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Jackson Reportedly In Talks To Direct The Hobbit

It looks like the wishes of countless fans may come true after all: Deadline’s Mike Fleming reports that Peter Jackson is negotiating with Warner Bros. and MGM to direct The Hobbit.

Jackson will replace Guillermo del Toro, who walked away from the two-movie project last month, citing scheduling problems created by production delays. Jackson, who directed the three Lord of the Rings films and is co-writing and producing The Hobbit, was viewed by many as the obvious successor to del Toro. However, his manager insisted commitments to other studios would prevent Jackson from stepping into the director’s role.

Fleming asserts that “the signs have been there for some time,” pointing to the long list of directors who have angled for The Hobbit — David Yates, David Dobkin and Brett Ratner reportedly among them — with no offers made in response. That’s apparently because Warner Bros. and MGM have wanted Jackson all along.

The Hobbit has been in limbo for more than two years, in part because of uncertainties about MGM’s financial future. However, the first of the two Hobbit films supposedly will be released in December 2012, a year later than New Line and MGM targeted way back in 2007.

According to Deadline, Jackson is pushing for MGM “to do what is needed to make the back-to-back films possible for an end of the year shoot.”


  • demoncat_4

    glad to see peter talking to do the hobbit for the only solution for the hobbit to become a reality now that Del Torro had other commitments was for Peter who knows how to do middle earth right on screen finish off Toilkeins work by doing the Hobbit. now if Warner's would just get mgm out of the picture completly the hobbit can finaly move to its final fate on screen.

  • zat

    oh GOD not more fairy elves and dwarfs with pupic hair!!

    Please aren't Emo Vampires and Teen Werewolves enough?

  • DaVeO


  • Tomfitz1

    No offense to Mr. del Toro, who's an excellent director, but I would have thought that Peter Jackson should have been the one to direct the Hobbit in the first place since he did the LOTR.

    It's unfortunate that all this happened the way it did, but MGM should have gotten their ducks in a row in the first place.

  • whippis

    The Hellboy movies were tripe. Jackson need to do The Hobbit or it should not be made.

  • Grant

    I think Del Toro would have brought a fresh look to the franchise so I'm bummed he couldn't do it. I think Jackson will do a good job but I'm not expecting this to top Lord of the Rings (I prefer LotR over the Hobbit anyway). Hopefully they can work out a deal to get this going and cast a good actor for Bilbo.

  • Lackshmana

    Guillermo is a great director who understands how to present whimsy and charm. He would have been perfect for The Hobbit.

    To me, Jackson is pretty much the beneficiary of a great production based on a a classic work. His body of work shows nothing to give me the impression that he is responsible for what made Lord of The Rings films good.

    Also, The Hobbit is not very similar to LOTR, there is no reason why the same director would be needed for it. The two books are drastically different in theme, tone and style.

  • Brandon Yates

    Brett Ratner???