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5 Reasons Why DC Needs A Wonder Woman Movie

I’m going to just come right out and say it: If the new Wonder Woman costume makes a movie any more likely, I’m all in favor of it. As DC Entertainment begins to work on their movie slate, here are 5 reasons why a WW movie should be one of their top priorities.

She’s One Of The Most Famous Superheroes In The World
We’ve seen Superman and Batman get their own movies and, as great as Green Lantern and the Flash may be, WW has them both beat by a long way when it comes to brand recognition. If DCE is really out to win hearts and minds, ignoring their third-most-well-known character doesn’t seem to be the easy way to go about it. It doesn’t even matter if the reason she’s so well known is Lynda Carter, people obsessed with the bondage imagery of the character or those who want to see if she’s going to wear that jacket on the big screen – If mainstream audiences can get over their Adam West fetish and buy into Tim Burton and/or Christopher Nolan’s dark versions of Batman, they’re ready to be lured into a new version of Paradise Island’s favorite daughter.

She’s A Great Character
Ignoring the familiar iconic appeal of the character, Wonder Woman offers all manner of material that could make movie-worthy storylines – A warrior princess coming to civilization to preach peace? The daughter of gods being toyed with by those deities while making her way in a world that no longer believes in them? A Princess raised in a female-only society falling in love with a mortal man? These are insanely cinematic story ideas. If done well – which is to say, embraced with something approaching passion and not camp – how could a Wonder Woman movie fail? After all…

…It Could Be A Genre Mash-Up Like None Other
Superheroes + Gods + Epic Adventure. Make sure that enough of the movie happens outside of civilization as we know it, add “3D” in there somewhere, and you’ve got Clash of The Titans meets Superman without even breaking a sweat. Who wouldn’t want to go see that?

No-One Has Managed A Good Female-Led Superhero Movie Yet
In fact, most have seemed to try and avoid the idea since… what? My Super Ex-Girlfriend? Supergirl? It’s part of the genre that’s been entirely lacking in this recent resurgence of superhero movies. Yes, I know that there’s an assumption that female-led action movies are less successful than their male counterparts – Something that I’ll be interested to see challenged by Angelina Jolie’s Salt later this summer – and the same is true in superhero comics, but still: Isn’t it time that someone tried to challenge that assumption? If DC went ahead with a Wonder Woman movie, it’d allow them to lead in the race with Marvel by doing something that their opposition, so far, seems scared by.

Think Of The Free Publicity
If Wonder Woman can get such PR by changing her outfit – or, years ago, cutting her hair, back when Walt Simonson was writing the book – imagine what the celebrity press would do with rumors of casting the role… especially if, unlike the Spider-Man race that seems to be going on, actresses aggressively campaigned for it. Imagine how eager people would be to see the movie version of the costume, as well. With the addition of “hot girl + potentially skimpy outfit” math, a WW movie would – for better or worse – find itself being presold to audiences long before anyone at DCE or Warners would have to think about the official ad campaign.

I know, I know; people have tried for a long time to make a Wonder Woman movie happen, with even Joss Whedon taking a swing at the script. But with the character demonstrating her popularity with mainstream headlines for something as minor as a costume change, and DC pushing forward with new movie projects, surely someone over at DC Entertainment must realize that now is the time to make this happen. If we don’t get Wonder Woman before Green Arrow, then something has gone very, very wrong. I hope you’re listening, Geoff Johns.


  • wwfan

    We know she can't run around in granny panties in a movie so seeing that JMS and DC have done the hard work and taken the heat WB has it easy now putting a more film friendly version of the costume. And if people whine it will be so yesterday.

    She deserves a movie!! Look at where she is and she has one tv show, has no movies and few animated shows unlike other characters who piggy back off others and could never begin to sell like her in their own right.

  • gnort

    I think you should make a concerted effort to make sure Geoff Johns, Diane Nelson, and Warner Bros. read this article. I have to agree with you in your assessments….you're only saying the very things I've thought of time and time again on a potential Wonder Woman movie. As for the new costume, it's not exactly the one I'd go with but it'll serve the purposes of the story and fits the character in that alternate reality. To me, J.M.S. is doing a Joni Mitchell/You Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone thing…meaning this abrupt change in character/look/backstory only reminds us what a grand and beautiful character we've had and pretty much allowed to languish in low sales…taken for granted, really. They want attention for the book and like it or not, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT AND THE CHARACTER AGAIN, are we not?
    Still when it comes to a live-action movie, I want to see her in the more classic suit. Either as drawn by Terry and Rachel Dodson in their run on the Wonder Woman title or the suit Alex Ross painted on her in Kingdom Come. I loved the Wonder Woman animated dvd by the way. ;)

  • OutriderC

    DC doesn't need a WW movie. WW hasn't connected with audiences in years. She has no character to speak of-quick, name a personality trait for Wonder Woman! That's what I thought. The only reason she's famous is because Lynda Carter was good (or so I hear, never actually saw the show) as Wonder Woman. Look for Power Girl or Zatanna to surpass WW as the primary lady hero at DC within the next couple of years.

