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Edward Norton’s Agent Fires Back At Marvel

Edward Norton’s agent has responded in what’s shaping up to be a public feud over Marvel’s decision not to cast the Oscar-nominated actor in The Avengers.

As we reported yesterday, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige released a statement confirming that Norton won’t reprise his role as Bruce Banner, citing the need for “an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members” and “players who thrive working as part of an ensemble.” Neither remark is flattering to Norton, who was widely rumored to have feuded with studio executives about the final edits to The Incredible Hulk.

Now in an email to HitFix, which broke the original story, Brian Swardstrom of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment calls Fiege’s statement “offensive” and “a purposefully misleading, inappropriate attempt to paint our client in a negative light.”

Swardstrom lays out a sequence of events that began two months ago, when Feige reportedly called to see whether Norton would be interested in playing Banner and continued with “a very good meeting” between the actor and still-unannounced director Joss Whedon. That led to an offer from Marvel, followed by contract negotiations. However, on Wednesday, the agent writes, “after several weeks of civil, uncontentious discussions,” they were told the studio “had decided to go in another direction with the part.”

“We know a lot of fans have voiced their public disappointment with this result,” Swardstrom writes, “but this is no excuse for Feige’s mean spirited, accusatory comments. Counter to what Kevin implies here, Edward was looking forward to the opportunity to work with Joss and the other actors in the Avengers cast, many of whom are personal friends of his. Feige’s statement is unprofessional, disingenuous and clearly defamatory. Mr. Norton talent, tireless work ethic and professional integrity deserve more respect, and so do Marvel’s fans.”

Norton’s replacement is expected to be announced on July 24 at Comic-Con International, when Marvel presumably will introduce the full cast and confirm Whedon as director, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, and finally put an end to those incessant Ant-Man and Wasp rumors.

So who will play Bruce Banner in The Avengers? Feige clearly states it will be “a name actor,” but beyond that it’s anybody’s guess. Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex has his own theory: “Adrien Brody, who just went into action-hero mode in Predators, is mentioned a lot. And he did attend the premiere of Iron Man 2, as did Renner, who at that time had not been announced as an Avengers cast member. Someone very close to the situation tells me that Brody is not getting the job, but that could be a smoke screen. (I have a pet theory, by the way, that Brody is locked in for the role of Ant-Man, but that’s more hunch than anything else. Nathan Fillion is getting a lot of attention from the rumor mill, though, for the Hank Pym role, so I could be wrong. …)”

Whomever the actor is, he’ll have to be secure enough to share a crowded screen with actors like Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans — as well as the Hulk himself. Between the sprawling cast and the CGI monster, it’s difficult to imagine the Banner role will amount to much more than a cameo. However, that may hold a lot of appeal to an actor with limited time in his schedule — or one with an eye toward another run at a Hulk movie … or, perhaps, a television series.

The Avengers opens on May 4, 2012.


  • Grant

    I think the only way to resolve this a steel cage match between Feige and Norton and armed only with Hulk Hands.

  • Brother Justin Crowe

    The first words that popped into my head about Feige's statement, other than “Holy shit, this is fucking childish,” were “Yeah, that's some unprofessional shit right there.”

    Good to see that echoed here.

  • Jon

    I don't think anyone's surprised that Norton won't be in the Avengers movie. I think everyone's surprised that it came this close to happening. It was no secret that Feige and Norton did not get along during the shooting of the Hulk movie, and I don't think anyone expected Norton to reprise the role ever again.

  • Glantern_corps

    If that is the case, then it's good to see that Kevin Feige's ego is more important than the marvel fans.

  • Brother Justin Crowe

    It was Arad who didn't get along with Norton, as was widely publicized at the time, and compounded recently when Norton mentioned that the “guy who [he] had problems with” was gone from the studio now. It's very clear it was Avi Arad.

  • Glantern_corps

    Whether it's Feige or Arad, the outcome is the same. No Norton as Banner, and that is a shame.

