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Captain Kirk Enters The Cold War In Moscow

He saved the universe against an overly-tattooed alien with a black hole-making machine, but does Chris Pine have what it takes to fill Harrison Ford’s shoes? Looks like we’ll find out pretty soon: His first movie as action hero Jack Ryan has just been announced.

Collider spoke with producer Lorenzoo di Bonaventura, who said that the new movie – a reboot of the Tom Clancy-created franchise that Ford headlined in Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger (Although Alec Baldwin played the character in The Hunt For Red October, and Ben Affleck handled him in The Sum of All Fears – would be called Moscow, and start shooting early next year. The title doesn’t make it clear if it’s based on a Clancy novel – none of which have that name – or an all-new story, updating the character for today’s political climate, but if shooting starts early next year, it won’t be too long before we find out.


  • Chris Arrant

    The Jack Ryan novel that's most closely tied to moscow is the “The Cardinal of the Kremlin”. I could see them updating that to the modern political climate. If they get a strong director and a good script, I could see them making this an equivalent to James Bond or the Bourne movies — with Ryan's unique path over time to President being very watchable.

  • Ian Yaacob

    Clancy's Jack Ryan novels jumped the shark at the end of Debt of Honor. After that it went downhill faster than a bobsled on steroids…