  • Ston3henge

    Good-Gawd, WW is all BREAST!!! That's bloody rediculous… As to a film, sure. They should move on to destroying another great character, look at the wonderful job Singer did on “Superman Returns”… yeah, that would be GREAT, let's throw WW into that muck-pit too. Seriously, filmmakers need to stop picking on the comics. Every attempt has been embarrassing because they (Hollywood) don't let the writers of the books work on the films. Why is that?

  • Lisangelo

    Of course WW deserves a movie, but a GOOD one. With respect. The same respct Chris Reeve showed when he roles Superman, and the same respect that Chris Nolan did put on Batman Begins and Dark Knight. Maybe with need an another actress or a director named Chris…

  • Karl Disley

    Of course they should a WW movie!!!!!!!!! Only ignorant people who obsess over the camp aspect of the costume or only know the tv show[ which is only a very small part of the overall mythology] will object. Hollywood is running scared of a female-hero branded movie.. not surprising considering the Catwoman and Supergirl debacles which ruined how heroines are seen on film; all breasts and sexy costumes and an anti-men attitude[which dosent help, Hoolywood is ruled by blokes whod object to that stereotype]. The trick is to strip WW back to basics, maybe a revision of the George Perez early issues. They could work in a modern context.

  • Averyscratch

    Personality: compassion, empowerment, wisdom, biting sense of humor need I continue? DId you read Rucka or Perez's work on the character or do you just like spouting off?

  • Mr_Wayne

    It really shouldn't be this difficult to make a WW film. They can practically use the animated film as a script for goodness sakes.

  • DB

    Sorry, wwfan, but you need the iconic costume in the movie. The entire movie. Not five seconds, not as a cameo or wink, but the real deal. She's worn armour around it before (not that we need to go into “Screaming Chicken” territory) and besides, she grew up on a tropical island with no AC. What would YOU wear in those circumstances?

    Of course they should bring Wonder Woman to the screen in some fashion. But reality check – she JUST had an animated movie come out that was quite good, and it didn't exactly break sales records – AND DC and WB are clearly taking their time to find the right way to present her on film, which is hard to know how to do when her book only gets attention for tossing supporting characters in the trash and starting fresh every few years.

    Your article is great, but I don't know if the conditions are, at least not yet. Maybe in five more years….

  • Golden Age Wonder Boy

    Yeah, we hear people like this Outrider guy go on about how no one can “relate” to Diana or how she is “unapproachable” or whatever. Really? In what book? Where? I remember in Infinite Crisis, Blue Beetle (Ted Cord) made it a point that Wonder Woman's charm is irresistible. Everyone ends up liking her — even Circe became victim of her own spell and ended up Diana's ally. Dude, get a clue.

  • Fury1978

    i'd rather see a Batwoman or Batgirl movie…

    or Birds of Prey…

  • Lead_sharp

    I wonder what movie going audience would think of a costume no one actually seems to like? Plus let's face it no one outside of comics gives a shit about.

    Genre 'mash ups' are like a monster truck rally if they let Steve Wonder drive, a confused mess. 'Mash ups' never do very well because if a film doesn't know what it is then neither does the audience and they stop caring and suddenly wish they'd gone to see something else, like Transformers 2, which was crap but at least knew what it was, a proper monster truck rally.

    Lets face it the recent Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia were big budget set pieces set in with same trappings as Wonder Woman and they were hopeless failures on every level.

    You can't even say a big name Director would make this work any more look at Robin Hood and The Last Airbender (or don't if you value your eyes) genre pieces that where shot in the foot by idiotic direction.

    If you honestly think that “hot girl + potentially skimpy outfit” will sell a movie you never watched the Lara Croft efforts. If you think that will actual appeal to a female audience (with the exception of the rug munchers union) who let's be honest again SHOULD be the target audience for this character then I really hope WB don't see this.

    But all this is irrelevant, a good film is a good film and one can be made of anything, my real question is why?

    I'm so sick and jaded with comic adaptations I've reached the point where I don't care any more. As a reader of comics I don't actually need a Watchmen movie or an Iron Man movie to get my fix of those characters, I just go to the long boxes and mooch around. It's a lot less bother than trying to find the remote control and the special effects are always better.

  • Docorlando

    Is Diana doing a Power Girl imitation up there?

  • Timberoo

    I'm supposed to suspend disbelief enough that a woman can be super strong, fly, come from an island of immortal women and bounce bullets off her bracelets but not suspend it enough to think she can't do it in shorts? I don't buy it.

    Dodson's version covered her behind and her breasts. She had freedom of movement and was more covered than most women in films.

