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Soundtrack Listing For Scott Pilgrim Released, Confuses

The full tracklisting for the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World has been released, and in between the hipster rock and traditional classic, I have one simple question: How did the Bluetones end up on here?

I have nothing against the Bluetones – A Britpop band that never really made it big outside of the UK, nor fulfilled their early NME-scripted promise of being “the next Stone Roses” – but I’m at a loss to work out how their 1999 single “Sleazy Bed Track” managed to make it onto a soundtrack otherwise filled by the likes of Beck, Metric and Broken Social Scene (The “classic rock” slots are taken by the Rolling Stones’ “Under My Thumb” and T Rex’s “Teenage Dream,” for those who care). Maybe director Edgar Wright was a fan, back in the day?


  • guest

    brian lee o mally was a fan. it was on one of the scott pilgrim books soundtracks

  • Stargazer

    So Metric is supposed to do Clash at Demonhead? God I hope so, love that tune (Black Sheep)

  • Nicholas Slayton

    Edgar Wright did use the Bluetones' “Bloodbubbles” to awesome effect in Spaced, so I think its safe to say he's a fan.

  • Tomb

    Read the comic and you shall know!