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You Tell Us: What Shows Should Marvel TV Be Making?

This week’s poll-that-isn’t-always-a-poll is a no-brainer: With Marvel announcing Jeph Loeb as their head of TV and talking about live-action programming for both ABC and ABC Family, what characters and/or stories would you want to see translated into television shows?

I’ll start: I’d love to see a Luke Cage/Danny Rand Heroes For Hire show, especially one that has the comedy of the classic Jo Duffy/Kerry Gammill run. You don’t even need to put them in costume; just give me the character interaction and I’d be happy. Now, your turn (Casting suggestions, of course, are more than welcome).


  • Bill Reed

    Strikeforce: Morituri, on a pay-cable channel.

    ROM: The Animated Series, because it will hopefully pay for Marvel to get the rights back.

  • Benfromcanada

    I'd like to see X-Factor Investigations going to TV. Live action, of course. They'd have the same characters but slightly different setting (would make mention of the X-Men, wouldn't have Avengers or any non-mutant heroes) and would have the line-up of Madrox, Layla Miller, Siryn, Monet, Strong Guy, Rictor, Shatterstar and Wolfsbane by the end of the first miniseries. Madrox should go to Eric Bana, Abigail Breslin as Layla, Tobey McGuire as Rictor…don't have any other casting ideas. As long as it keeps the humourous-yet-noirish feel of the book, and keeps the character's interactions as they should be, I'll watch it religiously

  • Alex

    I'd stear clear of any major properties for live action purposes.

    What I'd be more inclined to suggest are either

    a) Street Level heroes (Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Moonknight etc)


    b) The kind of critically aclaimed but relatively low sale series, particularly team books

    Any of Cable and Deadpool, Immortal Iron Fist, Captain Britain and MI13, SWORD, X-factor, Incredible Hercules, Nova or Guardians of the Galaxy would make great fun TV series.

    It also means you can expand the live action Marvel Universe into more niche areas, and raise the profiles of them without devoting films to them initially.

  • NS317453

    I've said this in a few places, but Daredevil would be perfect for an hourly TV show. Without being overly powered, the effects should be cheap/easier to produce.

    The modern DD comics are dark, gritty, etc… and feature a lot of street level crime. If done right, Daredevil could be a cross between Smallville and The Shield (which set the standard for graphic and boundary pushing crime on TV).

    Look at his rogues/scenarios. The killer assassin Bullseye, the rapist/murderer Purple Man (think of Bendis' depiction of this DD rogue in Alias), low level criminals, the Kingpin, addicts hopped up on MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone), the prostitute who would later become the powered schizo Typhoid Mary, etc… This could be a very dark show and that's before you factor in the Hand, Mr. Fear, or any of Matt's personal tragedies.

    Plus, Underboss/Out would be an amazing seasonal arc.

  • Dandoruinn

    X-Factor and Black Widow. I know Ender's Game is possibly going to be a movie, but I think it'd be a great TV show. I don't know if Marvel would be able to do that, but it would be awesome.

  • Rjperry

    Damage Control

    Werewolf by Night


  • Clogo13

    Daredevil! In regards to the above user's mention about Purple Man, there was an awesome episode of Fringe Season 1 that had a character very similar. The mind-controlling abilities were frightening!

  • Todd352

    Namor, from his period when he was a business man,

  • Michael Ridd

    Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman

    The Falcon

  • Scarletspeedster7

    All I want is a Captain Britain show with the guy who plays Chase on House as Captain Britain. It would be excellent.

  • Grimace


  • Madrox200

    Seconded, with or without these particular casting choices (they are a bit of a stretch for TV).

  • Alex

    Another idea actually occurs…

    Probably impractical in terms of costs, but if you had something like “Marvel Comics Presents” and each week you get a sort of mini tv-movie on a different character. Would by far be the quickest way to build up the screen Marvel U, and if any really do well, you could extend it to a TV series or film. Would probably be far more ecomonical to do for solo characters or pairs than full teams though.

  • TMS

    THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST!! Based as much as possible as off the Brubaker/Fraction/Aja run. That would be soooo sweet!

  • Wadewilson23

    Ghost Rider….Imagine a Supernatural type of horror show with two brothers fighting ghosts and Demons but substitute Sam and Dean Winchester with Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch.

  • Karlos

    I'll go with a Heroes For Hire show, too – Danny, Luke, Misty, Colleen and whoever else they want to use (people like Shang Chi, for instance).

    Like someone else said, the major Marvel characters wouldn't be available and huge budgets are out, too, so something like this would be achieveable.

  • Wojr

    If I can't get a “Gotham Central” TV show, I'd happily settle for a TV version of “The Pulse”, A newspaper set in the world of superheroes (Just change the title please). Ben Urich is a character primed to be a TV icon.

  • Frater Uranus

    Daredevil would be an awesome live actions series and also prolly the best way to get Ray Park's Iron Fist off the ground…

  • L11moon

    So many choices….

    Ghost Rider would be awesome!!! Especially if you went off the current series of haunting down all 666 pieces of Satan.

    Darkhawk would be perfect for late night TV. It would appease a lot of 90's fanboys, the costume would be easy to do (just contact the people that made Iron Man's). It has virtually it's own universe to play in. Yes, there were a lot of attention whores that popped up in his book, but his main focus was finding his father and battling gangs. Add in the origin and alien plot lines and you have plenty to work with. Comic moments to have in the series: run ins with Portal (or whatever his name was), chest emblem ripped out, transformation to fix outfit.

  • rasx

    A TV series based on the District X comics, with Bishop policeing a Mutant District in NYC.

  • Brandonwlobo

    Heroes for Hire live action crime drama, The NCIS show starring Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J is basically this show already

    She-Hulk live action comedy style like Better Off Ted

    Terror Inc. as a horror action show on a channel like HBO

    Deadpool Adult Animated EPIC

    GLA Great Lakes Avengers as an animated show for all ages done like total drama island or drawn together a sort of real world super hero show.

    Power Pack as a childrens animated show. kids would eat that up!

  • Fury1978

    Moon Knight

  • Lam

    X-Factor by Peter David!

  • Brandonwlobo

    Call it Midnight Sons, have Blade stop by every once in a while, good idea.

  • Gabe Guterres

    An Ennis-esque Punisher show could work. There are a lot of current, popular shows that have a very small recurring support cast, and that would need to be the case for this show. Of course, you'd have to clean it up quite a bit for any of the Disney-owned channels (unless I'm forgetting one).

    Maybe some kind of spy-thriller kind of show, like MI13 or a SHIELD task force, or a detective show like X-Factor or Jessica Drew from when she didn't really have powers (wait … was she a Skrull then?).

    I also really like the suggestions for a Heroes for Hire show, in part because the personalities of the characters and the way they interact with each other is already defined and entertaining, and that's what ends up making or breaking a show. And I am talking about including Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. Maybe even the Night Nurse (which would be a fun way to have other characters make cameos!).

    I can see an adult-oriented animated Dr. Strange being interesting, too.

  • Brandonwlobo

    TV's becomming more popular, but that cast is immpossible!

  • Anubis

    Heroes for Hire would be my first pick as well. Luke Cage/ and Danny Rand were made for TV. I'd throw in some Shang Chi to top it off.

  • awesomeandroid

    frontline. and damage control as a half hour comedy done like the office and park services would soo work

  • Joshuah Olen

    Def. Heroes for Hire.

    I always thought Runaways would be a great tv show, but I guess we're getting the movie.

    And, maybe Daredevil. I'd rather see Heroes for Hire first, though.

  • Savery66

    i Think Daredevil or Moon Knight would be perfect for sma screen.Heroes for hire would be nice too.

  • Savery66

    sorry that was small screen

  • Coryjameson

    Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD. With the ORIGINAL (read: BETTER) Nick Fury(Steranko era); not the laughable Samuel Jackson poseur version.

    I think a THOR series could be done. And it'd be unique among TV Shows. Though HBO would probably have to be the one to pick it up.

    Tomb of Dracula. Again by HBO




  • John JC Campbell

    Anyone remember the show Profit on Fox? I think a namor show like that could work.
    Thing as a reality TV show, after he became rich. Chiklis would probably do it.
    Cage or Heroes for Hire is begging to be an ABC drama.
    Damage Control could work. Make it like Better Off Ted.
    Black Panther as a TNT or HBO drama.
    Mystique as an action show, like Human target.
    Dr. Strange on CW.

    Lots of opportunities for good shows, but we'll probably end up with something like the Nightman TV show.

  • zac

    heroes for hire..iron fist and power man would translate quite well to a tv suggest rampage jackson and ray park

  • E Scaduto

    X-Men or Xavier Academy. Perfect teen drama.

  • Michelle Morningstar

    A 'bounty hunters with really bad luck' type of show, starring Taskmaster, Deadpool, Palladin and Domino, with guest appearances by Bullseye, and other Marvel characters. Costumes not really necessary, and if – then leather with subtle accessories rather than full-on spandex.

    Title: “Mercs Inc.” Casting wouldn't be that hard, and Ryan Reynolds can't be that hard to bribe, if you promise him Deadpool will be spot-on, and not an abomination (*cough Wolverine the Movie cough*). The rating would be the only obstacle. PG-13 could have trouble working.

    That is my single greatest Marvel-related dream. Initially I dreamed of an ongoing series, but a TV-series is fine too.

  • Wojr

    Love Fraction but I thought Brian K. Vaughn had a good take on Dr. Strange. The Oath was a great Strange story and not just for the Marcos Martin art.

  • Joshuah Olen

    NYX would also be great. Kiden, Tatiana, Bobby Soul and 'Lil Bro. Simple concepts. Only Tatiana's powers could create a slight budget.

  • Horn2230

    A HBO Punisher series ala the MAX line would be awesome.

  • guest

    actually thats an excellent idea to expanding the marvel movie verse. kind of like starwars expended universe feel to it. And marvel has advantage of several universes story lines and rich characters.

  • Gambit266

    Live Action: Gambit

    The Theif with the heart of gold would be eaten up!

    Mystery. Heists. Adventure. Little bit of fantasy and Sci-fi. Gambit's story has everything.

    Women Love him and men want to be him. He's perfect.

    Think of the success of White Collar and how good Gambit's show would be.

    Dynamite for TV!

  • Stuart McConville

    The Jeph Loeb Happy Time Fun Hour. Featuring the Power Pack and Wolverine performing with Susan Boyle in a song and dance number about teddybears, the Punisher telling knock knock jokes, the Hulk and the cast of Jersey Boys giving you a medley of the Four Seasons hits, The Beach Boys and the Silver Surfer bringing some good clean surfer tunes and to top it all off The Marvel Diva's GoGo dancers including Misty Knight, Jessica Jones, Ms Marvel, She-Thing and Namora.

  • IronFist2099

    Heroes For Hire featuring Iron Fist & Luke Cage! Daredevil would be an amazing TV show as well.

  • One-Shot Crisis

    I'd love a Union Jack series in the vein of BBC's MI-5/Spooks, could cover both espionage/political villains as well as supernatural with the inclusion of Knights of Pendragon – allowing for fun cross-over characters including MI-13. Conversely, I would really enjoy seeing a Dr. Strange series, possibly post-sorcerer supreme (as long as they throw in the pretentious subtitles that footnote the spells cast). The big problem comes down to effects budgets since TV SFX can sometimes be skimpy at best, unless one goes animated.

