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Olivia’s Mom Joins Fringe’s Third Season

Warning: Spoilers for the second season finale of Fringe are ahead.

When last we saw her, Fringe leading lady Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) was being held captive in an alternate universe while her other side equivalent had replaced her in the home dimension. Since that cliffhanger, fans have been scratching their heads wondering what direction the third season would go in — would we continue to spend time with our Olivia on the other side, would we stay in our original universe with the doppelganger as our new main character, or would we get some combination of the two?

For now, at least we have some compelling evidence to back up the first of those three possibilities, as Michael Ausiello reports that actress Amy Madigan is joining the guest cast of Fringe as Olivia’s mother. She’ll appear in four episodes, starting with the third season premiere.

Given the fact that Olivia’s mom is dead in the original universe, chances are quite high that we’ll spend a significant amount of time in the alternate reality, at least at the beginning of the season — which should mean more alternate Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo). Woohoo!

Source: Entertainment Weekly


  • demoncat_4

    Can not wait for the new season . mostly to see how long it takes the regular walter and crew to figure out their Olivia is still in the alternate univere and if she escapes. plus how much crazier walter is going to become.

  • Tomfitz1

    Can't wait for more of the “Dark Walter” or Walternate! Too bad we're not getting 44 episodes of Fringe.