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Joel Silver Talks Sense On 3D Conversions

Thank you, Joel Silver. The Matrix producer has come out and said that he’s not a fan of converting movies into 3D, and “hopes” that such a fate doesn’t await the Keanu Reeves Invisibles homage. Talking to MTV, he said,

I think the conversion to 3-D is not as effective as the movies that are created and invented and devised in 3-D… I mean look– you’re charging a lot more money for tickets and I think we should go out there with the real deal. Certain films, you can apply 3-D to them really well. And certain [other] films, maybe not. I hope they don’t try to do that with ‘The Matrix.’ I think it’s a 2-D movie and it should stay like that.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Hollywood may need more people like Joel Silver. What a sobering thought.


  • Mike

    I think the Matrix would look a little too gimicky in 3-D. Like some Universal Studios ride.

  • TwinPistols

    So….Joel Silver. How about getting some Mattrix comic books on the shelves? Yes, I know the Wachowski's did that, but I need an ongoing. Talk to Dynamite, Dark Horse, or IDW.

  • Kouzmanoff

    the only time I ever heard of Joel Silver was when the first Matrix came out. Other than that I can't identify the dude with any other movie since 1999.