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Which TV Show Should Get a Futurama-Style Rebirth?

The triumphant (Well, I liked it) return of Futurama this week shows the value of giving shows another chance – As well as rubbing in just how many series have been canceled while they still had so much more to give. So here’s an obvious question for you all: Which canceled show deserves a second chance?

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As ever, feel free to explain your choices in the comments section below…


  • Johnny

    Live Action Series – Star Trek Enterprise

    Animated Series – Mission Hill

  • DTWinslow

    Journeyman. We were just starting to learn what was going on.

  • Mr. M

    Other. The correct answer is Arrested Development…even though it's not sci-fi.

  • NS317453

    100% Angel.

    The show had a lot of potential at the end, which IDW capitalized on with an awesome “season 6″ comic series.

  • Magical Mimi

    The Pretender – If not for another season or two, at least in the form of a final made for tv/direct to video movie or two to finish off the story.

  • Brother Justin Crowe

    Of those on the list, Kings.

    I'd still take Carnivale or Deadwood over that, though. But I really wouldn't mind Kings coming back…

  • Danmartin26

    I wish we could have gotten a few more years out of Terminator, Firefly, Angel, Bionic Woman, and Enterprise. They all ended when they were at the top of their game. (Bionic Woman was good, BTW!)

  • John JC Campbell

    I'm split between Firefly and Middleman.

    How about Middleman animated on Cartoon Network to go with their other action cartoons?

  • Neufel

    Dollhouse ! Whedon promised a musical for a season 3.
    And as Futurama, Dollhouse could have a catchy return :
    - Did I fall asleep ?
    - For a little… For a certain time, yes.
    - Should I go, now ?
    - You can continue. As you wish.
    Plus side : They can also say idiots cancelled them.

  • Sureiachan

    Other: Battle of the Planets or Space: Above and Beyond

  • Mike Escutia

    I voted for The Middleman.

    The biggest problem with bringing Firefly back is that certain members of the cast are involved in other series. I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to give up Castle anytime soon.

  • Coryjameson

    What kind of “people” read this blog anyway?! CLEARLY, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was the best pure science fiction show on the air in at least a Decade. Don't get me wrong, Firefly was very cool, however, I like my sci-fi to be actual science fiction.

  • Coryjameson

    What kind of “people” read this blog anyway?! CLEARLY, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was the best pure science fiction show on the air in at least a Decade. Don't get me wrong, Firefly was very cool, however, I like my sci-fi to be actual science fiction.

  • ADlove

    Arrested Development is the only dead show that I know of that deserves resurrection (ie was worth more viewings AND didn't have a perfect ending, a la Six Feet Under). That being said, i think the AD ship has sailed…not just logistically but overall.

  • Walt

    Firefly and/or Middleman, for me.

  • Keniam

    Arrested Development

  • Carmona

    Jericho! Hello?

  • Mike

    MTV's Clone High. Series ended on a Cliffhanger. We need resolution and closure, people.

  • Rick861

    yes to Journeyman!!!

  • Alex H

    I'd personally love to see Farscape return from the dead. Though preferably, pretending the Peace Keeper Wars never happened, didn't really care for that.

  • Bill Reed

    I voted for Pushing Daisies. I know, you thought I'd go for Firefly. But I'm satisfied with Serenity's wrap-up.

  • Adamlgarcia


  • Alexmichaelroth

    Spectacular Spiderman & Wolverine and The X-Men were on pace to be great, then canceled for no apparent reason.

  • Scientas

    Really liked Journeyman, Moonlight and New Amsterdam. But I'd like to see Freakylinks get another chance. It was ahead of its time, like a mix of X-Files and Ghost Hunters.

  • Glen

    King for sure. That show was brilliant. NBC made a mistake there.

  • johnsellaro

    “Freakazoid” & “The Tick” both deserve to be resurrected. Both shows are great vehicles for comical looks at popular culture.

  • Y_bareket

    3 years after it was made into a feature film, and 5 years since it was cancelled Firefly is still the most loved canceled show ever!!!
    I love Castle too, but I would pay good money to cancel that and bring Firefly back!

  • Eric

    The Critic.

  • Suffersome

    Hands down Firefly!

  • Ragudaddy

    I liked Space: Above and Beyond, but I LOVED Firefly. Even continuing on after Serenity Firefly would be the best responded to show on the list.