  • MC_Nedelsky

    Alias with Jessica Jones, obviously renamed and the language toned down. Heroes for Hire is good, also thought Runaways best as a TV show.

  • Evil_s2003

    NEXTWAVE: Saving America By Beating People Up.

  • Washout

    X-Statix as a live action TV series. It would be a lot of fun.

  • Lgboex

    you can do it on a fairly low special effects budget, witha Moonlighting type romance going. Spiderman could guest-star occasionally

    If you want to stay with more recognizable characters:
    same as above, but with HAWKEYE AND MOCKINGBIRD
    the big Avengers could guest-star occasionally

    would be cool on TV, but it's no longer a hot property for Marvel

    specials for LOGO tv – hahahah

    he''s back in Marcel's mutant fold, and his 1990s series had some really good tv-moments
    could do really well on the CW

  • Ortiz

    Heroes for Hire is a no-brainer, lotsa people, not too hard FX, perfect!! Other choices, X-Factor would be awesome, and also, not too expensive. Frontline, the daily life of some reporters in a world of superpowers. A Dead of Night horror show, with Werewolf by Night, Devil Slayer, Man-Thing, etc. that sounds good to me. There are lotsa choices.


  • Ajandrew1212

    Misty Knight!

  • Peter_whitney

    Hawkeye. And you can have occasional guest appearances of Avengers now and then. And the villains he could face would either be updated versions of ones from Solo Avengers, or regular criminals. Or even occasional Avenger Villains like Egghead.

  • CapelessCrusader

    The Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby was awesome for it's time back in the 60's, why not update? It could develop similiarly to Smallville with at first a less powerful (grey) Hulk who becomes more powerful and self-aware over the course of the series as more nemeses from the comics appear.
    Also Werewolf by Night could work, werewolves being so popular at the moment and Moon Knight could get his own spin-off from that.

  • Dan S

    I think Alias would make a great series, but it's probably best suited for a cable net like F/X. Powers would be similarly awesome, but I guess Bendis owns that, not Marvel.

    On the other hand, I love ensemble casts, so maybe a superteam is in order. If so, I would suggest Runaways if it weren't already going to be a movie… Maybe Great Lakes Avengers?

  • Mr. JR

    Dr. Strange. I know that they did a live action pilot film back in the late 70's early 80's for him but I think if he were handled in a manner similar to Doctor Who (traveler of dimension and imagination rather than time and space with rotating companion figures) it could really work.

    Heroes for Hire could make for a great show too though.

  • Rikk Odinson

    Moon Knight

    Ghost Rider

    Werewolf By Night

    or put all three in a Midnight Sons team show.

  • Dan S

    I think Fox probably still owns Daredevil, though. Anyone know when the rights revert back to Marvel?

  • Charles Darwin

    I think Patsy Walker: Hellcat, could make a great show. If the show uses Kathryn Immonen, characterization of her, the slightly bubblely super heroine who has seen it all and thusly isn't phased by the crazy. It could be a fun little show.

  • Madhatter_twisted

    Deadpool FTW

  • Mwedmer

    Daredevil should be the first project out of the gate.
    Not only is it the most street level costume superhero. But the effects could be done on a TV budget.
    There are plenty of characters and rogues that a compelling world can be built around him.

    Additionally, his show could be used to sample possible spin-off characters such as Heroes for Hire, Moon Knight and even Doctor Strange (Who should be approached similar to the Dresden files)

    For Daredevil, I think Guy Pierce should play him. He is the same person I was thinking when the first film was announced. He is a known actor but not so big that TV would be out of the question. He could also portray him on screen.

    Kingpin should be played by James Gandolphini from the Sopranoes. Just shave his head and he would be solid.

    After that, casting is wide open.

  • Ed

    X-Factor Investigations

    Dr. Strange


  • Gerry

    Slingers – Group of four young adults given mysterious super costumes by an old superhero whose made a deal with the devil. Cue angst and action heroics and humor in a Whedonesque style.

  • DouglasProstorog

    Just a few thoughts to pass along:

    1. One reason that “B” and even “C” characters have made it well on the big screen (think of Blade) has been that they allow the writers a great degree of freedom when it comes to playing with the character. Any kind of TV adaptations will also have to take this into acount. That means the big guns–avengers, spidey, the FF and the like are out. That still leave a lot of great, underused characters who could be done well.

    2. Any kind of T show has to be relatively self-contained. Getting bogged down with continuity issues will lose the audience. A tv show, if it lasts long enough, will develop its own continuity. So, what does this mean by way of adaptation? For one thing, it means that a tv adapatation will be substantially different from a comic book–think of smallville falks. For another thing, it suggests that any adapation will likely involve characters who have a pretty basic origin but not much in terms of background continity that can get confusing and possibly upset the fans. Again, this leaves open a lot of possibilities in the marvel universe.

    3. Most importantly, whatever adaptation gets done, it will have to appeal not only to a fan audience but also a mass tv audience who likely won't have much of an idea about the character in the first place. As an adapation, whatever gets done doesn't need the fan audience, but it does need that mass audience. So, what does that mean? well, fundamentally, it means that whatever happens in terms of an adaptation will likely be based in large part upon a “things that work for TV” mentality. This means that action/adventure kind of adapation is more likely than a comedy (read: a well done funny she hulk is unlikely), a big budget sci-fi show (i.e. no guardians, strikeforce morituri [and i would love to see that on the big screen!] or probably even a dr. strange) or even a drama (sorry, as good as a pulse show sounds, it still remains a drama). It also means that a single-character adaptation is much more likely than a team- or organization-based one would be (a shield tv show would be costly, but maybe a black widow or a nick fury show can be done reasonably). Finally–and I hate to be the sexist here–tv shows with female leads have a pretty poor track record so that means that a lot of really great possibilities–she hulk, black widow, mystique, hellcat and a lot more–probably won't even get a look at. The flip side of that is that a lot of bad male characters–and let's be honest with each other here guys, they do exist even at marvel–could end up getting a nod for an adaptation.

    4. Last thing, the casting doesn't matter all that much in any event. Who among us recognized any of the people who have played superman/clark kent on tv before the shows began? What matters in terms of casting is that the actor/actress can interpret the character in a way that is appealing to us fans as well as the mass audience.

  • Lioness

    Another X-Factor vote.

    Second choice: Heroes For Hire.

  • Brendan T

    Wisdom. With head writer Paul Cornell.

    It could be like a better Torchwood. And I quite like Torchwood.

  • M2

    You know my first thought was bring back the Blade Series because it was well written and well acted. But after reading some of the other comments out there I think a “Heroes for Hire” with Powerman and Iron Fist would be cool along with Daredevil show and a Nextwave show would be hilarious! But to do any of these properly you'd really have to do them on cable.(ala HBO, Showtime or Starz) On that same note even though they're doing all the Avengers in standalone movies, I always thought the first 13 issues of the Ultimates would play out perfectly into a 13 episode season on HBO, and would be kick ass if they'd stick to the source material.

  • Generalgrievous365

    An Iron Fist and/or Heroes For Hire series would be great. I love all of the Daredevil ideas. Deadpool could do a 4th wall type show where every episode follows the structuring of another show, like lost, the good guys, fringe, anything that follows a certain style. Madrox's X-Facter woyld be amazing. An Incredible Hercules series would be hilarious. Runaways would fit right in on ABC family.

  • jetstorm

    Don't know about the Iron Fist, but a Luke Cage show would be awesome!
    Leonard Roberts could be cage.

  • Mcbar0321

    None of them, live-action Superhero TV Shows are disasters

  • Johnny Five

    Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a Spider can…….Live Action TV Show

  • Froinlaven84

    Brian Michael Bendis' Daredevil run would be brilliant. Think about it.

  • Kurt Onstad

    New Warriors! Although I would prefer the original version (although, let's take out Night Thrasher's skateboard…), I can totally see them doing a “reality show” version of the team, ala the pre-Civil War miniseries.

  • Johnoforever



    Captain Britain & MI-13


    Black Widow

  • SemiCoherent

    The New Warriors when it was a realty show, before civil war

  • Hottomale12


  • drone

    1. Iron fist and Luke Cage… with the guy in the old spice commercials as Luke Cage. He is a huge comic nerd, physically big enough and he has expressed interest in playing Luke Cage. He's also hilarious.

    2. A hawk-eye show… no real compelling reason I just always like him.

    3. Amadeus cho and Hercules… just lose the shakespearian dialogue.

    My only demand NO super hero costumes… NO leather padded outfits… NO domino masks… Just two buddies with the innate ability to kick-butt.

  • Blurr

    I think the Heroes for Hire concept has unlimited potential for a TV show, they could 24 like shows where S.H.E.L.D. gets involved, they could do an episode where they're hire as body guards to protect a mutant pop-star from M.G.H. dealers (star could be Dazzler).

    You can to Kung-Fu style episodes with Cities of Heaven. Street crime P.I. shows. It goes on and on. An I think you can cast them young cause the shows will be pre- Jessica Jones. So you can cast Mehcad Brooks (Eggs from True Blood) as Luke Cage and Justin Hartley (Green Arrow from Smallville) as Iron Fist. Devon Aoki as Colleen Wing and Zoe Saldana as misty Knight.

  • Redhawk

    Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu

    OR, Brother Voodoo. (not the sorcerer supreme)

  • sailormew

    ant-man, if it was done like fringe. and heroes for hire, cloak and dagger, and a dazzler show could be a no-brainer for disney, if its done right. dazzler could combine elements from x-men, hannah montana, and ugly betty to make a nice bridge show from tween shows to adult shows and movies.

  • Jimp

    X-Statix/X-Force. No holds barred, exactly how the comic was.

  • Brian-X

    CLOAK AND DAGGER would be great. They have the perfect mix of everything and budgetary wise it's not so difficult to pull off. X-Factor or any other mutant related team or character would be good but I doubt they'd do it justice as a tv series.

  • Kwame

    I'd love a “Marvel Adventures” Anthology-type series that focuses on various marvel characters. It could have a Marvel Team-Up type feel. You could even put it in the same universe as the Avengers cartoon.

  • Dupin

    Moon Knight. No X-franchises, ugh.

  • IronSyndicate


  • ghostly1

    Heroes for Hire is one of the few Marvel superhero concepts I think could work live action – it neither intrudes on a movie franchise, nor would be too difficult to do.

    I could see a generic live-action “X-Teens” type show, following high school age mutants, but not following a particular X-book's plots, being extremely popular. What goes better together than angsty teens and mutants? Someone else mentioned NYX, although I'd include X-23 into the cast for some extra buzz and link to the popular character. Peter David's X-Factor, with Madrox and his mutant detective agency, could also work as a more or less “played straight” adaptation of a comic.

    Power Pack and Runaways animated series (Runaways after the movie of course) would be gold, given the right writers and art styles (if they could make a PP cartoon look like the Guhiru designed, it would be great)

    And I know the chances of it happening are equivalent to a snowball's chance in hell, but…
    New Universe concepts Psi-Force or DP7. Seriously, it could be Marvel's “Heroes”, only cool. Update it for the modern day. A white light in the sky all over the world at once gives 2 people in a million paranormal powers. Psi-Force follows a group of kids forced to be runaways, who are chased by an element of the CIA who wants to use them as weapons. DP7 has people with powers going to a “Clinic” to research them, only to find the Clinic may have nefarious plans in mind.

