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Toy Story’s Return Already Planned?

The third Toy Story hits theaters today, but there are already plans for another appearance in your local cinema. Should we be worried about overkill?

Even though Toy Story 3 provides closure for the series, it’s not the last you’ll see of the characters, according to director Lee Unkrich:

We know that people love the characters, love Woody and Buzz, and would hate to say good-bye to them completely. I don’t know that there would ever be a ‘[Toy Story] 4.’ We don’t have any plans for one — but we are trying to find ways to keep the characters alive. We have announced we’re going to do a short film in front of ‘Cars 2′ that uses the ‘Toy Story’ characters. We’re going to keep them alive; they’re not going away forever.

/Film points out that that means we’ll be seeing the characters again this time next year, if Cars 2 holds to its release date, but what’s so wrong with the characters going away forever? Whatever happened to quitting while you’re ahead?


  • Luis

    This seems like a good idea. Little shorts here and there won't hurt, I believe.

  • Lando

    Hey Tim Allen needs work.

    Not that is a good thing of course.

  • Smartypants97

    If they are still fun, people are still paying for it, and they have stories to tell, why not? I don't see any need to let the franchise die.

  • Atermater

    The people who say that the film should continue because they are still fun are the same people who will be saying why didn't they end it back then.

    Yes 3 was good but let us not push our luck, it is OK for things to go out on a high note.

  • Bry

    “Toy Story 3″ was excellent, and was a perfect end point for the series. Keeping the characters alive in some capacity is a-okay in my books, whether it be in shorts, video games, comics, etc… but Pixar, please learn from Lucas and Spielberg's mistakes and know when to leave a movie series be.

    You've made a terrific trilogy of films that will be fondly remembered for decades to come. Instead of going back to the “Toy Story” well, why not try and do the same for “The Incredibles”?