me. My bad. Did I miss something, though? It's not like there's never been people to be this against whites and really talk like this. Is this guy seriously joking? I didn't see any obvious giveaway in what he said to indicate that, but if I missed it, then it's on me.

  • Michaelangelo27

    Okay. I'm going to be a big man now and apologize.

    I just saw another post by this dude, and he talked normal.

    Had I seen other posts by him, it would have made it obvious to me that this guy posted this in character.

    Seriously guys, put yourself in my shoes. If this was the first post you saw from this guy, can you honestly say you'd know right off the bat that he was joking? I don't appreciate at all being accused of bigotry when I'm a minority myself and saying that I've never talked to black people and other bullshit like that.

    I'm admitting right now I made a mistake. Can you do the same?

  • ap0kilyps

    Just a few random choices, not sure if anyone else has posted them or not (didn't read the entire thread, but Glover rocks in Community, so here goes…)
    Invincible…Ice Man (especially in a First Class/Early years type movie), Blue Beetle. Others I think might work/he could bring a neat twist on: Tony Chu (from Chew…I think he'd be really good here, heh!), Robin…and Badrock (yeah, I said it!).

  • RyanPhillipeIzaBitch

    Jesus Christ, yet another guy who doesn't let facts get in the way. Fred Armisen, a WHITE GUY, has been portraying Obama on SNL for 2 years now! Another moron even used a hypothetical casting of white man as Gandhi as a perfect example of “the kind of outrage that would erupt.” Yes, because we all remember the protest marches when a white Englishman won an Oscar for playing Gandhi.

    Seriously, guys… I know we are living in Sarah Palin's America, but facts do matter. Complete and utter morons.

  • FredPhelps

    … and is if casting a white man to play Obama is the same as casting a black guy as the second-string Flash.

  • Guest

    I just think it's too easy to say “there's nothing distinctly white about” Wally or Parker, when there's no real way to define what's white specific in today's America. And if there's nothing white specific, any character who is white can be replaced by a person of color easily and nothing's changed. Which normally isn't a problem, except when dealing with something that has already been established.

    As much as I hate the “why not just make Spider-Man and Asian woman?” type of arguments, I understand why people go to them. It's hard to say what is distinctly white about Peter, but because it's hard to say what is just distinctly white. All you really have when you're a white American is that your skin is white.

  • shazam

    Odd. What are you talking about? Huh? Did you just say my horse has been toking reefer?

  • a dude

    Beast boy.

  • ScottSERIOUS

    So pleasant and informative to read your comments, but I think the question was what superhero should be played by Donald Glover. Personally, I vote Rogue!

  • scottserious

    Was that slurpee a time warp that sent me back to the 1950s?

  • scottserious

    Yeah, then they'd all be Armenians. But, one can dream.

  • Scottserious

    Better culture than you, I'm guessing.

  • Demoncat_4

    given the right make up work could see Danny doing savage Dragon. or over lord. as for Marvel . since sadly marvel does not look like it wants to be color blind and even let Danny try out for spider man. can see him as black panther. or silver surfer in a defenders movie. dc he would be cool as firestorm. can also picture him as Martian Manhunter with the right make up.or even black tiger for suicide squad.

  • Not a chance

    Is it that I didn't get my facts straight or is that you assume you have any idea what is being talked about? Did I mention SNL? No. Did I mention a MOVIE about Obama? Yes. Two different things without even mentioning the only thing you wanted to look at. So don't claim “moron” because you are only making yourself look like one.

    I made a point. That point is that it is okay for black actors to play a part previously portraited by a white actor in a MOVIE role, but not the other way around. Not applying make-up to make the white actor look black, but just be a white actor in the role intended for a black actor like we have seen with Kingpin in Daredevil and Harvey Dent in Batman. The reason why is because you get people like Rev Al Sharpton claiming racism.

    So again… the only one looking like a moron here is yourself because you don't bother to read what is being said, just what you want to read. Complete and utter morons.

  • Juan

    Just to solidify your point: Fred Armisen is Venezuelan, German and Japanese.