  • Macwjackson

    I would love a Daredevil show. Imagine weekly adventures of a matial arts/agility master with hightened senses. We'd get the daily drama of Matt Murdock as he strugles to act like a lawer with a handicap while the audience knows the truth. They'd be able to take their time with stories and mytholigy of his past and how it effects his present. Great fighting, the hand plus many villians to choose from. Just look at everything from Millers run to Bendis and everything since. THAT's the show I'd love to watch.



  • maxime

    i would love to see a kind of x-men academy tv show.
    there are so many interesting young mutants out there, the show could first focus on their relationships, how they come to term with their powers,

    their inner struggle to accept themselves as mutants, their rivalry with another school perhaps, and of course their interaction with the senio

    they could even change the cast from season to season for example
    season one and two : the new mutants
    season three and four : generation X
    season five and six : the new/young X-men
    that way the show would regularly reinvent itself
    as for my casting ideas

    MIRAGE – DANIELLE MOONSTAR : jordana brewster |
    CANNONBALL – SAMUEL GUTHRIE: ryan kwanten |
    SUNSPOT – ROBERTO DA COSTA : Athila Nicacio |
    WOLFSBANE – RAHNE SINCLAIR : dakota blue richards |
    MAGIK – ILYANA RASPUTIN : dakota fanning |
    CYPHER – DOUGLAS RAMSEY : anton yelchin :
    WARLOCK : computer generated images

    M – MONET SAINT CROIX : zoe kravitz |
    HUSK – PAIGE GUTHRIE : Hannah Murray |
    SKIN – ANGELO ESPINOSA : khleo thomas |
    MONDO | ?
    CHAMBER – JONOTHON STARSMORE : robert sheehan |

    HELLION – JULIAN KELLER : cameron bright |
    MERCURY – CESSILY KINCAID : Hayley McFarland |
    X-23 – LAURA : Isabelle Furhman |
    DUST – SOORAYA KADIR : sabrina ouazani |
    ELIXIR – JOSHUA FOLEY : alexander ludwig |
    ANOLE – VICTOR BORKOWSKI : joseph cross |
    ROCKSLIDE – SANTO VACCARO : computer generated images
    PIXIE – MEGAN GWYNN : jodelle ferland |

  • demoncat_4

    my top choice would be a defenders tv show. with the hulk played by wwe wrestler kane. doctor strange can be hugh Laurie. namor would love to see rob lowe. silver surfer. could just be andy serkious as done cgi. and valykerie would be played by Trisha helfer. six from battle star galactica

  • Watchman1985

    Seconded for Damage Control. That would be awesome.

  • maxime

    i would love to see a kind of x-men academy tv show.
    there are so many interesting young mutants out there, the show could first focus on their relationships, how they come to term with their powers,
    their inner struggle to accept themselves as mutants, their rivalry with another school perhaps, and of course their interaction with the senior faculty
    they could even change the cast from season to season for example
    season one and two : the new mutants
    season three and four : generation X
    season five and six : the new/young X-men
    that way the show would regularly reinvent itself
    as for my casting ideas


    MIRAGE – DANIELLE MOONSTAR : jordana brewster


    SUNSPOT – ROBERTO DA COSTA : Athila Nicacio

    KARMA – XIAN COY MANH : jamie chung

    WOLFSBANE – RAHNE SINCLAIR : dakota blue richards

    MAGIK – ILYANA RASPUTIN : dakota fanning

    CYPHER – DOUGLAS RAMSEY : anton yelchin

    WARLOCK : computer generated images

    M – MONET SAINT CROIX : zoe kravitz



    HUSK – PAIGE GUTHRIE : Hannah Murray

    SKIN – ANGELO ESPINOSA : khleo thomas

    MONDO | ?

    CHAMBER – JONOTHON STARSMORE : robert sheehan

    HELLION – JULIAN KELLER : cameron bright

    MERCURY – CESSILY KINCAID : Hayley McFarland

    X-23 – LAURA : Isabelle Furhman

    DUST – SOORAYA KADIR : sabrina ouazani |

    ELIXIR – JOSHUA FOLEY : alexander ludwig

    ANOLE – VICTOR BORKOWSKI : joseph cross

    ROCKSLIDE – SANTO VACCARO : computer generated images


    PIXIE – MEGAN GWYNN : jodelle ferland



  • Deric

    Well, since Jeph Loeb is going to be involved, I would like to maybe see an NFL SuperPro show. Or, you know, any other Marvel property that I don't care about and don't mind seeing turned into terrible, terrible garbage.

  • Rick Nelson

    Man, it's hard to top Heroes for Hire, though I'd go with the most recent run (Palmierri/Gray as I recall) just because it lends itself to episodic TV.
    For similar reasons, I think Agents of Atlas would make a great show, perfect for ABC Family.
    Invaders would also be fanatastic, as it lends itself to so many awesome guest appearances.
    Finally, Hercules/Amadeus Cho would be great, with Herc having an alias and/or no one believing him –another show that would lend itself to many great guest appearances.
    And of course, League of Monsters. Hell yeah!

  • demoncat_4

    my second choice would be cloak and dagger. with Sherman Moore as cloak and dagger would be played by Siena miller moving to tv.

  • maxime

    i would love to see a kind of x-men academy tv show.
    there are so many interesting young mutants out there, the show could first focus on their relationships, how they come to term with their powers, their inner struggle to accept themselves as mutants, their rivalry with another school perhaps, and of course their interaction with the senio faculty
    they could even change the cast from season to season for example
    season one and two : the new mutants
    season three and four : generation X
    season five and six : the new/young X-men
    that way the show would regularly reinvent itself
    as for my casting ideas

    MIRAGE – DANIELLE MOONSTAR : jordana brewster
    SUNSPOT – ROBERTO DA COSTA : Athila Nicacio
    KARMA – XIAN COY MANH : Jaimie Chung
    WOLFSBANE – RAHNE SINCLAIR : dakota blue richards
    MAGIK – ILYANA RASPUTIN : dakota fanning
    CYPHER – DOUGLAS RAMSEY : anton yelchin
    WARLOCK : computer generated images

    M – MONET SAINT CROIX : zoe kravitz
    HUSK – PAIGE GUTHRIE : Hannah Murray
    SKIN – ANGELO ESPINOSA : khleo thomas
    MONDO | ?
    CHAMBER – JONOTHON STARSMORE : robert sheehan

    HELLION – JULIAN KELLER : cameron bright
    MERCURY – CESSILY KINCAID : Hayley McFarland
    X-23 – LAURA : Isabelle Furhman
    DUST – SOORAYA KADIR : sabrina ouazani
    ELIXIR – JOSHUA FOLEY : alexander ludwig
    ANOLE – VICTOR BORKOWSKI : joseph cross
    ROCKSLIDE – SANTO VACCARO : computer generated images
    PIXIE – MEGAN GWYNN : jodelle ferland

  • TravelingSleeper

    The Pulse, with Ulrich, Howard the Duck, and Night Nurse.

    I also really like that Marvel Comics Presents idea.

  • Lufgow

    First off, to anyone who mentioned Alias that is a great choice. For super heroes to really work on TV you have to tone down the capes and cowls. Budget wise, you just can't get a good look for over the top super heroics on a TV show. It costs too much for effects and costuming. Also sticking with lower tier characters is the way to foster your universe. The big guys get the movies, use TV to grow your fringe characters.

    After Alias I'd say a Daughters of the Dragon series, featuring Misty Knight and Colleen Wing would work, using more of Warren Ellis take on Knight. Even though I was never a big fan of the series, I could imagine it being a sort of X-Files meets Fringe private detective show on the levels of super heroes. The female leads could really help sell the show and female leads have really started to take off since Alias aired.

    I also think a Marvel Universe cartoon series is the way to go. Not the kid friendly comedic take they have now, but a CGI version like Cartoon Networks Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Warner Bros routinely kicks Marvel's @$$ making cartoons and I would think this would be a great opportunity to do something like the JL: Unlimited cartoon but with Marvel. Look what that series did for all the great Fringe DC characters. Each episode could feature a mixture of Marvel superheroes.

    And as much as it pains me (no BS I love Dazzler) you could seriously rock a young drama about her. You could totally do like a drama like the OC or in that vein about a young woman who wants to be a singer, but her powers get in the way. Budget wise you wouldn't really need costumes or anything, you could get away with doing all kinds of Hollywood angles…

  • DazzFanNC

    A worthwhile animated X-Men animated series that starts at the beginning with the original X-Men, quickly replaced by Storm, Wolvie, Kitty, Colossus, etc. for a season, the outback X-Men for a season, Gold and Blue Teams for a season, to present. The 90s X-Men series was the best series for television Marvel has produced. We need a new quality series that doesn't get cancelled after one season or feature X-Men that are all under age 18.

  • ryanklindsay

    I'll second a few commenters, and say that Daredevil would be a phenomenal show. There's so much tragedy and create villains that you'd have seasons worth of stuff to work on. Then end with him going to jail and see that Kingpin and Bullseye are in there. It'd be golden.

    I would love to see an Iron Fist show but not sure if the public is ready for that. Hell, they watched Heroes for years, maybe they are.

    Dr Strange would also be very very cool as a show. Get someone smart to write it, get the Knaufs to make it like Carnivale, epic, sweeping, and with a production value that just won't quit!

  • philip A Moore

    brother voodoo would be good as would luke cage , peter mary jane the new adventures of spiderman. were wolf be night would be great as well .

  • Dto2865

    Here's my list:
    1. Strikeforce: Morituri. The 1st 20 issues of this comics series by Peter B. Gilia & Brent Anderson are my all-time favorite comics ever! This has everything: awesome premise, great character development, super-powers, pathos, high-stakes dramatic plot lines, unpredictability! SF:M was one of the 1st Marvel comics where you really didn't know who would survive each issue!
    2. Dakota North. This short-lived 80's series by Martha Tomases & Tony Salmons was great. Imagine a “Magnum, PI” type detective set in the world of high-fashion. The lead character, Dakota North, was a one-time super model. However, she was too smart & sassy, so she quit and became “detective to the fashion world.” It's not as silly as you'd think! And, it'd make a great TV series!
    3. The Amazing Spider-Girl. C'mon, y'all know this would make for an awesome show! It's got all the teen angst of the CW line-up, but with spidey powers & stronger characters!
    4. Moon Knight. Since this is Marvel's schzoid answer to DC's own Dark Knight, this has the making's of some pretty cool TV episodes. With Marc Spector's multiple personalities, it could be a superpowered version of “Burn Notice.”
    5. Runaways. I saved the best for last. This concept is just screaming “ABC Family”! It has excellently developed characters, each with unique abilities. It has teen angst, adventure, betrayal, comedy, drama…pretty much the whole kitchen sink!

  • danielheard

    The Adult Swim Presents NEXTWAVE: Agents of HATE
    15 minutes of the the most bezerk animation on television.
    “Bite my cordite Lankey!”

  • MadCat

    100% in agreement…BRING ROM BACK!

  • nate-grey

    I think Runaways would translate very well in either live-action or animated series (much better than in movie format). The characters are original and relatable to a wide audience demographic. The original story offers a whole season's worth of episodes with cliffhanger endings. The special effects budget wouldn't have to be too heavy. Most importantly, there is little continuity to tie into, requiring less explanation toward the Marvel Universe.

  • Batcave13

    I like the Heroes for Hire and the Daredevil ideas. I think Hawkeye and Mockingbird would also make for a good hour long “dramady” series.

