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Hello, Ladies … Look At Luke Cage, Now Back To Me

Oh, the things you almost miss amid the hustle and bustle of a holiday weekend — like this, for instance: In an interview on Thursday’s Attack of the Show, actor Isaiah Mustafa — better known as “the Old Spice guy” — kicked off what could be the next superhero-casting meme. It turns out the self-proclaimed “comic junkie” wants to play Luke Cage in … whatever Luke Cage project is in the works.

“Please, get this thing going,” Mustafa said. “I wanna be Luke Cage, okay? I wanna be Luke Cage.”

The campaign has gathered a little steam on Twitter, where Mustafa maintains a presence. “Sweet Christmas!!!” he tweeted after the broadcast. Attack of the Show!!! […] Thank you to everyone @aots and everyone who was watching!! Here comes POWERMAN!!!” He likes Old Spice and exclamation points, apparently.

Paramount Pictures acquired the film rights to Luke Cage in 2003, with John Singleton attached to direct and Tyrese Gibson frequently mentioned for the lead role. However, in the seven years since then, at least two target release dates — 2004 and 2005 — have come and gone. I’m not even sure whether Paramount still holds the rights; they may have reverted to Marvel.


  • Lando

    well he did convince me to smell like a man on a horse. Seeing I can't see no well placed star as Luke Cage, an upcoming actor like him makes more sense.

  • Stephen Reid

    I can see it. TV show under the new Marvel TV division, anyone?

  • nik

    Yeah, cool. For what it's worth, I will let him be Luke Cage.

  • DashBadH

    Terry Crews should play Luke Cage

  • Michael Ridd

    I think he'd be a better Falcon.

  • jetstorm

    I could see htis guy as Luke Cage. Seems cool.

  • demoncat_4

    I have to admit he does have the build to play Luke Cage. in fact if he manages to succeed i would see the film. for been wanting Marvel to get Luke cage on the big screen as for the rights given that paramount was the last studio to have the rights and have missed both release dates odds are marvel has the rights. and the odd chance he gets Luke can see him also playing him for a power man and iron fist movie or tv show . in fact also see this guy finaly playing Black Panther.

  • Fan-ling

    I agree with Michael Ridd and Demoncat, I can see him more as Falcon or Black Panther, but I'm not opposed to him as Cage.

  • Chris Walker

    I feel a new Twitter Campaign starting!

  • Chris Walker

    Yeah, he would be a great Falcon or Black Panther. If they really want to stunt cast, they need to get 50 Cent as Cage. What Marvel is doing with their characters i great. Between the new TV Division and the shorts Issiah definitely has a chance at being someone cool.