  • Guest

    But I'm white and American. Which would mean I have a better culture than myself. *mind explodes*

  • Heck13r

    I think it was Cuba Gooding Jr made a comment one time about how he really wanted to play Daredevil but was turned down because the role needed to be a white guy. It kinda intrigued me because, looks aside, he would've been good for the part. I think it depends on the character tho and how hammered into people's brains it is on how he should look. Like for instance you may not be able to change Daredevil's or Spidey's race but you can Dr. Midnite or Aqualad probably because they arent as mainstream or iconic.

    My suggestion for Donald Glover is he would make a great Metamorpho (the new funny version) He would be a great re-imagined Johnny Quick, Booster Gold and definately Firestorm.. either incarnation.

  • Philippe

    I really don't understand this whole trend. I'm betting it has to do with Idris Alba playing a Norse god (which I think it's completely stupid, no matter how good of an actor Alba is. It's a political correctness from Brannagh's part).

    And people are asking what is inherently white about Spider-Man or Flash? Well, everything!! The African-american culture have some very specific elements to it, like music, food, slangs, attitude…if you make a black Spider-Man, a lot of things about his history will have to change as well.

    You know what? Sure, put this lame excuse for an actor (I don't think he's funny at all) as Spider-Man. Then let's see how much money it makes at the box office. I'm sure is going to be the hit of the summer.

    BUT if I have to see a black Spider-Man, then I also want to see a white Black Panther or a white Luke Cage. And, of course, after that, the world will implode.

  • FredPhelps

    So you're saying if SNL would have hired a black actor to play Dubya or Reagan, that would have been OK? And where are these claims of racism from Al Sharpton because SNL hired a white guy to play Obama?

    You can't even admit your whole point is ridiculous. We've come up with 3 major real-life “people of color” that were portrayed by white actors – Jesus Christ, Gandhi, and Barack Obama. Others have mentioned some recent fictional roles where they cast whites – Prince of Persia, and the Last Airbender. I don't see these huge protests and outrage you are speaking of.

    But someone suggests a black actor for one of the secondary Flash's (how many of those have their been? like 7 or so, right?), and we've got a whole board of hysterical white people who feel it is a sign of the coming internment camps. The election of Obama has turned certain segments of the white population into a bunch of screaming mimis and fretful old women.

  • FredPhelps

    I'm just waiting for one of these morons to say, “Boy, the shoe would be on the other foot if they cast a straight guy to play a famouse gay rights leader! There would be marches and protests from the libs and the gays and the PC crowd.” That's literally how uninformed some of you people are on this subject. It's like taking brain surgery advice from a small-town barber.

  • Blade X

    I agree with the poster who said stop trying to cast the guy in roles as white characters.

    As for the question of which heroes Glover can play, here is my list.

    Jason Rosch Firestorm
    Jessie Bedlam
    Triathlon/3D Man 2
    Gabriel Jones the 3rd (the grandson of Howling Commando and SHIELD agent Gabriel Jones from X-MEN FOREVER)

  • Blade X

    Here are some other black heroic characters Glover could play.

    Blur (from the New Universe series DP7)
    Troublemaker (the quadruple jointed bounty hunter from the New Universe series PSI-FORCE)
    Tyrone (also from PSI-FORCE)
    Earth Sentry (from the MC2 Universe)
    Warp (from the MC2 Universe and member of A-Next)

  • Paul

    I think he'd make a good Prowler. The Prowler is pretty much a black Spider-man anyway.

    There are plenty of black super-hero characters out there, I don't see why anyone would be in a rush to cast a black actor in the role of a white character.

    Occassionally it has worked, but so far it's only been done in the case of supporting characters – the Kingpin, Alicia Masters and Balder the Brave. I'm certainly not against it, but if a black actor can be cast as a black character, wouldn't that be better?

  • John Zaleski

    well think about it. wally west IS white. that is something about the character. thats one of his features. you're being ignorant if you're not taking his skin color into account.

  • Cheron85

    Firstly… has anyone yet pointed out that one reason to cast Wally as a white dude is that he's ginger? Something which chances are he was made fun of as a kid for and so shaped his personality…

    Secondly… you people are all so horribly blinded by this idea that your comic-book heroes HAVE to be exactly the way they are in comics that you obviously haven'e realised how masively racist you all sound… seriously… The Flash is a figment of someone's imagination… he can look/sound/act ANY way people want…

  • Twentiethcenturyboy3

    He could play Patriot form the Young Avengers.