  • nilcompoop

    I agree with Timberoo. Just because a woman shows skin doesn't mean she cant evoke strength and dignity…that idea is completely BS. Are female triathletes or gymnasts seen as sex symbols? In most cases no. They wear there outfits for maximum freedom. Dodson's tweaking of WW costume (more cover on buttocks and chest) was dignified, kept true to tradition and also kept the sexiness and freedom of being a woman. Why cover that up? This new costume is just a poor amalgam of 90's Jim Lee dated x-men styling and Black Canary. Poorly inspired. I hope if there is a movie, they try to tweak with the traditional iconic costume and not this new crap.

  • Tory Danna

    I want a movie but they need to wait until this costume fiasco is over to make one.

  • demoncat_4

    Could not agree more . for its suprisingly that Dc seems hesitate to get Wonder woman ready for the big screen. espically since she is the last of the trinity and the female version of supes and bats. plus it would be a hit for most fans would go because they like the character but mostly to see dc dare to have some actress wear the costume. as for casting wonder woman has been the one role every actress has been saying they want. including at one time Sandra Bullock

  • Brian

    How is Marvel scared by trying a female superhero movie when they made Elektra years ago?

  • George

    ALTHOUGH I AGREE WONDER WOMAN DESERVES A MOVIE- I disagree with some of the reasoning this writer has chosen to make his point.
    For instance –
    “I’m going to just come right out and say it: If the new Wonder Woman costume makes a movie any more likely, I’m all in favor of it…”
    To me, this is like saying do whatever you want to the character as long as she gets a movie. Some executive somewhere with the power to greenlight crap like the new Jonah Hex film will say, “Hey not only are we gonna give her a new look lets also change her powers, forget the lasso, lets give her energy beams like iron man… You know what I don't care much for greek mythology, can we cut that out too…Hey we can give it a Twilight edge and throw in vampires werewolves and make the movie a love story…” If you dont believe stuff like this happens, then check out Jonah Hex, The Last Airbender, Wolverine Origins or Dragon Ball Evolution. I am not a fan of the new costume and have been vocal over my disgust of the new costume. This new costume is the first steps in the wrong direction for Wonder Woman, not only her new direction in comics but also in guiding her to the big screen. The more changes made to the character, the more likely it will be terrible. It changes the character completely, she is not even recognizable and looks more like Donna Troy, her protogie. The original costume is iconic, and whats strange is that the original costume, as revealing as it is, has been around since her inception in the early 40s'. How is it that the costume she wore is acceptable in the 40's and beyond but can be deemed unacceptable by todays standards. How backwards is that? There are children and teenagers that wear more sexually revealing outfits and we're worried about a character who has been a renowned icon since the 1940's. Need we forget Slave Leah's outfit in the 1980 film Return of the Jedi which was also rated PG.
    Lynda Carter the stunning beauty who played Wonder Woman for television also managed to pull off the SAME outfit that the comic book version has been using for a very long time. I am not normally someone who gets upset over costume changes, because I know in a few months or even year or two it will change back (unless its an exceptional design that deserves to stick around)but I've read too much about how this change is for the benefit of “the movie”. Well I'm saying it is not and to change her iconic look, especially this drastically, is the first steps in making a horrible movie that will have terrible reprecussions for Wonder Woman and all of the DC universe. Agree or Disagree?

  • KET1

    Frannkly, I wish DC and WB would just let some other studio make a Wonder Woman movie, because unless it's Batman, they're pretty much all thumbs; and they won't spend the necessary money to make it right. Didn't the Jonah Hex fiasco teach anybody a lesson yet?