  • Fidocho

    Don't forget some facts: Norton was never very proud of the first film and he didn't even went to the premiere. Is that not disapointing the marvel fans throwing shit to a movie when it didn't have any chance to be presented to the public first?
    Playing the ofended is the easyest play.

  • Josh

    Fillion is definitely going to get a role because Joss “I don't make anything that can achieve anything more than cult status” Whendon thinks he's the best fucking actor of all time.

    Still BS that Norton got the boot at least he and his team aren't going to let Marvel bad mouth him all they want. This movie will probably blow.

  • Italian_pride26

    Both Hulk movies were not that great IMO. And neither Norton or Bana seemed like great Banners to me. I hope they can now get someone that can at least resemble Banner or at the very damn least wear dorky glasses for crying out loud lol. Evans as Cap seems good for the post serum at least and Downey is great as Iron Man even though hes a lot older than Stark was when he started. But Scarlett as Widow..come on! Who ever would picture her as a hard nosed killer? I am excited for the Avengers movies though maybe we will get a trick and they will throw in Spidey and Wolvy LMAO!

  • comic relief

    @Brother Justin Crowe,

    I think your insights and impressions were really well-reasoned and not impulsive at all.

  • Colierrannd

    Look if it's Joss's movie, it's Joss's movie. You don't hire Joss Whedon to write and direct a movie and then say “…but here's the script you must use and here's the day to day notes you must use and when it's done the editing will be done by one of your actors”. Norton is a great actor. He's a great storyteller (The Illusionist was awesome and beats that Nolan magic movie by miles ). BUT he also has an ego so big it wouldn't fit inside a pair of gamma-radiated purple pants. And he's shown in the past he's less than willing to put that aside. I doubt Joss wanted to deal with that when he has all the other considerations to deal with. I like Norton (we share a last name tho not related) and he seems like a nice guy to know but to direct? I'd rather attempt to direct the Abomination.

  • Owen

    I agree that Feige's comments were inappropriate, and good for Norton's agent for calling him out on it. I'm still disappointed that all this childishness got in the way with keeping Norton in the movie.

  • Colierrannd

    From your keyboard to Odin's eyes! That's pay-per-view gold man! Someone get the UFC people on the phone, let's work on this.

  • redvector

    With this news it likely means that The Hulk will be little more than a plot device. Maybe Norton wanted a bigger role than was offered.

  • mickeylodeon


  • mickeylodeon

    Bring back Norton!

  • Joel Chaffey III

    I miss BILL BIXBY!

  • comic relief

    Over the last few days I have gotten into a lot of arguments with comic fans regarding creative disputes. Most of the people I spoke to seem to believe that disputes between the creative development community and comics and film studio companies and heads rarely have two sides.

    I may have described difference between individuals and companies but differences between companies can be over simplified also. In Hulk terms many tend to see all these conflicts as being either; COMICS COMMUNITY GOOD, HOLLYWOOD BAD conclusions. Because Marvel and DC want to be successful in cinema entertainment, there’s an assumption that the comics companies are always right, ethical, and thoughtful and Hollywood is always wrong, misguided, greedy, and reactionary in their decision-making.

    Back to the individual against company scenario, in particular I have been surprised to hear how quickly fans have jumped with or against actors when it comes to disputes. Most of us are never in negotiation rooms to hear the terms of debate so how can we really judge? I won’t list the many actors who we have heard of in these situations, but if the companies send negative press releases many in the comic’s community endorse the company.

    We have heard of a lot of impressive creative talent contend with and sue the prominent movie studios and comics company’s in the past regarding disputes over credits, money, residuals, and future royalties.

    Thanks to Norton’s agent, hopefully we will learn to hold our judgment until later and avoid the easy trap of assuming the actor/director is always controversial, wrong, or deserves to be ostracized. Some other sites have already begun the process a debating of what new actor should be cast as Banner for the Avengers movie. Again I will try to hold me assessment of the conflict between sides until more information is in.

  • Mechano

    i could settle for brody as banner… but norton would have been ideal

  • Brother Justin Crowe

    I think your sarcasm shows you have no idea about the industry I work in. That's where my impressions come from. Sorry, dude.