  • Dysexia

    i agree with this post and the other post stating triathlon , if a character is white in the comics they should be white on the screen the black king pin was stupid even black nick fury- regardless of the ultimates- if was the ultimates then he should have been in the ultimates armor
    theres nothing racist about it these characters have 50 yrs of history to them , stick to it as it has stood the test of time

  • Samsmith4815

    Saying that a character's race shouldn't be changed for no apparent reason doesn't make a person racist. There's no need, purpose, or precedent to cast Wally as a different race.

    So calling people racist that don't want the character's race changed for no reason is ignorant on your part. Yes, obviously Wally is a fictional character but if start changing characteristics of the character for no reason, then what's the point of adapting the character?

    You say “he can look/sound/act ANY way people want…” why not make him a woman then? If you're going to change features of the character for no reason, just create something original. And let me ask you, would you be okay if they cast Luke Cage, Black Panther, Storm, etc. as a white person?

  • riff raff

    Shave his head and he could play elijah bradley aka patriot.

  • d.

    Catwoman, he should play Catwoman.

  • Not a chance

    Your responce is ridiculous because all you are doing is using examples of white actors playing other roles that have nothing to do with a black actor playing in a MOVIE. You do know what a movie is right?

    It is also ridiculous because you can't use other racial examples in a discussion on black actors because black actors are more defensive about everything and look for a reason to complain and claim racial hatred.

    For example with the Prince of Persia movie. Black people have more of a voice as a minority because they are always quick to claim something was done based on race. Rev Al Sharpton is the worst of them because he does it for publicity. What… a white cop hit a black man? Racial attack! It doesn't matter if that black man was high on drugs, just killed a child, hit the cop while being arrested, bit the cop or anything else. “The white cop hit the black man” is what is pointed at to back claims of racism.

    And you are just a moron for waiting and wanting to call someone a moron while sitting up a situation so that you can call someone a moron. Especially when it is you that is uninformed because you can't bother to read what is being said.

  • Izzy

    If Nick Fury can be black(in movies and ultimate universe) any character can be changed. The Kingpin was white and turned black for movies. If the actor is good, and its written well ANYTHING is possible. However I did hate that daredevil movie. Its not about the color of the character its about everything that comes with it. Get with the times people. Change is bad, but sometimes IT doesn't have to be horrible.

  • Kwame

    I'd like to see him in the Prowler, Randy Robertson or Toxin. He doesn't even have to show up as the superhero intitially. (especially since Randy isn't even a superhero. they could mix his character with Hobbie)

  • Bobby

    I agree with the sage scholar above. It is commonly known that the Norse Gods were not only very white, but also against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, like their good friend Ron Paul.

    I bet Morgan Freeman as God in “Bruce Almighty” drove you completely bat-shit crazy.

  • Scottserious

    I don't want to grow up!

  • Zed

    I think he would be awesome. Its really a minor detail that doesn't define the character. Lets also consider that this is a fictional character and Movies are a different media and ….they always change it in the movies.

  • Ultraboy34

    he'd make a good Firestorm!?!

  • Shwa

    Two extremely poor examples. Goku was an alien so therefore not bound by any racial appearance. Freaking kid had a monkey tale, and you think it matters what human race he looks like?

    In a similar fashion, Avatar does not apply because it's clearly set in an alternate reality, so appearance is entirely flexible. Even if we say it isn't, for the sake of argument, there is nothing in the show to indicate that Aang is of Asian appearance. In fact, by contrast of the Fire Nation and the Earth Nation, who do appear very Asian, you can actually conclude that Aang is not.

  • Shwa

    You, sir, have an excellent sense of humor.

  • jpooch

    Last time I checked President Obama is just as much a black guy as he is a white guy. Add that to the fact that Armisen's skin tone is closer to Obama's than anybody else on SNL and I don't think this argument holds up very well.

  • GirlRooter

    It's also disgusting and bigoted that they cast a non-obese person as Volstagg. Ray Stevenson? Sorry, but they could have found a 700-lb. man, and trained him. Has Branagh never been to the South, or to a Tea Party rally?

  • VaginaTickler

    Yeah, try telling that to a cab driver.

