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Stop Motion Addams Family Project On The Way

The Addams Family

A stop-motion animated The Addams Family feature film is currently in the early stages of development with director Tim Burton a likely contender to helm the project, according to producer Christopher Meledandri.

“It’s all very, very early, but we are developing with [Tim Burton directing] in mind,” Meledandri told Coming Soon. “We’re just now at the story phase. Stuff has been written as though we are doing it in black and white, but that’s not correct. It’s not incorrect, but it’s not correct. We haven’t gotten to that point.”

According to Coming Soon, Meledandri revealed that the Addams Family feature will be based on “the original Charles Addams comics that ran in The New Yorker and not the subsequent television series or the film adaptations.”

Seems like a no-brainer that Burton would direct a project like this. How long before the announcement that Johnny Depp is voicing Gomez and Helena Bonham Carter is voicing Morticia?

Source: Coming Soon


  • Eric

    Good lord I hope Burton, Depp and Carter are not involved. I have nothing against them individually, but all together, I'm tired of it.

  • demoncat_4

    interesting for always though the execs should have used the main source material for the adam's family for that is where their charm comes from and with Tim on board the thing may be a revial of the adam's family

  • nik

    I think Burton, Depp, and Carter ARE the Addams Family. Few things are more delightfuly weird than that trio.