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Chris Columbus Discovers Superman?


Chris Columbus, the filmmaker responsible for helming the first two Harry Potter movies, is rumored to step behind the lens for Superman’s next big screen voyage.

An alleged studio insider tells Superman Homepage that an offer has been made to Columbus to direct the Man of Steel’s upcoming 3-D relaunch, set to debut in theaters in December 2012. The film comes from a script penned by Batman Begins writer David S. Goyer, who was rumored to be a contender to direct the film as well. According to the insider, however, Goyer is not being considered.

“David Goyer really wanted to direct but nobody from either studio think he’s good in that arena,” says the source. “He’s great at coming up with story and ideas, like George Lucas. It’s his execution where he’s weak which is why people like Chris and Jonathan Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro have had the best results with his scripts.”

With Comic-Con coming up in just a couple of short weeks, it’s entirely possible that an official Superman announcement is coming soon.

Source: Superman Homepage


  • Sand

    BS I call, Columbus is so past his prime with too many failures under his sleave.

  • Coryjameson

    What the hell is wrong with the people in charge at Warner Bros. Is it a job requirement to have absolutely no taste whatsoever?

  • George

    I think this is great news, not because of the director who I am not familiar with (never cared for Harry Potter), but because it means that DC/WarnerBros are not giving up on Superman. I am a huge Superman fan and I even really enjoyed Superman Returns (it was slower but still good) so any attempt to bring him back to the big screen, if done right, I will support. As for the director, Superman is a big challenge for anyone to handle. No one will see him as the right choice until he delivers an amazing movie, so I will keep an open mind and hope for the best.

  • gapkid

    Why do we have to keep calling every new superhero movie a “relaunch?”

  • K-Man

    Not every new superhero movie. Just that ones that are relaunches.

  • Bill Reed

    We already had a boring, soulless Superman movie with Returns. Why make another one?

  • Tariq Leslie

    Gotta say – I am seriously hoping that this is either a rumour only or that if it has any truth to it that it doesn't come to pass.

    I cannot seriously see that if Nowlan is producing that Columbus would end up helming this film.

    I know that Superman needs to have a different tone than what Nowlan has done with the Batman films, I think he even said that Superman cannot inhabit the same world as his Batman films. Fair enough, the character is lighter.

    But Columbus?

    No way.

    You need someone who can balance the light with the dark – you need someone who can juxtapose the light and bright of the Superman persona with the dark of someone (presumably) of a Luthor type.

    They really should go with Byrne's Man of Steel as an over-all template.

    I don't even care about Columbus's track record – as some of you have indicated – of box office success or failure. That's neither here nor there to me, everyone has their off-game ventures.

    It's tone. Columbus favours a kind of saccharine schmaltziness to everything he touches.

    Harry Potter 1 & 2 didn't feel dark enough or, frankly British enough – they felt like a Hollywood idea of those things. In terms of darkness, they felt so sanitized. Rather like someone saying: “Now, don't actually be afraid – I am going to try to scare you, but it is really only make believe – so truly, don't worry…ready…are you really, really ready? Okay…Boo!”

    Whomever they choose, they need:

    1) someone who can create a real sense of darkness, a real sense of menace and threat – though it needn't be on a global or huge, nefarious device, scale – in fact I think it absolutely should not. Even if it isn't Luthor, it should be a villain of more devious and grounded nature, that uses his wits and brilliance to be a real threat.

    2) If not Batman's world, it should still – like the Nowlan films – be essentially 'our world'.

    3) they should work on the dynamic that even in the Donner film was never fully realized – the sense of Clark Kent being filled with the best elements of Conservatism and Liberalism because of his small town up-bringing, so that when he reaches Metropolis he finds some measure of surprise/adjustment that those values don't always seem to work. In fact I would think a wonderful dynamic to play would be that he ultimately has an inner conflict whereby he knows – given his powers – that he could make things work more in line with those values but in order to do so he would be breaking those very values themselves.