  • Khiaao

    Thats show business- But its the HULK, so the CGI should get more time than Bruce Banner

  • Brother Justin Crowe

    Of course it will. Was there every any doubt?

  • Brother Justin Crowe

    Of course it will. Was there every any doubt?

  • Happy

    Whedon is highly overrated but I hope he comes through and makes a decent movie. Sucks Norton is gone. Marvel messed that one up with their huge ego and know it all attitude. How many times will they reboot their movies? How about getting it done right the first time?

  • paulski

    I didn't expect for a minute that Norton would reprise his roll, but it's always nice when someone's unprofessionalism gets called. I hate that sort of crap from people that should know better.

  • comic relief

    …for sure…

  • comic relief

    what sarcasm?

  • Geekgazette

    I personally think a lot of the fan resentment and picking sides comes in part from the fact that most people do see the comics industry as the underdog, almost a mom and pop business. Technically we know better, but because we are so attached to it and many of the people in the industry are so accessible, we tend not to think of them as the huge, profit making corporations that they are. Plus we tend to see the people in the comics industry as hard working schmucks, like us.
    On the other hand, we see the opulence of Hollywood and we have a hard time seeing them as anything other than the bad guys. Everyone in the movie/television industry seems to ooze greed and arrogance from their pores. They seem like villains that don't care about anything or anyone but themselves. Not to mention the fact that comic fans have been burned so many times over the years as Hollywood has butchered characters we care about, which just reinforces our feelings toward Hollywood pros. They've had a few pluses in the past 10 years or so, but that doesn't make up for the 50 years they screwed everything up.
    There are very few Hollywood professionals that I have any type of sympathy for, when it comes to their jobs. They get paid obscene amounts of money to basically play cops & robbers, pretending they are someone else, and then have the audacity to complain about it or feel they deserve more. I'm not saying that there is no stress in their lives, but if they don't like it, they could take what they earn from one movie (more than most of us will make in a lifetime of actual work) and leave Hollywood, never to return. Instead they stay because they want to live that lifestyle, it is their choice. So when an actor has an ego, no matter how talented they are, it is next to impossible to feel anything resembling pity. So, even though I really liked the Hulk movie and think he did a very good job, I could care less how offended the actor is that they doesn't want him back.

  • Khiaao

    :) no doubts.. Once the new guy does the famous change with the green eyes hes in:)

  • comic relief

    Thanks geekgazette. Pertaining to people’s perceptions, I think what your saying is probably true. We identify with those creators who do seem more like us. Many Hollywood types are not accessible at all. And a wall of business seems to confirm our suspicion. Unfortunately this tends to leave some actors on their own and this can sometimes discourage us from identifying from many of the people who actually care about characters we care about.

  • comic relief

    I certainly agree our community has seen some improvements; the presentation of many properties doesn’t outright suck anymore. Yes I’m surprised when Ironman still retains some of the qualities that made it interesting to begin with. I don’t know what is happening with Spiderman.

  • Brother Justin Crowe

    …how about that local sports team?

  • comic relief

    I understand your reasoning; it’s really hard to feel sad for rich crybabies. But fill in the blank _______with your favorite writer, artist, colorist, etc. If you saw them being disrespected, sidelined, or ostracized wouldn’t that make you mad! I don’t make a distinction between acting talent and any other talent that helps bring these characters the best visability.

    My impression was Ang Lee got the first hulk movie for doing an excellent job on “Crouching Tiger, Hidden a Dragon”. Though that was a great film; his Hulk movie didn’t give me the impression he knew anything about the character. Norton at the very least understood the Incredible Hulk TV show. The fact that Norton will not be featured in the avengers makes me sad. I would have been happier to hear that budgetary concerns kept him out of the film. The attempt to discredit him was disgusting.

  • ryan

    I would have liked Edward Norton to return, but things change. I'm still looking forward to the movie.

