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Is Potter‘s Yates Developing A Fables Movie?

If you read the news of Imagine Entertainment optioning Legends: The Enchanted and thought, “Wait, isn’t that a darker version of Fables? Why doesn’t someone make a movie out of that?” Then here’s a fun rumor: A Harry Potter veteran may be doing that very thing.

Pajiba is reporting that Potter director David Yates may be developing a movie based on Bill Willingham’s series for Warner Bros, or in some way involved with the project. To date, no Fables movie has been officially announced – as Pajiba notes, it was at one time in development as a TV show for ABC, but that is assumed to be dead – but, given the success of the source material, it would make sense for DC Entertainment to consider it for big screen treatment, and Yates has shown he can handle magical material with ease. While the site makes it clear that this is just a rumor, here’s hoping that it’s one that comes true.


  • demoncat_4

    i for one hope the rumor winds up as reality. for been waiting for Fables to get the movie treatment since the very first stories. and hope Yates gets the okay for he will no doubt stay true as he can to the source material plus it would fullfill dc entertainments goal of new media for the dc universe

  • Flip Maker

    Fables in Yates' hands would be very interesting indeed. He's a phenomenal directory — has anyone seen his STATE OF PLAY? Brilliant work.