  • Tory

    Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel need some series and more exposure.People are more aware of Spider-Woman. New Warriors could be good, Firestar has a fanbase.

  • Mike

    Daredevil on FX. Put Matt Bomer as Matt Murdock and Olivia Wilde as Elektra. But save the Elektra/King Pin/Bullseye Epic for a later season. Daredevil Yellow for the tone of the origins story. Then make it darker with each progressive season. Miller and Bendis and Brubaker provide plenty for full season arcs and smaller story arcs. I'd kind of like to see it structured like a mixture of Damages and Supernatural.

  • Govikes

    I would like to see the Black Knight in stories about how the Ebony Blade is slowly corrupting him. I don't know why Marvel does not use this character more with almost every superhero using swords now a days.

  • Dirk2112

    Three words … Patsy Walker: Hellcat !!! [staring Debra Ann Woll]

    Ok so that was seven words, but still … who here wouldn't watch that show? More importantly, unlike too many of the other suggestions (cough: Luke Cage) Hellcat isn't going to be staring in her own film – or even her own film development deal – anytime soon. And unlike great comics like Alias, would depend on marvel continuity for humor rather than main story lines.

    Second choice would be Dazzler [staring Kristen Bell] who can sing, dance, do action and be beloved by geeks all at the same time. Third would be Cloak and Dagger [staring Mehcad Brooks & Katrina Bowden]. Fourth and finally would be Jessica Drew: Spider Woman [staring – wait for it – Summer Glau].

  • Nicholas West

    The New Mutants.

  • Elle

    TV can do more with narrative than movies. Movies end up stripping so much of the original from their adaptations…and hence the substance.

  • Spyder-girl

    Doctor Strange. It'd be Doctor Who but with MAGIC and DIMENSION TRAVELING, instead of Science and Time Traveling.

  • LukeDavid

    A street level crime series with a touch of mysticism featuring Daredevil & Iron Fist (plus the obvious supporting cast)

  • urbaneturtle

    But Chase is Australian…

  • urbaneturtle

    Daredevil would make a great TV show.

  • Darkhawk

    Realistically… Runaways penned by BKV.
    Pipe dream: New Warriors

  • Matthew Hardy

    TV means budget restrictions (so no chance beloved GOTG) but with that in mind:-

    1) Cloak & Dagger – rom-com-ish road trip, travelling the country tasked with finding and fighting both good and evil guys that were accidentally given different creepy Darkforce powers by (at some point) travelling through cloak. Supernatural/early Buffy villain of the week meets first season Heroes/Moonlighting.

    2) The current Thunderbolts concept, a high-tech prison full of superpowered 'bad' guys, given a choice of high risk black ops missions or hard time. Play the themes of guilt/redemption off against the prisoners over-arching goal of escape. Get to showcase all the great villains Marvel has knocking about. Include a wrongly convicted con (Hawkeye?) a high death count per mission, front with a high profile bad-ass lead actor in the Luke Cage role – A bit Prison Break with some 24 stuck in there.

    3) The original X-Factor concept. A group of superheroes pretending to hunt down and apprehend rogue mutants – but in essence actually saving them and recruiting them for a larger goal. X-men for TV with a undercover/secret agenda edge.

    4) Inhumans – living ordinary lives in NYC with no memory of who they really are, stalked by a mute stranger who knows their secret but is unable to tell, manifesting strange powers in moment of danger, haunted by a feeling that there is more to their destiny than just lives in the city but still find meaning and heroism in the 'ordinary' lives they lead and the people around them (oh and puzzled by a large dog that turns up in impossible places :)

  • Suckwave

    okay lets get the predictable responses out of the way:

    Spider-Woman tv bend-ass!11
    Black Panther
    X-Men, etc…

    and it all sucks

  • Rickhrenchuk

    Cage and Iron Fist. And don't let Tyrese Gibson anywhere near the the role of Cage.

  • rawnzilla

    Not soon enough.

  • Mildmannered77

    I've always said that HBO dropped the ball in not taking the Punisher MAX line and adapting it into a series to fill the vacuum left when the Sopranos ended. It would save them and any other cable network from trying to re-create the magic with another mob-oriented show, by instead spotlighting a guy who wages a one-man war AGAINST the mob, and crime in general. It would have been just the counterweight, with all the violence and drama, that audiences were seeking, and would have silenced the critics who said that HBO was out to glorify criminals. Obviously, the moment has passed, but I still think this is the most viable prospect Marvel has for TV.

  • Alex

    I actually came to exactly that conclusion about how you'd do a Strange ongoing recently. If anything, his currently depowered state would make it work better – just leave him with a couple of utilitarian spells and a lot of knowledge.



  • Detroyes

    My sons would love to see Franklin Richards, Boy Genius as a TV show.

  • Dirk2112

    Quick quibble – it's the genre films with female leads that have run into trouble. On TV the female lead fronted genre shows have done as well and perhaps better than most – both creatively and ratings-wise … this soon after Dollhouse and Sarah Connor failed, it may be tempting to forget how long Xena, Nikita, Buffy, Veronica and Alias ran but it wouldn't be accurate to.

  • d.

    Howard the Duck HBO series

  • Stannish

    umm Hulk was late 70's with TV movies still spinning off in the 80s dude

  • d.

    Remind yourself that a scruffy, short Canadian is played by a tall, polished Australian. Anything's possible.

  • Randomfilms490

    I think Bishop from X-men, kind of like that terminator show without having a franchise to tie it down.

  • d.

    Punisher: Knock knock
    Guest: Who's there?

  • Jimmyvalon

    This is a good idea.

    Key talent (directors, stars) could be approached to do one or two eps a series ala Spielberg's Amazing Stories.

    One Series could have A Tarantino “Bloodstone”, A Pixar Galactus and a Paris Hilton Wasp (or something) with the slack of the series just being good yarns.

  • Nathan

    any series that dosen't get taken off of the air even though it's got high ratings

  • Saspherus

    Jessica Jones P.I., Werewolf By Night, X-Factor, Heroes For Hire, Dr. Strange, Blade (loved the last tv spin off), A Daily Bugle Show, District X, Deadpool would all excite me.

  • Mark Denine

    X-Factor! Or may just a steady stream of mini-series that spin into each other.

  • Phoenix_Revelation

    As a huge fan of the X-Men, I would have to say I'd like to see a live action series about them. Don't get me wrong, the movies are good (and I'm probably the only person who actually liked X-Men: The Last Stand) but an ongoing series would be so much better because the storylines continue every week and give us more plot, characters, action, etc. We all remember the classic animated series from the 90's. Well, imagine a live action series. 22 to 24 episodes a season would be great. Of course, the show would have to do well to keep on going for more than one season. But who wouldn't want an actual “X-Men: First Class” type show that has the original X-Men in the first season and then watch as the series grows (as well as the cast of characters). There are way too many X-Men to fit into a movie, so I'd go with an X-Men series that stays true to the mythology of the comics. Ultimate versions would be okay, but only if done right. Of course, other series could get made such as a live action Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Avengers. Even the Hulk, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Cable, Excalibur, X-Factoir, X-Force, etc. would be wonderful to see adapted for television. Look at how well Smallville has done over the last 10 years. The movies just arent coming out fast enough for me. Lol. But X-Men definately is my fave pick. I don't exactly have any particular casting in mind for the X-Men, but just imagine the possibilities with a series like this (not to mention the spin-offs this series could bring). Lol! Okay, so I'm a dreamer. But at least I dream BIG lol!

  • Houseofjanzen

    I'd love to see an X-Factor show as well.
    Most important to me though is that the show had a serious tone, as Heroes did. If they make it too comedy-ish there's no way I'd watch.

  • Silvermoth

    I would love to see a She-Hulk series

  • Babelson

    The Hood

  • benday-dot

    Criminal (Tracey Lawless) or Incognito. Brubaker's stuff could make could television.

  • Spiderchris_1

    Why not the Defenders?

  • Duwayne Murrell

    X Factor, Daredevil, Iron Fist

  • Ed

    Most of the best comic characters wouldn't work on TV for one reason or another — too FX-heavy, too grounded in continuity, too obscure. But there is one I've been dying to see.

    Captain America. Same sensibility in the main as Brubaker's run. With 24 off the air, there's a gap in the market for a high-concept political thriller. Complete no-brainer.

    Also, it won't happen, but they should resurrect Spectacular Spider-Man and build an animated series around that universe, starting with the Fantastic Four.

  • Mikebrownvp

    A Black Panther Tv Series, not just a motion comic

  • Brownbearmm

    Cloak and Dagger as a gritty street drama would be great. Maybe a Dr. Strange as the new Buffy esque supernatural thriller.

  • K-Nuff

    I absolutely agree. I would love to see a street-level, gritty, noir tv series, and these titles could provide such entertainment.

    X-Factor Investigations would be awesome! Peter David's run would be great material, but they really have to cast Layla Miller and Madrox right. Probably Chloe Moretz for Layla? Another concern I have is that David's run touches on the fallout from House of M (Rictor's depowering, Quicksilver's involvement, conflict with the X-Men) and Civil War, so unless they would delve into those issues, they would have to come up with new cases for the series, or twist the “events” a little bit.

    Daredevil would be a perfect crime series, especially if they use storylines from Bendis' run and even until Brubaker's. I remember imagining a live action series when I was reading Daredevil. Too bad the rights are still with someone else!

    Heroes for Hire! Another good, street level idea. Ray Park as Danny Rand! Terry Crews as Luke Cage!

  • d.

    Kimberly Kole starring in a Satana series.

  • K-Nuff

    James Gandolfini as Kingpin… Perfect!

  • Joseph5765

    Moon Knight has the best viablility. Human psycho by day/ Vigilante with simple costume by night. You mix old world Konshu with high tech it gets cool. And add Frenchie for fun.

  • KN

    and they would already have a theme song!

  • Timelord

    Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy. Make it a series on Showtime or HBO or Starz so that there would be no holding back on the violence, language, and “adult situations.” Can you imagine Gamora in her traditional costume? How about perfect CGI versions of Groot and Rocket Racoon? It would be an instant hit!

    Adapt Annihilation, Conquest, WOK, and Thanos Imperative for live action pay cable! It's where Lexx and Stargate got their starts.

  • Bassmonster

    DAREDEVIL would be a dream TV show, with John Belushi as Foggy Nelson. I am not sure about M.Murdoch… but the show needs the old school Stan Lee/Romita SR-Gene Colan kind of atmosphere, pure soap and adrenaline rush of swashbuckling or the classic kind.

  • dj

    DD, Moon Knight, Heroes for Hire, Runaways, SHEILD, Dr. Strange

  • Jham1

    Oh my good god that is so good… ;)

  • d.

    You're going to get a dead man to play Foggy?

  • Summer

    Daughters of the Dragon (Kristin Kreuk as Colleen Wing???)

    Heroes for Hire


    New Mutants, maybe?

    Dr. Strange

    an Elsa Bloodstone series, based off of the original mini.



    Captain Britain and MI13

    A show based around Millie the Model and her group.

  • d.

    Moonboy and Devil Dinosaur – buddy cop show
    Mole Man vs. the Lava Men – sitcom
    The Howletts – period family drama
    A Dan Slott-era She-Hulk courtroom drama
    Daydreamers – children's fantasy

  • Sean

    Punisher MAX on STARZ

  • Jlmcyr

    Sasquatch. Using the old Incredible Hulk premise.