  • Koen

    @ NS317453 : ??? What planet are you on ? Awesome “season 6″ comic of Angel ? But I agree that the last episodes of the 5th season were awesome.

    No, seriously : Firefly, firefly, firefly….

  • Ragudaddy

    The Tick: animated? Yes, I heartily agree. The Tick: live-action? Absolutely not (though I liked the name Bat-Manuel

  • Hamster


  • Me

    Firefly is my #1. I haven't seen a few of the listed shows. A lot of them were just bad in my opinion. Sarah Connor Chronicles, Knight Rider, and Bionic Woman were total suck. Pushing Daisies looked good and I was looking forward to finding time to watch it when it got canceled.

    Jericho, Deadwood, and Carnivale would be my next choices in that order with the first two being very close.

  • Wylie


    But since that wasn't an option either Firefly or Middleman.

  • Peruna

    Other – Invasion.

  • Brother Justin Crowe

    Uh…Firefly was cancelled nearly eight years ago, and the film was nearly five years ago.

  • HuthMFC

    I would say firefly like the rest of the people. Life on Mars should never come back. It had such a perfect ending I wouldn't want them to ruin it by having some lame reason for it to continue.

  • Rodney

    Dark Angel…ended on a huge cliffhanger, and the world needs more Jessica Alba

  • Lalo Martins

    I love Firefly, but I'm not entirely convinced a whole new season of it (or three) would keep that quality.

    On the other hand, I was thinking of this just last week — I'd love to watch a new season of Babylon 5. :-D Yes, it's been cancelled forever and it would be really weird, but it's a really good show and there was a lot of story to tell.

  • Dyslexicatheist

    My Name Is Earl

  • Retro315

    I'm a fanboy and can understand the reason why Firefly is easily acing this contest. But I voted Star Trek: Enterprise. Season 4 was like a whole different, amazing god damn show. And Season 5 would have had Shran, the series best, most likable, most demanded character, join the crew.

  • Lainey

    There's a few I would like to tick, but I really liked Pushing Daisies, quirky and pretty unique, while a lot of the others are mostly straight sci-fi variations.

  • Kurt Onstad

    It's not quite sci-fi, but has some aspects to it…

    Eli Stone.

  • EyesBL7

    Arrested Development, Carnivale or Deadwood.

  • Pyramid

    I couldn't watch 5 minutes of the new show. The voices are obviously different. Close but different. I felt like I was watching a cheap knockoff.

  • Pyramid

    Carnivale and Deadwood would also be my first choices.

  • Kyle Maloney


    I only just recently bought firefly and Serenity on blu ray. Ive only seen 2 eps but I like it so far. I would like it to come back too, but my vote goes to Terminator. so much untapped potential there. the final moments scream for another season. not just a movie either. Even if we should get one, I'm not sure they would be able to wrap it up properly.

    I'd also like to see Dollhouse return.

  • leester37

    The Tick live action series with Patrick Warburton….

  • Pinhead_the_lead_CENOBITE

    Quantum Leap end of story

  • Kurt Onstad

    Hear hear!!!

  • Apocryphic Visions

    Other… Veronica Mars

  • Yoseph Leib

    Arrested Development isn't on the table; has Michael Cera given up and agreed to even a movie yet? It had such a clean end too. The mystery is how and why did Sit Down, Shut Up fail like it did.

    But for sure, Firefly is the only one on the list that even inspires any strong feelings, but total ones. There was so much left open, like “Hey, how did Book get to where he was?” and such.
    But that was just the most and satisfying/dark space/future/pirate/cowboy comedy ever, and, though i imagine the soul of man wouldn't be forever defeated nessesarily, if the show was never ressurected, or ressurectable, but the appearance of any kind of Star Trek on this list reminds: even if you don't get to keep going in one form, the most interesting questions you raise will be worked on and mined for what ever precious remains unelaborated within it.

    But no, Firefly is actually one of the greatest and deepest pieces of art ever to become television, it might just save us all from toxic armaggeddon if we just get to watch more of this show.

    Firefly: The Next Generation? Maybe the messiah really is coming. Thank Good G-d, Futurama came back, Family Guy came back, even the freaking Cosby Show, for a minute there back in the day. Maybe someday someone will get around to producing the untold He-man and She-ra prehistory of He-ro, in the universe of Robot Dinosaurs (remember that, kids?)… Lord only know who else shall live in hearts enough to be ressurected one day…

  • demoncat_4

    hard call to make for like most of the shows. but picked pushing daises for it was unique. can not believe a lot want knight rider back on the air. for that remake was a weak copy of the original in my opinion

  • the_isolator


  • Hsanz


  • Arturo

    No Arrested Developmen = Fail.