    By that token, it's not unrealistic for Peter Parker or Wally West to have some black blood in them. Most genetic research shows that the majority of both blacks and whites have some degree of mixed lineage. And Glover's hair color is a lot closer to Peter Parker's than Tobey's is. In fact, it's probably likely Mr. Glover is just as much of a white guy as a black guy, so the argument that casting him as Spidey is “changing the characters race” just doesn't hold up very well.

    Thanks for helping us find the essential truth of the Glover matter, with your “Obama is a white guy” epiphany.

  • Dr. Rostopus

    the new Aqualad?

  • jpooch

    I can see it now… a Power Man and Iron Fist movie starring Donald Glover and John Cena… Cena as Luke and Glover as Danny.

    In all seriousness though I find it offensive when people say that there is nothing intrinsically white about Peter Parker or Wally West or anybody that has been mentioned so far. As a white guy (who is definitely FAR from racist… the fact that I have to say this in fear of being labeled as one bothers me to no end) I find the whole talk about how race has nothing to do with white characters but has everything to do with a lot of minority characters as offensive. I feel as the “majority” that I can't even be proud of my race, or be proud of characters of my race without being labeled a bigot or racist. I just don't find that fair. When you say there is nothing that is predominantly white about these characters other than skin color, I find that offensive. So being white my skin color doesn't matter? I can't be proud that THE SPIDERMAN is a white guy, or that I have the same skin color as SUPERMAN? I know there are a lot more white characters than any other race, but I still feel that this whole debate has really magnified a real double standard in a supposed post racial society. No matter what you say, or would like to believe, if there was a major black character played by a white guy it would cause a civil rights shitstorm and the NAACP would be all over it. In today's society it seems that being white doesn't matter but it sure does matter to be a minority.

    I say portray the characters as close to the source material as possible for every role in every movie, comic book or not. Spiderman may not have any defining intrinsic values that make him white, but the fact of the matter is that for the past forty years Peter Parker has always been a white guy and to change that arbitrarily would be highly offensive to me

  • Sijoy2k5

    If he plays a superhero who is White in the comics the “they changed it for political correctness reasons!” issue will always be there, getting in the way of judging the show fairly. But there have been plenty of Black superheroes he can play, it's just that most aren't as well known- and some are just annoyingly stereotypical, like Luke Cage. I'd suggest Static, since that character had his own animated series and is probably the best known today, plus he wasn't a rap-talking street though.

  • Dysexia

    what would change about the chicago bulls if they were all white? or gandalf would he be preforming voodoo instead of magic? i wonder how many black people were working in police crime labs in 1959? so realistic.. not alot of white women getting with brothers in 1959. a racial quality he would as a white man in the late 50's would be the scholarship money to get into college in order to work in a police lab rather than being on the chain gang?

  • Philippe

    Could they?? I don't recall many actors, GOOD actors, that are so heavy as Volstagg. Maybe Hugo from Lost, but that's it.

  • Philippe

    No you dimwit, it didn't drove me crazy at all because God never had a specific physique. God can be anything, even a woman (like Alanis Morissette on “Dogma). The Bible never stated how God should look like. And yes, I do think it's idiotic that Jesus is portrayed as a white guy, considering he was born in the Middle East. Jim Caviezel played Jesus on Mel Gibson's “Passion Of The Christ” and he looked a lot more ethnic.

    Norse Gods were worshipped by the Scandinavian people, who are all white. I find it as stupid as if a movie about African gods had a white guy playing one of them.

  • Philippe

    My thoughts exactly. White people, caucasians for that matter, cannot be proud of being white, because people assume they are Nazi or white supremacists. So, if you are white, you cannot be offended that they turn Spider-Man into a black or a latin guy. But why stop there? Let's turn Peter Parker into a Polynesian, or an Eskimo, or a Native-American…why stop in black? Let's go crazy.

    Frankly, I find the whole idea of being proud because of race kinda stupid and old-fashioned. I understand where it comes from, and why there was a need for this notion back in the day, but in 2010 I think it's a dated idea.

    You should be proud of who you are and what you do, not simply of your race or sexuality. A guy can be black and be a pedophile…a guy can be gay and be an asshole…I'm not racist at all, because I think the idea of racism is just absurd. People can be complete douches, not matter their race, religion or sexuality.