    However, it's really kind of shocking that Edward Norton's agent (I assume with the actor's blessing) gave out the details of Marvel Studios' Comic-Con plans. Granted, they wanted the complete story to be told and an Avengers movie announcement (of some kind) was expected by everyone, but now it's out there.

  • comic relief

    Sorry man. I don't understand. Maybe I missed one of your posts. I certainly did not mention a local sports team.

    What I was saying earlier was I like your insight. Norton pissing off Marvel’s top brass may have had repercussions that we’re seeing today. Despite genius, there’s frequently a cost for bad politics. I’ll still miss Norton. That point would have been difficult to see without you offering it. (ABSOLUTELY NO SARCASM)

  • demoncat_4

    looks like ed and Marvel are not having a nice separation and divorce from each other. and odds are Ed will never work with Marvel or even Disney for a long long time or ever. again. as for maybe the new hulk. think Marvel would rather keep hulk as a movie star though would not be surprised if who ever becomes the hulk shows up later in a new tv series for the hulk would be better on tv that should include she hulk.

  • Jbearx

    I don't think this should come as a surprise in the least. Norton is infamous for being not the nicest guy to get along with, and his demands on The Incredible Hulk led to the disagreements more than anything. I liked what they did in that movie, and he was a decent Bruce Banner. However, it just sounds like he was throwing a tantrum over the parts Marvel did not want to include, and his ego got the ebst of him. Sounded like he wanted to re-write the movie from the momnt he signed. My first inclination here is that Banner has a somewhat limited role in the Avengers, where as the HULK may have a big role. My bet is that during these recent negotiations, that went well according to Norton's agent. Included Norton shooting out ideas for the movie in regards to Banner and possibly a larger role. Well if you're fiege and Marvel, and trying to juggle all these characters, it's maybe not the best to have someone try to monopolize or re write the screenplay as much. I may be just guessing here, but Norton does have a no so great reputation at playing well with others.

  • gnort

    GENIUS!!! ;D

  • gnort

    Nathan Fillion as Bruce Banner?!!!!!?

  • Ollybygollly

    As long as there's a big, green guy smashing Avengers… Joey Lawrence could play Banner for all I care.

  • darthtigris

    That's a very reasonable and sensible assessment. Whether Feige was right to say what he said, I don't doubt the truth of it because of what we've seen in the past that you stated above.

    Hey, I just want this Avengers movie to work as a great ensemble team comic movie. With all due respect to the acting talents of Ed Norton, he may have been a fine selection for the Hulk movie where his character was the focus, but not for an Avengers movie. Banner is likely a very minor character and probably should be.

  • Gornllg

    Joss Whedon is directing. I hope it doesnt turn out like Superman returns.

  • Brother Justin Crowe

    Joss Whedon had nothing to do with Superman Returns…

  • Yuri945

    “We know a lot of fans have voiced their public disappointment with this result,”

    Really??? I doubt anyone is disappointed about Norton not being there and I haven't heard any boohooing from any fanboys either…..

  • Jdinkorea


    Try reading ALL the above comments, instead of the ones you agree with. Frankly, Norton picked up on the 70's sensibility that actually created the fan following of the Hulk. Oh… I forgot… too young for that, arent you?

  • Radiate

    Like I mentioned in yesterday's report, something fishy is going on.

    Why would Kevin Feign release such a huge announcement that Marvel wouldn't be going for Ed Norton through HitFlix and not an official statement through the studio? I mean, Feign's announcement was via an email message!

    And now HitFlix is conveniently the one to get a response from Norton's agent. While I understand that might be a natural reaction if HitFlix were the ones to break the news, but as I mentioned before, I just don't think HitFlix's original story has any legs.

    Now CHUD are chiming in and saying Joaquin Phoenix has been offered the role of Banner? Whether this is true I don't know.

    Maybe I'm in denial but I don't take any “announcements” via websites not affiliated with Marvel as gospel. Until Kevin Feign / Marvel makes a proper announcement I'm taking all of this with a pinch of salt.