  • spidey-dude


  • Sketch

    If I had to vote for multiple, it'd easily be Firefly, Terminator, and Life on Mars … though I did like how LoM ended :)

  • Paul H.

    Arrested Development, end of story.

  • Jajaja

    Funny considering the entire cast returned for the series… They didn't sound different to me at all.

  • Arzbest

    Veronica Mars.

  • Tom

    Feels like the Firefly boat has sailed, alas, at this point – especially now we even see TV executives, of all people, acknowledging and lamenting its premature demise, yet no sign that anything could ever get off the ground. (And as for the Universal marketing executive that blamed Serenity's lack of success on the failure of fans to market by word of mouth – this is the guy who managed to spectacularly fail to market the movie by the way – oh let's not go there.) The cast and crew – who are rather older now than they were back then – seem to have given up on the idea of returning.

    And I feel like the casts of Veronica Mars and Wonderfalls, respectively, are probably too old to reprise their roles at this point (although I suppose there is still potential in both – they'd be a different kind of show, though).

    Spectacular Spider-Man is the one recent TV show I think deserves a new lease on life – it's absolutely brilliant and does the Spider-Man franchise a great service for the current generation of children (miles better than any previous screen interpretation of the character at any rate). And doesn't suffer the “aging cast” problem of live action shows. Plus everyone who worked on it seems to want to come back…

  • Dr. Roctopus

    Gotta agree with demoncat_4. Pushing daisies was quirky and interesting and different and not around nearly long enough.

  • Douglasprostorog

    enterprise and middleman are my first choices for live action. Tick for animation–really was there a better cartoon?

  • Cranberry Alpha

    Didn't anyone watch Better Off Ted? (Probably not, as it got cancelled in the first place.) It was a deleriously daffy and ultra-dry office sit-com with somewhat sci-fi affectations. (One episode had a Dalek make a cameo appearance.) Two half-seasons were not enough!

    Otherwise, from the list, I'd pick The Middleman.

  • Josh

    King of the Hill!!!!!

  • Ecpunk109

    Why is Arrested Development not on this list?

  • Keslon

    Arrested Development!

  • johnjacob

    most definetly. or bring back buffy

  • electricv01

    Duckman ^^

  • Mike

    Even though we're eventually getting a DC miniseries of it. I'd say Pushing Daisies.

  • Kandor

    Posted this on the wrong theme…
    The Critic should make a comeback, definitely

  • Mr. Q

    It's a toss up between Spectacular Spider-man and Teen Titans for me.

    Mr. Q

  • Trey

    Absolutely. And it was one of the best dramas about teenage life, what it meant to be a human, and identity. All this from a show about cyborgs, who would have thunk it?

  • stealthwise

    Pushing Daisies was just heating up.

  • Tim

    Heroes. Season 1 was so wonderfully awesome, then the writers strike happened and it just never quite got back on the horse. Valiant attempts were made however. I think one more season would at least have given it some closure.

    Firefly. Neutered before it could even get out of the starting gate. Nuff' said. Such a wonderful show.

    Angel was also just really finding itself come together finally, and it gets the axe. Always a good, sometimes even great show.

  • Derock01

    Megas XLR

  • Dowmein6


  • Sdc10

    Firefly, no contest

  • Len

    I picked Other.

    My actual choice: John Doe. That was one of the best shows ever. The year Firefly was sadly canceled, the other show it shared the Fox Death Slot with lasted the entire season. And it was just a good show.

  • Markallanreynolds

    Dresden Files no doubt!

  • Pgconley

    Firefly or Life on Mars

  • Eric

    I would dislike this as hard as I possibly could if (1) that were an option and (2) there wasn't the slight chance that you were talking about the ending of the British version.

  • Geekgazette

    My pick was Firefly, but Sliders, ST: Enterprise and Heroes came in a close second. I'd like to see Justice League Unlimited come back.

  • Geekgazette

    I picked Firefly, but I have to agree that Castle is one of my current favorites. I'd really hate to see that show go off the air, even if it resulted in a new Firefly series.

  • Geekgazette

    Jericho and Jeremiah were both shows that deserved to last longer. I'd really like to see Sliders resurrected and done with a little more respect than the original got from the network.

