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Pixar Pitches In With Tron Rewrites

When Tron: Legacy finally hits screens at the end of the year, you’ll have more than just director Joe Kosinski and screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz to thank; it turns out, the finished version has received an emotional upgrade from the fine folks at Pixar.

Entertainment Weekly has revealed that, in March, Disney screened a rough cut of the movie to Pixar employees including John Lasseter, Ed Catmull, The Incredibles and Ratatouille writer and director Brad Bird and Toy Story 3 screenwriter Michael Arndt amongst others, which led to Bird and Arndt writing new scenes for last month’s reshoots in order to strengthen the story’s emotional and character beats.

This isn’t the first time outside hands have helped on the movie; Empire Magazine has previously confirmed that David Fincher has also seen an early cut and offered advice. This can only make the final product better, right…? I shouldn’t be worried about the movie needing so much outside help in the first place, right…?


  • Matt Springer

    If the words “Brad” and “Bird” are in a sentence, I am automatically more interested in whatever it is talking about. So this seems like good news to me.

  • Mark

    Agreed. Brad Bird just upped the validity of this film.

  • shawn

    Haha yeah movies with multiple rewrites are usually good. Like the modern masterpiece that was Wolverine.

  • J. R.

    I would think it's reassuring to hear that re-writes are coming from good, outside minds, rather than from in house people that wrote the original draft. It doesn't mean that the old stuff was bad, just that the studio went looking for better ideas, and used them. Yay collaboration.

  • Mark

    I was bummed that the release was pushed back to December but now that Bird has lent a hand and now that the movie is in 3D, consider more than excited for the release.

  • Alex ab Barrera

    Opinion never hurts. It's how much weight that opinion carries that can either smother or enhance any project. In this case they have some of the industries best, so i doubt it'll ruin this movie. I have no doubt it'll be a huge success, but had Disney brought in Pixar earlier, who knows..eventhough they are both under the Disney umbrella…creative dominance was sure to surface and the end result could have met with mixed reviews..

    Can't wait to see this sequel..i'm a huge fan of the first.

  • Cainmarco71

    the first TRON movie is fun to watch and it thrived even with the limitations of special fx. hoping the sequel is better.

  • Moviemonkey81

    Considering that the writers at Pixar make some of the best movies around (I’m not counting just animated films), than this can only be a good thing. Brad Bird is amazing. Anyone that says different is just looking for a fight. David Fincher… other than the Alien 3 hiccup (and that wasn’t all that bad actually), has he had any bad films? Required rewrites for bad storytelling is not good. Rewrites to beef up emotional impact is okay. Keep in mind this director has never made a feature film before, yet he has some really talented people jumping to pitch in.

  • Bass player king

    To me, this is nothing but a good sign. The original TRON movie was visually great, but I thought it lacked a certain emotional depth. The characters were secondary to the story and the visuals, IMO. I was actually afraid that might also be the case for TRON: LEGACY…