  • George

    If anyone cares to give it a look, here is an extended rant I have posted on in regard Wonder Woman and her new outfit.
    “Ok, I saw this and I felt inclined to add my two cents to the pot. Now, I have really enjoyed JMS ’s work in the past, especially Spider-Man and Thor, so I am confident that he does have some good stories on the table for Wonder Woman. BUT the new costume design is an EYESORE, I gotta say I feel it is terrible looking for WONDER WOMAN. Honestly I dont even see WOnder WOman, I just see a new Donna Troy outfit which could work for her but again, IT IS NOT FOR WONDER WOMAN. For me the costume alone changes everything about the character and the book, I dont even see Wonder WOman just Donna Troy or even Black Canary with black hair dye. I feel that the costume is terribly dull even when it’s rendered by such a talented artist such as Jim Lee. Most importantly it is not iconic, say what you want about Wonder Woman’s classic look, but it was iconic this is not. JMS states that he wanted her to have a modern feel, but this looks like something out of the 90’s specifically like Superboy’s outfit from the Reign of Superman storyline. He also stated that he wanted her to look more like a warrior, but with the new design the only thing he actually accomplishes is to TAKE AWAY Diana’s warrior look in favor of a HOT TOPIC posterchild. If I saw this new costume design out on the new WOnderWoman books I probably would not buy it just because the costume bothers me that much. And the only other time I’ve ever boycotted a book was with Rick Remender’s Franken-Castle, which I felt destroyed the Punisher character. Although JMS at the helm seems like a good thing, this new costume design is not and if this is an indication of Diana’s future I can quickly see JMS turning into the new Jeph Loeb when it comes the ire of fans everywhere. The “new” DC already has a big strike against it with the horrible horrible horrible Jonah Hex film and this seems like they’re ready to add to the list of flops with this new design. Hopefully it won’t last.
    On the topic of this article in particular, I feel that the writer of this article is being very optimistic in his reception of the new costume design. I DO NOT feel the same, if this outfit were to hit the big screen, it would essentially be DC’s first steps in making another DC flop like Jonah Hex. Wonder Woman deserves better than that. Yes there have been changes to costumes for the sake of the movies, but after X-Men(which the costumes looked terrible), all costumes seemed geared toward the originals. Besides, if we change something up for the sake of not ruffling someone’s feathers wouldnt that be a huge step back. Linda Carter pulled it off, even the terrible Supergirl movie had the same look as the original revealing costume, and can anyone forget Slave Leia, if I didnt know better, that costume was ahead of its time when it comes to how revealing it was. And whats strange is how can this costume that is revealing be acceptable in the 30’s and beyond up until now become controversial in this day and age? How backward is that? There are children wearing more exploitave and sexually revealing outfits and yet we are worried about this iconic character who has been around for so long? So, what if some people are offended, the costume has been a part of the character for as long as she has been around, it has been the same revealing look since the begining. Also, there are a lot of comic films that stayed true to the original iconic costumes with MINOR changes at best, such as the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Superman,Batman, and even the upcoming THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA (uses the ULTIMATE LOOK) films. SO, my point is, 99 times out of 100, any drastic changes to the core of the character, such as the changing of an iconic costume will most likely be terrible, and this new costume is terrible. So I hope DC does not make this their standard when it comes to how they treat their icons, because if it is, well I for one will not stick around.
    Hey Stephen thanks for the corrections, for some reason I thought WOnder WOman had appeared in the late 30’s but her 1st appearance was in dec 1941 with All Star Comics. As for the costumes, every single Batman in each film has taken a variation of the costume, while I’m sure a lot of people were up in arms about it, contrary to the posting I made I am not a stick in the mud when it comes to costume adjustments. BUT in this instance with such a negative and drastic Wonder Woman design I truly feel that she got the short end of the stick on this one and I am very disapointed with the choice to let this become the primary look for Wonder Woman when it makes her nearly unreconizable. I would think a funny joke that could run through the comics is that when she confronts her rogues that they dont even recongnize her, or just assume it is Donna Troy. But I do believe that with JMS writing, the book has a strong chance to not only become something different than what we’re used to but most importantly something great which I really want for Wonder Woman because she is one of the big three icons and deserves stories that treat her as such. I just feel that this costume is a huge step in the wrong direction for DC just like the new Jonah Hex film was such a terrible flop, and I hope it is not an indication of what’s to come for DC.
    Some of the other posts I’ve read have attributed Wonder Woman’s lack of success to poor storytelling and a mistreatment of the character as well as a complete lack of understanding on the writers part for the material and character. And although I am not a regular reader because I do not usually enjoy the story or characterization, I do have a tremendous reverence for the character. But honestly how can it be so hard to understand and write compelling stories for her. The odds are stacked in your favor. She is a warrior born, able to go one on one with Superman and the rest of the DC Universe! She has mythological roots… SO? How is that a detriment to her? If anything it enriches her because of each of the big 3 Diana is the soldier and the warrior she understands war and combat. Superman chose his path as a protector, Batman was thrown into his by trajedy, but Diana is a Warrior born and from childhood on she has been trained to be a warrior and a leader. She has been shown to make the hard choices and to stand by her decisions, this is no different than any strong leader in any combat situation. When she killed Maxwell Lord, I thought finally someone who was faced with a no win situation and did what needed to be done. If it were Superman or Batman, well lets face it they are never faced with a no win situation, and both have shown that they will not kill for whatever the reason or whoever may suffer because of it. WHats so hard to understand about that? If anything I can see Diana leading the Justice League just as well as Superman or Batman. I say this because Superman is a reluctant leader, and Batman is a loner at heart, but Diana is a born leader and was raised to embrace her role as a leader. And as for her costume is it so wrong to be different, she comes from a different culture, 1 she lives on an island and 2 she is constantly training, when not in uniform she would probably feel most comfortable in a toga or a gown of some sort because that is what her culture wears. Does everyone have to conform to our norms? If so Superman would not be on our side because he would realize that we are a cancer to our planet and that we would not be content until we use up all of our natural resources and make as many shopping malls and celebrities as we possibly can. My point is Diana’s core is a warrior, the story practically writes itself, what do warriors who champion good do? Um they fight evil! Duh, just like any other hero. She is as dedicated as Superman or Batman, and can and will fight for what she believes in. So give her some new villians and make her usual rogues relevant because if Diana received the treatment she deserved, she would easily be as popular as Superman, SPiderman, BAtman, or Wolverine (yes, even Deadpool.)”
    Here it is, agree or disagree?