  • Hypestyle the Hype Man

    Re: Marvel heroes- Spider-Man Connection:
    Cloak (Tyrone Johnson); Prowler (Hobie Brown); Rocket Racer (Robert Baldwin)
    Supporting- Randy Robertson
    Other Marvel Heroes- Patriot (young avengers), Prodigy (new x-men), Sunspot (new mutants), the new Power Man (Shadowland).

  • Jason von Evil

    I concede the Gandhi part, I keep forgetting Kingsley isn't Indian. He's very convincing. As for Jesus, blame Europe for that gem, they're the ones who always depicted the dude as white. And honestly, could care less, they should have William Hung play him.

    And I'm racist, huh? Funny, seeing as how I have no problem with Fury, Kingpin or Alicia Masters being played by black actors (and special props to Kerry Washington who played the latter admirably). This is why I hate this whole thing, if you argue against a black or other ethnicity playing a character that's been white since they were created over 40 years ago, you're automatically a racist.

    Has anyone considered that, I don't know, it might be confusing to non-comic book fans and the foreign market? Even Stan Lee has pointed this out. I made a blog post about this recently and I'll just my words there explain:

  • Carver mangolia

    Actually the actor who played Ghandi, Ben Kingsley, is half Indian half English. His father Rahimtulla Harji Bhanji was a medical doctor from India.

  • Sonofwat

    Stan Lee made Batman black in his Just Imagine series.

  • Brodie

    Is 1959 crucial to the movie version of the Flash? There's no way they wouldn't make it take place in modern day. Next excuse?

  • Brodie

    So you're protecting Warner's Corporate investment? Let them worry about that. We're talking about what actor would be good as what character, regardless of the liklihood of a giant corporation going along with us. Next excuse.


    I was thinking Invincible as well. +1


    It's ironic then that they made Kingpin black in that same movie.

  • Jason von Evil

    He could play a Captain America. In the second Captain America movie have a scene where Cap finds out that after his disappearance at the end of WWII, the government created several replacements, each representing a different decade, with Glover's character being the Captain America of the 60s. To make it interesting, have it where he was initially an unofficial Cap who created his own costume to march in the freedom marches and to help defend against the Klan and others. He comes to the attention of the Kennedy or Johnson Administrations who offers to make him the new Captain America. To explain away his combat prowess, have him either be trained by the government or make him a veteran who did a tour in 'Nam. Then have Cap read on to discover that Glover's character served until '68 where upon the dual assassinations of MLK and Bobby Kennedy causes him to become disillusioned and lose hope. He resigns (by mailing his costume to the White House) and disappears.

    Alternatively, he could also play Patriot in a Young Avengers movie if Marvel hurries up.

  • Scavenger

    Just as a point, the Timm Wally West was pretty similar to how he was in his JLE days.

  • GregoB

    Spider man 2099?

  • Sundancer

    I think that Donald Glover as any DC character wouldn't be as horrible as any of the actors playing DC characters in Smallville. Except the guy who played Lex Luthor, that guy is cool.

  • Jonquixote

    The guy who suggested Ant-Man, provided they went with an O'Grady or Scott Lang type take on the character, was really onto something.

    The original suggestion of Wally West is damned fine. Glover would slide right into that role nicely. He'd be a really good Wally West – enthusiastic, goofy, fun, a bit naive…

    I don't see him as Spider-Man, even race aside. It's a neat idea, but it would take some convincing even if he looked just like the comic book Peter Parker. I'm not adverse to a black Spider-Man, though I think Peter himself is an iconic enough image that he's probably better served as a Caucasian – the race issue, unfortunately, would overwhelm the role.

    As for the conversation that talks about swapping out black superheroes with white actors, even where the superhero's race isn't part of his identity like it is with Cage or Falcon or T'Challa, you do run into the issue of further whitewashing a genre that is already pretty thoroughly whitewashed. One could take a fairly race-neutral hero, like Cyborg or Blade, and make them Caucasian, but that would be mean-spirited, for lack of a better word. Conversely, there can be a Nicholas L. Fury and white superheroes will remain very well represented.

  • Brodie

    Also because there are hundreds of white characters to every black character. And because all the icons were created so long ago, there are really zero black superhero icons. Saying no black actors can ever play white characters essentially means there will never be a major superhero movie starring a black actor.

