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Will Avatar‘s New Footage Bring You Back To Theaters?

Avatar is being re-released in theaters this August in IMAX 3D with eight extra minutes of never before seen footage to sweeten the deal. But is that enough to bring you back again?

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  • Fred

    Is there nudity? :)

  • JtRodgers

    God, didn't they make enough money?

  • Me

    F**K NO!!!!

    Sorry but for simplistic as the story was the movie was already way too long. This is like saying “Dentists have unveiled a new technique that is 8 times more painful. Will you volunteer?”

  • The Mad Monkey

    I never went the first time…

    This is clearly a marketing ploy. There's no real reason, other than that, why those ever-so precious 8 minutes couldn't be in the original showing.

  • jj

    It would take more than 8 minutes to explain all the bs in that movie.

  • Joseph

    I'd be more likely to see it again if they cut 60 minutes out of it