  • daughter

    'If DCE is really out to win hearts and minds,'

    You are confused with what George Bush wanted

  • Xsikal

    Unlike many of the vocal posters, (but then, people are ALWAYS more vocal when they dislike something), I have to say I quite like the new costume. I've been reading WW for years, and will certainly continue to do so through the relaunch, and my only concern with a potential movie is that they get good people to act, write, and direct it, and that they treat the subject material with dignity and respect.

  • Gnoll_boy

    liking the new ww costume — other than the rogue jacket. why can't dc/wb just adapt the animated ww movie?

  • Jajaja

    “she grew up on a tropical island with no AC. What would YOU wear in those circumstances?”

    A robe. Like the rest of the Amazons. Not a corset.

  • Colierrannd

    She's one of my favorite DC characters (the other being Oracle who really deserves a great film herself) but this will never happen. WB is being run by idiot chauvinists who made that god-awful Catwoman with Hale Berry and this claimed that a female led movie would never make money. As to the source material only Perez and Jimenez have ever done her great justice. Greg Ruck and Dan DiDio made her a murderer. I'm hopeful J. Michael Strazynski can redeem her. Personally I'd also say you need to go back to the tv series for a couple things to make the movie work.

    # 1, Lynda Carter. No other person right now could give a WW movie legitimacy in the public eye. You need her on board and probably best as Hippolyta.

    #2 Steve Trevor. It makes sense still for him to crash on Themiscyra and be rescued.

    #3 introduce in a cameo Wonder Girl. Preferably the Cassie Sandsmark character who under Peter David was awesome but under other writers not so much. I would amalgamate her with the Debra Winger version who was named Drusilla but that's not the best name for a heroine to me. Cassie is a potent ally and can be used later.

    #4 and this is the most important after Lynda Carter…give her different costumes/uniforms for different functions. I thought the second season of the tv show was brilliant for this. An diving suit, armor,etc….

    Finally you need someone with vision. Someone like a Whedon, Raimi or Singer (who made the best DC superhero movie of the last 25 years or so, imo). Somewhere there is a nerd who just can't wait to bring her to life on the big screen the right way. Just have to find them.

  • comic relief

    I fear saying this because I want to see her in a film as well but I wonder whether Wonder Woman's suit is exactly why people like her character. I hope I'm wrong but this was one of the number one reasons I liked the Lynda Carter TV show.

    Hope I don't represent the pervert gallery.

    Honestly I think the suit resembles Black Canary's too much and the body is too much like Powergirl.

    On the other hand, maybe things haven't changed that much.

  • Djrtheking

    Wonder Woman is simply not as big of a character as Superman or Batman. Thirty years ago was the last time the character was relevant? Shes really not as iconic as the big two.

  • Alex

    Wonder Woman is problematic in several ways when you look at going to make a film. Which isn't to say it couldn't be done, when I saw that animated film a year ro so ago it actually made me like the character a lot more than I ever have before.

    But that had the benefit of being animated, and thus stylised. As I see it, we have the following issues:

    1) She is more iconic visually than in character: if you put a picture of superheroes down and asked someone who doesn't read comics who they are, Wonder Woman is easily in the top five, and by a long long way the top female character. But that being said, in some ways that fame is carried through in fancy dress costumes more than the character itself. Even in comics, I'm not aware of anything that people would refer to as “the” WW story”, in the same way that, say, Demon in a Bottle is for Iron Man

    2) Her costume – given that she's supposed to be fighting monsters, the costume, while incredibly famous, wouldn't work as well in a serious toned live action film. What I'd suggest in this one, is take the form, and mute the colours slightly, go with the skirted version but do it as if it's greek style armour made of metal, or some other armour like substance. Having her running round in a swimsuit makes her less credible. Also please no heels.

    3) Her rogues gallery isn't that strong. I agree with what people are suggesting here, stick with her fighting monsters as much as possible. Greek Gods and Demigods are also entirely acceptable, but frankly, unless you were a scriptwriting and directing genius, Cheetah is probably not going to get you a film's worth of threatening villainy.

    4) Her backstory definitly can look dated. Again, I'd look to the animated film as to how to do it in a presentable sort of way.

    5) Don't give her an invisible plane, it's just look daft on screen.

    I'd also insist that they are VERY fussy about who they cast, and if it was me personally I would avoid the usual suspects like the plague and look for an unknown. There will probably be a temptation to cast someone tiny and dainty who is seen as “sexy”, but what you really need to do is find someone who manages to pull off a fine line between looking strong without being overly masculine, gentle but dangerous if roused, and most importantly, has a massive amount of gravitas in a way that most female leads don't end up showing.

  • Red Mask

    Here's hoping! 'Thumbs up!!' But it can do without those dumb gods.

  • Khiaao

    I agree should be a WW movie, so now who should play her? Milla Jovovich?

  • ChristianNYC

    Hey Buddy, you are definitely preaching to the Choir here. I think it would be a Mistake to have Wonder Woman like a Biker Chick. She is an AMAZON, a Product of THE GODS. Why would she look like a Vampire Slayer in Leather? Or Trinity from The Matrix movies?