  • Brodie

    Yeah, we really need to keep score on that. At this rate we're in danger of black characters moving up from 1% to 2% of the pop culture makeup, you ridiculous hillbillies.

  • Brodie

    I love how people keeping saying, “I'd be OK with him cast as [insert name of character that will probably never, ever be made into a movie].” Guy Gardner? Blue Beetle? It's not happening.

    Wally West is young, wisecracking, and brash. Barry Allen is straight-laced, buzz-cutted, and by-the-book. That's why Glover would be great as West, not-so-good as Allen.

  • Brodie

    I'm glad you're fine with characters almost no one cares about being played by black actors.

    Why would this be confusing to non-fans? People who know nothing about the character and have no emotional investment are going to be thrown off by a black guy in the Flash costume? Not only won't they care, they won't even know a change was made. Congratulations on making the least-convincing argument yet.

  • Brodie

    Oh, you mean that 3D Man movie they plan on making right after Hell freezes over?

    None of these movies will EVER be made.

  • Brodie

    Did you see any of the X-Men movies with the really tall guy playing Wolverine? That's a fundamental aspect of the character, a big part of the reason for his name (small and scrappy) and they totally ignored that physical aspect when casting the role.

    And good thing they did, because Jackman was the perfect choice.

    Was that OK with you, continuity policeman?

  • Brodie

    Oh Jesus, Randy Robertson? That's barely better than saying, “I'd like to see him as Man Ordering a Hot Dog.”

    Way to out-do the Triathalon Man suggestions with your suggestion of a character unlikely to ever be featured prominently on film. That had to take effort.

  • VaginaTickler

    Brodie, people like Michaelangelo (meaning the highly-vocal minority of whites known as tea-baggers) want to keep score on EVERYTHING like that. He's the kind of bigot who holds up signs at rallies that read, “MONKEY SEE, MONKEY SPEND,” and then feign shock when people read a racial motivation in it.

  • VaginaTickler

    The above is a perfect example of the current way of think among teabaggers. “Whites are under seige. They are planning to send us to extermination camps. Whites are the most persecuted people in the history of the world!”

    To quote Jon Stewart, after the election of Obama led white folks from Idaho to Alabama to start screaming about fascism and tyranny and worse-than-the-Holocaust panting wetting: “Don't equate LOSING with tyranny.”

  • Jason von Evil

    What I meant was if you take a character like Spider-Man, the source for three blockbuster and popular movies and suddenly have him played by a black actor, it would be confusing to anyone who saw any of the previous films.

    To put it another way, what would the reaction be if Batman or Superman were played by a non-white actor, even if the guy is an awesome actor?

    And whats wrong with minor characters? Blade was a C-list character and yet the success of the first two Blade movies helped pave the way for Spider-Man, X-Men, etc.

    Blame the writers and artists who were active in the 60s who didn't bother to create too many ethnic characters.

  • Jason von Evil

    And you apparently ignored the part where I conceded that I was wrong about the Gandhi comment, although the fact that Kingsley is half-Indian does lessen it.

  • Cheron85

    So are you saying that every character in DC history has always had exactly the same personality traits? that they don't change slightly from writer to writer? really? Cos from what I can tell pretty much all the characters in the DC universe have had character tweaks over the years…

    And yes… you can change any character you like… they're ACTORS… they're PRETENDING to play a FICTIONAL character… you do understand that right? As long as it can act why not cast a walrus as the flash? Walrus West…

    And just to answer your final racist question… no i wouldn't change black panther, luke cage or storm's race… but that's because they have been developed as racial stereotypes in the comics… I would have no problem with them changing cyborg though…

  • Fesquire

    I honestly don't see the big deal having a black (or any other race) playing a canonically white character, because the race doesn't determine the character's personality. I don't think anyone else here really has a problem with the race either, the problem is that after YEARS and YEARS of stories and concepts and history of Peter Parker (Or wally west, clark, bruce, reed richards and company) being white, it wouldn't make any sense to just throw such a curveball for the sake of doing it. I'm pretty sure if they decided a white woman should play Storm in a new X-men movie, people would be equally adverse to idea because Storm's been black for YEARS. its not the race, its the history.

