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Julia Roberts Reteams With Glee Creator, Sets Back Feminist Cause Decades

Even before their first collaboration together (Eat Pray Love) has hit theaters, Julia Roberts and Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy have already signed on to reteam on a comedy where – get this! – a businesswoman learns that her place is in the home!

Okay, I’m sure that the (as-yet-untitled) movie will be better than this description sounds (“In the romantic comedy, Julia will play a working woman married to a stay-at-home husband. She loses her job, their roles are reversed, and she has to adjust to motherhood”), but I can’t quite get my head around such a conservative comedy coming from Murphy, even if he’s getting $5million from Sony Pictures for it. On the other hand, Glee managed to be surprisingly subversive, so some hope can be held out. Murphy will write the movie soon, with hopes to direct it during a Glee lull next year.


  • baensidhe

    So are they going to call it “Mrs Mom”…?

  • Shawn

    I'm confused on why someone would put a cynical slant on anything that sounds like it represents something non-harmful like this. In what way is being a mother/housewife a negative? It's a pretty important role, whether feminists appreciate it a not. Maybe movie writing would be a lot better if more variety was given to story concepts instead of them all trying to pander to liberals all the time.

  • Mistersensitive

    When a working woman is shown the virtues of staying at home to clean and raise children, it is regressive and dismissive of a woman's ability to be taken respected in the working world. But if you consider respect for women to be a liberal trait, and you're willing to label yourself as in opposition to that, that's your prerogative.

  • Ricardo

    You know, in Hollywood, being positive about a working woman staying home and being a full-time mother is pretty subversive (as in “subverting established values”).

  • Joe S. Walker

    The real liberal trait is to label people as thought-criminals, as you and the original article do.

  • Mistersensitive

    “Thought-criminals”? You sound like a caricature.

  • john

    They should have a movie about a working mom who is a canibal and sells her kids to some crackheads then joins Al Queda to fight America and all the other infidels. Now, THAT'S progressive.

    Also, she's married to five people.

  • Joe S. Walker

    And you sound like an unbearable prig. And a hypocrite.