    I do NOT understand why it is hard to amke a Wonder Woman movie. Get Peter Jackson to Direct the freakin thing and I am sure people will flcok to the movies. Keep her in HER Costume in HER origin.

    What JMS is doing is ok but to me, that is NOT Wonder Woman that I am reading. Her origin is a carbon copies of Batman and Superman now,

  • George

    Sorry, I don't think Milla Jovovich would make a good Wonder Woman, the only lady I think fits the bill is Megan Fox. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree because it seems like everyone is Anti-Fox right now, but based on her looks and body type as well as her ability to draw eyes and attention I think she should bear the lasso of truth. For one thing, she is stunning, and her body is a knockout just like WOnder Woman, but her breasts are not so large that they would overwelm the costume. But most importantly she has a fierce look to her and her eyes have an intensity that I feel would benefit her in her portrayl of Wonder Woman. The only thing is the acting, is she up to par? I think… maybe, we havent really seen her in any role that isnt damsel in distress (NO JONAH HEX DOES NOT REALLY COUNT IT WAS DOWN RIGHT TERRIBLE!) I think if she were given a chance at Wonder Woman it would be a good start towards making a good film, remember everyone gave Heath Ledger a hard time until we found out how great he could be at being The Joker. So I want to try and keep an open mind when it comes to Megan Fox. So if anyone has some other suggestions they would like to discuss im all ears!

  • Youheardwhat

    you haven't heard..Porn Star Tori Black has been cast as the new Wonder Woman.

  • drewski

    I would love a WW movie but again guys as a person old enough to remember and love the 1970's WW show, something that has been a basic look for so many decades, you do not screw with unless the remember the TV movie precursor with the blonde WW played by the actress from That's Incredible. Her outfit had the colors but not the Lynda Carter classic. If Superman and Batman etc can be done and other so-called super heroines, so can WW. Nuff said.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    A movie done on the level of the Burton or Nolan Batman or Donner Superman flix would be welcome.
    Lynda Carter proved the “classic” costume could work (and look damned good) on a “real person”.
    Get someone athletic enough who can act, like Lucy Lawless, or go the Olympic athlete route (worked for Johnny Weissmuller and Buster Crabbe) for the new Wonder Woman!
    Oh, and cast Lynda Carter as Hippolyta! ;-)

  • Phantomphoenix888

    I'm sure DC's working on it. I have faith in DC. They've never steered me wrong. The always pull out winners and this will be no exception. Just be patient.

  • Overboard


    You suggesting the new costume will make less whining if they put that costume in the movie?

    if anything it will cause so much more.

  • Stannish

    umm – maybe cos it was boring as ****?! That script would go nowhere box office flop for sure

  • Stannish

    I wouldn't be surprised if JMS's retcon of her background – an attempt to modernize the character – might be used as the basis for a movie script. As many have said she just doesn't have any really strong plotlines and i would add to that no really strong villains or indeed much personality in herself.

    Whereas lesser known characters that share characteristics such as Power Girl, Carol Danvers, Rogue etc all have interesting character quirks and recognizable dialog WW has always remained aloof and rather 2D in personality, even despite some classic writers having worked the title. I mean just simple stuff like – what does Diana actually sound like?

    Most comic book characters you can picture their voices when you read their dialog – something about WW has remained in that 1940s zone of completely unrealistic dialog and as such rarely displays much personality.

    Occasionally the compasion side shows through – thats about it. I could literally show you 100s of lines of WW dialog and i bet most of you could not guess who it was talking apart from if there was something specifically Greek or Amazonian in it.

    Basically she's hard work and all the best to JMS – i have hopes that you can make the franchise what it should be but for now i have little hope of a decent movie.

  • PB

    you’ve got Clash of The Titans meets Superman without even breaking a sweat. Who wouldn’t want to go see that?

    Erm anyone who's seen superman returns or clash of the titans?

  • Stannish

    ?!? You haven't read that many comics i'm guessing then? Final Crisis? Trinity? Countdown? Zero Hour?

    maybe you mean movies?
    Catwoman? Steel? Schumacher's Batman films? Superman Returns?

    seriously dude what?

  • Greek6996

    People to play Wonder Woman…..Hmmmmmmm….Let's see….Not in any order…..Kathrine Heigel, Milina Kanakaredes “age?”, Briget Regan or Cathrine-Zeta-Jones,”age?”……..And then Megan Fox…
    How's that list?

  • Kwillyvox

    @ GEORGE: I completely agree.

    If i was going to invest my hard earnest $$ as a company into a super hero film…it wouldn't be Wonder Woman, based on the reception to previous Super Heroine Films. It's that simple. Money Talks and Chick Super Films haven't flown.