    This would only be cheesy and predictable/boring if some character (like a villain) states it in a cliched manner. Ideally, we the audience should just be aware of this conflict, and not be hammered over the head with it.

    4) Goyer, Nowlan and whomever directs it should NOT be so damn reverential and referential to Donner's Superman. I love that movie, but any filmmakers setting out to do a new series need to be reverential to Donner's CONTENT, reverential to the ESSENCE of his Superman – NOT to the form of his Superman. Beyond any other problems with Singer's Superman Returns was, for me, this over-riding feeling that Singer was so incredibly unwilling to step out of the shadow of someone who had inspired him. That may have pleased a subset of fans and some public, but it also handcuffed rather than freed him and therefore the film, to what had come before.

    The new film needs someone who is today's answer to Richard Donner – not someone who is merely going to ape Richard Donner's work.

    My (more than) two cents worth.

    Tariq Leslie

  • KET1

    The rumor's already being debunked.

  • Bicycle-Repairman

    Chris Columbus is a mediocre director and screenwriter. His unfilmed screenplay for the third Indiana Jones film, “Indiana Jones and the Monkey King”, is one of the worst things I ever read.

  • lead_sharp

    The direction in Percy Jackson was pretty good in all fairness (the action especially) the Harry Potters weren't THAT bad it was the fact they were adaptations that let them down, they did prove what he could do with a budget. Bicentennial Man was pretty good to, especially in the character area.

    This has potential.

  • Cameronbrown76

    The first two Harry Potter films were the worst in the series, but I do give him credit for giving the other directors an incredible cast to work with.

    Honestly, I'd love to see what the Wachowski's would do with Superman.

  • Esteban Pedreros

    Do Producers actually watch the movies they make?
    Why whould anybody think that Columbus is a good choice to direct a Superman Movie? Why would anybody think that Columbus is a good choice to direct anything at all?

  • Brian Fowler

    He did also direct Rent, which is plenty dark, much, much darker than anything Nolan has ever made.

  • Catman90

    Somebody realy hates Superman. Almost every Superman movie made in the last 40 years has had great potential, only to be F'd up by some a$$hat without a hint of vision as to who Superman is or what he means to millions of fans.

    C.C. may be a fine director … but he does not belong on this movie. I have enough concerns about Nolan on this movie. Nolan doesn't want Superman & Batman in the same “world”. Why the hell not? He has a different take on this character that hasn't been done before???? NOW GET WORRIED!!!

    Nolans Batman was damn good (even though it lacked pacing), and he's very good at telling complicated tales (Memento), but this isn't a complicated story. It's about a hero being a hero, it's a character piece with some garnish.

    Hire McG, he knows how to add energy to a simple story.

    Here's what I want to see … Luthor, benefactor of Metropolis, donating a hospital to the city in a big outdoor ceremony with the Governor and local dignitaries. Lois & Clark are in the crowd covering the story (wondering what luthor is getting out of this) while Jimmy takes pictures.

    As the ceremony ends, Luthor goes into the hospital, enters an elevator and inserts a special key that has the elevator take him far below ground (below special shielding to block x-rays) to a private research level. We see many experiments being performed including many being performed on what appear to be unwilling men and women.

    One of these experiments will lead to the creation of the PARASITE, the one villain who can truly chalenge Superman on his own level. This also gives us a chance to show that even with his powers drained, Superman will still continue to be a hero, doing what is needed regardless of the risk to himself.

    A heroes story!


    Rons Comic World
    Mount Holly, NJ

  • Brad Rzanka

    “He did also direct Rent, which is plenty dark, much, much darker than anything Nolan has ever made.”

    Yeah, but Rent didn't have explosions or characters powerful enought to punch the moon out of orbit, so, for many readers/posters here, it may as well not exist.

    Whatever else Columbus has done, he at least deserves major props for having written Gremlins and Goonies. He also used to work in a comic shop.