  • redvector

    Feige should have just said “due to creative differences were going in a different direction” and at the end thank Norton for his contribution to the character. And let it stand right there. But, no Feige kept putting his foot in his mouth. Basically he said that Norton was a glory hog trying to take over the movie with is “team player” comment. Even if it did happen that way, which wouldn't surprise me if it did, Feige should have just kept his mouth shut about it.



    Norton is the perfect choice for Banner…and before Avengers hits you're already tossing the continuity you've worked so hard to create in your movies.

  • Dollypartonsvalley

    Norton's agent did not mention anything about Comic-Con. And not sure that they are making announcements at a comic convention to be that shocking of a news item anyway.

  • Acid_Frio

    This is getting REALLY out of hand at Marvel Studios. First Terrance, not Edward….damn. Does Marvel even know what CONTINUITY means?? the same actor in the SAME role. Do not switch out actors. Edward and Terrance were great in their roles. really Marvel?…………really??

  • Rc_adamiec

    Great backfiring. Unnecessary and indeed unprofessional remarks. No respect towards the actor Norton who did some great stuf in the past. I do think that he would've too much for this movie though. Considering it's obviuosly the HULK we wanna see most and not Bruce Banner.
    So a young and less experienced face for Bruce Banner will do nicely.

    Off topic:
    Evangeline Lilly for WASP please ! Still sad that Josh Holloway wasnt asked for Thor or Cap… Maybe Hank Pym ? Or would that be too LOSTy ?

  • comic relief


  • Anon

    Its a shame. Him and Downey could have some amazing scenes together.

  • Pongojankowitz

    Everything Marvel has touched has turned to Cat Shit, this will be no different… if not worse…

  • Brett

    Marvel behaved unprofessional and childish because they are run by children who have yet to learn about taste, manners and class.

    Anyone see BIG with Tom Hanks?

    That's the secret of what's going on behind the scenes at Marvel right there.

  • Yuri945

    ROFL! I smell fanboy hate here….

  • Invasionforce

    Edward Norton is not crucial to the making of “The Avengers.” If he was difficult, I don't blame Marvel for bouncing him. I doubt that he understands the Hulk better than the creative people at Marvel. If Norton wanted too much money, then buh bye! Marvel is making a statement that their characters are the stars, not the actors. I would rather see the money on the screen than have an actor pocket it.

  • Dangersmith

    With such big name actors attached to this project, I pray that this movie is at least 2 – 2.5 hrs long. Between now and then there'll be other Marvel movies coming out to help make a flick like the Avengers a solid draw… and with that much time there's more than enough space to give the Hulk something better than a lousy cameo.

  • Geekgazette

    You are exactly correct that I would be more likely to feel empathy for a comic industry pro than a Hollywood pro. But that just goes back to the fact that I, like most of us, see them as more like “us” than incredibly rich movie stars. I don't deny that there are certain actors who seem down to earth, rejecting the Hollywood lifestyle, and I have a lot of respect for them. Even if they aren't the greatest of actors I will give one of their movies a chance before I'd watch anything by Mel Gibson or most other actors. However, there are comic industry pros whose arrogance and ego makes me avoid almost anything they are associated with despite their talent. Alan Moore is a prime example of this. I do think that DC did him dirty, but I also think he is an arrogant blow hard who thinks he is far more talented than he really is, so I don't buy his stuff anymore.
    Basically I try to judge each person on who they are, or at least seem to be. It just so happens that more often than not people in Hollywood are turds and many comic pros present themselves as more humble, regular folk.
    I agree that Norton did a fine job with the character and I would liked to have seen him reprise the role, but if he has diva issues, then I can't fault the studio for dumping him. John Byrne is one of my favorite artists, but if he has a reputation for being a pain to work with (I don't know him and am only using him as an example) I won't fault any company from bumping him off a book. No matter how much respect he has for the character(s) in that book. It is the company's product, their property and their prerogative. While it may suck for me to lose my favorite artist off a book, I can't complain if the people around him don't want to work with him.
    If the studio bumped Norton simply because they felt like it, then they suck, but even before the film was released the actor was supposedly causing problems. If they think he won't be able to work with Downey, Jackson, Evans and the other Avengers crew because of this I'd rather they replace him that risk putting out a sub-par Avengers movie because he cause too much tension on the set.

