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Cheadle To Take On Ape Uprising?

Will War Machine’s next enemy be a damn dirty ape? There’s a rumor going around that Don Cheadle has been offered a role in the upcoming Planet of The Apes prequel.

Empire reports on a rumor that Cheadle and actress Frida Pinto have been offered roles in Rise of The Apes, Rupert Wyatt’s prequel to the original Planet (and potential remake of Conquest of the Planet of The Apes), alongside the already-cast James Franco, although their involvement has been unconfirmed officially.

The movie, still shrouded in some mystery, is set for release in June 2011.


  • VanGoghX

    Iron Ape, Iron Ape, does whatever a…. whatever a… Iron Ape does.

    Hope this thing is good enough to start another series of Ape flicks.

  • Ceasar

    Bah! This will never equal the old apes movies. Even with the more impressive apes in Burton's version I don't think anyone in Hollywood could come up with something that good as the originals.