  • VanGoghX

    -War of the Worlds with Killraven
    -Guardians of the Galaxy – The old team. Could be Star Trek-like show, much like original stories were.
    -Silver Surfer (no Bo Derek though)

  • Mathew!

    Immortal Iron Fist OR Heroes for Hire with Danny & Luke – either a really good kung-fu style show, a little bit nostalgic back to the 70's kung fu shows or an action/comedy style duo programme…

    … MI:13, with the current incarnation of the team (but maybe some simpler backstory for Black Knight and Cap)…

    … Daredevil as an hourly series (already suggested) would work extremely well – basically, convert Bendis/Brubaker's entire run into screenplays and you've got a few years of TV right there…

    … Alias, a detective show mainly but with cameos here and there from other marvel characters!

  • Joshuawesome


  • Joshuawesome

    oh crap i fail… realise that it's DC…always can't rmb where Jack Kirby published his awesome craziness

  • RomanColombo

    X-Factor or Heroes for Hire

  • RomanColombo

    Oh, and the Thunderbolts

  • Eric

    I think a Para-Legal show would be cool, about She-Hulk or the She-Hulk legal cast, dealing with the legal issues of ghosts, vampires, werewolves, supervillains, superheroes, monsters, freaks, wizards, and other stuff. Basically, the first 12 issues of Dan Slott's She-Hulk as a legal dramedy.

  • Twin1todd

    I would like to see an FF series focused on the family aspect. Say,do John Byrnes run.It could work,with alot of emphasis on Franklin.The pilot could be Sue giving birth to Franklin and go from there.

  • Scarletspeedster7

    Accents can be faked. But he looks the part.

  • Tom

    Thor: The Animated Series

  • Whoiseyevan

    Power Pack
    Morbius the Living Vampire
    Brother Voodoo
    Cloak and Dagger
    Black Cat
    Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius

  • Jajaja

    Ender's Game is a licensed property. Marvel doesn't own it.

  • Jajaja

    And treat each episode like a back-door pilot? That would work rather well. And if a character is good enough to get a lot of attention, but not enough to get their own series, they could always have another episode.

  • Jajaja

    I'd like a Punisher series. It wouldn't be that hard to do.

  • Captainfur

    Generation X.

    Oh… right…

  • SolidCPlus

    A prequel tv show with a young Reed, Doom, Banner, and Stark in a think tank as supergenious kids.

  • Banon

    Moon Knight! It would make a perfect animated series. There are so many characters to use and a great, lesser known villains.

  • Vinnie Bartilucci

    Extreme Makeover – underground lair edition
    How I Met your RRRRIIICHARRRRDS!!!!
    Love that Blob
    Magneto, P.I.


  • P.D. Noosh

    Seconding, thirding, etc. all the Dazzler suggestions. I'd make it a “Boogie Nights meets X-Men” type show, and start it at the peak of the disco era with a Studio 54-esque club serving as the base of operations. As Allison's star begins to rise, she learns to master and love her powers, with her adventures interwoven with the glamor, sex, drugs, and freedom of the era. But, the second season would begin with the election of Reagan and the dawn of the AIDS crisis, and the subsequent death of disco and the debauchedness of the 70s. Allison would be left to not only deal with mutant/superhero adventures, but anti-mutant hysteria, the death of many close friends, the loss of her fame and fortune, etc. etc. The use of anti-mutant sentiment would be used as a metaphor or symbol for the growing power of the Reagan Right, sort of in the same way that Joss Whedon used his Hellmouth as a metaphor for high school. Of course it would be on HBO or Showtime.

    I think the Fantastic Four would make such a better television show than movie franchise. The family dynamics and evolution of the characters would be given a better chance to develop and blossom over the course of 4+ seasons of good television writing than they would in the course of a series of 90 minute action movies aimed at a younger audience.

  • tacosforever

    Luke Cage/Danny Rand Heroes For Hire

  • Tmcook

    I'm a sucker for Moon Knight
    Would like to see any show done as a short anthology type serise. 6-8 episode story arcs

  • Philosophermax

    Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy as an animated series.

  • Tmcook

    Pulse or Alias with J.K. Simmons reprising his role as J.J.

  • Blythr

    A daredevil animated dvd of frank miller's “born again”

  • Jonathan Williams

    i think the PUNISHER would make a fantastic show if done on hbo or another premium channel. the films are really not good. think of it as the soprano with more violence. the runaways would make a better show than it would a movie, aswell.

  • Jonathan Williams

    CB and MI13 done by the people who did torchwood for BBC would be fantastic! especially if it could air on BBC, too.

  • Jonathan Williams

    they plan on revamping the DD film franchise in the near future so the rights wouldn't revert back to marvel for several years after they stop making those films.

  • Jonathan Williams

    rom was a licensed prperty. marvel doesn't own it.

  • Jonathan Williams

    Nextwave would be an excellent half hour action comedy.
    Power pack could work as a live action disney show or on abc family.
    doctor strange on the sci-fi channel.
    deathlok on sci-fi.
    dazzler on mtv. it could their hanna montanna LOL!

  • Guest

    A punisher 13-episode series on HBO would be great. As long as they keep the same tone and pace of stories like in Garth Ennis stories and film it like with Dexter it'll work.

  • Andre Matt

    Daredevil as a HBO series. adult action drama about a red leather biker jacket clad masked vigilante by night, blind attourney by day. Adam Brody would guest star in the first season finale as Spider Man

  • wabblin'weebler

    so many good ideas.

    personally, if your going to do television with these characters, animation is the best way to go.
    as a huge fan of luke cage and iron fist i'd like to see a somewhat gritty animated take on these characters. an adult swim series or dvd movie would be something along the lines of what i would like to see. they both have great origin stories, so you could definitely do solo outings of both luke and danny first, then introduce them as a team later.

    the x-statix/x-force run would be great to see. but its probably way too cynical for the masses. but thats why its primed for adult swim or something of that nature.

    daredevil or punisher would probably be two properties than would work better as live action. bendis' run on fx or ennis' max run on showtime or hbo. hell, i'll settle for a mature animated dvd movie of either character. or a punisher vs. daredevil straight to dvd movie? that has my money already. lol

  • Lionineone

    I would like to see Dr. Strange brought back only this time with a whole lot more sophiscation. Man Thing also screams to be produced—and keep it like the comic, showcasing stories, with a horror/suspense theme while having the Man-Thing as a kind of an umbrella/narrator device, Ghost Rider would be great too—especially if they show GR both as a western and current day storyline-going back an forth between the timelines from one week to the other. Thor would be good. Spider-Woman, Vision & Wanda, DareDevil…

  • 00

    shagadelic animated doctor strange for grown ups

    1940's period piece captain america


  • CB

    X-Factor Investigations


    Young Avengers

  • CB

    How bout New Mutants with Karen Gillen from Doctor Who as Wolfsbane?

  • Ben

    HEROES FOR HIRE is a great idea! The central buddy relationship and the fact that you totally don't need to have costumes makes it a natural. You'd have to give Danny the tattoo but I would understand altering how he got it for the tv show audience – the dragon thing might be too much and I don't know how good a dragon-shaped burn scar would look on tv. It would probably have to be an actual tattoo.

    MACHINE MAN – I can see this as one of those shows that has episodic stories concerning Aaron's development and growth with a mythology building subplot concerning his origins throughout. MM isn't an iconic enough character where I don't think too many people would mind if his origin were rewritten for the show.

    ALIEN LEGION – gritty alien war stories where any character might end up dead by the end. Kinda like “Space: Above and Beyond” in tone – lots of death and pathos.

  • ConJob

    HBO series titles “Werewolf By Night”. Jack Russell is a private investigator who takes on cases of a supernatural origin.

  • Dennis Eikenkoetter

    jared padalecki for nova
    jensen ackles for hawkeye or ghostrider
    john c mc ginley as cable..yeah im serious
    that sawyer guy for ironfist and michael jay white for luke cage
    matthew fox for mr fantastic

  • Dennis Eikenkoetter

    and i want thunderstrike!!!jensen ackles?

  • Dennis Eikenkoetter

    neil patrick harris as daredevil

  • Chrmagglaras

    Strike force morituri

  • Oy The Brave

    loved that series. Too bad it'll never see reprint in any form.

  • chato

    How about focusing on cosmic marvel shows for a change. Or a direct sequel to the Silver Surfer TAS series.

  • AM

    I agree with many of the other comments and the OP: Heroes for Hire would be a great series for TV, if the characters and their dynamic is strong, they could manage some great episodes.

    X-Factor Investigations would also be fantastic too. Especially if it is character-driven like the series whenever it is at its best. Though it would be nice if there were a Mutant Town for the setting.

    I'd also like to see an Incredible Hercules series, though that would make for a pretty fun cartoon.

  • DanB2666

    New Mutants – focusing on Cannonball, Magma, Sunspot, Moonstar, Karma and Rictor. None of the movie mutants, just a fresh take. Where powers are seen often, but not so much crappy family issues (Heroes!)

  • beac0n

    What I think needs to be done is that they need to take a chance and do something different. Make it a one hour prime-time drama, but with animation instead of live-action. This hasn't been done before but it is the best of both worlds and fits super-hero material the best. As for the content. I would love to see X-FORCE with the original Cable-led lineup.

  • E Baracal

    I´d love to see:
    Cloak & Dagger.
    Hawkeye and Mockingbird.
    Silver Surfer.

  • DaniSpite

    A “mutant high” series. A super-powered high school comedy, starring Hellion, X-23, Surge and the rest, with some less known X-men as teachers.

  • Nicholasfbennett

    For a guaranteed hit why not do a Dr. Strange show that borrows styles from Buffy and Charmed? Personally I wouldn't watch it if that is the case but you have a built in Angel market that will immediately jump on a product like this.

    If you use my idea I want to work on the show :)

  • KLJ3

    I would like to see the Hulk return to TV in the same vein as the last movie.
    A Fantastic Four show would be…fantastic. Maybe with someone like Jon Foster as Johnny and someone like Hayden Panettiere (a bit short and young)as Sue.
    A Captain Britain and MI:13 show could be a mix of BBC Saturday night programming (if you're in the UK). Doctor Who meets Merlin meets Spooks.
    Daredevil could make a great law and order style show combined with with lower budget street level action.
    And last of all…
    I've always thought a show based on Wolverine entitled simply Logan would be great. Huge arcs devoted to different eras of history. Feudal Japan, World Wars, Cold War. Leading all the way through Weapon X and up to him joining the X-Men. Guess with the Wolverine films this will never happen.

  • Nicholasfbennett

    Another idea I wouldn't watch that would work for other people- A Deadpool character made for kids. Put it on one of the ABC kids channels and it would take off. He'd be just bad enough that there would be some edge to him that kids would gravitate towards him while not giving the parents enough ammunition to complain. Just by skirting the line you could hit on a lot of fronts. Plus, with the right joke and action placement quite a few of the real fans will pick up on it. While a totally unrelated show in all respects, I believe that a SpongeBob Squarepants wink and nudge approach could work here.

    Secondly, I feel that the world is ready for another attempt at a Spawn: The Animated Series type of show. You'd need to find the right character with the right pathos for the right channel. Somewhere where violence is free to splatter the walls while also allowing the main lead to look within himself. My choice would be The Punisher. Look of inner turmoil that can be explored while also still giving fans the action and gore they crave.

