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5 Easy Sequels To Classic Sci-Fi Horror Movies

Yesterday’s release of Predators reaffirmed one fact about classic horror movies: If you want to make a successful sequel, you have to up the ante – literally. Here are some other sequels that moviemakers may want to consider.

The first thing that came to mind when Predators was first announced wasn’t actually anything to do with producer Robert Rodriguez or director Nimrod Antal; it was Aliens, the first film where the producers apparently thought “Well, instead of one monster, why don’t we have lots of monsters?” And why not? As a formula, it works – After seeing how much trouble a single alien/predator/whatever can cause in the first movie, what fan wouldn’t want to see more of the same – only moreso? Bearing that in mind, may we suggest the following movies:

The Things
The shapechanging alien(?) from John Carpenter’s arctic horror may have remained an unknowable, mysterious terror in the first movie, but what happens when the second movie sees an experimental spacecraft (Crewed by a suitably multi-cultural crew, of course, including a ridiculously glamorous female scientist who likes to expose her cleavage) crashland on a planet full of them? I’ll give you a clue: Box Office Gold.

The Flies
An experimental teleportation accident turned Jeff Goldblum into a freaky bugman in the 1980s David Cronenberg classic remake, but picture a world twenty-five years later, when all the kinks have been worked out and teleportation is an everyday occurrence all across the world… until a freak accident turns half of the human population into mutated hybrid monsters. Bring Goldblum back to play his own distant relative, the only man who can save the day and revert everyone back to their original form and you’ve got Jurassic Park only with more things falling off people’s bodies.

Bruce Willis and crew may have saved the world from one killer asteroid… But what happens when there’re ten coming our way? Science gets entirely bastardized in this non-stop thriller that could (a) reignite Willis’ career, (b) reignite Aerosmith’s, as well, if they can churn out a power ballad strong enough to earn their place on the end titles. As a plus, imagine an asteroid movie in 3D: It’s like it’s coming right at you! Get James Cameron involved, and it’ll be the biggest movie ever made in the history of cinema.

The original movie was little more than a rip-off of Alien and The Thing, only underwater, so why should its sequel be any more creative? More people underwater run into more watery beasties. Put it straight onto DVD, or Syfy on a Satuday night, and you have yourself some kind of winner. Although the definition of “winning” may need to be reworked slightly, admittedly.

Wars Of The Worlds
Okay, admittedly, this one had me a little stumped until I realized: What if Earth got caught in a war between the original martians and a brand new set of aliens, both of whom want to enslave the human race if Tom Cruise can’t save his children and infect both sides with a new everyday disease? Oh, alright, this may be one that can’t really be pluralized, but wait! I’ve got this great idea for a movie called The Birdses…!


  • C Van Weerdhuizen

    Houses on Haunted Hills (Based on the Original)
    There are two of them. And they're really scary. Get Johnny Depp to play Vincent Price's character and Tim Burton to direct and we've got horror gold.

  • Louis

    Armageddons? Seriously? Can you have a plural form of the apocalypse?

  • Frodo-X

    All these plurals makes me think of the trucker guy on Futurama.

  • Peter Jackson Five

    Kings Kong or King Kongs?

  • Khiaao

    Ha i remember that movie THING, that was a scary movie :)

  • Akkadiannumen

    You not only can but you must. How many apocalypses / armageddons have the MU or the DCU have gone through? Even if they were averted. :D

  • Ragudad

    Suggestions like these are the reason Hollywood hasn't created a decent new franchise in decades. I guarantee that every one of these ideas has been brought up in some dark studio conference room and now, as then, they are horrible ideas. Not one of these would be a watchable film (well maybe the Flies one, but ONLY if Goldblum is excluded).

  • Bret "The Threat"

    Although it was crap, The Fly already has a sequel.

  • DuBrow

    This is one of those single-joke ideas stretched out over several paragraphs! Oh joy!

  • DannyWetts

    With all the garbage on screen these days, perhaps we shouldn't be encouraging MORE of it…unless this article is big ol' joke, which would just re-enforce my notion that I just wasted three minutes of my life.

  • demoncat_4

    the thing has a prequel in the works. war of the worlds. one can never run out of doing the classic that caused a panic the fly is long over due for a rebirth. leviathans do not think there would be enough support box office wise

  • Thenishan


  • Trace

    The Hotties and the Notties?!?

  • Disneyfamily4ever

    Willis died at the end u freaking moron thats just stupid

  • Disneyfamily4life

    U could call it Asteroids though and have it star Ben Affleck his career is basically dead right now

  • G_Mo

    The Day The Earths Stood Still

  • Rollerball99

    Wow, is this a lame-ass column. Please, spare us the sequel (Sequels!) to this dog.

  • Chris Arrant

    One word: Critterses.

  • Excelsior

    I, Robot 2: Electric Boogalo

  • Uncle Stan

    Attack of the 50 ft. WomEn

  • Uniqueorn23

    Stars Wars: Celebrity Big Brother

  • Bob

    All of these ideas are awesome, and I would happily illegally download and watch them all

  • Sijo

    Actually this applies to DC Comics, where you have the brothers Cain and Abel's Haunted Houses right next to each other's.

  • Sijo

    I can't believe how many posters missed the fact that the author is MOCKING the whole “plural sequels” idea. Too subtle?

    That said, I wouldn't be surprised if someone in Hollywood read this column and said, “THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!!” Hey, they made a sequel to TITANIC! (Unofficial, but it exists! O_O )

  • Roquefortraider

    with the tagline “there can't be only one”.

  • Zomburai

    's name's Scruffy. 'S the janitor. Mh-hm. *turns magazine page*

  • d.

    What? No, “The Otherses”?

  • R David

    You kind of have to go with escalation here – yeah, I know it's not quite the same thing, but:

    The Day the Solar System Stood Still

    Lots of gravity effects, earthquakes – big special effects movie (so, of course, it needs no plot)….

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    I'm still waiting for AFTER WORLDS COLLIDE!
    The sequel novel to WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE was never filmed…
    Why not do them BOTH?

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    There's already been a remake and a sequel (to the remake)!

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    Sequels (Son of Kong), remakes (1976. 1993 [with sequel King Kong Lives], 2005)
    Reboots (King Kong vs Godzilla with it's own sequel, King Kong Escapes)
    Animated tv series!

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    Original The Fly (1958) had two sequels Return of the Fly and Curse of the Fly.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    War of the Worlds (1953) had a sequel tv series in the 1980s.
    First season was decent (though low-budget).
    Big problem was explaining away why no one remembered an alien invasion that devastated most of the world…
    Second (and final) season was crap.

  • Careerideas

    i like sci-fi movies