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What Do You Want From Comic-Con This Year?

With San Diego Comic-Con less than two weeks away, and the schedule for the show finally revealed (as Kevin has already shared with you), this week’s question is a simple one: What are you most looking forward to from the show?

Whether you’re attending or looking for coverage from SpinOff, CBR or (gasp) other sites, there’s going to be a lot happening over the five days of the con. Right now, I’m expecting Scott Pilgrim, Tron Legacy and the television version of The Walking Dead to be the buzziest things of the weekend, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for an awesome Venture Bros panel and maybe some footage from Green Lantern or that Blue Beetle test reel. But what about all of you? What do you want to see, and – because it’s always all about us – what would you want us to cover, if you’re not planning on attending?


  • Bambam76

    Love all the big, flashy stuff. But how about more from unestablished talent that are producing some whimsical, playful and zany stuff?? I attended 2 yrs ago and was blown away by all the talented folk displaying their goods! What else is possible?

  • tronprogram

    This is my first Comic-Con, and I'm looking forward to having a full weekend of TRON goodness, meeting some of the pro's I've only exchanged emails with, picking up some work, and hopefully getting some more written work on the franchises that I've grown up with and appreciated for so many years.

  • Comedykid74

    I'd like to hear what happens at the Burn Notice, Spartacus: Blood & Sand, and V forums.

  • falcon-1

    For those of us who can't afford the $1500 for the plane ticket to San Diego (let alone the entrance fee for CCI!), how about getting us some video coverage of the panels? And I'm talking about actual HD-video-camera-on-a-tripod type coverage, not shakey cam via my I-phone video. Give us, the readers, the sense of what it's like BEING there so we may be tempted to spend the $1500 NEXT year. That's what I'd like to see from this site, CBR, and (gasp) any other site that claims to provide the most complete coverage for all us geeks. Fact is, it ain't been all that complete in the past several years and the most important news that comes from CCI is usually left until the day-end wrap-up articles that start out with “Well, it three AM and I just got back to my room after an AWESOME day at Comic Con. If you weren't here, here's what you missed…” Give it to us LIVE!!

  • Boo

    Outside of detailed panel coverage, I'd like as few video interviews as possible. Even before I moved and got a crappy internet connection, I never watched them. Video interviews keep me from clicking around multiple browsers and slow my internet time so they're wasted on people like me…

  • Darth Eradicus

    All I want to know is if AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is officially ending its wallet-busting three times a month schedule…anything else will be just icing on the cake for me.

  • ryan

    I believe last year (and maybe in previous years), many of the major tv/movie panels were made available on YouTube. If they weren't available live, then at least soon after they took place. There was a link on Comic-Con's website.
    Of course, although video of the panels are available, I don't think they'll ever show the exclusive footage reels that studios often provide for attendees.

  • Trey

    I want an announcement for a new Wednesday Comics…

  • Gerkmax

    I'd like to see a huge photo album of costumes on the floor, another of talent, etc.. (separately)

  • Dto2865

    I'll bet there, to be sure! After all, it's in my backyard, as it were.
    For me, the 2 biggest things are…
    1. The “Chuck” panel! The “little-show-that-could” is still going strong! And, as they always do, they're bringing along the ENTIRE crew for the panel…especially that gorgeous Yvonne Strahovski!
    2. There will NO “Twilight” panels! The Con has been cleansed from the abomination that is “Twi-hards” ! The world is once again a better place!

  • Big Dave

    I want to see crazy coverage of Rain Dog Comics THE HEATHENS!

  • fernald

    Wow, again with the 'Twilight' bashing, I'm sorry that the Twilight fans got chased away, I was there for the past two years and it really seemed to be an overblown and selfish reaction. I hope the Twilight fans get to come back next year and that the Babymen grow up and learn to share.

  • Shadow_star_blu

    I really want to learn more about that indy book the mid-knight adventures. I hear crazy things.

  • Whosnothere

    I got a guy going to get for me the SDCC exclusive DC Direct Plastic Man figure with con-exclusive suitcase. Everything else is frosting…

  • d.

    I want to see an all out street battle between the Gleeks and the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • tvanbruggen

    Myself . . . I'm hoping for announcements that Peter Jackson will be directing The Hobbit, that WB/DC will be doing the New Teen Titans:Judas Project direct-to-DVD adaption, and that Dick Grayson will be returning to his Nightwing identity when Bruce Wayne returns with a new Nightwing book.

  • Pyramid

    Ummm … how 'bout more comic book booths. I have been going since 2000 and there are only three or four tables that see current “hot” issues or variants. I know retailers have to decide whether or not they can afford a table but Comic Con is more of a media blitz now instead of a comic book convention.

    On the upside I have to say that seeing Adam Hughes draw live! was simply amazing; I would like to see more of this at Comic Con.

  • Audiocomics

    Honestly, what I would like to see?
    People taking an interest in my company's upcoming adaptation of Lee an Kaluta's “Starstruck!” I may not have a booth but I'm going to promote this project like you can't believe over two days.
    Shameless plug, I know, but hey, you asked!

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  • Grendelfan84

    I'd love to hear some SHOCKING moves from comic book companies we as readers wouldn't see coming!

  • Andy.B

    A 2nd year from my college SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design, made a book for Viper Comics. I heard some nice stuff about. Maybe you guys can check it out! His name is Tsubasa Yozora!