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What Other Movies Or TV Shows Deserve Their Own Theme Parks?

This weekend sees the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a new theme park devoted entirely to JK Rowling’s boy wizard and his assorted moneymaking friends. Now, I’m not really a theme park kind of guy – I think a trip to Disney World when I was a teenager was enough for me, to be honest – but I can’t help but wonder: What other successful movies deserve their own theme parks?

I’m sure that Disney has lots of theme park plans for the Marvel characters if and when they ever get free of the Universal contract, but would you be tempted by an Invincible Lab of Iron Man, filled with giant threatening robots and Scarlett Johanssen lookalikes in tight black jumpsuits (On second thought, maybe you should keep your answer to yourself on that last one)? What about a trip to Gotham City Land, where you’d get mugged at least three times within your first hour – but it’s all part of the experience? Or perhaps you’d be more partial to visiting a giant recreation of Star Trek‘s Starfleet Academy, where fun is the only educational requirement? I think you can see where I’m going with this, but instead of me coming up with all manner of ridiculous taglines (But let’s face it: The Starfleet Academy one is kind of awesome), I want to hear your ideas – What theme parks would you want to see, and why?


  • Davidbelke

    Well, the Marvel Superhero park already exists at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. And a Star Trek immersive experience was at the Hilton in Las Vegas. But I suspect there will be many more licensed products turned into theme parks. The thing is that Theme parks are such a huge undertaking in terms of capital and maintainance, that only the most hugely popular and successful franchises with long term prospects will be developed.

  • Mwedmer

    A true Mavel theme park would be awesome. Universal is cool, but they could do sooooo much more.

  • Brother Justin Crowe

    Bring back the Star Trek Experience and all will be well.

  • Jay_fabok

    They could easily make a Star Wars Theme park and rake in the dough. Im surprised Mr.Lucas hasn't started this yet, but Im sure it's in his mind.

  • d.

    “What about a trip to Gotham City Land, where you’d get mugged at least three times within your first hour – but it’s all part of the experience?”

    You can already get that as a tourist in Miami.

  • Bill Reed

    The Prisoner.

  • Adamh12110

    Nintendo's Video Land!

    Think of the rides. The Super Mario Pipe Coaster. Donkey Kong Barrel Flume. F-Zero Speed Track. The Legend of Zelda Dungeon Escape.

    I just think it would be fun.

  • Docorlando

    This exists. But we can't tell you where it's located. You'll just wake up one morning and be there.

  • Brady J. Frey

    Hey now, Gotham City is DC not Marvel, you'll start a fanboy war…

  • Feltonbass

    Disney can add onto Hollywood Studios w/ a “Marvel Universe” area. The Baxter Building, Hellicarrier, Avengers Mansion. Maybe if they ever do go through w/ the “Dark Kingdom” 5th gate idea, Latveria could be a part of it.

  • Elder23

    Ewoks everywhere, yay!

    I think the idea of a Star Trek theme park has much more merit. Especially a Starfleet Academy setting.

  • Dr. Rostopus

    This is not an ENTIRE theme park. It is one portion of the Universal Islands of Adventure Park based on what will be (at least) 8 movies. It is the equivalent of giving Tron it's own ride. (which would probably be pretty kick ass.)

  • Dr. Rostopus

    Universal already has a Marvel U area.

  • TwinPistols

    How about an LoTR park? That'd be cool.

  • Scrappy, The Snappy Sneezer

    Doctor Who certainly deserves one.

    I had an LP of a tour through Universal Studios in the 70s and there were exhibitions of several TV things like Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Hardy Boys, a classic TV theme park would be great. Visit Gilligan's Island, the Brady Bunch house, have your fantasies fulfilled on Fantasy Island, or how about taking a cruise on the Love Boat with look alike actors portraying the casts.

  • Alex

    The Avengers Fun Park, man!

    The Tony Stark incredibly Alchoholic experience roller coaster: Thrill as you, a drunken billionaire, accidently kills a member of the United Nations because someone tampered with your armor and then you have a drink… and another… and another. Your pal Rhodey will be with you at the end.

    The Yellowjacket and Wasp abusive relationship fun house.
    The gilgamesh forgotten ride. So forgettable I forget I just mentioned it.
    The Hank McCoy boring lecture on science… or something.
    The Hulk shows up everyday, then abruptly leaves.
    Everyday Captain America gives a patriotic Speech at noon then does something like take off Baron Blood's head or something.

    Reed Richards will be there. Nobody knows why.

  • Kenrwill37

    the lost island amusement park.

    fly the crashing oceanic 815 ride.

    explore the treacherous island.

    ride the black smoke monster-coaster.

    build your own raft.

    darma station arcade room.

  • demoncat_4

    i would have to agree Marvel needs a better theme park one of their own . and if and when Disney can get the contract from universal broken they should make.why stop at a gotham theme how about a whole like marvel a dc theme park where a visitor could go along with supes to his fortress or save metropolis or wonder woman fans could visit themasara and fight like an an attracitont hat lets some one pretend to be a green lantern and get to see what they can create with a power ring . plus would like to see a logans runs theme park just to be really out there.

  • HDO

    You could get around on the monorail or by Otto's bus. Have a beer at Moe's. Grab a bite at Krusty Burger. Experience a melt down at the power plant for an earthquake style ride. Jump the gorge on a skateboard for a more traditional type of ride. There's more than enough material for a park.

  • Limerickster

    How about “Springfield USA” starring the Simpsons.


    Barts Wild Skateboard Ride

    Homer's Mentdown Adventure Ride (in 3-D)

    Maggie's Playhouse, with giant sized furntiure

    Lisa's Smart-a-Thon trivia contest show

    also with

    Concessions at Moe's and at the Kwik-e-Mart

    Girts and souveniers at the Comic Boy Guy's shop

    and a big yellow school bus roller coaster.

  • Lccf

    LOST, definitely, a park complete with Black Rock, Dharmatown and four-toed statue !

  • NS317453

    I wouldn't mind a block of Disney World or Universal Studios with a few shops, restaurants, and rides with a Cybertron theme (home world of the Transformers).

  • Kandor

    A Ron Jeremy theme park would be awesome…

  • Chris Arrant

    The Harry Potter isn't its own theme park, but rather a sectioned part of Islands of Adventure — just like the Marvel section and the Jurassic Park section.

    I don't know if this has been addressed in the comments, but Marvel is doing a theme park… in Dubai.

    As a kid I was taken to the Lil Abner themepark — DOGPATCH USA (wikipedia it!) and it was quite a sight.

    As for other genre worlds to explore — the obvious Star Trek park would be nice (anyone remember the Vegas attraction?), or an expansion of the Star Wars ride. Going off-beat, I'd like a traveling MAD MEN theme park to be set up in metro centers.

  • Davidofrohan

    You already mentioned it. The World of Middle-earth would have me on a plane to where ever it is. Follow the footsteps of the Fellowship of the Ring from the humble Shire to Rivendell through the Mines of Moria, Lothlorien (the other land of the elves), Rohan, Fangorn Forest, Gondor, Mordor. Wow.

  • gerard roble

    lord of the ring exhibit share frodo's trip as a member of the fellowship of the ring