  • Gen. Hawk

    Get another contract w/Hasbro and do GI Joe!

  • Zawisza

    Falcon is pitch-perfect for TV. They could even make him more contemporary by setting his adventures in present day New Orleans as opposed to 1970s Harlem. Of course there's more than one “perfect” location for a character like Sam Wilson to rise up. Detroit could certaily use a hero like the Falcon.

  • Hey

    The Taskmaster Show

  • Bunx05

    Which sucks because Daredevil is basically the Law and Order of comics. Taken seriously, it could be fantastic as a television series.

  • Mac Tíre

    Fair enough but the programme concept still stands up.

  • Bunx05

    Anyone but Ray Park as Iron Fist and we're in agreement.

  • Bisp

    OK….second the Heroes for Hire (Cage/Iron Fist) influenced by Jo Duffy and Kerry Gammill's run. Strikeforce Morituri would be a good serial. Ka-Zar (If you've seen of some of the cheap CG on SYFY , this could def succeed w/ not all stories set in the Savage Land), CLoak and Dagger (possibly easily translatable as well as fitting the demographic of the CW. Justice (the New Universe) and DP 7 (New Universe—kinda like Heroes but older premise–and no costumes), Tomb of Dracula (this could almost be a straight adaption of the original series w/o Blade-his rights are tied up by New Line I assume), Nomad. I could go on and on…..

  • Tomfitz1

    Put me down for: Strikeforce Moritori (first 20 issues); Supreme Power by JMS; Nemesis by Millar & McNiven; newuniversal by Ellis.

  • David Bastos

    Along the lines of Smallville Marvel should get their most iconic character and start from there.
    Maybe a TVshow with a young Spider-Man (only stopping small crimes and dealing with his uncle death).

    I would also like to see something along the lines of S.H.I.E.L.D. the new comic is simply fantastic and the producers could go anywhere they want (but give me some Nick Fury and some Modern world stories XD).

  • Doug Mascaro

    Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Annihilation War, Quasar, Silver Surfer.

    Now that would be awesome animated entertainment!

  • Leoyanke

    Power Pack as an animated series. They could Franklin Richards (as he appeared in the Son of a genius specials) in the team and feature the Fantastic Four as guests. Great for kids. Imagine the Thing having to babysit Power Pack.

  • Alexmistretta

    New Mutants. X force. Werewolf by night. Hellstorm, son of Satan. Bloodstone. Moonknight. New Warriors. Captain Britain/MI13. Spider Woman. Agent of Atlas. DP7. Young Avengers. Iron Fist. Invaders. Black Panther. Captain Marvel. Black Widow. West Coast Avengers. Squadron Supreme. Black Cat. White Tiger.

  • Patrice

    Daredevil written by the “Law and Order” staff. We see only DD at the end of the first season.

  • Kwillyvox


  • guest

    Focus on the story and the core characters. Don’t get caught up in treating the series as a platform to showcase the Marvel Universe or an opportunity to do your version of classic Marvel characters or storylines. I think that adaptations like Ultimate X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men and even Fox’s X-men film franchise have gotten caught on this problem. Those stories were classics because they were focused on telling a good story. Your characters deserve the same.

    Time for some apostasy – To carry this suggestion to its conclusion, I could see either a Luke Cage TV show or a Heroes for Hire show. I could easily imagine, and probably enjoy, a Luke Cage series that doesn’t even introduce Danny Rand until season three and doesn't become Heroes for Hire until season four.

    Which raises another point – Use the great source material, more than you could ever hope to use, to let a TV series evolve naturally. Many TV shows don’t know what to do once they’ve completely mined the original premise. You have the opportunity to let the show find new vitality when other series have run out of good ideas.

  • Jwcampb

    Do a S.h.i.e.l.d. (the paramilitary organization, not the new-ish mystical one, though that could be cool, too) show; that way, the show is open to include whatever heroes and whatever situations the writers want to pull from the Marvel Universe–the stories could literally be anything from the entire history of the company.

  • Brawl2099

    Heroes for Hire starring Ray Park and Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice guy) as Danny and Luke.

  • Admkidd

    I can see it now, “The Heroes for Hire Hour”. A half hour show featuring Iron Fist, Colleen & Misty, followed by a half hour show featuring Luke Cage Power Man. They appear to be separate shows, but that's only to establish who the characters are. Gradually throughout the first season it becomes clearer that the two shows inhabit the same universe, and that there is a common villain operating behind the seasons of both shows. And then bam! The season finale, and the two groups meet up for the first time much like Luke Cage #48. The second season becomes the 1 hour long show “Heroes for Hire” featuring the entire ensemble cast of both half hour shows.


  • Heathpetersen

    A “Daredevil Begins” I think would work well. Set it in college and you could combine the elements of vigilanteism as he learns to fight and the extents of his powers while also showing his growing facility in the law. They could have eps where he could discourse in the courtroom and other episodes where he just beats the crap out of enemies. Considering most of his “powers” are attuned to his senses, the special effects budget could be constained. I really think examining how Matt walks the fine line between justice and vengeance could keep the series compelling.

  • Colebrax

    Take the concept of Bendis' “Powers” and introduce the major corners of the Marvel Universe through the eyes of regular law enforcement.

  • wilburpenguin

    Invaders. Nothing else comes close.

  • Robertsayre2

    HEROES FOR HIRE, for sure…with a regular central cast, (Danny, Luke, Misty, Colleen) and regular rotating support characters/guests (Sons of Dragon, Shang Chi, Moon Knight, White Tiger, El Aguila, Paladin, Tarantula,etc.)

    X-FACTOR (PAD's) as stated

    MIDNIGHT SONS or LEGION OF NIGHT, sort of done like SUPERNATURAL or MILLENIUM. Have regulars like Devil-Slayer, Jennifer Kale, Man-Thing, Ghost Rider, Morbius, Werewolf….true horror though, with an X-Files vibe; ongoing plots but constantly changing
    places and faces of new stories.

    LONERS (from the CB Cebulski mini)…perfect for modern stories and teen-angst..a view of different aspects of the MU, with understated elements…

  • Wayne Ligon

    Power-Man and Iron Fist as a buddy-cop tv show is probably my top 'must-see'.

    Power Pack for Disney is a no-brainer.

    Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane would be the perfect tween-Disney romance vehicle, but they probably can't do that because of the upcoming movie reboot.

    A solo Hawkeye series would be interesting, if the Smallville people don't ever put up a Green Arrow series. Just have to do something about that horrible costume.

    (That being an aside. Yeah, some costumes would need to be more realistic for TV, but don't get rid of them entirely. A significant chunk of the draw for superheroes is the 'costumed adventurer' aspect. Take that away and you have a standard TV drama).

    If they can do single X-Men characters,. Kitty Pryde would be a perfect one, especially for the tween Disney crowd. Visually simple superpower with all sorts of interesting implications. Or, just do the whole First Class thing as an ensemble TV show. X-Campus the series would not be bad at all.

  • Mwedmer

    Thanks. I feel that this show would have the greatest level of success. It fits neatly into the most popular genres on tv which are Legal Procedural and Cop shows, while still leaving the door open for the more fantastical characters that haveappeared in the stories.
    Also, His origin which could be told in the pilot and then placed in the opening credits, the same way Smallville Wonder Woman and the Hulk all did, but could also be dissected throughout the series in much the same way as the old show Kung Fu used the Master and Grasshopper sequences to reveal some wisdom that helps the character in certain situations.
    His master was Stick. (must be Asian)Sadly the best actor for him, MAKO passed away.

    Daredevil could still have his costume and costumed vilains.
    This show would work on network and on cable channels like FX which regularly push the envelope in regards to content.
    The show could create its own continuity that still draws from all of the elements in the characters history. Such as all of the flawed female love interests the character has had.

    Another show that would work better on TV than in a theatrical release would be Runaways. It is suited more for television based on the format of the book.

  • Brandon Ellis

    i believe you should have a young avengers tv show and have Allan Heinberg write it since he already does tv shows it would be a good idea to show the younger part of the marvel universe

  • Kenneth_osborne

    The Crew
    Cage and Iron Fist (not as a comedy)
    Winter Soldier
    Shang Chi and the British MI agents that used to accompany him
    Moon Knight
    The Falcon

  • Donny Lonely

    annihilation!!! it reads like a tv show, and you could seperate the seasons based on the different story arcs. ie annihilation = season 1, annihilation: conquest = season 2, and so on. the costumes are already more sci-fi than super-hero, and the characters' respective story arcs are interesting enough to hold an audience. of course it would be big-budget, but this is disney we're talking about, it's not as though they don't have the money!

    otherwise, the district x show would be perfect. whatever they decide to do, it should be something that isn't necessarily straight up super-heroes. i just don't see something like a spider-man live action series as being able to last on television.

  • Rome Calanza

    Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. would be a great series, its a Warren Ellis book so it would probably be on cable…

  • Buzzworks

    Whatever they decide to do for a show, they need to be true to the characters. I dreaded that awful Avengers cartoon where the Wasp has a techie armor.
    I think everyone wants to see a Power Man/Iron Fist. It would be easy to adapt. Love the idea that Misty Knight and Colleen Wing could be in it.
    A Power Pack Saturday morning cartoon show is a great idea as well.
    A live action Black Panther could work.
    I personally love the idea of a Hellcat show, but something on Fox is called Hellcats this September. But the idea of a spunky girl getting a costume endowed with powers sounds like a great bit.
    I also personally love the idea of a live action She-Hulk superhero lawyer show, but I don't think television is ready for such a show.

    Werewolf By Night
    Dr. Strange
    Man Thing
    Son of Satan
    The Paranormal is hot right now.

  • Sketch

    X-Men: The First Class as a TV Series rather than a movie. I think it'd work better as a series than a movie IF DONE WELL ;) I wouldn't mind a neat SHIELD movie either with guest stars ;) For a street hero vibe, Heroes for Hire could be fun, as could a Daredevil series.

  • Greglkerr

    that logan show sounds like The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. man i hated that show

  • Jigsaw Jack

    New X-Men Grant Morrison run or Franklin Richards the cartoon.

  • Cybrestrike

    I'd cast it like this (if it was a movie):

    Madrox: Paul Rudd
    Siryn: Odessa Rae
    Rictor: Adam Rodriguez
    M: Gabrielle Union
    Strong Guy: Seth Rogan
    Layla Miller: Dakota Fanning
    Shatterstar: Matt Bomer
    Wolfsbane: Shirley Manson
    Val Cooper: Kelly Preston

  • guest

    Gritty Daredevil show on ABC. Thing bout the Bendis/Brubaker runs. THAT would be some awesome television!

  • Ramsire07

    I'd like to see a Daredevil series. It could be like Law & Order with Ninjas.
    I think a Heroes For Hire series could do well too, featuring Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing. There could be guest appearences from Chang Chi, and the Night Nurse.
    A Moon Knight series would be cool.
    And for ABC Family, The Runaways and Power Pack.
    As for animated shows, How about Jack Ryder and the Nova Corps featuring a whole host of cool alien Nova Corps members with lots of appearences from all of the Marvel cosmic characters. Imagine a multipart Annihilation epic arc!

  • Sano

    Spider-Girl. It could be like Smallville but with a girl heh. It can also help save the comic from it's 1,000th cancellation. <3

  • Ethanredd

    X-Factor. All the way. I even love Cyberstrike's cast.