  • canrage

    Yes We Need a Wonderwoman movie but done right. But lets face she's not as well known as she use to be the whole new costume change is the most attention she has ever gotten. With the way things are going we are going to see a Red Sonja or a Witchblade movie before see a Wonderwoman movie. I'll take another animated movie before I take a live action movie I can see it Wonderwoman Returns a total failure.

  • Todd

    Every actress is going to want this part. Every mother and grandmother is going want to take their daughter to see this movie. And every guy is going to see this movie because of an island filled with hot girls. That last point may sound cynical but don't think it's not bandied about amongst studio execs.

    The only way to screw this up is with a bad script

  • Brian From Canada

    Forget genre mash-up and female lead. The real problem in selling this is WB and DC itself.

    DC, unlike Marvel, is really a two-character company. You have Superman, you have Batman, and everyone else is just window dressing. Don't believe me? Then take a look at their production slate for the last 30 years. Look at the titles they offer. Look at the stars of their “events.” And look at the toys they produce.

    And WB knows it. Hence why Superman and Batman were easy franchises to launch while Wonder Woman has stuck around until there was a JLA project to launch with it. Whedon said that WB really wasn't interested in making a Wonder Woman film, it was all in waiting for a JLA picture — and now that Marvel has done it and gone ahead with an Avengers plan, suddenly WB is putting out Green Lantern, Flash and… possibly… a Wonder Woman film.

    Is a Wonder Woman film easy to do? Absolutely. Look at the animated film, which uses the classic costume and easily crams in most of the core pieces of her origin with humour and action. That could have easily been the script for a live action feature — but, again, this is WB. They're so damn interested in Superman and Batman that their next two pictures star the caped crusader.

    Changing the costume is only supposed to generate excitement for a dying comic. (And, no, the comic isn't irrelevant — it's just poorly promoted.) Spidey was supposed to go with a more film-friendly costume too until general audiences made noise about it.

    The only question I have is: why hate on Superman Returns so much? It's made to match the Donner pictures and DOES.

  • Princessdianapresley

    I hate this costume!!!! This totally strips Wonder Woman of her Iconic AMERICAN Starspangled duds! Her origin came out of WW2 Era. Why change it?! To me this is disgraceful and Wonder Woman deserves a better. Superman and Batman's Costumes in their movies pretty much didn't change much. You change the costume, you change the character. I'm sorry, but this USA girl grew up watching the Wonder Woman tv show in the 70's and wore her underoos and had the mego dolls, and wanted to “BE” Wonder Woman when she grew up. As a little girl, she was everything I wanted to be! AMERICAN Starspangled duds and all! This change has soured alot of die-hardcore fans. I also feel Wonder Woman's origin out of the WW2 Era made us proud to BE AMERICANS! Captain America also…what are they going to do next? change his costume too, and drop America from his Captain title. how lame. and un-American! Getting back to Wonder Woman. Ok, she is from Greek Mythology. This doesn't mean she is GREEK! Her Island is called the Thymescara and is located in secret in the Burmuda Triangle. Just so happens Colonel Steve Trevor AN AMERICAN SOLDIER crashed her Island. Diana is NOT a man hater, don't know why people think she is because she fell in love with Steve. In the contest held by her mother to see who was the greatest of Amazon Warriors to return Steve Trevor to his homeland AMERICA, the winner was to done the symbols and colors of his LAND! The American Eagle/Flag, and to be the Ambassador of Peace. When Diana won, Hypolita reluctantly let her leave because she knew her daughter had to be a leader, a warrior and fight for JUSTICE, PEACE and the AMERICAN WAY! That is why they put the Justice League together! This costume ROBS her of her identity. I'm sorry, but the costume is unappealing, it's not fresh or a new look for her. She looks like an Evil Vampire-Goth. or X-Men Black Canary/Rogue wanna be. I know WW has had other costume changes. John Byne really messed with it, but i so love Dodson's rendition. Why can't they just leave WW alone! Grrrrrr….it just Ticks me OFF!!!!

  • Kiebler

    The problem I see with a WW movie is that while I have no doubt WW has a lot of fans, those fans are all pretty much limited to those who read Wonder Woman comics. In financial terms, that's not enough for a good opening weekend. Comic movies do not succeed or fail at the box-office based purely on comic book fans. Something needs to cause that popularity to cross over into the mainstream. Batman and Spider-man have that crossover appeal. Superman has it too, but is crippled by iconic nature of the character and WB can't figure out how to bring it to a modern audience.

    In the mainstream, no one cares about WW and hasn't cared about her since the Lynda Carter days. Yeah, there was a day of minor buzz that came from the costume change but that had more to do with nostalgia over the ridiculous star spangled panties costume than any interest in the character herself.

    If WB plans on making a WW movie they're going to need either a big star (a real one. Not a glorified prostitute like Kim Kardashian.) or a big writer/director (one who actually gets the character and history) to garner the interest it would need. And even then its not a lock (remember Catwoman?).

  • Princessdianapresley

    it's NOT WONDER WOMAN without the American star-spangled duds. period. enuff said.

