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ABC Confirms: The Only Happy Place Is Online

It apparently wasn’t enough that ABC’s Happy Town got yanked off-air for a second time last Friday; now it turns out that the series won’t even get to finish on television at all.

Although the original plan was to air the show’s remaining episodes in a Saturday nighttime slot this summer – a la last year’s burning off of the similarly canceled Pushing DaisiesThe Wrap is now reporting that ABC has instead decided to only release the episodes online, instead. While I understand that the show’s viewership wasn’t strong (It was pulled twice, after all), I find it hard to believe that it was so unsuccessful that it’s not even worth airing in a graveyard slot, just to appease fans who don’t/can’t watch television online. Still, maybe now I’ll find out who the Magic Man really was…


  • demoncat_4

    at least the series is going to be allowed to end even though some who do not do the online thing will now forever wonder how the show wrapped up or have to wait till maybe the dvd of the series gets released if it does at all.