  • Geekgazette

    “I would have been happier to hear that budgetary concerns kept him out of the film. The attempt to discredit him was disgusting. “

    He is bound to have done something to earn it. I seriously doubt they would risk not only upsetting fans but hurting the potential quality of the movie just cause they wanted to bully him. He had to make enemies with someone and usually you don't make enemies by being nice and easy to work with.

  • Capt USA(Jim)

    it's still going to be a movie with Chris Evans as Captain America….. at no point in time in history has this made sense, the only possible worse casting decisions would have been to cast Jim from the Office as Captain America… how could a nowbody actor like Evans command Thor, Robert Downey Jr, and Samuel Jackson….if you can't cast Devon Woodcomb or Mark Valley in the role, you really need to look a little further. I mean Mathew Mcconnehey(or however you spell his name) would have been a better choice, and that isn't a compliment to Mathew.

    seriously the movie has already failed at casting, the most important member is cast by the most impotent actor.

  • comic relief

    I’m not going to argue with you on the “humble folk” comment. Your stand seems to be based on principles that I think are entirely well intentioned.

    In regard to Norton, I don’t know what to say. He gets a tremendous amount of bad press yet I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the principle or lead actor blamed for a project failing. Christopher Reeve wasn’t the director but his arrogance destroyed the last two Superman films. Tobey Maguire wasn’t the director yet he messed up the last Spiderman film. Pierce Brosnan wasn’t the director yet he ruined OO7 so badly they had to reboot the series.

    If Norton didn’t fight for a good film, than he would have been blamed for the film’s demise. Yet if he takes a stand companies can be assured fans will define him as a spoiled diva. I hope this double standard is perceivable. This brings me back to my original premise: comic book fans tend to side with companies over individual artists. Comic book companies don’t really have to work to turn individual artists into villains when a dispute erupts.

    Obviously we agree that continuity would have been better served with Norton’s inclusion; who wants to see a new actor in a role we associate with someone else. I think where we differ is I don’t believe the company is necessarily right just because they have the money to smear an individual artist. Going back to your original point an individual artist’s financial, professional, and ethical vulnerability gives me the ability to sympathize and identify with him/her.

  • comic relief

    Geek gazette you and I are having a dispute right now. Yet neither of us has the ability to write a press release to professionally destroy the other. Even if I think it (which I don’t), “oh he’s just a difficult ass who can’t get along with anyone”, I can't act on it to make sure I look better. I can’t publish this belief (or lie) on the cover of the New York Times and punish you for not agreeing with me. This is the crux of my argument.

    Like Edward Norton, I remember the exact same thing appeared to happen with Terrance Howard. In Hollywood, most people thought Robert Downey Jr. was an irresponsible drug addict and for those reasons he made no sense as a lead actor for Ironman. Director John Fareau did not have blockbuster film credibility. Gwyneth Paltrow was popular but she couldn’t sell a big budget movie. The only actor who had any credibility or a career that was going somewhere was Terrance Howard. As soon as the original movie was distributed and people got their pockets filled; it was time to start creating a few villains to assure the herd was thinned so money wouldn’t have to be shared with everyone the second time around. My belief is comic book fans are easy pawns for this kind of manipulation and I wish this wasn’t so.

  • Geekgazette

    Honestly, I don't think we disagree to any great degree on this topic. I admit that since the company is footing the bill they have final say so on everything. If I pay some kid to mow and weed eat my lawn and he starts to criticize my herb garden, saying that it is not good enough and will ruin the overall look of the yard he just spent 2 hours mowing and weed eating then too bad for him. He was only paid to mow and weed eat. He knew what was in the yard when he took the job and he did it anyway.
    Norton wasn't absolutely clueless about the movie or how the process works, he was paid to act in a part, the director was paid to decide the direction of the movie. If Norton didn't like the direction the director decided to use for the movie he should not have taken the job. He only had one job, he shouldn't have worried about the rest.
    If Marvel has a certain vision for the Avengers movie, or if the other people involved with the movie don't feel they can deal with Norton, it is there party, they don't have to invite him if they don't want to.
    I think speaking ill of him or taking jabs at him was in very poor taste, but there's nothing I can do about that. I do think that despite his diva rep, Norton handled it with a great deal of class. However, I still have a difficult time feeling sorry for the poor little rich guy who could potentially live the rest of his life off of his earning so far without ever having to work again. So there is a little bit of animosity and resentment on my part, I admit that, but while I am a very non-corporate person I still think they have the right to hire whomever they want.