  • Greek6996

    George, I cited 4 people who I feel could play Wonder Woman before Megan Fox, I shall now add a 5th…Joanne Kelly…LMK what you think….

  • Greek6996

    <img src=”” alt=”Joanne Kelly”>
    Joanne Kelly Pictures

    Joanne Kelly

  • George

    Hey Greek 6996, yeah those are some good choices, I can see them filling the red boots just fine. The new one you added, Joanne Kelly, definitely seems like a strong candidate for the role, she looks like she has the brains and the beauty. I still stand by Megan Fox though, I really think she could be a good choice. Another one I just thought of could possibly be Evangeline Lilly from LOST, she is very beautiful and has played the strong woman role before-Kate from Lost. Yea or Nay?

  • Greek6996

    I think that Lilly would be up there, My only question about Fox, she has the look don't get me wrong, is still her acting ability?…….Here's a girl I found by accident on youtube……Kinda has the look, Or I'm just being too nit picky….I would like the movie to have the look and feel of the DVD animated movie

  • George

    I havent got a chance to see the new animated feature, but I've heard a lot of good things about it, most importantly that it gets Wonder WOman right. So, that being said I am gonna search it down and give it a chance. I was really impressed with her characterization in the Justice League cartoons I really felt that they got her right in that one. Here's hoping when it comes down to them making the film they keep the best and leave the rest.

  • Greek6996

    Get It, It is , to me, the best of all the WB animated moves….And I have them all…It is a treat not just based on the storyline…But on the animation as well. The voices match up well,as does the music…I watch it often just because enjoy it as a whole..If you get what I mean

  • Greek6996

    Oh, And spend the few bucks on the 2 disk, the extra's are well worth it..even if just for the 2 JLA bonus cartoons

  • Glennblackwell

    Movies of females from comic books fail due to a formula.
    That tries to cater to kids, date nights, guys and fans.
    Formula follows reasons, that result in the negative.

    REASON: Can't be too violent, to sell the PG rating.
    RESULT: Turns away action viewers.
    This killed Catwoman, Aeon Flux, and Tank Girl.

    REASON: Can't wear sexy costumes from comic on the screen.
    Has to resemble movie tie-in toy for Christmas sales.
    RESULT: Guys not paying to see character in boring outfit.
    That killed Aeon Flux.

    REASON: Sexuality watered down to be “family friendly”
    RESULT: Edge and excitement gone, audiences of comic avoid movie.
    That killed Witchblade.

    REASON: Woman must have the one love interest to lean on.
    Provides need for a leading man, to sell the movie.
    RESULT: Makes her look weak and incompetent.
    That killed Supergirl, Super Ex-Girlfriend and Catwoman.

    REASON: Non threatening person to play the lead.
    As to not make girlfriends uncomfortable at a date movie.
    RESULT: Bad casting ruins the character.
    That killed Red Sonja.

    Expect the same with Wonder Woman.
    They have already eliminated the hot female + skimpy outfit.

  • George

    Hey Greek 6996, thanks for the the advice, I am going to check it out. Although I gotta say with every animated comic movie I've seen I've been pretty disappointed it's not that they're terrible or even close to terrible I guess I just expect a lot. I mean they are not limited in what they can do like a live action film is, but when I'm watching animated films I constantly have the feeling that a film could be done bigger and better. They also can actually stick to the original storyline if they wanted to but they do not (Superman:Doomsday). I mean I almost feel misled when I watch an animated comic film that states it is based on a storyline only to find out it is loosely based on the original story and the creative team took a lot of liberties. I also really dislike when they dumb down adult storylines for children. For once I want to see an adult or mature oriented film, I thought Ultimate Avengers suffered the worst from this. How awesome would it have been to see a direct animated translation? I think it would have been cool. Probably the biggest problem for me is the animation style, it is always the same. Where as in comic different artists are used for their unique styles and to set a certain tone, in animation it is all the same style. How awesome would it be see David Finch style artwork on a Days of Future Past adaption? I realize there are production reasons for this but for once I think it would be awesome to see a director take a stand and fight for a more unique look that is more closely linked to the comic storyline. Yep just some thoughts.

  • Greek6996

    I agree with the dumbing down 100%…Superman Doomsday was a huge dissapointment…..As was Gotham nights. Public Enemy was OK..Even IronMan and the Avengers were sub-par… Wonder woman I think Is different…So make sure to check it out…..Like I said, It's the best

  • Princessdianapresley

    Those are good points Glennblackwell…i still don't see the need to change the costume! Keep Wonder Woman Wonder Woman in the American Star-Spangled duds, just make her bottoms a skirt type pleated material with metal stars, and make the bustier have red straps with gold metal studs to match the metal WW on her chest with belt and bracelets also be the gold/silver metal. that would be an AWESOME costume to appeal to children and adults. Now that would be the movie i go to see! i'm sure not going to see this vamped-up lame vampiress/biker chick who no longer resembles “WONDER WOMAN” they won't get my “American” dollars!