  • Chr70

    Moon Knight.

  • Whowhat

    Moon Knight
    Misty Knight & Collen Wing
    Power Pack (animated)
    Ka-Zar (with appearances by Moonboy & Devil Dinosaur)

  • Mike Shirley

    The Adventures of Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe
    Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham
    Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers

  • Mike Shirley

    All animated series:
    The Adventures of Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe
    Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham
    Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers

  • Phreak711

    You could do an action drama based on “Dakota North” or “Taskmaster”.

  • Andymanns

    1st Iron Fist (the new immortal weapon version)
    2nd Hellstorm (Warren Ellis version)
    3rd Master of Kung Fu
    4th Strange tales (hourly anthology- first half Doctor Strange, second half different every week e.g. Man Thing. Should be quite experimental)
    5th Cap Britan & MI:13
    6th Hercules (probably too big a budget but worth a try).

  • Kaz

    Werewolf by Night. This could be a really fun ongoing and tap into Marvel's horror characters with or without getting too gory/too scary. Using the 70s stories as a template for Jack Russell looking to cure his curse.

    If Disney wanted to push the horror elements (i.e. get onto a cable channel – not likely I know), then using the late 90s mini-series and the even more graphic 2008 mini In the Blood would be just fine.

    But Jack and co. could be done to appease all the long time fans and new ones. Jack could be a win-win for Disney for horror/monster fans of all ages.

    Put me down for Marvel Comics Presents too… like that idea. Brother Nature and Aquarian anyone (not the Wundarr version please).

    As far as Moon Knight, oh I wish, but I'd love to see this as hard core violent, dark etc. on HBO, etc. following some of the original run and then moving onto Huston/Finch's reboot. I know that won't happen, but I have to say the one poster comparing MK to Burn Notice is pretty funny.

  • Sage Ashford

    Yeah. I'm not sure how hard it would be to pull this off, but an Immortal Iron Fist series, done Brubaker/Fraction/Aja-style? Excellence.

  • Sage Ashford

    A Union Jack series could be great, actually. Cross MI-5 with Buffy (not, so much the characters as the effects) and you have something we might actually see on television.

  • Sage Ashford

    No more live-action superhero series without costumes, please. Without the costumes…why am I watching?

  • Sage Ashford

    X-Factor Investigations. That comic could actually work in live-action. Plus its low on costumes, so you'd have fewer people yelling at you about characters not wearing their proper outfits.

  • drone

    ridiculous looking costumes don't succeed in making them “super” nor do them make them “heroes”. All they really do is make the actors look like tools. The fact that the character is lifting up a truck and throwing down the street at a bad guy is what makes him cool… not the tight lycra outfit or the silly looking padded leather body suit. If they need to get dressed up then they should wear actual tactical gear.

  • Tigermoon79

    Marvel have to bring back the Space Knight : ROM!

    Nuff Said!

  • Dominicg_78

    New Mutants Animated series would be so cool! Or a Magik live action…

  • nickmarino

    Daughters of the Dragon!!!

  • Dan S

    I thought Marvel was planning to revamp it once the rights reverted back, though. Not Fox.

  • Victor

    I'd love to see She-Hulk, with Kristen Bell as Jennifer Walters and Brooke Hogan as the She-Hulk.

  • Jason D

    Both of these suggestions pretty much utterly ignore most of the last 20 years of crappy continuity and just go back to early/core visions of the characters.

    Machine Man – based on the Wolfman/Ditko run, where he's Aaron Stack, an insurance agent trying to pass for human. This gives him a civilian identity, a recurring cast of characters, and a regular motif. Also, his “costume” can be more easily explained and his powers could, for the most part, work well on television.

    Cloak and Dagger – the pairing apparently works, if a thousand dance films can be believed, and their powers/costumes would film well on a TV budget. Give her something less of a superhero unitard and make his outfit less of a giant cloak and more of a big trench-coat, and they're good to go. Add members of their families, social workers, other street kids, and some urban criminals (drug dealers/manufacturers, etc.) and you've got an ensemble cast.

  • enrique7

    a deadpool show or daredevil. any show with a couple episodes featuring ghost rider

  • Lufio

    I just hope that he brings back Spectacular Spider-Man.
    Since they nixed the Magneto movie, it could actually be a sweet live-action series. A young Magneto who is politically involved in Israel, a hippie-esque Charles Xavier, a very young American spook named Nick Fury and possible Wolverine cameo. After all, you don't need a big FX budget to have things float or for people to focus intensely on something. Plus, it'd be back when things were made out of metal and Magneto was relevant.
    Also, not that I'm a big fan, but ABC has a thing for Stephen King, so they might be receptive to a live-action adaptation of the The Dark Tower comics based on his books.
    Whatever he decides, I have great faith Mr. Loeb to deliver at least a couple of awesome new series. Good luck!

  • TelepathicFish

    I would love to see the Battlestar Galactica team of Ronald Moore and David Eick bring the X-Men to TV. Capt. Britain and MI13 wouldn't suck either. Another cool idea would be a Marvels Project-esque series set in WWII utilizing some of Marvel's notoriously underutilized golden age characters. Whatever gets done though would have to have a Lost/BSG-sized budget to really work though. But if Marvel can pull it off, it would be an awesome way to give exposure to some of those lesser-known characters who likely couldn't carry their own movie, especially if the TV shows were included in the shared movie-verse that Marvel is building and characters from the shows could appear in the movies (ie: Power Man and Iron Fist popping up in an Avengers movie in addition to having their own show) and vice versa.

  • EDz

    Make it broad! Base it on the new Marvels Project series. Or even Alex Ross's Marvels. Shows seem to have for legs when you introduce a world, not just a character.

  • Jjfigueira

    im in! x-factor is perfect!

  • Jox_77

    black widow or x-factor or maybe a really dark daredevil

  • Bo

    Daredevil, Moon Knight, Nova, Captain Marvel, Heroes for Hire, Power Pack, Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, Heroes for Hire: Power-Man and Iron Fist, Cloak and Dagger, X-Factor ( Peter David), The Incredible Hulk.

  • Trey

    My daughter, who is 11, wants to see an animated Power Pack TV show. She'd also love to see a program showcasing the misadventures of Franklin Richards.

    As for me, I'd be happy to see a good program with the original New Warriors, or Silver Sable.

  • Scotle555

    IF X-Men could be done (I think the SFX would be waaay to pricey for TV), do it through the eyes of Kitty Pryde starting with her intro to the team back in the Byrne era.

  • Sladewilson

    Heroes for Hire but only if the Daughters of the Dragon are in the mix. Okay the next five:

    1) Amadeus Cho – come on – you know it would be smoking.
    2) Daredevil – Perfect for TV and has the right supporting cast.
    3) Falcon – Sam. Harlem. Various Avengers as guest stars. SCORE!
    4) Black Widow – Scarlett in the cat suit. Every Week. Nuff said.
    5) Shang-Chi – No-brainer. Fu-Manchu.

  • Daniel R

    I have a few Ideas

    First since they just lost Hanna Montana, you'd think doing a series based on Dazzler with a young girl who could sing would work pretty well for kids, and if written well adults too

    I think that a Nova or Silver Surfer series would be great for sci-fi fans

    I really would like to see them try a Sopranos type show using the Kingpin and his various henchman

    The idea of trying a Thunderbolts (the original team) series where you push the idea of villains posing as heroes to take over the world has tons of possiblities for a tv show and is my favorite

    Ms. Marvel, based on the last solo series, hell for fun why not try Wonder Man as the hero who is trying to be an actor too, that would be fun to watch

  • Kalvoid

    Daredevil with Luke Cage and Lt. Frank Castle (in the NYPD before his family is killed).

    Also, X-Men: First Class. The movie is clearly going to suck. A Smallville-like treatment would be ideal.

  • Joe Shmoe

    Devil Dinosaur Saturday morning animated cartoon.

  • Pazst

    I'll jump on the X-Factor Investigations bandwagon. With more realistic casting choices for a television show, of course.

  • Binaryan

    Hmmmm… how about a STARJAMMERS TV series? With successful shows like Firefly, Stargate, etc. I can see a live action space-faring pirate show doing really well for Marvel.

    Corsair – Michael Trucco (Battlestar Galactica)
    Hepzibah – Kelly Carlson (Nip/Tuck)
    Raza – Nabeen Andrews (LOST)
    Ch'Od – Ron Perlman (Hellboy)
    Lilandra – Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica)
    D'Ken – Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter)
    Sikorsky – voiced by Brent Spiner
    Deathbird – Rhona Mitra
    Gladiator – Jason Momoa

  • Binaryan

    I think DISTRICT X would translate well to television with Bishop and Sage as a mutant Mulder & Scully. (Pity Marvel has ruined Bishop's potential in recent years).

    NEW WARRIORS based on the original series would make an incredible cartoon series.

    NEW X-MEN with a core cast of Anole, Rockslide, Dust, Surge, Mercury, Hellion and X-23 could be really, really cool as an animated series.

  • Gentalon

    Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy would be quite amazing

  • trimcat

    wolverine: old man logan

    this was by far the best logan story in years since the origin storyline. throw in bruce willis as wolvy and it would be awesome, but they would have to stay as close to teh story as possible. they could omit the spidercar though

  • BlackDog07

    i think that the kevin grevioux and paco medina run on new warriors would make for an awesome tv show… also the days of future past storyline from x-men

  • Chuckamock

    I would definately vote for the Heroes For Hire featuring the Luke Cage and Iron Fist pairing. That was the first series idea I thought of when I saw the headline on this article. Would love to see Misty and Colleen included, too.

    For a kids type of show, Power Pack would seem a natural for one of the Disney kid-centric channels.

  • Chuckamock

    And if you wanna continue a yin/yang type of thing with various Marvel characters, what about a property featuring Moon Knight and Shroud together????

  • Boo

    Daughters of the Dragon comes to mind

  • oscaroonie

    tv show of daredevil using frank, smith, bendis, and brubaker storylines

  • Johnpsmith1

    Both a Avengers and Defenders cartoon. The Defenders should have: Dr. Strange, Cleo, Nighthawk, Surfer, Namor, Luke Cage '70's style, Valkyrie, Hellstrom, Gargolye, Hulk and Hellcat.
    Avengers: Cap, Thor 70's style, Ironman, Wanda, Pietro, Hawkeye, Vision, Yellowjacket, Wasp,Hercules,Swordsman and Mantis

  • Brian J. Crowley

    “Heroes for Hire”
    Luke Cage played by Chad Coleman
    Jensen Ackles as Danny Rand
    Carla Gugino as Jessica Jones

  • Chris

    oh there are a few;

    1.Tomb of Dracula – can this lose with the current vampire trend. Great ensemble cast, chance for guest stars eg Blade ( get him back please!), smart storyline and a modern gothic atmosphere.

    2. Dominic Fortune -quasi super heroics / detective story coupled with Hollywood glamour from the 1930's. Period setting could prove expensive tho I guess.

    3. Moon Knight – a no brainer. Would surpass the millionaire as hero genre by playing up the former mercenary/ egyptian / multiple personality angles

  • Audiocomics

    Something that is well written with good actors. That's what I care about.

  • jerimiah s

    After a lot of thought here are my picks….
    Live Action:
    Cloak and Dagger
    Iron Fist/Power Man
    X-Factor (90s Team)
    Robert Drake,Certified Public Accountant

    Power Pack
    New Mutants
    Franklin Richards
    The Misadventures of Hank McCoy
    Marvel Team-Up

  • Dopplegager

    Matt Murdock Attorney at Law

  • d.