  • Geekgazette

    Freakazoid and The Tick are both great shows that I miss. Good thing I got the DVDs.

  • Geekgazette

    I can't believe that Dresden got canceled in the first place. It was a great show.

  • Geekgazette

    I need to add Dresden to my list as well.

  • Geekgazette

    If there was a network that resurrected Firefly, Sliders, Dresden Files, Star Trek: Enterprise, Heroes (reboot after 1st season), Buffy, The Tick animated, Justice League Unlimited, Legion of Superheroes, Freakazoid and aired Castle, I don't think I'd ever need to watch a different station again.

  • Eamon

    The Tick!

  • Supermanlos

    I'm totally with you for Mission Hill.

  • Axle911

    Clerks the cartoon

  • Mary51122

    Life on Mars — loved it, miss it…

  • MajorTomOnFire

    I voted Firefly, but I'm taking that back. Although too short, that series ended to perfectly in Serenity. A new series would not do it justice.

  • Palmer

    From those choices I can't pick only one. I'd have to go with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Pushing Daisies, Firefly and the Middleman.

  • ryan

    Although I want to say Arrested Development, I think it had a really good ending. It was an ending that tied things together really well, although the creators and fans really wanted it to go on.

    I really wish Pushing Daisies was still around, so that's my vote. As others have said, it was unique, which is a hard thing to find on tv these days. And for it to come back would fit with Ned's gift of reviving the dead to get some answers.

  • Mr_Wayne


  • Musicofthenight2000

    Wolverine and the X-Men was cancelled due to budget problems. It was way too expensive to produce.

  • Goaticorn

    No one mentioned Threshold. That was a GREAT show and had so much more to offer.

  • JesusChristPose

    Arrested Development, Clone High and Firefly.

  • Y_bareket

    Whoops… Still – Just makes my point even stronger…

  • Andre Matt

    as the pop phenomena that it become, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER deserves, more than a second chance a new life.

    and we NEED Joss Whedon back on tv. ASAP.

  • Da_illest1

    veronica mars!!!!!

  • Da_illest1

    and middleman

  • Chris

    What's wrong with you people!?!



  • Sharpfox18

    Rockos Modern Life

  • Chip

    Farscape. There are so many more stories that you could tell in that universe.

    At least we have the comic series right now.

  • Mark_whittington0607

    I don't get Life on Mars being on the list, as it ended properly and and hanging plots were cleaned up in Ashes to Ashes?

  • James

    Veronica Mars – one of my all time favorite shows!!! ;)
    Pushing Daisies (plus Dead like me and Wonderfalls!!)
    Quantum Leap
    The 4400
    Tru Calling


  • philfromgermany

    Mystery Science Theater 3000
    Twin Peaks
    The Wire
    Pirates of Dark Water

  • JoshW

    Reaper! :) A show that should have never been cancelled!!!

  • Cyberv

    Veronica Mars. Best detective show in ages.

    I miss it. It was a long time ago, and I still want to be friends.

  • Charles

    The Simpsons seasons 3 through 8

  • theConundrumm

    instinct had me click on Firefly, only to realise Middleman should have been my first choice… though i like the idea of an animated Middleman…

  • Koltan

    Terminator: SCC has gone too early. I want to see the continuation.

  • dnluser

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

  • Alien

    Bring back TSCC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RunnerX13

    Um, none of these; I vote for Flashforward.

  • Jesse Torrey

    Actually, I vote for Legend of the Seeker, dammit!

  • Wayne Ligon

    Firefly, first and foremost.
    Pushing Daisies
    The 4400 (AKA WHat Heroes Should Have Been Like)
    Heroes, particularly if you have Peter step out of Pam's shower and say the last three seasons were terrible dreams.
    Veronica Mars

  • Halcyon

    Farscape. The best Science Fiction tv series ever made IMO.

  • Kombat Wombat

    Flashforward, yeah it was slow but let them finish what they started.

    All series should be allowed a minimum of 2 seasons that way they would know during season 1 that they will be cancelled & can at least reach a conclusion for the people that do watch.

  • e.

    Movie is being shot this year!

  • Martin

    The 2nd season of Jericho showed that there was a way of bringing back a cancelled series to give closure to open topics. Personally I think the the 2nd season was way better than 1st one.
    Of the options I voted “Pushing Daisies” but I wanted to see also in the list “Geeks and Freaks” and “Arrested Development”

  • Jbartley67

    i picked sarah connor chronicles because of how it ended with so much potential still to go. but, firefly, heroes, invasion, and flashforward all need to come back.