  • Dratomicdoom

    I don't know where all this Wally West crap came into play. Wally West is a cracker…actually all the Flashes are crackers. haha Why would anyone want to see that? How about Glover playing the New Aqua-lad? Cuz…you know, he's UH…black and I think that would rock.

    Overall black characters bring something so cool to the table and it's that heritage and dialogue that makes me a friggin' fan of superheroes like Luke Cage and Cyborg. Why change what works?!

  • sebastien

    Is it just a color thing that people complain about ? People are always saying that you need to stick to the source material and blah, blah, blah but no one complain when a swedish, a south african and an irish played Italian-American Frank Castle in the three Punisher movies.

    Everybody loved Hugh Jackman (an Australian) playing All-Canadian Wolverine. Same with Eric Bana (also Australian) playing Bruce Banner or the British Christian Bale playing Bruce Wayne. Everybody thought that an irish Bullseye was the best thing about the DD movie (while some complain about a black Kingpin). and yes I understand that a white European can fake a New York accent and they just look like american and so on and so on…

    Still if it isn't racism to not want a black guy playing Spider-Man but feel good about a european playing an American I don't know what it is.

  • Hernani Grt

    What Superhero Is Donald Glover? So far, NONE.
    Stop trying to cast this guy, this is NOT how it works.

  • TwinPistols

    A few quick points:

    1) Everyone, stop calling people racist. Some people prefer to see actors that resemble the races of the characters take up the roles, and some don't care about that, but neither stance is “racist” or “color-blind”.

    You could be cool with a black Flash and say racist things regarding whites, asians, or other races. You could also be against Hollywood changing Wally West's race but be involved in an interracial relationship or marriage. What you would prefer to see on screen, regarding how characters are cast and portrayed, says little about you as a person. It certainly doesn't scream “racist”, so pulling that card is a rude, dirty trick, used to quiet or shame those opposed to character's races being changed in the movies.

    I'm saying this as a black man, so try pulling that crap with me.

    2) I'm all for Donald Glover playing a cool black superhero. Patriot, Static and Cyborg are all great suggestions, but please say NO to characters that are either too lame to appear in any movie (Triathlon, Rocket Racer, etc) or too far from who Glover is, to make sense (Luke Cage, Black Panther). Just because Glover is black doesn't mean he'd automatically be perfect for every black role. It doesn't work like that. Casting Glover as Luke Cage would be like casting John Cena to play Bruce Banner. Why even Hulk out? What would be the point?

  • Kross29

    uh i guess I'll give you goku, but clearly he was alien looks blended in a world that was heavily inspired by asian culture. as for avatar- sorry but entire world is fantasy version of ancient asian cultures. lol and all these stories aren;t sent in any type of actual reality (including the superheroes) so saying that has something to do with it being ok with clearly changing the race of some characters, is off. i just think that since these 2 characters haven't been around as long as the supers and the average american doesn't really know who they are then it's ok to not be accurate. which is fine but I don't see why people are ok with this happening with those guys but not to guys like spiderman or superman.

  • JusDion

    Id be for donald playing robin but spiderman…..meh :(

  • Dysexia

    thor , heracules or gilgamesh are all better than jesus and older superheroes as well, jesus was however the original super hero reboot , and i think flava flav would make the best jesus though he's always trying to play a viking or maybe just with vicodin guess it helps with the crack hang overs

  • Dysexia

    there's alot of white people in south Africa ,there would be the ironic racial flip he would be black panther the villain who is donning the black suit to keep the brother down -which is more likely than a black teenager showing interest science ,

  • Dysexia

    spider man is owned by stan lee a white man

  • Dysexia

    since 1938 only white people have come from krypton, outkast say they are straight up on that kryptonite but are referencing plant life not the planet

  • Dysexia

    but he does own some black kids so he is already saving africa one child at a time , though his wife's cotton farm is a little suspect because of this

  • Dysexia

    i think in 1938, a black baby landing on the kent farm, would not have been adopted

  • Dysexia

    falcon makes the most sense of these other posts i read , he's not big enough for cage nor is chris helmsworth big enough to play thor

  • Ruelane

    The only character he can play that is a black is black volkan. nough said

  • Desmond09

    Uh they had Jessica Alba (who clearly isn’t white) play Sue Storm (a blonde, blue eyed, white girl)