    Stan Lee doing a call-in sex/relationship show using his Marvel stories as metaphores (reprising the character quirk from Mallrats)

  • Tigerbill

    Agree. Runaways as TV rather than movie would rock.

  • Woutthielemans

    DAREDEVIL! Combination of Lawyer show/soap opera/ street-level superheroics with mainly martial arts-based action. And many members of DD's rogues' gallery are fairly easy to translate to the screen – no need for an immense load of CGI effects.

  • Scott K

    X-Factor, Daredevil (on HBO/Showtime), and a nice looking CG animation (not just for kids) of the Marvel Cosmic stuff.

  • sheersy

    Can accents be faked well enough? Look at House or The Wire's McNulty. Or, Gawd forbid, Cheadle's cockerney travesty from Ocean's Eleven.

  • Openyourthirdeye

    Exiles on HBO – make it Brutal and made for adults. Exiles was on of the best comics ever (until about issues 75) and needs to be a show. Come On!!! It's Slider's meets Marvel whats not to love. And since it involves alternate realities, what better way to test different actors in same roles and it would have access to the most diverse portfolio in Marveldom to test various characters on audiences.

  • Skyywryter

    i think it would be great to see a Powerman and Iron Fist series as long as show a certain level of realism as well the diversity of the two characters. I would also like to see maybe an x-men series with all new characters

  • Graduatehokie

    A long time ago they tried to do an x-man series (generation X) and it bombed. Now that special effects are better and the hero genre has been done (smallville/heroes)…its time to bring it back. I dont want to see a generation X mutant series, but they could do X-men first class (and not do the movie they are planning).

    It could be on Fox since they own the rights to the X-men properties anyways. As long as professor x was played by patrick stewart i'd be in heaven lol!

  • Christopherlirving

    Daredevil, starring Jensen Ackles as Matt Murdock! The perfect blend of crime/noir, action, and soap opera. But, due to Fox, I'd say Moon Knight.

  • Talon Jennings

    Reptil and the Great Lakes Avengers

    If you listen to the Kirby Krackle song 'Great Lakes Avengers' there's a lot of great modern day frustration filled in to that song and it would be a role perfectly suited to a younger hero that Marvel has already put some backing into. Plus it would make the GLA even better to have a straight man to bounce off of.

  • ZyxxyZ

    If Loeb is in charge, I'd prefer it be something I don't care about, like X-Factor, Runaways, or Dazzler.

  • Riley

    I would go with a Deadpool show but it would be animated and done by titmouse inc. (the guys that do Deathklok) that way you could violence and it would be funny which are strong traits for deadpool. I think Mark Hamill to do his voice. As for Live action I would like to The infinity Gauntlet Saga as miniseries and then Spin-off an Adam Warlock show from the Gauntlet series

  • GrantSpector

    MOON KNIGHT. Perfect for serialized TV.

  • Craigschmidt

    Young Avengers would be a great TV show and if it WAS a TV show, they could pay Allen Heinberg enough to write most of the series.

  • Zuckuss

    Hows about the John Byrne styled-Sensational She-Hulk? When she was talking to the viewer and had lots of comedy, yet was a blast to read for the action and adventure (like the She-Hulk graphic Novel where SHIELD was after her)!

  • Kms007

    There was a program on TV called “Street Justice” that, IMHO, was patterned after Cage / Iron Fist. The lead was an African American detective with a kung-fu white guy partner. Always reminded me of PM/IF.

  • Batbob

    Bring back Blade! That show was GREAT!!!!

  • Bursar

    My vote would be

    Supreme Power… 6 part mini series. Brandon Routh as Hyperion ;-)

  • Kiebler

    Half hour comedy similar to The Office but replace Dunder Mifflin with AIM.

  • Sam

    For Guardians of the Galaxy, basically rehash the Firefly cast. Nathan Fillion as Starlord, Adam Baldwin as Drax, Alan Tudyk as Bug, Summer Glau as Mantis, Morena Baccarin as Gamora, Sean Maher as Jack Flag, etc.

  • Ian Yaacob

    Brubaker's Captain America… Possibly THE best Cap stories ever! I'd love to see how they'd tackle the Winter Soldier arc! But I'd imagine it would be after the movie comes out…

    Another TV series that could work is “Darkhold: The Book of Sins” from the Midnight Sons imprints of the 90s. They should make it a horror TV series, with oblique references to various characters ( Dr. Strange, Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider, etc.). It could become Marvel's answer to Supernatural, X-Files or Fringe…

  • Taylorjt28

    ROM was a product of MATTEL like Transformers / G.I. JOE. I do agree with a Heroes for Hire series…with Luke Cage and Iron Fist. That would be a blast….kinda like a mix of LAW and Order with HEROES involved….no costumes needed just give us good action with real stories.

  • mark

    Current storylines are nicely off the wall, sort of Buffy, but written like Ghostbusters. With the right writing and direction it could go for a good run.

  • Peter Taggart

    Moon Knight. Put it on FX or Spike to make it a bit more adult while still available to more than HBO subscribers. Also, a Marvel Comics Presents show is a great idea. There could be 2 half hour stories every week. The first story would be a 5 or 6 part story and the second would be a new one very week. Maybe sometimes the stories would intersect. Also the Marvel Team Up idea is good too. Just throw a couple heroes together every week, maybe after they've been established on MCP.

  • AliBlaire

    Excalibur, New X-men, New Mutants, any of the slightly more lighthearted than X-men, team books
    Even Alpha Flight, if done right (ie. like the first series characters and not the next few!)

  • Salvatore

    Well, I cannot post any kind of cast suggestion, but if there if ONE show I'd really love to see airing, this would definitely be THE RUNAWAYS!!!

  • magpie

    RUNAWAYS, runaways, runaways, runaways.
    Come on it's a no brainer, perfect for TV!

  • Don Edwards

    Heroes for Hire…..duh. it could be the perfect vehicle for lesser known characters and of course, there could even be a rotating cast of some sort.

    -submitted by Don Edwards (

  • Hero3000

    Williams Maximoff, a show with Simon Williams (Wonder Man), Eric Williams, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Tony Stark, Carol Danvers, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyke going to the same high school and use the Avengers history as a guide to a story where these people meet and develop in the same way Smallville was made up. Plenty of soap opera for the female audience and action.

  • Sportsmovieguy

    Moon Knight. Shoot it in Prague to give it an international/European feel.
    Jamie Bamber in the lead role (Marc) and Jean Reno as Frenchie.

    I think Blade should be given another shot.

    But I'm all for a “Heroes For Hire”.

  • Jeremysims12

    With the supernatural wave, i think dr. strange would be good

  • Spacekicker

    Excaliber – if they can do Farscape, they can do the first version of this.

    Nth the last Ninja

  • Agent #1458

    I've been reading some of the offerings and I definately like the idea of a series with Namor! Also the ideas of the street characters (Cage, Iron Fist, DD, etc.). I am really diggin' the idea of a Black Widow show, too.

  • DoubleJ

    The Exile. A “Fugitive”-type show with Ben Reilly as the lead character following his 5 years on the road. It would be the “no tights” version of Spider-Man.

    Spider-Man 2099 would also be cool as a computer-generated cartoon.

  • Moviemonkey81

    That's true, but I think the rights only cover the movie (but I might be wrong). Most of the time movie deals like that only cover sequels, reboots (yeah buzzword!) or anything movie related.

    A Daredevil movie would be great though! It could combine courtroom dramas with gritty cop action. I don't have any ideas for casting as some of the best casting choices in recent years have been actors (almost) no one has heard of, so I wouldn't know whom to suggest.

  • Moviemonkey81

    I would totally watch that!

  • Moviemonkey81

    I'm not sure if breaking the 4th Wall would work on a TV show. Ally McBeal sort of did it, but that didn't last. Also, I think the green effect would have an… effect… on the actress. That green chick in Star Trek said it took forever to apply the makeup and it sucked, but then she went on to talk about how awesome the role was.

  • Moviemonkey81

    The popular choice seems to be Heroes For Hire, which I’m down with. The point of this (Marvel TV) is to bring Marvel characters to the screen without it costing an arm and leg to produce. Huge CGI heavy titles wouldn’t get a greenlight in a million years, and most likely a heavy costume series would get a hesitant greenlight. To be realistic, a series that can remove the costume but maintain the characters would see the light of day long before something like Avengers (on the small screen at any rate). Heroes For Hire can star Power Man and Iron Fist, but use their alter ego/real names of Luke Cage and Danny Rand, and it would still be an amazing show. How often to they refer to each other as Danny or Luke in the comic instead of Power Man or Iron Fist? So, yes, that series would play well on TV as it can easily be serialized. Human Target, Dark Angel, Burn Notice, all have the main characters on a new adventure every week but progress their own storylines. On another realistic level, anything already associated with a movie or another production company can be ruled out (sorry X-Factor fans). Runaways would be a no brainer. It has a hip young cast with super powers, but no so heavy that it would cost too much. Also, the connections to established Marvel properties is very limited. Moon Knight would be an amazing adult related series for cable, although the TV deal is with ABC and ABC Family, so I doubt you will see MK on FX, HBO, or anything like that. MK is my favorite to bring to TV right now. He’s a Batman style superhero that fights low-level street crime. You can keep the costumed villains to a minimum and keep that appeal. Alias would be another adult themed show that maintains the Marvel connection but still keeps it at arms length. Black Cat would be hot. Keep the Spider-Man link low key, or severe it completely, and it might work. And I’ll go ahead and say it: Punisher. I’ve seen some pretty screwed up stuff on TV lately, Punisher might work on network TV. Castle (another ABC show) gets a little graphic at times. But after one season, it might loose appeal or focus. How many episodes can you have Frank walk into a bar and shoot someone in the face? Still, it would be cool to see Punisher again. Going back to the female characters, Black Widow. Since Icon is an imprint of Marvel, how about Brubaker’s Criminal? My dream projects would be Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, any of the cosmic junk, but those bring up the issue of money again.

    I don’t read a lot of comics that could be toned down for ABC Family. Most of those shows would most likely be original, like that Her-Oes comic about Wasp, She-Hulk and other female Marvel characters going to high school together. Something that never happened in the mainstream comics but made for an original and fun idea. Oh, duh. Obvious choice would be Power Pack.

  • Moviemonkey81

    The only problem, besides the debate that Fox owns TV rights for Daredevil, is that Guy Pierce said he would never do a superhero character.

  • Mac Tíre

    Ben Reilly ” no tights” Spider-man idea is GENIUS !!!

  • Mac Tíre

    Supreme Power is a great idea but if Brandon Routh wasn't convincing as Superman how could he play the more volatile Hyperion?

  • Ian Yaacob

    Bloody hell those actors really can pull-off those characters….

  • Ian Yaacob

    No offense, but it's too un-original. Won't get two inches past the critics, audience will compare it with Smallville to death and it'll tank in an instant.

  • Edward 123

    the punisher live-action tv show of 13 episodes


  • Edward 123


    live-action Thor tv series

    instead of animated series of thor

  • DakotaNorthInvestigation

    i want to be on TV & in the movies

  • tsavage

    Great idea but gotta add the x factor in a two partner show how humans abuse their power and how mutants can be just as bad