  • Vincentcostumer

    Not a strictly sci-fi choice, but mine would be “Beauty and the Beast”. Everyone in the fandom hated the way CBS slaughtered it. Ron Perlman could easily return as Vincent, though I'm not sure about Linda Hamilton. Maybe a reboot with new casting all around…

  • Mitch

    Forever Knight? Twin Peaks?

  • Bill4935

    Firefly. AND NOTHING ELSE.

    Oh, and the following 25 people who are definitely not alts of mine also vote for Firefly.

  • hal jordan

    justice league, transformers animated, batman beyond, reno 911, huff, my name is earl (even though the last season sucked)

  • Mr. M

    “All series should be allowed a minimum of 2 seasons that way they would know during season 1 that they will be cancelled & can at least reach a conclusion for the people that do watch. “

    I think that would be an economical disaster!

  • Paul1963

    Even though the successes of “Chuck” and “Castle” create major casting issues, I still had to pick “Firefly.”
    “Heroes” was an overdue mercy-killing. Never got into “Enterprise.” “Bones'” success bars an “Angel” revival (I miss “Firefly” more, so it got my vote).
    I'd watch another year of “Mission Hill,” “Life,” “Arrested Development,” or “Better Off Ted.”

  • lolol

    I like TV Show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

  • Dfo

    Veronica Mars

  • Impreze

    Save tscc!!!

  • Crml_vllnv

    Arrested development!!!

  • Sh0gg0th

    TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. No contest.

  • Tofer1967

    Firefly should get the reboot. SyFy, TNT or Spike should step up to make it happen! Show was never given a chance considering how bad Fox screwed up its time slot and messing with the episodes release schedule.


  • Zig2K

    I would have to say NONE of the shows listed should be brought back. They were ALL horrible.

  • a2veg

    As the World Turns

  • Miksamkhin

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles mast be save!!!

  • Ostrakos

    How to choose just one? Firefly, Dollhouse, Pushing Daisies and outside of genre television I'd like more King of the Hill, Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks…

  • Pootywedge

    Book's story is coming in the comics…the GN was solicited in the new Previews!

  • Adam J

    Megas XLR

  • MisterSix

    Reaper. And a no-flash Drawn Together.

  • Jrhaynes104

    REAPER! Please God, bring it back!

  • Strangewingz


  • Real213

    Blade the series

  • Kombat Wombat

    Not really, perhaps it would make the studios pick what they commission a bit more carefully. More quality on the tube, less rubbish.

  • Kevinmaxtor

    will you guys be showing fox this? I want TSCC back so badly =(

  • Lightm

    Wanna see more Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

  • Dpannell1108

    Bionic Women still has a lot of potential.

  • Paul1963

    We! Dig! Gi-ant ro-bots!

    I bring this up on the [adult swim] boards a couple of times a year. I think it'd find an audience there, more than it did as part of Toonami.

  • VQsyl

    I like TSCC very much, it forced you to think about relation between human and machine, and Summer Glau in role of Cameron is the best terminator ever.

  • Arthur1920

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chroicles. I wont survive Judgement Day without Sarah, Cameron, Derek and John

  • Humdinger Save Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. weekly rallies at deiscussions) and Viewing parties at every Sat at 10 PM ET.

  • alla g.

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles no question!
    it's, without any doubt, the best show ever made.

  • Kyle_Maloney

    You have lousy taste if you cant find a single show out of this list to enjoy. A lot of quality shows here.

  • Zig2K

    I would suggest ppl that wanna save those shows have lousy taste. There is a reason they were all cancelled. NO ONE liked them

  • Casey

    I completely agree 100%! I got addicted to this show on Friday and it is now Sunday evening and I watched both the first and second season it was so good I couldn't stop it. Sadly, there are so many shows on nowadays that people struggle to make decisions, making the networks feel that a show is “failing” if it does not receive the strong ratings it is shooting for. The end of second season was clearly showing a strong third season beginninger, a beginning that will not be unless people stand up for it and let the networks see what they really want. SAVE TSCC!!!

  • Casey

    Well when you sit around enjoying shows like Hannah Montana, I guess you really don't know what a good show is then Zig2K

  • Chris

    Terminator TSCC

  • Blakblu

    Stargate Universe, loved that show