  • Geekgazette

    I definitely see your point and it may well be exactly what happened. I'm not saying that it is right to trash someone in the press, that is always in poor taste, but if they don't want him working for them, they don't have to bring him back. It is their prerogative. Like I said in an earlier reply I applaud Norton on his classy response. He made them look like jerks. That doesn't mean he is right and they are wrong. He may be as bad as they say, I don't know. The responses I saw from Howard were quite different and made me believe that he was the jerk they made him out to me. I didn't like him in the movie anyway.
    I've met very few famous people but I have to say, with only a couple of exceptions, they were mostly disrespectful, egotistical jerks to their fans. I find it very easy to believe that the actors are guilty of unprofessional behavior and rubbing the people they work with the wrong way. If I was their boss and they were trying to tell me how to do my job or run my company, I'd fire them too.
    As for Terrance Howard being a major draw in Iron Man I find that hard to believe. I didn't even know his name and only recognized him from a few minor parts in films and TV. As a matter of fact the only thing I actually remember him from distinctly was a bit part on Family Matters and that is just because my daughter watches it every day.
    Before Iron Man came out I knew who Downey Jr, Fareau and Paltrow were and I think they were a bigger draw to comic fans than Howard could have ever hoped to be.
    Downey Jr, has definitely had his share of troubles, but he is also a fairly good actor who has had some good roles in his career. So I wouldn't discount him.
    I agree that Paltrow is not a box office draw, but she is a good actress and people tend to like her. Besides she is a supporting character and not a major draw for the movie. People wanted to see Downey as Iron Man and you could have pretty much put any halfway capable actress/actor in the parts of Rhodey or Pepper and no one will care.
    Fareau on the other hand has some geekcred, so I think comic fans were willing to give him a chance. I do think he is in IM 2 waaaay too much and knowing who he was kind of ruined my suspension of disbelief. He needs to decide which side of the camera he wants to be on.
    I also agree that comic can be a gullible lot and easily manipulated. That's because we have so much emotional investment in the various properties.

    You or I may not be able to publish unkind words regarding each other or our dispute in major publication, but they are here on the net for the world to see and disagree with. Not that anyone actually cares, but they are here. The difference being that here both sides can be seen, so I concede that the actions of the studios and actors are a bit one sides. We tend to agree with whomever comes out of the gate swinging. So while I stand behind my statement that Marvel had the right to can Norton and I have a hard time sympathizing with him. I do think that their statements were in poor taste. I also think his showed maturity and tact.

  • Not

    I'm not sure that the rather hackneyed “love conquers all” plot of The Illusionist can be regarded as trumping the (IMO) altogether more sophisticated offering that was The Prestige. But your mileage may well vary.

  • dvronn

    No, you self-delusional moron, having someone famous would be ridiculous. Having someone whom you do not know allows you to see them solely as the character, without having preconceptions based on previous roles. You don't want actors who are as big or bigger than the parts they are playing.

    By the way, Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel Jackson are famous, but the guy playing Thor is an even bigger nobody than Evans.

    Oh, also Devon Woodcomb is NOT an actor who can be cast in a role. He's a fictional character played by the actor Ryan McPartlin. And Mark Valley is headed towards 50, way too old. In fact they are both a bit old for a character that would be maybe 25 when he was found frozen in ice.

    But the fact that you have such trouble distinguishing real people from fictional characters tells us that perhaps your opinion about matters such as these are improperly colored.